6 of The Best Backyard Water Slide

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There simply isn’t a better way to cool off during the blazing days of summer than with your own backyard water slide. Pools can be expensive to install and hard work to maintain, while dashing off to the beach whenever you and your family feel like it just isn’t practical. A backyard water slide solves all your keeping cool problems without costing you an arm and a leg. But it can be a bit problematic to determine what type of water slide is ideal for you and your family.

Well, all you have to do is take a look at our Best Backyard Water Slide Buying Guide for all the information you need.

Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park

Sunny & Fun Compact Inflatable Water Slide Park – Heavy-Duty Nylon for Outdoor Fun - Climbing...
  • DELUXE INFLATABLE WATER PARK – 6.3 x 15 x 7.3 Feet - An Inflated List of Features Delivers Hours of Wet, Outdoor Fun; Bouncy Playset is Ideal...
  • 3 FUN FEATURES – Climbing Wall, Water Slide & Small Splash Down Pool Provide a Variety of Watery Activities; Keeps Multiple Kids Entertained at...
  • QUICK, EFFORTLESS SET UP – Inflation is Speedy & Convenient with the Included Air Pump; Blows Up in Minutes with Electric Blower Then Stores in...
  • PREMIUM, HEAVY-DUTY NYLON – Crafted of Durable, Puncture-Resistant Synthetic Fabric; Reinforced Stitching Provides Maximum Strength for Years...
  • BRING THE PARTY HOME – Save Time & Money by Splashing in Your Own Backyard Instead of the Pool or Beach; Perfect for Birthdays, Parties &...

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This item will provide hours of exciting, outdoor fun for your children and their friends, plus it’s simple to set up and Inflate. All you have to do is use the electric air pump that is included with your purchase and the slide will be ready for action in mere minutes. The Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park comes with its own carrying case for easy storeage when the fun is over.

Plus, you’ll have the security of knowing that your children are splashing about in their own backyard, rather than at the community pool or begging to go to the beach. And you’ll not only save time, but money too by having this water slide in your yard. In fact, your house will quickly become the most popular on the block!

Wow World of Watersports Super Slide

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The Wow World of Watersports Super Slide has a zig-zag spray pattern sprinkler system that will delight children. It runs the entire length of the slide making for fantastic water coverage and super fun sliding, plus it’s easy to connect to a regular garden hose. Furthermore, it’s made of extra-thick, extremely durable PVC, which makes it over twice as thick as almost all the other lawn slides available.

You won’t have to soap this slide up for easier sliding because it’s made from slick embossed PVC. But you won’t have to worry about any accidents resulting from someone sliding off the slide, as this Super Slide comes with an 8 inch high sidewall pontoon so sliders and water stay on the slide. With its customized connection system you are able to connect all the slides together you want, so you can have a giant 100 foot slide. You can connect this slide to any of the other existing WOW 6 x 25′ Giant slides (Mega Slide, Super Slide, or Strike Zone). Your kids will have a blast!

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TEAM MAGNUS Slip and Slide XL

Team Magnus 31ft Slip and Slide with Robust Crash pad, Adjustable Water Jets and 2yr Warranty
  • 2 YR GUARANTEE: The inflatable crash pad, the durable material and the stylish design makes the Devilfish 31ft slip and slide the ideal upgrade...
  • DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: Team Magnus manufactures the entire Devilfish slip and slide with a heavy duty 0.22mm PVC, 38% thicker and heavier than...
  • EASY SET-UP: Team Magnus slides come with US hose adapters for female/male hose ends. The central water channel is designed for standard,...
  • ROBUST PLAY: The durable, high quality Team Magnus slip and slides handle rougher treatment than other slip n slide brands, and our quick,...
  • LOWER CO2 IMPRINT: Our 2 yr warranty ensures long lasting use out of your Team Magnus purchase.The higher quality PVC, color-synched, user...

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You won’t have to worry about this water slide not being durable enough. The heavy-duty PVC material the Team Magnus Slip and Slide XL is made from are 38% thicker than the materials other water slides for children are made from. This provides wonderful endurance and will not tear or split like other slides so easily can. It comes with stakes that can be attached to the ground, to keep it firmly in place, a strong inflatable crash pad, and an adapter for your hose.

The crash pad can be inflated using a manual or electric air pump, or you can simply blow it up yourself. Your kids will have some amazing fun in the sun throughout the summer season. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive.

BANZAI Adventure Club Water Park Inflatable 2 Lane Water Slide Splash Pool

Banzai Adventure Club Water Park, Length: 15 ft, Width: 15 ft, Height: 8 ft, Inflatable Outdoor...
  • Dual lane curved water slide and splash actitivy pool with basketball challenge. 120 lbs individual user weight limit.
  • Refreshing overhead sprinkler.
  • Inflated product size: 180"L x 180"W x 96"H.
  • Inlfates in less than 3 minutes. Includes Blower motor with GFCI for maximum safety and convenience.
  • Lagoon-style splash pool.

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Ever have the desire to have your very own water park? Thought it was impossible, right? Well, guess what? The BANZAI 90369 Adventure Club Water Park makes that dream come true! This unbelievable water park has two curved 15 ft. slides on either side of an extra large wading pool, and there’s a climbing wall that supplies everyone with lots of action.

Besides waterfall slides and cannons, the BANZAI Water Park has a basketball hoop inside the park and a basketball too. In addition, you get quick and simple setup that can be done in two minutes due to the constant air blower that’s included. Your kids will have hours of fun with this item!

WOW Watersports Slide N Smile

Wow Sports Slide N Smile Slide with 2 Lanes, Giant Floating Water Slide for Adults and Kids
  • Giant Pool Slide: WOW Sports' Giant Smiley Floating Water Slide is a 2 lane water slide with HI-VIS graphics. It’s a giant pool slide that can...
  • Personal Water Playground: WOW Sports’ Giant Smiley floating water slide has a zippered connection system for connecting with WOW Sports’...
  • Attractive and Eye-Catching: Bright graphics and lovely smiley pattern gives it a great aesthetic touch. Everybody on the lake or pool will see...
  • Variable Uses: You can use the two grommets on the side of the WOW Sports' Giant Smiley water slide to tie it to your dock or you can use the...
  • Safe and Sound: WOW Sports Smiley water slide can boast of heavy-duty PVC construction that makes it durable and safe. Side grommets are there...

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Your whole family will love this giant 108 x 84 x 50″ 2 lane water slide that makes a fantastic dock or pool slide. The WOW Watersports Slide even has a zippered connection system so that you can easily connect it with WOW’s 10′ x 6′ Water Walkway or 6′ x 6′ Water Mat so you can create your very own WOW Water World Playground. You’re backyard will be the envy of the entire neighborhood as your friends watch you and your family frolic in the water while they swelter in the heat.

Moreover, you can attach as many walkways and mats together as you want. Also comes with inflatable side rails and bright graphics that make for high visibility on the water. You’ll never tire of using this slide throughout the summer.

iGeeKid 14Ft Backyard Water Slide

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Easy set up right on your lawn. The IGeeKid Backyard Water Slide is actually a 3 in 1 water slide: meaning Water Slide, Slide & Sprinkler in one package! Like opening up a gift that does 5 different things. This inflatable water slide has a water-spraying bumper that goes the full length of the 14 ft extra long rainbow colored slide, and an air-filled cushion at the end that serves as a protective crash pad.

The extra long giant water slide allows you to slide along for longer as you head for the finish line. It is made from a thick, durable, and super-slick PVC sheet, completely phthalate-free, for long lasting use and seemingly unending fun. This water slide is simple to set up, taking but a minute. All you need to do is inflate the crash pad and hook up the water slide to your garden hose. Then you’re ready to sit back and watch the kids slide their way into hours of fun in the water.

Buying Guide For Best Backyard Water Slide

The traditional slip and slide type of water slides are most likely what comes to your mind first when you consider purchasing a backyard water slide. These come with a long plastic slide, and can provide endless hours of entertainment for children.

The best lawn water slides have long lasting endurance, are inexpensive, and long enough to have an enjoyable slide. If you want to learn more about how to buy the best backyard water slide, just keep on reading and you’ll find out all you need to know.


Wondering how old your child needs to be in order to use a lawn water slide safely? Well, it all depends on the size of the slide and the way that it’s constructed. There are some water slides that have small parts which makes them dangerous for younger children. Furthermore, due to the physical aspect of the activity and the body control involved, its generally recommended that child be around 5 years old before they attempt to use a water slide. Moreover, keep in mind that most versions of water slides are only about 16 feet in length, so if a child is around 13 or 12 years old, they will in all likelihood be too tall to have much fun on the water slide, as it will be short for them. If your children are older, then you need to look for a longer slide.


When buying a water slide it’s essential that you take two things into account: durability and length.

Realistically speaking, you have to buy a water slide that fits your yard. For instance, if you only have a 15 foot yard, you had better not buy a 16 foot slide. But, if you have one of those wonderfully enormous backyards that seems limitless in size, then go for the biggest one you can find. The average water slide is 16 feet, but with a little effort you can find others that are as much as 30, 50, or, unbelievably, 75 feet in length.


A backyard water slide is going to be in for a lot of abuse, with kids and even the occasional pet continuously running and slip-sliding over it, testing its endurance. If you have hopes that your water slide will last longer than one summer, then you need to look for one that is constructed from heavy duty PVC and has sturdy edges.


Once you’re sailing along on a slide, you suddenly realize that you need some way of stopping. You can place end bumpers on your slide that will do the job just fine. You might also want to try a splash pool as a safe way of stopping.


These will help to keep the slide in place. No matter how flat and tidy your lawn may be, you need to have your slide secured to the ground with the use of anchors or you’re going to find that it’s flapping all over the place in the wind, or getting tossed about by the force of the bodies sliding on it.


Nearly every water slide comes with sprinklers that you go sailing right on through. Obviously they are necessary so that the slide will remain wet. There are various sprinkler designs — some are located in the bumpers, others spray out of an arch located right at where the slide begins, and yet others run down the center of a two-lane slide. What you need to make sure of here is that the water from the sprinklers will completely cover your slide, because if it doesn’t, there could be some painful friction burns as a result.


While it’s unlikely that your child will need to learn how to swim in order to have fun on a backyard water slide, they will still require adult supervision when using the slide. Try to keep them from running or standing on the slide, and caution them about how slippery a water slide really is. Otherwise, just be aware that even with a regular slide, a small amount of standing water left on the slide can be a danger. This means as little as 1 or 2 inches. Also, if your children are older and you have a water slide with a pool at the end of it you may need to make some rules about safety.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to look over your yard before laying down your slide. You want to be sure that there are no fallen branches, rocks, or other debris that might damage the slide, or worse, hurt your child.

Repair Kits

It doesn’t matter how careful you try to be, tears and punctures are going to happen to any water slide. If you want to be ready to act in such a situation, you can buy a slide that comes repair tape or patches so that a minor accident doesn’t mean that the party ends and everyone has to pack up and go home.


Backyard water slides can be grand fun on those scorchingly hot summer days when the kids just don’t want to stay inside. They can be relatively inexpensive too, depending on the length and type of slide you want. But don’t merely buy the cheapest. Think of the needs of your family and if you have to, spend a little extra. Just remember that young children need to be kept an eye on to avoid any unpleasant accidents, and all should be well. You and your family will be able to enjoy an invigorating summer of sliding and splashing in the cool water.