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Patio heaters are an essential tool for enjoying a long summer evening outdoors.

With the temperature starting to drop, a quick switch on or light of your patio heater can allow for countless hours spent outdoors.

The winter is here, which means you may be thinking about the weather and how it impacts your life.

Do Patio Heaters Work in the Winter? Yes, patio heaters work in the winter by emitting radiant heat and infrared rays that travel through the air to your body just like how sunlight would.

Patio heaters are the perfect addition to any winter. They come in an array of different sizes and can be used for anything from cooking food, heating up your home, or just making a space cozier by adding some color!

Patio heaters are a popular wintertime accessory that gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite bar or restaurant on those chilly days.

Not all patio heaters are built the same. Some may be better suited for smaller spaces while others can cover a larger area.

Electric Patio Heaters are a great way to stay warm in the winter, and which one is best for you will depend on your heating needs. But before we get into that let’s talk about what makes these different from other options such as gas or propane patio heaters.

How Do Patio Heaters Work?

Patio heaters use a few different fuel sources:

  • Gas 
  • Electricity

If you’re looking for relief from winter’s chill, try setting up an electric patio heater.

Radiant heat is effective in the winter because it travels through the air so well.

This means that objects in line with the radiant heat will receive that heat first. This is different from a space heater, which heats up the air it comes into contact with.

Space heaters are a great and easy solution for those cold winter nights in your home. They can be left on overnight to make sure that the temperature is just right when you wake up, but it might take some time before they reach maximum output.

Patio heaters work best in the winter because they are unaffected by cold air.

Patio Heaters are perfect for the environment. Not only do they not emit any pollutants into your air, but their output tone of voice is always helpful and warm!

What Is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is a form of thermal energy that heats up surfaces from objects, such as patio heaters. It can be quite powerful if you don’t know how to adjust the heating settings on your heater!

The idea of radiant heat is nothing new and should be used in patio heater design. In fact, it’s the oldest form of heating available to us today!

The sun is a prime example of radiant heat.

The sun’s rays are infrared, and they’re most effective in heating the earth. They travel for miles before being absorbed by anything else!

Invisible electromagnetic infrared waves are what make up radiant heat. These invisible rays travel through the air and don’t get absorbed until they meet an object in their direct path, heating them to a temperature that can be felt by our skin cells.

The magic of infrared is that it works to heat up the atmosphere and not just objects. Infrared heating elements in patio heaters can penetrate through all sorts of material, so you don’t need to be outside for a long time waiting until your home’s temperature stabilizes again.

The infrared rays will still be able to reach you even when it’s cold outside.

Patio heaters are a popular way for establishments to keep their customers warm while extending the outdoor smoking space.

As long as you stand in the direct path of infrared rays coming from a patio heater, it will absorb your body heat.

Radiant heaters are a top choice for heating outdoors during the winter. Portable and efficient, they can be used on patios to keep you cozy all through dinner with friends!

Benefits of Radiant Heating and Patio Heaters

Radiant heating systems provide a lot of benefits compared to other forms that are available.

  • Silent – They work efficiently and effectively in near silence, especially compared to other forms like space heaters. You’ll never have a heated argument with these guys!
  • Comfortable – The temperature will stay stable, which helps you feel comfortable during winter.
  • Clean – It’s even more true with electric models, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to pollutants.
  • Efficient – Patio Heaters is the perfect solution for this cold weather with their quick and easy outdoor heaters.
  • Less Maintenance – You don’t have to worry about cleaning things like filters or ducts as they do not have them.

The main con to radiant heat is its price. These patio heaters are more expensive than other types of heating, but that shouldn’t discourage you from giving them a try!

Patio heaters can be a great way to save money on your heating bill this winter, and you’ll get the added benefit of enjoying an outdoor space during those cold months.

Other Forms of Radiant Heaters

The sun and patio heaters don’t emit the only radiant warmth in this space.

Fires in fireplaces emit pollutants and require wood as their fuel source; however, there are eco-friendly alternatives to these outdated methods.

One of the best ways to stay warm outside is by using a fireplace insert. They are comparable in efficiency as patio heaters but without the ability to stand tall and potentially obstruct your view with other people around you.

Electric heaters and electric quartz heaters are the perfect options for those who live in a smaller space or have limited mobility. These small units can be taken anywhere you need them to go!

Many people have never heard of the term “radiator.” Radiators are usually in older buildings, like churches and offices. They also can be found in homes built before AC was common-place.  There is something special about them that makes it worth knowing what they do!


Patio heaters have been a common sight in the winter months. They are used to warm objects they come into contact with by emitting radiant heat, which utilizes infrared radiation as its source of energy.

Solar panels are great sources of renewable energy. They work by capturing the sun and converting it into electricity. Just like our life-giver does in order to sustain us!

There are many ways to stay warm outdoors in the winter, but a patio heater is one of the most effective and enjoyable methods.

A gas fuel source or electricity, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits from patio heaters in the winter.