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Nothing quite makes a statement like an outdoor water fountain. They are a fantastic way to accentuate your out area and transform it into something mystical or exotic. Now, of course, you’re aware that style is the most essential part of selecting any type of outdoor decor. The loveliest of pieces can end up looking ugly and out of place if you don’t put it in the proper setting, so that’s something to consider when choosing your backyard water fountain. However, you probably weren’t prepared to find so much information out there about water fountains.


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Too much information can make it difficult to make a choice, so we’ve chosen some favorites to help you out.

Alpine Corporation 6-Tier Rock Water Fountain with LED

Alpine Corporation WIN732 Outdoor Floor Tiered Wood and Stone Waterfall Cascading Garden Water...
  • WATERFALL FOUNTAIN: Garden water fountain is the perfect addition to your outdoor décor. Interior pump keeps the water flowing — just plug it...
  • RELAXING WATER FLOW: Water trickles from each tier to mimic the sounds of a real waterfall, adding peaceful ambiance to your outdoor setting
  • NATURAL LOOK: Realistic wood and stone tower brings a touch of natural beauty to your space
  • DURABLE: Resin, stone powder, and fiberglass construction is rust and weather-resistant to keep your outdoor fountain looking new over time
  • STANDING FOUNTAIN AND 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Measures 25"L x 21"W x 40"H to fit almost any outdoor area, and includes a two-year manufacturer's...

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This rustic and lovely water fountain is the ideal addition to your outdoor decorating scheme. The Alpine Corporation 6-Tier Rock Water Found features an interior pump that keeps the water constantly flowing, all you need to do is simply plug it in. The gentle trickle of the water as it falls from one tier to another captures the sounds of a real waterfall, creating a sense of serenity and calm in your backyard setting.

A further element of this fountain’s appeal is the natural grey stone appearance of the rock tower, which brings a sense of nature’s special beauty to your special area. It is long lasting, constructed from polystone and fiberglass which is weather resistant and rust resistant, and will allow the fountain to look brand new for a long time to come. Lastly, this fountain is the ideal size for just about any outdoor setting and will charm friends and guests alike.

Chilscreamni Waterfall Garden Fountain w/LED Lights

PeterIvan Waterfall Garden Fountain w/ LED Lights - 33 1/2” H Curved Cascading Indoor Outdoor...
  • Dimension of the garden fountains outdoor: 33 1/2" high x 10 1/5" wide x 10 3/5" Length.
  • Come with the outdoor fountain: Includes low-voltage quiet water pump and three LED bulbs.
  • Material of the water features outdoor: Faux stone finish, lightweight polyresin and firberglass construction, easy to move and position.
  • Features of the relaxing water fountain: Moden design, solid and weatherproof, suitable for being using inside and outdoor.
  • Runs on a low voltage recirculating electric submersible pump with a hose, easy assembly and very safe.

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The Chilscreamni Waterfall Garden Fountain comes with a low voltage water pump that operates quietly and three LED bulbs. Water fountain has modern appearance, with a faux stone finish, and fiberglass and lightweight polyresin construction. Because it is lightweight it is no problem to move about should you wish to place it in a different position.

You can get double use out of this soothing and unusual fountain as it is able to be used indoors or outdoors. All you need to do is make sure to keep the fountain filled with plenty of water at all times. This means that the pump should always be covered with water.

Peaktop Floor Stacked Stone 4 Tiered Bowls Waterfall

Teamson Home 33.25 in. Cascading Bowls and Stacked Stones LED Outdoor Water Fountain for Gardens,...
  • A BACKYARD OASIS: The sound of water gently trickles down a series of cascading bowls, positioned on stacked rocks, while LED lights glow safely...
  • TRANQUILITY AT HOME: Drown out unpleasant, unwanted noises (busy street, loud neighborhood), masking the intensity of those sounds
  • ENJOY OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES LONGER: Becomes a focal point in landscaping, enhancing your home's curb appeal, or as a decorative piece on decks...
  • WEATHER-RESILIENT: Expertly crafted with durable, rust-resistant polyresin with beautiful stone details and a rustic, weathered look, built to...
  • DIMENSIONS: 15.5 in. L x 15.25 in. W x 33.25 in. H

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This Peaktop Floor Stacked Stone 4 Tiered Bowls Waterfall Fountain is a lifelike stone tiered bowl tower and with its glowing led lights it should bring a calming and relaxing atmosphere to anywhere you wish to place it. The warmth of the lights and the soothing sound of the water as it easily cascades from one tier to another is like the sounds of a natural waterfall, keeping out other sounds.

It comes with an UL-listed recirculating pump JR-600 with a Max flow rate of 400 L/H, power of 7 watts, and 4 LED lights. You will thoroughly enjoy this mystical fountain in both the daytime and evenings.

Pure Garden Stone Wall Standing Fountain

Freestanding Stone Wall Fountain - Modern 19-Inch Indoor and Outdoor Decorative S-Shaped Polyresin...
  • CALMING WALL FOUNTAIN - Revel in the calming ambiance created by this waterfall fountain. Cascading water down the stone-look face into the...
  • HANDCRAFTED BEAUTY - Count on this water feature for indoor/outdoor spaces for unique beauty. The hand-painted finish lends individual character...
  • DURABLE MATERIALS - Enjoy dependable durability from this high-quality outdoor or indoor fountain. Construction from sturdy polyresin ensures...
  • HIGH-CAPACITY DESIGN - Relax and meditate peacefully with this waterfall fountain indoors or out in your meditation space. A high-capacity...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- Materials: Polyresin. Dimensions: Fountain: (L) 6.25" x (W) 10.5" x (H) 19"; Cord: (L) 10'; Weight: 7.7 Pounds. Includes:...

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With the Pure Garden Stone Wall Standing Fountain you have the ability to make your very own backyard oasis retreat. This outdoor water fountain is created from long lasting polyresin to stand up to the elements and resist corrosion from the circulating water. Furthermore, it is hand painted to give it a distinctive appearance, and has a curved modern design that is certain to complement any backyard decor.

You will love the calming backyard retreat you can create with this freestanding fountain. It is simple to set up, taking only minutes and is powered by a 10 foot wall outlet cord to enable you to put it nearly anywhere on your patio, deck, or in your backyard. You can really set it and forget it. Once it’s working, just sit back and become immersed in the tranquility.

Sunnydaze Tranquility Indoor Water Fountain

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With the Sunnydale Tranquility Indoor Water Fountain all you have to do is sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation whether day or night. If you want to adequately display the fountain’s beauty, just turn on the LED light and there you go! You can showcase its beauty at any time, and furthermore, you will certainly impress your guests with this elegant showpiece of peace and calm.

The gentle tickling of the water will soothe even the most jangled nerves and allow all to settle peacefully about and simply take in the bliss.

Best Backyard Water Features Buying Guide

Your outdoor water feature can be a centerpiece for your patio, porch, or backyard, or it can prove to be just that one certain piece that was missing to make your outdoor setting complete. There is a vast array of colors, materials, styles, and prices to be considered. While lots of choices is nice, it can also make it even more difficult to pick the right outdoor fountain for your needs. The purpose of this guide is to help you choose the water feature you like the most for the best price.

Fountain Types

Rock Waterfall Fountain — This conventional water fountain has water cascading from rock to rock to form a look and sound like a real life waterfall.

Garden Water Fountain — These comes in all varieties, but the one thing all of these type of fountains have in common is that they are interesting and entertaining.

Birdbath Fountain — These fountains come in multiple styles. The cheerfully bubbling water gives birds a place to play and helps keep the water fresh.

Disappearing Water Feature — Landscaping is required to install this water feature in your garden or flower bed. The unique thing about it is that the water seems to vanish as it falls into an underground basin that is hidden from view.

Tabletop Fountain — Excellent for kitchens, offices, dens, living rooms, and bedrooms, these fountains are made from a variety of materials. These include resin, polystone, copper, fiberglass, slate, and ceramic. They come in many styles from modern to Asian Zen.

Do I Need Electricity?

There are many different power choices for outdoor fountains. The two most common are solar powered and hardwired. A hardwired fountain uses an electric power source to operate.

Solar powered outdoor fountains are becoming popular because they needn’t be hardwired to your home’s electrical supply. Under average circumstances they will provide enough power for these fountains to function.

Your typical tabletop fountain will most likely have to run on electricity, unless it is solar powered, which most of them are not.

How Much Water

Most outdoor water features are connected to the water supply of the home. These fountains will always have a supply of water as long as the water is turned on, so rest assured they won’t go dry. Smaller fountains can be filled by using a water hose and these don’t require a permanent connection.

Fountains that can be filled by a hose usually employ a pump that re-circulates water through the fountain continually. These fountains need to be checked from time to time to be certain that they have a enough water.

For a tabletop fountain, it’s important to know where the pump is located. Fountain pumps are normally hidden under the base of the fountain, flushing water up and out. The recycled water eventually evaporates. When and how frequently you change the water or add water to your fountain will be affected by the amount of humidity in the air, and the fountain’s size. A tabletop fountain will require additional water more often than a large-scale water fountain. Be sure that the pump is submerged in the water at all times while the fountain is running to avoid damage to the motor.

The pump, which is the main part of the fountain, will be the first thing to show debris accumulation and needs to be wiped clean often. Avoid turning the fountain on and off too often as this isn’t good for the pump.

Indoor Water Fountains

While indoor water fountains are not exposed to the extremes of weather, temperature, etc., as the outdoor versions, over time, the water can start to change color.

The minerals and hard water will cause a build-up of algae in your fountain. Used distilled to keep this from happening. But this isn’t a must. There are lots of products on the market made specifically for indoor fountains.


Now that you have some familiarity with the various types and styles of backyard water features and the pros and cons of using them, it’s time to make your decision on which one you want for your outdoor space. Whether you opt for a garden fountain or a tabletop fountain, one thing is for certain. You will fall in love with the tranquil sound and relaxing effect of your new backyard water feature.

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