Welcome to Improved Yard!

My name is Lee and I’m the creator of Improved Yard, it’s your one stop site for all different yard ideas, gardening, product reviews, also a place to help you with all the best yard ideas as possible to help you improve your yard.

It was around 4 years ago, when I and the family decided it was time to move house. If you have moved there are many decisions that come into play when you are buying a new house.

However, the biggest factor that we was all certain of was that we wanted a big yard. I remember the days when I was young I loved to play in my yard with family and friend and I wanted this for my kids.

Kids love technology, smart phones and other devises are everywhere you look, I wanted to give my kids the opportunity to have a yard that I had when I was young and try to temp them to get off the devises and go explore and enjoy some fun in a yard.

When we found that house that ticked all the boxes and the yard was a big tick, it was a about 4 times bigger than our old house I was over the moon. Whenever I feel that the kids have been on their smart phone or computer to much I will give them a shout to go play in the yard and they love it.

Along with the bigger yard come with plenty of new discovery’s there are many of different landscape ideas, tools, project and different things that I have discovered and I wanted to share you my journey. My big goal from this site it to share what I am learning as I live in my new yard and find products, tools or ideas that are the best that I have found.

I hope some of what I cover and share on my blog will inspire your design, landscape, or other ideas and not only that but help you make an informed buying decisions when you buy things to stock up your yard.

I hope you enjoy your stay and find my blog useful.