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A common problem in lawns is the growth of mushrooms, and it can be a real problem for homeowners who are struggling to keep their lawns in tip-top condition. The discovery of mushrooms in your lawn is very frustrating, the problem is easy to overcome, and our how to remove mushrooms from the lawn guide will give you tips and some easy solutions on how to get rid of mushrooms in lawns.


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Most mushrooms that pop up on your lawn will not cause your lawn to become diseased so that is a good note, the biggest issue is that they spoil the look of your lawn so getting rid of them is what most people who like to keep their lawn in tip-top condition is the only option.

What Causes Mushrooms to Grow on a Lawn?

Organic matter is the main reason that you will have mushrooms on your lawn organic matter can come in many different forms like a dead tree stump that has been left underground from a cut-down tree or shrub.

There is a more obvious organic matter that you will find in your yard animal waste, old mulch and grass clippings that will all be great feed for the mushrooms.

So as mushrooms are a fungus and fungus has a job of breaking down organic matter, with all the organic matter on a lawn or in a yard it can be a perfect breeding ground for mushrooms.

Why are mushrooms growing in my lawn?

So we have an idea what causes mushrooms to grow on a lawn then it’s time to come up with ideas why are mushrooms growing in my lawn.

Examine the area were you have mushrooms growing, in a lot of cases lawn mushrooms will like a shaded, damp area and witch is rich in organic matter.

Drainage issues on your lawn can cause damp grass that can be a perfect breeding ground for mushrooms.

Having accesses amounts of organic matter can be a cause if you have an organic matter that is breaking down this will be a big issue.

Is the area that you have mushrooms growing in shaded? If this is the case then you will need to remove all the other elements to best tackle the problem otherwise you will be fighting a losing battle. 

Do not put Mushrooms in Compost

If you plan of using your compost on your garden then don’t pluck the mushrooms from the ground and then place them onto your compost heap this will lead to you having mushrooms everywhere.

A compost heap will be the perfect breeding ground for mushrooms they will help break down a compost heap and if this is the end goal then perfect but if you want to use the compost on your garden and don’t want mushrooms all over your flower beds then don’t put mushrooms on your compost heap.

Remove the mushrooms from the ground and place them in a bag then into the garbage.

How to Remove Mushrooms from Lawn?

To completely remove mushrooms from your lawn you first need to eradicate the problems that you have with your yard as if you don’t then the mushrooms will simply just return as you have the perfect breeding ground for the mushrooms.

Wet and damp lawn issue, then you will need to correct yard drainage problems there are some simple tips like making sure any rainfall from your house is running into drains and not onto your lawn.

Grass clipping has an easy solution and simply racking the clipping up after mowing your lawn will solve this it would be better to get a mower that has a grass clipping box to save you the job.

The shaded area is more of a problem to overcome as it’s a lot harder to get more light into your yard than tackling the other problems.

If you have trees or large bushes that are stopping the sun from getting to the problem area then pruning them back to allow the sun in will be a very big help in dealing with the problem.

This should give you a few ideas that on how to tackle the issues that are causing the issues but once you have mushrooms than to rid them completely you will need something to rid that completely.

Don’t forget you will need to tackle the above issues as the things below will work but will only be short term if you don’t eradicate the above issues if you have them.

Home Remedies for killing mushrooms in lawn

A good way of removing mushrooms can be a very effective way to remove mushrooms from lawn and I predict that you will have the ingredient in your kitchen pantry.

Take one part white vinegar four parts water, decant this into a spray bottle.

Protect your hands with some gloves and wear some glasses to protect your eyes as if you spray the solution and the wind blows this in your eyes is not going to be pleasant.

When you come to spray the mushrooms wait till you get a day that is not windy this will avoid the above issue, and a day is between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spray the mushrooms with a heavy dose of the solution; avoid the best you can from covering the surrounding grass as the vinegar solution will also kill the grass if you get too much on it.

Monitor over the next couple of days for any more mushroom growth and if you do reapply the vinegar solution until you don’t get any more growth after 4 days.

Once you are no longer getting mushroom growth then it’s time to remove the dead mushrooms this can be done with a rake.

Other Remedies for killing mushrooms in lawn

Some people just don’t want to be messing around making up their solution and want something that is proven to work by a reputable company and this is fine and I have used both and they both work.

As I said they both work but using chemicals that you can now buy act faster and seem to have a bigger success rate, also chemicals will last longer if you don’t eradicate the main causes that are creating the mushrooms.

I have found that the best product on the market is BioAdvanced Fungus Control for Lawns simple to apply and will last for up to one month.

We have given two different options on ridding the mushrooms and we hope you find them useful witch ever one you choose to take please let us know the results.

Can You Leave Mushrooms on Lawn?

This is something that is asked a lot can you leave mushrooms on the lawn, well, of course, you can is always my answer but there are some caveats to this.

We know that mushrooms can spoil the look of your freshly lawnmower lawn but they can be beneficial to the lawn, as mushrooms have a large root base that contains water and they also help break down any organic matter this can give the lawn great nutrients.

So they can have their benefit in some people’s eyes and you can’t argue with it but they can get a grip of your lawn and end up killing the lawn as they smother the grass.

I have found that once they have a grip they multiply very fast and the task of getting rid of them is a much bigger job so I would say as soon as you see mushrooms make a choice as soon as you see them if you want them or not.