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Summertime brings lots of fun and games and most kids light up with the thought of having a playful water fight with friends and family and something as basic as a sprinkler can bring hours of fun we take a look at some of the Best Sprinkler for Kids on the market.


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We have gone thought the top 5 Best Sprinkler for Kids that are on the market and give all there good and bad point all at different price points, also below is a buying guide for all the answers that you may need answering when you come to buy your sprinkler.

Melnor Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with 2-Way Adjustment and QuickConnect Product...
  • 20 Precision rubber nozzles provide maximum coverage of a large lawn or garden up to 4, 500 sq. Ft..Backed by the Milnor Limited Lifetime ....
  • Twin touch adjustment controls the width of the watering pattern to cover the whole yard or a narrow flower bed
  • Infinity turbo drive provides a smooth operation for even watering and extended life
  • Quickly connect and disconnect the sprinkler with an included Quick Connect Product Adapter (Requires Quick Connect Product End Connector sold...
  • Backed by the Milnor Limited Lifetime . Melnor stands behind its products

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If you want better control over watering your lawn or garden then this sprinkler is the one for you. With twenty precision nozzles and the ability to widen or narrow the watering field, this unit gives you unprecedented control over how your outdoor space is watered. Whether you are watering a large lawn or a small flower bed this sprinkler gives you the ability to do so.

No more fussing or changing out sprinklers for different jobs. This one even comes with a quick-connect feature that allows you to attach and detach it with ease. If you want a sprinkler that offers unprecedented control, quick change and release that can be used on a large lawn or small garden bed and comes with a lifetime guarantee then look no further.

This sprinkler also features:

  • A watering area of up to 4500 square feet
  • Easy controls for smooth adjustment of the flow of the water
  • A lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • Infinity motor gives you smooth motion for the life of the sprinkler

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Sprinkler
  • OUTDOOR SPRINKLER: This outdoor sprinkler encourages refreshing and active outdoor play and coordination, inspires kids to help care for the...
  • INSTANT FUN: Attach to any garden hose for instant fun. Adjust the water pressure to make the water spray higher or lower, to extend the outdoor...
  • WHIMSICAL DESIGN: When this beautiful bouquet of pink, fuchsia, and violet flowers is connected to a garden hose, fun will bloom
  • GREAT GIFT FOR AGES 3 AND UP: This sprinkler is the perfect gift to keep children cool and entertained for hours. Pair with the Melissa & Doug...
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination and creativity...

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Do your kids love playing in the sprinkler? Are hot summer days spent outside in the yard around a hose? This adorable, fun and colorful sprinkler is sure to entertain kids of all ages. Whether you are watering the garden or playing in it this kid friendly sprinkler is sure to delight.

This will get the kids off the couch and out into nature. What better way to inspire a love for flowers and the living things in the yard than with this bright and colorful bouquet of water spewing flowers?

The fun flower design is both colorful, timeless and cute. The sturdy design comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your child does not have fun or if you are not satisfied with the quality of this product then they will make it right.

With adjustable water pressure, you can make the water go as high or as low as you want. This makes it perfect for outdoor playdates or a calm and soothing and relaxing garden watering session with the children.

  • Melissa and Doug back their motto “The Gold Standard in Childhood Play” with every product they make
  • Attach any garden hose to this toy, no assembly or special parts required
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up
  • Fun for the whole family

Fire Hydrant Water Sprinkler

Rhode Island Novelty Kids Sprinkler Fire Hydrant, Attach Water Sprinkler for Kids to Garden Hose for...
  • Lanard Fire Hydrant Water Sprinkler Attach to any garden hose! Spins & sprays 14 jets of water at once! Splashes water up to 8 feet! Sold by the...

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Did you use to play in the refreshing spray of a fire hydrant when you were a kid? Do you have fond memories of all of the kids playing in the spray of the hydrants in the summer? Now you can bring those same memories from your beloved childhood to your kids with this kid’s sprinkler.

Splashy the Fire hydrant is a fun way for kids to play in the hose and get that old feeling of playing on the streets at dusk with the fire hydrants going off. Standing 8” tall Splashy attaches to any hose and allows for endless fun for kids and parents alike.

Splashy introduces some life and fun to the normal lifeless sterile garden hose.

It spins and splashes and can send water spewing eight feet in the air. With its inviting face and fun design, this sprayer will be the future of outdoor family fun.


  • Sturdy classic red fire hydrant design
  • Fits any outdoor garden hose
  • Squirts spins and sprays cool refreshing water over eight feet in the air, wow!

iYoYo Water Sprinkler Ball

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A unique and insanely fun take on the outdoor garden hose this inflatable sprinkler ball can offer hours of creative fun to kids and parents alike. The ball inflates to a huge 23” in diameter and begins to spray water everywhere. The potential for family games and fun is endless.

The durable PVC plastic shell is made from recycled materials and contains no harmful materials. It is safe for kids and pets alike. The durability of this game means that you can bring it along anywhere. Inflate it and bring it to the beach, family vacation, backyard BBQ, use it in the pool or attach it to any hose.

The ball floats, flies, bounces and sprays water. Kick it, throw it, toss it or spray it. This ball can do anything you put your mind to. Get it and bring it with you to your next outdoor gathering.

Pop it by accident? Don’t worry! This ball comes with a 3-month warranty with free replacement if anything happens.

  • Durable PVC ball make from sustainable materials
  • Free of any harmful materials
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Use it as a classic beachball or hook up the hose for an endless amount of unique fun
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Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat

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When the days get sunny and hot give your kids and your pets a fun place to relax and cool off. This 39” diameter splash pad and wading pool is the perfect addition to any summer arsenal. Let them play in the hose spray and splash around in the cool water that pools in the center. This is perfect for any backyard, playdate, birthday party or add it to an existing larger pool.

The durable PVC material means that it will last through the toughest play sessions. Yes, even your dog can jump around and play in the water. Your precious pooch will love the sprays of cool water and the splash zone in the summer. The environmentally friendly material will not break or get damaged by claws, paws or little hands.

Just roll it out, inflate it and hook up any garden hose to it to turn it into an amazing splash pad. When you’re done, roll it up and put it away. It inflates and deflates easily for quick set up and storage.

  • Fun splash pad for all ages
  • Perfect for kids and pets
  • A fun way to cool down in the summer in the yard, at the beach, pool or BBQ party
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Sprinkler for Kids Buying Guide and Information

When it comes to the most thrilling and boisterous of outdoor games for children, nothing beats playing with water. And if it’s summer, there is no better option than to spray each other with fresh, chilled water. This is exactly where sprinkler for kids comes in.

Why do kids love sprinklers?

Kids love water sprinklers for precisely the same reasons as everyone enjoys water games.

  • They help one cool down especially during days with high temperatures.
  • They are very soothing and give a feeling of tranquility.
  • They cleanse the body and make one feel fresh and rejuvenated.
  • They require no expenses, rules, or prior experience to play.
  • They offer the chance to play an array of different games under a fun shower of water.

Why won’t a regular sprinkler work?

It is true that a regular sprinkler works more or less the same way as a sprinkler for kids. Nonetheless, it won’t be equally exciting and engaging.

Moreover, sprinklers for kids are made specifically for children which is why the minimum and maximum spray levels and water pressures are fixed at very safe limits. A regular sprinkler might not offer this safety.

Apart from this, sprinklers for kids usually come in very bright colors and interesting designs and patterns. This keeps the children occupied for longer and provides greater entertainment than a regular sprinkler.

What are the benefits of a sprinkler for kids?

Water play is very beneficial for children in their formative years. The following are a few of the reasons which make playing with sprinklers for kids an advantageous activity.

Excellent Sensory Experience

This is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience different senses. Not only do they relish the different textures of water, such as slimy or soft, etc., but they can also enjoy sudden changes in temperatures.

Most of the time, the high-pressure water hitting the skin, cold or hot water providing relief, and the sound of splashing and squeezing of water create an amazing sensory experience.

Improvement of Motor Skills

Since playing with water involves running around, pushing, pulling, and jumping, it makes for an ideal physical activity for making children’s motor skills finer. Also, by collecting water in hands, throwing water on others, and simply avoiding it, children learn to coordinate their muscle movement and gain better bodily balance as well.

Release of Excess Energy

Young children are always full of pent up energy that they need to release doing healthy and productive activities. Otherwise, they might engage in dangerous games or simply take out their energy by misbehaving or destroying household items. Playing with water would give them a very stimulating and safe outlet for their excess energy.

Emotionally Relaxing

Playing with water doesn’t always need to be very loud, boisterous, and noisy. One can simply stand under the cool spray of water and enjoy the relaxing and peaceful feeling of the water cascading down their body. This is precisely why playing with a sprinkler for kids can be quite an emotionally therapeutic activity.

Stimulate Creativity

Sprinklers for kids also help them expand their creative horizons and help with their imagination skills. When playing with water, the options are limitless. Children can come up with a handful of scenarios and make up any sort of game that they want to.

Enhanced Cognitive Skills

Such games are also a source of knowledge and experimentation. When playing with water, children can make different discoveries and learn new facts about water. Observing water closely helps develop their cognition and sharpens their minds.

Improved Social Interaction

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of all outdoor games since a group of kids usually play them together.

Interacting with each other. Teaming up and supporting one’s teammates. Learning to gracefully accept defeat. Engaging with children different from oneself.

All these provide excellent opportunities to develop social skills and improve one’s interactions with those around them.

What to consider when buying a sprinkler for kids?

It might seem like a very simple choice to make when buying a sprinkler for kids but if a little attention is paid to different features of the sprinkler, one can ensure that they receive the best value for their money.


One of the most important factors to consider is how large the spray of the water is. This refers to the maximum height the spray reaches as well as the diameter it covers with the water. While more often than not, sprinklers with large sprays are preferred over smaller ones, one might want a sprinkler with a small spray due to the size of the area they would be placing the sprinkler at.


The color of the sprinkler also matters, especially if it is for little children since they are more attracted to bright and funky colors than light ones.

Variable Pressure

This is more of a safety consideration. Different sprinklers spray water with different pressures. It is true that high pressure makes for an engaging and joyful physical activity, but too high of a pressure can be more harmful and uncomfortable than it is fun. This is particularly true in the case of toddlers who can get hurt by the high pressure of water.


The texture of the sprinkler is another important factor to be paid attention to, i.e., how hard or soft the sprinkler is. Some sprinklers are made out of metal, hence their rough and hard texture, while others are made out of plastic filled with air, giving them their soft and fluffy texture.


Sprinklers can spray the water in one, two, or multiple directions. The final choice depends upon the number of children who would play with the sprinkler at a time and what their preferences are. As a general rule, a multi-directional sprinkler is the most entertaining and fun of all. However, bear in mind that it also creates the most mess!

Best Sprinkler for Kids Brands

While keeping the above factors in mind, mentioned below are some of the best brands to purchase sprinklers for kids from.

  • SplashEZ: This brand provides a 3-in-1 sprinkler which is very durable. It comes with a mat which is the base of the sprinkler. The mat is encircled by a soft rim which features the sprinklers out of which water is sprayed.

The best part about it is that there are three different designs available and one can choose the design which goes the best with their child’s personality.

  • Tobeape: This brand offers a 68-inch sprinkler and a splash play mat. Since it is very spacious, this is ideal for a group of children. Also, this sprinkler is very easy to set up in virtually no time.

The material of the mat is a heavy-duty, environment-friendly polyvinyl chloride. This makes it non-toxic and very safe for use.

  • JOYIN: FOr those looking for more eye-catching and funky sprinklers for their little children, this brand provides an inflatable unicorn yard sprinkler. Apart from its wonderful design, it comes with a height of four feet.

The height of the sprinklers can be adjusted as per the requirements and this is much safer than a small pool for kids.

  • Banzai: With a 54-inch wide play mat, this brand provides a very colorful and engaging sprinkler. The animal patterns and cute designs on the mat make it a favorite among kids. Moreover, it is very spacious and only requires a hose.

That being said, before making the final decision to buy a certain sprinkler for kids, it is important to review the individual features it offers and whether they satisfy the buyer’s preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any health benefits of a sprinkler for kids?

Playing with sprinklers can help children develop their motor and cognitive skills along with enhancing their coordination and balance.

What are the different types of sprinklers for kids?

Sprinklers can be differentiated from each other on the basis of size, shape, and properties of spray.

Are sprinklers for kids safe?

As long as the pressure, spray, and temperature of the water are kept to a safe limit, sprinklers would not harm the children in any way.

What is the average cost of a sprinkler for kids?

Sprinklers for kids start at roughly $20. However, keep in mind that this value depends upon the different features of the sprinkler.

What to wear when playing with a sprinkler for kids?

It is suggested to wear light, breathable, and stretchable articles of clothing. In fact, children can just wear bathing suits or shorts when playing with sprinklers. The clothes to avoid include heavy, warm, baggy, or multi-layered clothing.

What is the average time to set up the sprinkler?

Setting up the sprinkler would take around 5 minutes. However, bear in mind that this time is dependent upon the type of sprinkler as well.

When did sprinklers for kids come out?

Water sprinklers have been used in the United States of America since 1871. Therefore, children have played in various types of water sprinklers since roughly the early 1870s.