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To successfully control weed growth in your lawn takes a couple of simple actions that you need to take before selecting the best weed killer for your lawns, failing to take a few simple actions can have some negative effects on your lawn so they are well worth covering.


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Selecting the wrong chemical or overdosing the lawn with chemicals can harm your lawn, below we are going to cover how best to tackle weeds in your lawn.

Getting rid of weeds doesn’t need to be a complicated or worrying process it’s a pretty straight forward process even if you run into problems then they are easily overcome I believe if you get the problems you will get a better-looking lawn in the long run.

So follow the following steps and I am sure the result will be a lush luxury looking lawn.

First steps to removing weeds – Identify weeds

The first thing you must do is identify what weeds are present in your lawn, you will have the most success if you can identify the weeds as certain weed killers have more success with specific weeds.

Not every gardener is a weed expert, but we have help at hand as we have covered some of the most problem weeds people face dandelions and clover there are many other weeds that we will be covering on the blog that will add to this list if you need any help comment below.

This handy table should also provide you with pictures and time of year they are most common that should help you identify your garden weeds.

Once you have identified the weed it’s time to move onto the second step.

Second steps to removing weeds – Apply weed killer

Once you identify your weeds is then time to choose the weed killer to tackle the job, we recommend Ortho B Gon Weed Killer from Amazon this will kill weeds not grass it’s important to follow the instructions on the packaging the get the correct consecration.

I must add that below I will cover a situation that could go wrong with using this product but keep in mind unless you have a lush healthy green lawn its more likely that your lawn will have lots of hidden weeds or weeds we can’t identify, I have been through the process personally and I cover that below also.

Some people will find that Ortho B Gon Weed Killer still kills off some grass but if you have a course grass mix I find there are many hidden weeds but don’t be disheartened we have you covered on how to bring back a grass to be proud of and the envy of your neighbors.

A tip, if you are worried about killing your grass, is to do a patch test on a small area to make sure it’s not going to damage the grass, then you can adjust the strength from there or decide if your grass needs a full overall by covering it all.

If you do have a lovely lawn with only a few stray weeds please read below for the best method for you as you may have already gone through the process of using weed killer in the spray.

It’s a painful experience seeing your grass all brown but I can reassure you that I have been thought this and I feel your pain but I’m glad I went through this process as I now have a perfect lawn if I do say so myself, I still get the odd stray weed what gardener doesn’t? but I have this covered below how I tackle weeds in the situation.

So that should have you covered on getting rid of your weeds, below we will cover some common questions on weed removal.

Common weed removal questions

All my grass has died when I used weed killer – this is not a common problem if you use the weed killers that we have suggested above but if it does kill the grass don’t be disheartened as the result should be much better. I would recommend racking the brown dead grass to clear the dead area as best as you can and reseed some grass seed we recommend Scotts Turf Builder from Amazon here you will have luxury grass with no weeds.

I have really nice grass but only a few weeds

This is a common situation and you may have gone through the above process just like me so you are a step ahead of most people and in this situation, I don’t like using a weed spray unless I really dilute it but in most instances, I will not use it, what I do recommend is Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed Fertilizer here on Amazon this seems to best work on lawns that are well established but have some stray weeds. It acts fast and you should see visible improvements within 2 days weeds dying off and grass looking greener.

I have a dog are weed killers safe

I would always read the manufactures packaging but if I had a dog (or any other animal) I wouldn’t use any weed killer products in my garden, if you are using this product and you have neighbor with a dog I would make them aware that you are using this and maybe bring their dog indoors until you have finished.

What is the strongest weed killer

I don’t recommend looking for the strongest weed killer as this is the wrong way of looking at weeds you want one that best tackles the job in hand so we suggest looking for a weed killer that tackles the problematic weeds you have.

So these are my best tips of getting rid of your weeds and how to overcome any problems that you may face if you have them, there really isn’t a one size fits all weed killer but we hope that we have covered all the problems you may face but any comments please leave them below and I will do my best to help you out.