6 Fire Pit Rules That Smart People Follow

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One of the most enjoyable summer activities is sitting around a fire pit with friends and family.

The safest fire pits are covered. Construction should be done with care and attention to detail, as this will make for a safer experience in the long run.

What kind of fire pits are there and what laws regulate them? There are provincial or state regulations that cover these, but they follow some general rules.

6 fire pit rules that will lead to a great time:

  1. Check What the Wind Conditions Will Be
  2. Build Your Fire in an Open Spot
  3. Never Use Construction Lumber on Fire Pit
  4. Have an Extinguishing Plan in Case of Emergencies 
  5. Never Leave a Fire Alone
  6. Drink Responsibly When Operating a Fire

In this article, I will outline the specifics of these rules and guidelines. This should help you feel confident about ensuring your fire pit experience is as safe as possible.

Check What the Wind Conditions Will Be

The best time to have a fire is when there’s no wind. However, in order for the smoke and smell of your burning wood not to bother neighbors or nearby wildlife, it’s important that you create an air hole underneath your pit so it can be oxygenated properly while also making sure that any embers are able to escape instead of smoldering inside the pit.

So now you know the reason for that, it’s because the wind is a major factor when lighting up your fire pit.

These sparks can escalate into a fire if they fall on dry brush or wooden structures.

If there is a little bit of wind, that should be alright. That said, you’ll want to check the direction of it first for certain precautions against smoke and fire blowing in the wrong directions.

You can optimize your deck area by strategically placing a firepit to catch the wind. Not only will this help with smoke, but it will minimize any potential damage as well!

Build Your Fire in an Open Spot

When you build your own stationary fire pit, make sure to position it where there is plenty of room. Building a portable one makes things easier and safer because you can place them in the open space.

When you are getting ready to light a bonfire, be sure there is nothing overhanging like trees or branches. Be careful not to get anything caught on fire while lighting the bonfire

Furthermore, keep the immediate area around the pit clear for a few days to avoid accidents.

Clean your fire pit to ensure that stray sparks don’t blow out of it and start a forest blaze!

If you want your firepit to last, then make sure the base is strong. A good foundation will ensure that it doesn’t damage any of the surrounding areas and lasts for many years!

Never Use Construction Lumber on Fire Pit

The right kind of wood to burn can make a world of difference in your fire-starting experience. It’s easy enough to find dry, seasoned logs that are perfect for this task, but what about when you’re looking for something more? Situations like these call for an alternative solution such as starting with newspaper or toilet paper rolls instead!

It can be difficult to find the right style or design of fire pit for your wood deck.

All woods have their own unique features, which is why you should avoid chemically treated wood.

The reason for that is they have chemicals on them. Chemicals can be harmful to the environment and other people, so it’s important to keep a good distance away from these substances at all times!

Burning them would cause the fumes to have toxic properties so it’s not good for you or your friends and family members to be breathing in that.

In case you are using a different type of fuel, never burn wood in your gas fire pit.

The ideal wood to burn is branching from oak trees. You can also purchase seasoned hardwood kindling or logs, but softwoods are another alternative that may not be as efficient and produce more sparks and smoke while burning.

Have an Extinguishing Plan in Case of Emergencies 

Another general rule is to always have a way to put out fires quickly. While it’s nice when we can enjoy the warmth of the fire, one must be careful not to let too many sparks fly and get their clothes or furniture wet with water accidentally.

Even if you’ve got the fire pit in a safe spot and have ensured everything is safe, it would be wise to bring some water buckets with you that can help keep things under control.

Even if you’ve got the fire pit in a safe spot and have ensured everything is safe, it would be wise to bring some water buckets with you that can help keep things under control.

Fire can spread quickly and easily, so take care not to leave anything flammable near it.

As a parent, it is important to teach your children how not only what to do when they are on fire but also in the event that their clothes catch on fire. It’s imperative for them to know that rolling around will put out flames so long as no objects like furniture or other people get in the way of this tactic.

It’s also smart to have a fire blanket on hand too so that you can put the flames out quickly.

Never Leave a Fire Alone

Whether the fire has died down and all that is left are glowing embers, give your stove a quick sweep to be sure you’re not leaving anything dangerous.

When you’re away for a moment, make sure to have someone at the fire so they can keep an eye on it.

You may think that tiny flames are harmless, but they can still cause fires if left alone. Remember the story about how all of those raging forest fires start with a single spark?

You don’t want to be dealing with a raging forest fire, so make sure you always have the necessary equipment on hand. You’ll never know when Mother Nature is going to strike!

Drink Responsibly When Operating a Fire

The final thing to keep in mind around the fire pit is to drink responsibly. While there’s no problem drinking beer or wine around the fire, remember that alcohol and fires don’t mix well!

Alcohol is flammable, but excessive drinking will cause the drinker to have impaired coordination and judgment.

Let’s keep things in moderation this holiday season to avoid injuries and accidents!

The safest option is to keep people at a safe distance when drinking and have some backup plans in place for accidents that may occur.

Plan Safty To Stay Safe

For those of you who have been wanting to start a fire pit, be mindful that there are many factors involved in safety. First and foremost, check the state or provincial rules for fire pits as they can vary from place to place. Additionally, make sure no burn notices are up before starting your own!

You’ll be burning in a safe and secure way if you practice these safety measures.


Nature can be unpredictable and uncooperative. It is not always in the mood to go along with our plans, especially when it comes to fire safety. However, there are steps you can take that will significantly reduce your risk of a disastrous incident occurring at home.

When you’re about to start a fire, be sure that it will go as safely and smoothly.