Why Do I Have Rats in My Backyard? And How to Get Rid of Them

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It’s not a question you want to hear from your neighbor, but it’s one that is often asked. “What are those things running around my backyard?” We’ve all seen them – the pests scurrying about in our yards and near our homes. They are rats! There are many reasons why they may be living nearby, so we’ll discuss four of the most common causes below:

4 Reasons Why You Have Rats in Your Backyard?

We have a look at 4 of the main reasons that you are likely to have rats in your backyard and then move on to how to get rid of these pesky little critters.

1. Rats are attracted to food

Rats are attracted to food and will often live near a source of it. 

They can smell the scent from far away, so if you have garbage cans or compost piles in your backyard. They may be drawn there for sustenance – even more than usual during winter months. When other sources like berries aren’t available! 

If this is happening around yours then make sure all trash bins with lids are tightly closed before dusk each day especially those containing meat products which attract them most strongly because of these smells.

2. Keep pet food indoors or in a sealed container 

Rats are also attracted to pet food, so make sure it’s stored indoors or in a sealed container.

If you have outdoor pets then keep their dishes inside at night and clean them thoroughly before refilling them with fresh water each day. 

This will help deter rats from coming around your yard for more than just the occasional visit!  

If they’re already there though try using an ultrasonic device like Pestrol Rodent Repeller. Which emits high-frequency sound waves that rodents find unpleasant but humans can’t hear (and is safe if used as directed). 

It may not get rid of all pests right away because some take time getting accustomed without any other source nearby; however, after about two weeks most should be gone completely including those pesky critters.

3. Bird feeders attract rats 

Because they provide a reliable food source.

If you have bird feeders in your backyard, make sure to take them down at night and clean up any spilled seed or crumbs before refilling the next day! 

This will help deter rats from coming around for more than just an occasional visit as well. Because it’s not such easy pickings anymore when there are no seeds left on the ground level. Where rodents can easily access without much effort required of their own part (eats all that falls). 

It also helps keep other pests away like ants who may be attracted by leftover bits too if present so double-duty pest control is always better right? 

Plus this way birds still get fed during daylight hours which means less competition with pesky critters over limited resources.

4. Fruit trees can attack rats

Fruit trees can attack rats by providing a natural barrier to their movement. 

Rats are not very good climbers and will avoid climbing up the tree if there is an easier way around it. So planting fruit or nut-bearing plants near your home’s foundation may help keep them away from living spaces inside of buildings where they could cause damage in search of food sources.

Fruit that is also fallen to the floor should be picked up and disposed of in the trash.

Rats will eat anything, but they prefer food that is easy to get at so if you can make it more difficult for them. By not leaving any scraps laying around then this may help keep their numbers down as well.”

What are the signs of rats in my backyard? 

To spot signs you have rats in your backyard, look for their movement. 

Also, look for garbage bags that have been eaten into, or any other signs of gnawing. 

The most common sign is droppings, which are usually found in piles and can be anywhere from the size of a grain to that as big around like an apple seed.

How to Get Rid of a Backyard Rat Infestation

Rats are one of the most common pests found in homes and backyards. Although they’re mostly harmless. They can be a nuisance by contaminating food, gnawing on electrical wires, and chewing up your house’s insulation. But with these easy steps to get rid of rats from your property, you’ll have them running for cover before you know it!

1. Keep your yard clean and tidy 

The first step to getting rid of rats is making sure your yard isn’t a rat’s paradise. 

Rats are drawn in by trash, so make it easy for them and pick up any garbage you find lying around the property! 

They also love eating plants from gardens or trees that have fallen over because they’re easier than climbing onto something tall. Keep these areas clear too if possible !!! 

If there aren’t many places left where food can be found on ground level then this will help stop rodents from coming into contact with humans as well !! 

It may seem like an impossible task but keeping things tidy really does work wonders when trying to get those pesky pests out! 

The more rubbish piles available, the higher chance we’ll see some unwanted visitors.

2. Remove any food sources for rats, such as pet food or garbage 

Food is what rats are coming to your backyard for so cleaning up the pet food or garbage will make it less likely that they’ll come back.

If you have a dog, try to feed them inside and don’t leave food out for your pets overnight.

This can be an easy way of attracting rats! 

Rats are also attracted by the smell coming from people’s trash cans. So keep these as far away from where humans spend time or place traps in those areas if possible!   

If there aren’t many places left on ground level then we may see rodents more often because their only option is going up onto something tall which isn‘t always feasible. 

3. Seal up any openings in the house that could be a rat entry point (e.g., cracks along the foundation) 

Seal any openings that could lead to a rat entry point (e,g., cracks along the foundation). Make sure you have good screens over your windows for protection against pests like mice who love getting into houses. Through open spaces around doors/windows. 

This will help prevent them from entering at all while keeping air circulation high inside!

4. Use traps to catch rats

If you have a rat infestation, it is important to use traps. 

Rats are very intelligent and will avoid the same trap if they see another one nearby that has been set off recently. 

So make sure there’s no other way for them into your house!  

Place these near their entry points or in areas where rats may be hiding out during daylight hours (eaves of houses). 

They can also work well with live bait like peanut butter but this might not always lead directly back inside. Which could cause some problems down-the place since we don’t want any more rodents living outside our home than necessary.

so try something else first before resorting here as an option because chances seem high enough already without adding on anything extra. 

5. Use ultrasonic sound waves 

You can now get a device that emits ultrasonic sound waves to keep rats from coming near your house. 

The idea is the same as with rat traps: they don’t like it and will avoid areas where this type of noise can be heard.

So you just need one or two devices in strategic locations around a home’s perimeter (or inside) for best results! 

The downside here though? These things are expensive – but if money isn’t an issue then by all means go ahead because these have been proven effective time-after-ti