What to Do With a Sloped Backyard: 11 Ideas for dealing with Sloped Backyard

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If you have a sloped backyard that is struggling to use your backyard due to slopes and what to do with a sloped backyard, don’t worry. There are plenty of ideas on how to fix this problem! In this blog post, we will discuss 11 ways for you to level out your space so that it can be used more easily.

Build A Level Deck

One way to create a level space for your yard is by building a deck. This will allow you to use the area for seating and can also be used as an extension of your house, making it look more complete! If you have concrete blocks on hand that are large enough, this could make it easier to build a deck.

Build a Banked Border

Another way to level out your yard is by building a banked border. This will create an incline so that you can have a slope without it being too steep! You’ll need to measure the height of your house, as well as how high up on the ground you want the top of the banked edge to be, and then fill in space in the middle. You could also plant a tree or something else like bushes on top to make it look nice.

Use Terracing

This is a great way to come up with more usable space, and it’s not very difficult! You’ll need to measure the slope of your yard by placing stakes or other objects at various points. To level out your sloped backyard, you’ll want to use terracing that slopes down from left to right. This will reduce the slope of the ground, and create usable space.

Soil is key to leveling a sloped backyard! You’ll need to use soil as an insulator against water that would otherwise end up running downhill during rainstorms. This will also help you with drainage so that your yard isn’t being flooded by all of the natural runoff from your property.

Build Stairs

If you have a really steep slope in your yard, stairs can be a great way to level out the land. You’ll need to build these so that they’re running up and down the hillside and not across it!

Build stone or wooden steps when building staircases for sloped yards. These materials will help with drainage because of their porous nature.

Use Slopes to Make a Waterfall

If you have a sloped backyard, you can use the slope to your advantage! There are many ways that this could be done. One popular idea is by creating a waterfall with rocks and water flowing down from an elevated point on higher ground.

This will also help create usable space in a lot of different ways: it’ll provide better drainage, an easier way to get water up from the gutters or a rain barrel with less work and you can create a space where people will want to congregate.

Level With Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are a great way to level out your yard. Retaining walls create usable space and allow for water runoff, with the added benefit of not needing to dig trenches or lay downpipes! They can be made from any materials that you happen to have on hand: bricks, tile, stone, or wood.

The most important thing to consider when deciding on a retaining wall is the height. You want it to be level with your house so that you’re not walking up and down slopes like stairs every time you go in for a glass of water!

Make a Rock Garden 

Adding a rock garden is another way to level your yard so that you can use it as an outdoor space. The possibilities for this type of project are endless: from small, simple gardens made out of rocks in the shape of letters or animals, to larger projects with cascades and waterfalls!

Ideally, you’ll want to have a professional come in to help you with this type of project, but if that’s not an option and the budget is tight, there are lots of DIY tutorials out there.

The key thing to remember when creating a rock garden is making sure it drains well- water will collect on top of your rocks otherwise! Rocks should be at least 12 inches deep, and gravel at least two inches.

Zone of Areas

A great way to use slopes in your backyard is too great zones and use them for different purposes.

A zone can be a specific spot that gets the most sun or an area where you plant vegetables. You might even want to set up zones that are only accessible from certain parts of your house – like if you have a small treehouse in your backyard, this would make for great reading space away from distractions.

Terrace Garden

Another way to use a sloped backyard is by creating terraces. This creates different levels and allows for growing plants at various heights. Which gives you more outdoor space that’s not a flat surface.

A great idea for using your new-gained spare space is to plant fruit trees! You can create an orchard on the top of your slope and have more fruit trees on the bottom. Which will help keep them from being too crowded.

Built-in Seating

Another great DIY option for your sloped backyard is to create built-in seating. This can be done either by building up a wall or creating steps. Which will allow you to have more of an incline and sit comfortably on the side!

Add Railing

If you have a sloped backyard, it can be difficult to maneuver around. Create some handy railings by using the slope itself in your favor and create stairs with railing on each side for safe passage!