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In this blog post, we will answer the question Can I Lock My Backyard Gate. This is a very common question as many people want to keep their property safe from intruders and trespassers. However, they are not always sure if they can put locks on their gates or not. 

Yes, you can lock your backyard gate and there is nothing in law to stop you from doing so. It is an excellent way to keep your property more secure. You do have to make sure your gate is not a public right of way in most instances it will not be so you will be locking your gate.

Ok, so you should be perfectly within your rights to lock a backyard gate. Let’s consider some of the time it won’t be ok and when it will.

Reasons To Lock Backyard Gate

Let’s look at some of the reasons where adding a lock to your back gate is a good idea. 


A gate that is locked can be a deterrent to someone who feels like they want to trespass. If the person sees that there are other measures in place, such as a locked gate, it may discourage them from trying their luck with your property. 

Locked gates also act as an extra level of security if you have an alarm system or security cameras. Burglars are looking for easy targets and any extra measure in place will make a property seem like more of an obstacle for them to break into.

A locked gate can add peace of mind when going out knowing that no one has had access to your property when you’re not there.

Secure animals 

Animals can get out of a secure yard by easy-to-open gates. However, if you have a gate that is locked and secured they are less likely to escape.

Purchasing an electric lock for your backyard gate will also allow you to control when it’s open or closed without having to manually do so each time. You’ll also be able to unlock the gate remotely if you like.

Keep children safe

Another reason to lock your gate is for the safety of children in your yard. If you have a fence, gates should always be locked so that they cannot get out and wander off unsupervised or come into contact with dangers outside.

One thing to consider when purchasing locks for gates on fences is how high up it is going to attach to the gate. The higher it is, the less likely a child will be able to reach for and open it.

If you have any concerns about how your children may handle gates that are left unlocked or unsecured at times then an electric lock would be advantageous. They can’t just push their way through without first unlocking them like they can with a regular lock.

Reasons Not To Lock Backyard Gate

Here we will look at when adding a lock to your backyard gate is a bad idea and may even get you into legal trouble. 

Public right-of-way

Some people may want to keep their gate unlocked for reasons of privacy. If there is a public right-of-way that runs through your backyard, you might not be able to lock the gates as it would create an obstruction and violate codes in place. Additionally, if you live on a corner lot then this could be something that creates confusion.

You can face court action if you do not abide by the laws in place. You may be at risk of having your gate unlocked by a professional at your expense. It’s also important to note that there is no law stating that it must remain unlocked with the exception of public right-of-way through private property.

Emergency access 

If your gate is an access point for emergency services. Then it’s important to note that these agencies may need the gate unlocked at any time. It is not recommended you lock your gates in this instance. As an emergency agency will be able to remove or force open a locked gate if necessary.

The time taken to unlock the gate could mean someone’s life being saved.

Additionally, if your gate is the only entrance to your house and you must exit for any reason such as a fire or flood. It could prevent emergency services from gaining entry quickly enough which may also lead to loss of life.

Blocking neighbors

If you have a backyard gate that your neighbors use for quick access. It is worth talking to them first to let them know it is becoming an issue.

If there is no public right of way you will be within your rights to lock the gate in this instance. However, you have to live next door to your neighbors so a genital word may be best practice.

If talking fails you may only be left with the option of installing a lockable gate.

Different Types of Backyard Gate Locks

There are many different options on the market today and depending on the level of security you want. Will depends on the lock you choose.

A less secure backyard lock would be a door latch lock these are used when security is not an issue. 

A sliding bolt gate latch while on its own is not much more secure than a door latch. Adding a padlock will make sure the gate impassable. 

If you don’t want to be messing around for keys the best option would be a combination door lock. You just tap in a combination code to open the gate these can come in manual or electronic. 


So while in most instances you are perfectly legally entitled to lock your backyard gate. You will need to consider the impact it will have on others around you.

If it will not impact your naibours. Then adding a lock to your gate is an excellent way of making your property more secure.