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We can buy many different items for the backyard ranging from BBQs to Hot tubs, if you have a small yard and kids then a swing set is thought to be out of the question but we have found some of the best swing sets for small yards.


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So if you have a small yard you have plenty of options open to you and we have gathered lots of different swing sets compared there size and build quality and put together the top 5 that will suit any small yard perfecly.

Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set

KLB Sport A-Frame Metal Swing Set
  • Comes with 2 swing seats for up to 2 children of age from 3 to 8 years old at once
  • Ideal for small to medium backyards; measures 102"(W) x 74"(D) x 71"(H); supports kids weighing up to 100 lbs. each, up to 200 lbs. Total
  • Safe and Heavy Duty Steel-Pole Construction: Passes playground performance and safety standards
  • Smooth and Durable Design: Effortless swing brackets with two-way steel end supports.
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards

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Playsets don’t just have to be for older kids but they also don’t have to be gaudy plastic that is only going to appeal to your child for a couple of years. Introducing the middle ground between baby toy and adolescent toy. This playset is perfect for younger kids but makes them feel like they’re older without sacrificing safety or fun. This set is made for kids ages 3 to 9 and like everything, they need to have fun for years to come.

This set features two swing set seats, a trapeze bar, and a slide. All of the favorites from the playground brought straight to your yard with little hassle. This versatile set can hold up to four kids at once ensuring that they will be playing together, enjoying the outdoors, and making memories that will last for years to come. Best of all, comes easy to assemble and can fit into even the smallest of yards or other applicable outdoor spaces.

  • Perfect for kids ages 3 to 9
  • Four different play zones can entertain up to four kids at once for endless fun
  • Sturdy and safe construction from Flexible Flyer

SupremeToys Metal Swing n Slide

SupremeToys Metal Swing n Slide with A Trapeze and Glider Swing Sets for Kids Outdoor Backyard...
  • Metal Swing n Slide, Trapeze And Glider Set
  • Includes 2 swing seats, a slide, a teeter-totter, a trapeze and a glide ride
  • Swing chains are height adjustable
  • Ideal for medium to large backyards
  • Dimensions : 153.50 x 94.50 x 73.30 Inches. Weight : 100 lbs

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Bring the playground home with you with this excellent playset by SupremeToys. This playset cuts right to the chase and gives you all of your kid’s favorites without any useless extras that they are going to ignore down the road. It has two swings, a trapeze bar, a slide, and a teetertotter. These are all of the classics that your kids are sure to love. The entire set is made from high grade metal that won’t rot or rust giving you a playset that you won’t have to worry about once it is assembled. No splinters, no rot, no rust.

This set has kids of all ages in mind. The swingset chains are adjustable so you can raise or lower them depending on how big your child is. All of the metal poles come with a protective sleeve that will protect your child from injury in the event that they trip and fall. No bumps and bruises here. Upgrade your yard with a playset that has all of the classics and all of the fun without any of the headache of other sets on the market.

  • Two swings, a slide, a trapeze bar and a teetertotter give your kids everything they need to have years of fun
  • Sturdy metal construction won’t rot
  • Hard metal comes with soft protective sleeves to protect everyone playing

Movement God Metal A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set

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This adorable swing set is perfect for families of all stripes. It is perfect for young kids who just love to swing. Also, it is perfect for anyone who does not have a ton of outdoor space but still wants to give their kids a fun thing to use. It has two authentic and fun swing seats that can hold kids aged three all the way to age eight guaranteeing years of fun memories for you and your child.

This swing set meets or exceeds all safety guidelines put in place by the American Society for Testing and Materials ensuring that your child will be safe during use. Whether you have one kid or two or just a small yard this swing set is perfect for families of all sizes and shapes. Give your kid a swing set they will love for their formative years today.

  • Dual seat swing set perfect for kids ages 3 to 8
  • Meets all ASTM standards for safety
  • Perfect to put in a cozy outdoor space

XDP Recreation “Camo Commander Swing Set

XDP Recreation "Camo Commander Swing Set
  • 5 play stations allows up to 6 kids can play at once
  • 100 pound capacity per seat/play and recommended age Use of 3-8 years
  • Foam leg Guards are included for additional safety
  • Blow molded one piece slide for easy Assembly
  • Swing set is ASTM and CPSIA compliant

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Most playsets look the same. They are yellow and brown maybe with some of that public utility green thrown in for good measure. They are not distinctive at all. That is why the makers at XDP Recreation upgraded their look in order to combat the blandness in the backyard playset market. The versatile Camo Commander playset comes in an eye catching camouflage pattern that is sure to stand out from the competition. The play stations are a rich forest green and all of the durable steel framing bars are coated in a pleasing camoflague pattern. No matter what your style is, this set can find a way to fit into your outdoor style.

This set comes with five unique stations intended for kids ages 3 to 8. It features two swing seats, a swinging teeter toter, a slide, and a unique spinning disc swing. It has something for everyone and can hold up to six kids playing at once. Plenty of room for your kids and their neighborhood friends.

  • Unique and eyecatching camo pattern stands out
  • Five different stations can hold up to six kids at once
  • Durable design is safety certified by the ASTM

Swing-N-Slide Ranger Wooden Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings, Brown (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Intended for backyard residential use only
  • Measures 104"L x 92"W x 82"H when fully assembled; Swing Chain Material: Plastisol coated chain prevents pinched fingers and will not rust
  • Includes all wood, hardware, and fully illustrated instructions needed to assemble play set
  • Features two swing seats and a ring/trapeze combination swing, all with pinch free coated chains
  • Each swing supports up to 115 pounds

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The triangle is one of the strongest shapes in existence. That is the principle that the Ranger swing set runs off of. This simple A-frame triangular design offers strength and simplicity that you just don’t get with other sets on the market. The all wooden frame is made from seven pieces of durable, rot proof cedar. This means it will look great and hold up to the elements. Cedar is naturally rot resistant and bug resistant meaning you will not have to worry about those kinds of wear down the road.

The simple yet versatile A-frame design means that you can easily swap out the swings, chains and seats for different options down the road depending on the size and interests of your kids. This same design also makes this set a breeze to assemble and install. This kit comes with everything you need to put this together yourself. Swing-N-Slide is America’s do it yourself playset company and has been in business since 1985.

  • Simple cedar A-frame won’t rot, is easy to install and can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • American company offers the highest quality materials
  • A swing set that will fit anywhere that your kids will love

Best Swing Sets for Small Yards Buying Guide

Instead of buying multiple toys and playground equipment for the children, it is far better to invest in a swing set because it comes with multiple different and exciting features. However, if one is confused about this option because they have limited space, they can look for compact swing sets for small yards.

What are the complaints people have with swing sets?

There are two major complaints people have with swing sets.

Difficulty in installation

There are many sets that cause the buyers difficulty and frustration when setting them up.

  • Not only are problems faced while assembling the set, but also during setting it up at the desired location.
  • Sometimes the instructions are unclear and difficult to follow whereas other times a professional is required to install the swing set.

Set becoming loose

If the set is not regularly inspected and maintained or due to the poor quality of the set, the nuts and bolts may start getting loose soon, and playing on the set can get very risky. This is often a major complaint because buyers often do not know how to inspect the set or tighten the loose nuts.

What are the highlights people have with swing sets?

The highlights people usually mentioned regarding swing sets are as follows.

Worthwhile investment

This is considered a very worthwhile investment because then parents do not need to get their children different playground equipment. A single swing set has so many interesting features in it that children can enjoy playing with it all day.

It is true that a swing set is expensive but it is relatively less expensive when compared to a few other playground equipment combined together. Moreover, swing sets usually last really long so the money’s worth is received.

Children occupied for long

As there are so many different activities for children to perform on a swing set, they can be kept occupied for long.

  • They can enjoy climbing activities on a rock wall or a ladder rope which will also improve their coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Moreover, they can have a picnic with delicious snacks on a built-in picnic table.
  • There are also slides in different shapes as well as swings, which are two of the favourite things to play on for children.

Enhanced creativity and imagination

The thing about swing sets for small yards is that they have limited features due to space limitations. However, this too can be something positive because it compels the children to get creative and think of fun activities they can perform with the limited features.

Such mental exercises are very beneficial for children as they learn to think and analyse things from a very young age, leading to a more inquisitive and creative mind later on in life.

What to consider when buying a swing set for a small yard?

The process of buying a swing set for a small yard is slightly different from when getting any regular swing set, so the following should be kept in mind.

Maximum Space

The space requirement is the prime concern of the buyers.

It is essential to first measure the maximum space one would be able to give to the swing set. Oftentimes it happens that a set looks compact but when it is actually placed in the desired location it doesn’t really fit. Therefore, measuring the maximum available space beforehand can be very useful.

Maximum Capacity

This should be checked in terms of both the maximum number of children that can be on the set at a time and the maximum weight the set can withstand.

Most swing sets for small yards can accommodate between 4 and 6 children at once. The maximum weight capacity for these sets is often near 200 pounds.

Age Range

The age of the children should always be kept in mind because different playsets are designed for different age ranges.

For example, swing sets designed for toddlers are simpler and have the basics only – slides, swings, picnic tables, and bridges, etc. On the other hand, swing sets for children aged 5 and above usually include exciting features like a rock wall, rope ladder, and swinging tyres, etc.

Swing Type

Different swing sets have different types of swings. Some swings are metallic while others are made out of plastic. Similarly, some are called ‘belt swings’ because they are shaped like a wide belt.

Moreover, these swings have different safety features too. There are swings with just two ropes or chains holding them whereas there are also swings that have safety enclosures around them. The latter is more common in sets designed for children aged 3 to 5.


The durability of the set ensures that it will last long. Also, a durable set would be able to easily withstand the weight of the children running and jumping on, and hanging off the set without causing any cracks in it.

To check how durable a swing set is, the material its constructed form should be known. The most high-quality swing sets are usually made from hardwood while the lesser quality ones are often made out of high-grade plastic.


The more features there are in the swing set, the more the children will enjoy and spend their time playing. Therefore, buyers usually go for the swing sets which give more in less space. These include rock walls, picnic tables, telescopes, swings, rope ladders, bridges, steering wheels, etc.

At the same time, most swing sets for small yards cannot provide a wide array of features due to space limitations. So even 5 to 6 features are good for such a set.

Ease of Installation

Swing sets have to be installed properly before they can be used.

While some swing sets can be easily assembled and set up by the buyers themselves, others require professional help. Similarly, some swing sets need a supply of power during installation while others have specific surface requirements in order to be installed.

This is why before buying a swing set one should be clear as to how and where it would be installed.

Safety Features

With things like rock walls, rope ladders, and belt swings, proper safety measures are very important in a swing set.

These can include rounded edges to ensure they do not hurt the children or different types of net enclosures. Apart from these, some sets also come with layers of paint or other materials like lacquer coating the surface to get rid of the rough texture of the wood which might lead to scratches and abrasions.

Best swing set brands

The following are a few of the most reliable and popular brands to buy swing sets for small yards from.

Gorilla PlaySets

The Chateau Tower Swing Set is a very durable and safe option for children aged 3 to 11.

The set includes a wave slide, climbing rope, and rock wall. Also, there is a built-in picnic table which is an amazing addition for when multiple children are using the set together. Furthermore, there is a pirate-themed steering wheel, sandbox, a trapeze swing, and a telescope.

All these features mean that this set would keep the children happily occupied for a long time. The best part is that only a small space is required to set up the set, which is also a very easy process. Another pro of this set is that it includes maintenance-free beams.

Lastly, this swing set comes with a 10-year warranty.

Little Tikes

Little Tikes is an American toy-manufacturing company. Its Clubhouse Swing Set features a large slide and a steering wheel, among other fun additions. Also, with a climbing wall and a rope ladder, there are two different ways to climb up.

Furthermore, this set has two toddler swings which are very safe and durable. Additionally, the set can accommodate four children of up to 60 pounds at once. Another positive aspect of this set is how easy it is to assemble.

Along with these, this set also solves the issue of finding sturdy, pricey, and high-quality anchors because it comes with them.


The Scrambler Playset is perfect for when many kids have to play together because it can accommodate 6 children at once. Also, the kids would not get bored because there are many different activities they can perform on this small yet engaging swing set.

There is a wave slide, a rock wall, a built-in picnic deck, and 2 swing seats – all of which can be assembled into a very small space. Even though this set might not include as many features as some other brands offer, it is highly recommended because it will allow the children to exercise their mental skills and grow their imagination.

This set also comes highly recommended because of its easy-to-set-up instructions. Also, it should be mentioned here that since the set is pre-strained and pre-drilled, the installation is very smooth. Lastly, those parents who worry about the safety of their children should relax because this set meets the playground safety standards.


The Somerset All Cedar Swing Set is one of the safest choices of swing sets for small yards. Not only does the set meet all safety standards but it also has a safe T-fuse that is used for locking nuts etc. so that they do not become loose over time. Similarly, there are no sharp corners or edges in the set as they have all been rounded to ensure that the kids do not accidentally get hurt.

The set is made from 100% cedar and a trapeze swing, 2 belt swings, a playdeck, an 8-foot slide, a climbing wall, and a fun bridge. This is sure to keep the kids engaged for hours!

Best Swing Sets for Small Yards FAQ

How important is safety when it comes to a swing set?

Safety is very important because swing sets are used by young children who cannot take care of themselves very well and are not aware

Is there any official safety standard in swing sets?

Yes. There is an entire list of safety standards that cover different grades of a safety hazard.

What are some of the top brands of swing sets for small yards?

Gorilla PlaySets and Little Tikes are two excellent brands that specialise in manufacturing toys and play sets for children.

Do you need to do anything with the swing set after installing it?

Yes, after installation, the swing set is to be inspected, cleaned, and regularly maintained. This includes painting over decoloured surfaces, tightening loose nuts, and wiping the surface of the set.

How often should you inspect the swing set?

The swing set should be inspected one week after installation to ensure that the set is working properly. After that, monthly inspections are sufficient.

How important are additional features in a swing set?

These are very important in swing sets because the more exciting features and additions there are in a swing set, the more engaged and thrilled the children will be. They will also be likely to spend more time playing on the swing set.

What is the difference between a playset and a swing set?

These are more or less the same and the two terms are used interchangeably.

How many children can a swing set accommodate?

A swing set for a small yard can usually accommodate 4 to 6 children.

What features should you look for when buying a swing set?

When buying a swing set, one should look for maximum possible features, a high-quality structure, durable design, safety enclosures, rounded corners, a smooth surface, and the required weight capacity.

Are swing sets for small yards expensive?

While these are not as expensive as larger swing sets, they still cost over $100.

Can you build a swing set for a small yard at home?

Yes. One can build a DIY swing set at home. However, this requires one to have good knowledge of and skills regarding working with wood or plastic, etc.

How long would the installation process take?

Most swing sets for small yards can be installed within a day or a few hours even. However, the time may vary from set to set.


So that wraps up our guide and recommendations on finding the best swing sets for small yards and I hope I have shown that there are many different options open to you even if you have a small yard.

If you still feel that these are too big and you don’t want your kids getting bored this summer and hunkering down on their game consoles then you will want some other outside activates and we are here to help with many different yard games to keep your kids busy this summer or check out an above ground pool the water always keeps kids happy.