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Rabbits are considered to be one of the cutest animals however they can prove to be a real headache and a nuisance for a lot of the gardeners and homeowners across the board. Most of the rabbits are omnivorous and there are likely to feed on your plants as well as fruits. Rabbits are known to breed extremely fast which means their population explodes rapidly which can create several problems for you especially in your yard. And finally, it can be quite a difficult task to scare off and repel rabbits from your yard or garden.

So if you have a yard beside your house or even at a distant place and you find that it has been populated by rabbits which are creating quite a nuisance for you and affecting the plantations in your yard then it’s time for you to take proper action and get rid of them. There are several ways in which you can get rid of the rabbits from your yard or lawn or garden. Let us have a look.

Eliminating or repelling rabbits from the yard

One of the first steps that you must take is to ensure that the rabbits are not attracted to your yard which is why you must carry out work on your yard.  The tall grasses act as a perfect hiding place for the rabbits and thus you must regularly trim the grasses by using your lawnmower. Besides grass, you must also trim or remove the overgrown or the tall bush. You must also remove dead trees, piles of the leaves as well as branches in yards. You must also trim the low shrubs for eliminating the potential spots of hiding that might be available for the rabbits. When you complete these tasks then you are on your way to achieving the yard conditions that are not conducive for the rabbits to stay and make it their home.

Next Steps To Take…

Once you have done all of those tasks you must consider advanced landscaping and fencing. The rabbits prefer to burrow under the stairs, near porches and the structures. The rabbits also tend to attract to the maple, oak trees, and willow since they snack on these when other sources of food are not available for them. If you have a source of water in your yards such as a stream or the pond then that is also likely to attract the rabbits since they need water to quench their thirst. So one of the important things that you must fence off all the vital spots which are likely to attract the rabbits. The fencing will provide the necessary fortification of your area and prevent the rabbits from entering them.

If you consider fencing to be an expensive proposition then you must erect fencing in only those areas which are vulnerable and prone to the occupation of the rabbits. There are several ways in which you can complete the fencing task. Alternatively, you can choose to hire the services of the professional fencers and experts who are known for their in this domain. The professionals will provide you with the estimation regarding the cost of the whole operation and then based on that you can choose to hire if you like their pitch.

Getting rid of the rabbits without killing

If the rabbits have already made your yard as their home then you would need to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are several ways in which you can eliminate them without killing them. Let us have a look.

Blood meal fertilizer: The blood meal fertilizer sounds like something extreme or a thing from the vampire stuff but it is nothing but organic fertilizer which is meant for the garden. This is dry blood of animals and when it’s dried it is transformed into a powder. This is used in the garden or yard for a couple of reasons: it raises the levels of nitrogen in the soil and it raises the levels of acid in the soil. Here it is important to note that if you put too much of the fertilizer in the soil then you run the risk of killing or harming the surrounding plants as well as vegetations and thus you must only apply as it is mentioned in the instructions. The application of this fertilizer also means that you will avoid other animals too from entering your yard.

Commercial repellants: There are various commercial repellants available in the market that can be used to sprinkle around the yard to keep off the rabbits and other similar animals. These products or repellants come in the form of small crystals or soil which you can sprinkle across the yard. These repellants are also available in the form of sprays and you can use these sprays on the plants to protect them from being eaten by the animals such as rabbits.

Any other ways?

There are also sprinklers in the form of a motion sensor that is the friendly and natural way of keeping the rabbits away. These products function in such a way that they will sprinkle the water on the rabbits when the motion is detected thus causing the rabbit to skitter or flee off in the process. Another advantage of this method is that you will also be watering the plants or your lawn in the process which is beneficial for your grass as well as plantations. 

Using the rabbit repellant plants: Multiple plants act as the rabbit repellant and the ones which rabbits don’t like. There might also be some plants in the shed during the season of the winter which are waiting for plantation when the season and the suitable condition allow. Some of the plants that rabbits don’t like and which act as a rabbit repellant include lavender, daffodils, butterfly bush, boxwood, azalea, tulip tree, creeping phlox, Russian sage, primrose, asparagus, spiderflower, leeks, tarragon, onions, basil and mint amongst others. These are just some of the plant’s flowers, herbs and produce that are known to keep the rabbit and thus keep the problem of rabbits under control. Here it is important to remember some of the plants like mint can be invasive and might potentially cause problems to other plants by overgrowing and also affecting the aesthetics of the yard.   

Other methods of getting rid of the rabbits

Keeping dogs or cats to scare the rabbits away: You can choose to have dogs as well cats in the yard to drive away from the rabbits so that they don’t enter your yard and stay far away. Here it is worth noting that sometimes it might also lead to the rabbits dying when these animals prey on them. The hunting or trapping of the rabbits might be illegal in some of the locations or countries thus it is important to have full information and knowledge regarding the local rules as well as regulations before you implement any type of method for getting rid of the rabbits from your yard. Some rabbits only come for an occasional feed and when they are full they go away and don’t come back. You must keep a keen eye on this and if they are returning then you can use one of the many methods mentioned above to scare them off or get rid of them from coming into your lawn or yard.

Hiring professional service: If the nuisance of the rabbits in your yard has become too much and you are unable to cope with them consistently being in your lawn then you can choose to hire the services of the professionals. These professionals have got all the necessary tools and know-how to deal with the problem of rabbits in a yard and they know various effective methods of dragging them away from your area. These professionals are equipped with all the necessary equipment as well as items and within a specified period, they will make sure that your yard is free of all the rabbits.

What about hiring someone?

When you are hiring these professionals for their service you must price package. The different professional agencies have variable pricing and thus you must only go for those who suit your budget. Beyond this, you must also do a little research to compare the different pest control agencies, their track record and experience, the services that they offer and the price at which they provide their services. You must then compare them with the other options you have and when you are satisfied with a specific professional agency then you can make an informed decision of hiring their services.

You must also read the multiple reviews as well as feedback that has been left by the clients or customers who have already used the services of these professional agencies if you can find it. These reviews help you in making a better decision since those clients already have the experience of using their services.