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When you lose your dog, there are many different reactions that people go through. If you have just lost your best friend and want to take care of them in a way that is fitting for their life; can I bury my dog in my backyard? This article will help answer the question. We’ll discuss some important things to consider before burying your pet.

Thanks to a new law in most states, pet owners are now allowed to bury their pets on the property.

In this blog post, we’re going to be discussing one of the most difficult decisions someone has to make after they’ve lost their pet: whether or not it’s appropriate to bury them in their backyard.

Is It Legal To Bury A Pet In Your Backyard?

While in a lot of states it is perfectly fine to bury your dog in the backyard there are some things to consider before you do so. 

The first thing you should know is that there are a few things to consider before burying your pet in the backyard. If it’s legal where they live, some people might not like having animals buried on their property because of contamination and pests issues associated with digging up an animal again later or just from how disturbing seeing dead pets could be for them.

If you’re not sure whether it’s legal, there are a few things to research and consider. For instance: is the property zoned for burying animals? Is your state among those that allow backyard pet burials on private land anyway or only if pets die naturally in one place as opposed an another (like at home)? How big of an area is your backyard?

Lastly, if you decide to bury a pet in the back yard and it’s not legal where they live or are on private land that allows for such burials there could be repercussions. For example fines; animal control issuing summonses (so keep them informed about when pets die).

Pet Burial Local Laws

We have researched the laws about state burial to ensure that you and your pet are well informed. But, if after reading this article it still isn’t clear how these rules apply to your specific location. Then please contact a veterinarian near where you live or find out what is required in order to bury an animal from city hall. Since we cannot provide legal advice on behalf of any other jurisdiction besides our own municipality’s regulations which can change at any time.


Alabama law allows pet owners to bury their pets in the backyard, but they must be at least 2 feet deep.


Alaskan pet owners may want to consider cremation for their beloved four-legged friends who have passed. Burial is difficult due to the frozen ground, but not impossible if you plan ahead of time and place a protective layer on the ground before burial.


Burying your pet at home is not allowed in most Arizona cities, but public cemeteries are. If you live in Arizona, talk to the vet about what county laws allow for this.


Arkansas does not allow home burial of pets on an owner’s property. They believe that the owners should cremate or dispose of their pet’s body within 12 hours following death, because they also have laws stating it is illegal to dump a dead animal in any public place


Pets in California can’t be buried on the property of their owner. But it seems that this rule is only enforced if you live in a rural area.


Colorado states that you can bury your pet – as long as they’re not contaminated with any infectious diseases. There are many rules and regulations, so it’s best to speak directly with a vet if you live in California.


Connecticut is one of the few states that allow pets to be buried on your property. For pet owners with small yards, this can provide a great opportunity for them to have their furry companion nearby in death as well as life.


Delaware allows you to bury your pet in the backyard, but it’s important not to get them too close to any water sources for safety.


Florida does allow you to bury your pet on your property but recommends cremation if the animal has contracted an infectious disease.


Pet burial is allowed on your property in Georgia as long as you bury them deep enough to avoid scavengers. After all, pets are family too!


You can be buried at home in Hawaii, but you should check with your neighborhood’s homeowners association first.


Burying your pet in Idaho is a favorable option as long as they are buried at least three feet underground.


If you own a pet that has died, the state of Illinois does allow for burial on your property. However, if it is believed to be contaminated with an infectious disease then it cannot go in the ground and needs to find another way home.


Indiana allows pet burial as long as the pet is buried at least 4 feet deep underground.


In Iowa, you can bury your pet on your property if it’s okay with the homeowner association.


To honor your deceased pet, you can bury them on the property as long as they do not pose a risk to their surrounding environment.


The burial site for your pet should be at least 4 feet deep and 100ft away from any water sources.


You may be surprised to find out that Louisiana is a pet-friendly state, and it’s totally legal to bury your furry friends in the ground. The only catch? Burying them at least 6 feet deep so they don’t contaminate any water sources nearby!


Maine offers pet owners the chance to bury their pets on your property as long as they do not live near a water source or have any infectious diseases.


As long as your pet is buried at least 4 feet underground, you can bury them in Maryland.


It is possible to have a pet buried on your property, but it may be more difficult than you think. Be sure to contact your veterinarian before burying them at home for any specific instructions they may need.


Pet burial on your property in Michigan is allowed as long as it does not interfere with a body of water.


Some people are choosing to bury their pets in Minnesota, and they’re legally able to do so. The rules for the burial process ensure that it’s done responsibly by burying them at least six inches deep and away from any water sources.


Burying your pet on the property is legal in Mississippi as long as you bury them at least 2 feet underground.


Pet burial is allowed on your property in Missouri as long as the pet is buried 300ft away from your neighbor, and does not interfere with any bodies of water.


Pets are allowed to be buried on your property as long as the pet is at least 2 feet underground.


It is important to be respectful of the pets that have passed on and always remember them with a burial. The Nebraska state law states they need at least 500ft from any water well, so choose your pet’s resting place wisely!


If you are looking for a way to honor your dearly departed pet, the good news is that in Nevada it’s legal and easy enough! In some states such as Nevada, pets can be buried on private property without any hassle. All they need is at least three feet of earth covering them up.

New Hampshire

You are allowed to bury your pet in the yard as long as it is at least 75 feet from any water source.

New Jersey

Pet burial is allowed on your property in New Jersey as long as the pet is buried at least two feet under. Pets can be a member of the family, and we understand you want to say good-bye with dignity.

New Mexico

If you’re in New Mexico and have the approval of your homeowner’s association, then it is legal to bury a pet on their property.

New York

Many cities have laws that state that pets can’t be buried on private land. Speak with your veterinarian about where you’re allowed to bury them before taking any steps forward.

North Carolina

Good news North Carolina allows pet owners to bury their beloved animals on your property as long as they are buried at least 3 feet underground and within 24 hours of learning that the animal has passed.

North Dakota

North Dakota allows pet burial on private land as long as they’re buried 3 feet underground and free of any infectious diseases.


Ohio is a pet-friendly state and has no shortage of available space for your furry friend. However, if you’re looking to bury them on your property then make sure that the city allows it before purchasing any burial plots.


Oklahoman’s are all about their pets, even after they pass away. They take great care to ensure that the burial is taking place legally according to state regulations which require at least 3 feet of earth for proper decomposition and a lifetime companion will have an appropriate sendoff in your backyard if you so choose!


When you need a new place for your pet to rest, Oregon is the perfect option. You are allowed to bury them on your property as long as they’re buried at least 3 feet under.


Pennsylvania has a buried pet policy, which is ideal for those who love to entertain in their backyard. As long as your furry friend passes away within 48 hours of being outside, you can bury them right there on the property!

Rhode Island

With no set regulations for pet burial in Rhode Island, it’s best to ask a local veterinarian.

South Carolina

As long as your pets are buried at least 1 foot underground it is perfectly legal to bury them on your property.

South Dakota

You are allowed to bury your pet on your property in South Dakota as long as you do so within 36 hours, and they’re buried at least 3 feet underground.


For those who live in Tennessee, pet burial on a property is okay as long the animal’s grave is away from any bodies of water and buried at least 3 feet underground.


You may be able to bury your pet on your property in Texas, as long as they are buried at least 3 feet underground.


If you’re a pet owner in Utah, then your lucky. You’ll be able to bury them on the property as long as it’s within 48 hours of their death.


If you are in Vermont and have a pet, your best bet is to talk with the local veterinarian about any specific regulations that apply.


Virginia legislation is open to burials on a property, as long as you do so within 48 hours of your animal passing.


There are no set pet burial rules, so it’s best to seek advice from your local veterinarian. This will allow you to have a dignified final resting place for the one who gave us unconditional love and companionship while they were alive.

West Virginia

With the right terrain, you can bury your pet on your property in West Virginia. Burying them at least 3 feet underground is not a problem just make sure to remember their headstone!


You can’t bury your pet in Wisconsin? Don’t worry, it’s not hard to find a vet that will help you with the process.


Some parts of Wyoming require approval before burying a pet on your property. So it’s best to contact your local veterinarian for further advice. This is because some areas are more sensitive about what goes into the ground than others. They do not want contaminated soil seeping down through their land as well. 

How Long Can You Keep A Dead Dog Or Cat Before Burial?

Even if you are not ready to say goodbye, the law requires that your pet be buried or disposed of within 24-48 hours after death. You can keep them for a few days more by burying your furry companion in one of our beautiful cemeteries.

Should You Bury Your Pet In A Plastic Bag?

When burying your pet, you have the option of using a biodegradable bag or box to avoid any environmental damage. These bags and boxes are not made from plastic which can take years to decompose fully. Instead, they’re typically either paper-based products like cardboard that degrade much faster than plastics do.

How Deep Do I Need To Bury My Pet?

Many people are unsure of how deep they should bury their pet. The majority will have to measure from the top of your animal, and then count 3-5 feet down for a safe burial depth. This would vary by size though; larger pets such as dogs or horses might need more space than smaller animals like fish or cats!

Many states require that you properly dispose of an animal after its natural death with no less than 2 ft to 5 ft being required in most cases depending on what type of animal it is.

How Much Does It Cost To Bury Your Pet In A Pet Cemetery?

The cost for a burial varies by location and the specific cemetery. The average price is $500 to $5,000+. Depending on your choice of casket and other services such as memorial service or headstone inscription.

What Do You Do With A Dead Dog

There are many options for the disposal of your deceased dog. You can bury them at home if allowed. Have them cremated or give their body to a veterinarian and they will dispose of it as you wish.

Can Me And My Pet Be Buried Together?

The final resting place for the departed should be peaceful and comforting, not a sad souvenir of what once was. Those who wish to take their pets with them into eternity have an option in states such as Pennsylvania or Virginia. Where they may choose between three different cemeteries: one that is solely human-centric; another exclusive pet-oriented either all dogs or cats, whichever you prefer; lastly there are sections expressly designated both animal AND human.