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When deciding between artificial and natural grass for lawns or large, outdoor spaces, people are often confused. But when it comes to a grass rug, there is simply no competition with artificial grass rugs.

For starters, you cannot practically grow real grass in a very small space. Moreover, the amount of attention real grass requires to stay in a healthy condition is far too much if it’s only small-sized. Oftentimes, you want the grass at a place without any sunlight or regular fresh air.

The solution to cater to these problems? Artificial grass rugs.


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Since the idea of artificial grass is quite old now, you can virtually find it from any major retailer. However, the difficult task is to find the right rug which is not only worth your money but also meets your specific needs.

This guide delves into some of the most popular and high-quality artificial grass rugs available in the market, followed by an explanation of what makes an artificial grass rug valuable.

VIVOSUN 17×24 Inches Artificial Grass Rug

VIVOSUN 17"x24" Artificial Grass Rug with Drainage Holes, Thick and Synthetic Turf for Pets, Dogs,...
  • Fireproof and Shedding-proof: Fire-retardant material uses to prevent the ignition might cause by high temperature, sun blast, and lighted...
  • Easy Installations: Simply put grass rug at the place you desired, use glue to increase its stability if necessary, as simple as that
  • Drainage Hole Design: With Drainage Hole the ponding will no longer exist and it is easier to clean the grass mat with the drainage hole design
  • Enjoy Leisure Lifestyle: Having a healthy grass rug all year round gives you a cozy and leisure lifestyle; Minimum care needed for the artificial...
  • Wide Range of Applications: It can be used nearly on all occasions: gardens, balconies, pathways, play areas, patios, playgrounds, even some...

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Having the feel of real grass when touched, the Vivosun Artificial Grass Rug measures 17 by 24 inches (approximately 2.83 square feet). It is made from plastic and has a rubber backing.

This is the perfect accessory to add a touch of life and vibrancy to your living space because it comes in a summer green colour. Since it looks very natural, it can easily go with furniture or plants, i.e., living or non-living items of decoration.

Designed with fire retardant material, this rug is fireproof. Thus, you do not have to worry about ignition caused by high temperatures or sun blast. Along with this, it is also shedding-proof as it has an above-average tensile strength.

Cleaning and maintenance of this rug are also made easy with its drainage holes, therefore, it is ideal for use by pets as well.

Another advantage of this rug is its easy installation which will only require you to put it at your desired place and glue it to the surface. This rug would last for 15 to 25 years, and that too with minimal maintenance.

Outdoor Carpet Comfort

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Measuring 2.00 by 1.00 m, this is one of the bestsellers when it comes to artificial grass rugs. It stands out due to its properties of water permeability and versatility. This rug comes in various widths, including 1.33 m, 2.00 m, and 4.00 m.

The water permeability of this rug is due to its fleece construction. Therefore, within a short while of being wet, the rug would dry. The water permeability of this artificial grass rug is 30 l/min/meter square.

Apart from this, users also recommend this rug for its UV-resistance of roughly 1,500 hours. Not only is this rug GUT tested, making it extremely safe for use, but it is also resistant to weather. Thus, you can use it all year round, no matter what the weather conditions are.

While this rug has a wide range of applications, it looks the best when placed at locations such as the exterior balcony, terrace, or patio. This is because its natural look is enhanced when placed in outdoor settings.

GOLDEN MOON Grass Pee Pad Artificial Turf

GOLDEN MOON Artificial Dog Grass, Dog Grass Pee Pad for Indoor Outdoor Potty Training Replacement...
  • ❤ Size of the Small artificial grass turf: L 25in W 15in, Pile height 1.18in.
  • ❤ Potty Training: A good pet training device for apartment indoor, raining day, snowy winters. Better to put some pee pads under and spray some...
  • ❤ The grass mat is easy to clean, just fresh water cleaning, save your time and your money.
  • ❤ Ideal artificial turf for dogs for housebreaking, or as puppy dog potty patch replacement mat, drain system allows liquid waste to drain...
  • ❤ ATTENTION: The new product may have a slight odor, and the edge may have little bits of hemp, you can shake the grass turf several times and...

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This multipurpose Artificial Grass Pad measures 25 inches in length and 15 inches in width. With a pile height of 1.18 inches and a fresh green colour, it looks very close to real grass. The main quality of this rug is its use as a pee pad for housebreaking of pets.

This pad is meant to be kept indoors and is especially useful for training your pet when going outside isn’t possible, for example, during snow or rain. Any liquid will quickly drain through the grass, as it is specifically designed for this purpose.

This pad is also quite easy to clean since all that’s required is washing it with fresh water. Additionally, since there are multiple sizes of pads available by this brand (25 by 32 inches, 20 by 25 inches, and 15 by 25 inches), you can find a pad that is just the right size for your dog.

Moreover, before using this product, it should be kept in a ventilated place to remove any odor. Furthermore, it should be known that your pet might resist the pad initially, but with patient training, it’ll easily get used to it.

Artificial Grass Rug Turf for Dogs

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Due to the green health and environment protection this rug offers, along with it being non-toxic, this is ideal for use by pets. Also, this rug uses a high-quality synthetic yarn which is water-resistant. Moreover, this artificial turf rug is weatherproof.

As the grass of this rug is in multiple tones, it looks highly realistic, unlike turfs that come off as faux due to their monotonal design. The rug can easily be placed in your balcony, terrace, or porch, and it will add to the natural look of the space.

To make matters more convenient for you, this rug can easily be set in place quickly and very simply. Also, this is a worthwhile choice if you want an artificial grass rug on which your pet will feel comfortable. This is a highly important consideration because if your furry partner is irritated by the feel of the grass, housebreaking it would be a nightmare.

Lastly, this rug comes with a replacement or money-back guarantee in case the buyer isn’t satisfied with its quality.

Uses for Artificial Grass Rugs

Along with replicating the look and feel of real grass so perfectly, artificial turf rugs are also popular because they can be used in so many simple and creative ways.

Children’s Play Areas

Place one or two artificial turf rugs in your children’s play area and watch how the space becomes brighter and livelier with them. They also go well with play areas because the bright green in the rugs adds a pop of colour to the room.


With how mechanical and dreary offices usually come off as, placing synthetic turf rugs will balance the modernity of the space with a natural look. Also, since green is a vibrant colour – often termed the colour of life – it will keep your spirits high while you are loaded with work.

Living Spaces

People have started to make their living spaces look increasingly natural and green. It isn’t uncommon to see real or faux plants inside houses. You can simply place an artificial grass rug at any spot in your living space or combine it creatively with the furniture to make your area look more voguish.


There is no combination quite like grass next to water. After all, nature’s green juxtaposed with its blue has an unparalleled soothing and calming effect on humans.

Place the rug next to the poolside to bring to focus the sharp contrast in the two colours and make the area look more animated.

Housebreaking Pets

Synthetic grass rugs are also commonly used to housebreak pets. This is because their drainage is easy and quick, and they are particularly useful when the pet cannot go outside for any reason.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Artificial Grass Rug

Before you spend a handsome amount on an artificial grass rug, make sure it completely suits your preferences and the product is worth its price.

Here are a few determiners that can help you choose the right artificial grass rug for yourself.


The material of the grass rug contributes to its durability as well as its feel. This aspect becomes even more crucial than it already is when you consider housebreaking your pet using it. The rug would need to be durable enough to withstand the digging paws of your animal along with having a smooth texture to make it feel comfortable.

Apart from this, the stronger the material of the rug, the longer it will last. Artificial grass does not come very cheap which is why you must make a careful choice with it.

Four of the most common and popular materials used to manufacture artificial grass rugs are nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, and rubber, with nylon being the most durable and long-acting of all.


Before going to buy the rug, measure the space where you want to place it. Furthermore, if you are getting the rug for your pet, make sure you consider its size as well.

With size, the pile height of the rug should also be considered. This not only adds to the realistic and natural look of the rug but also determines its softness and comfort.

If you like a certain type of artificial turf rug but are uncertain about the size advertised, you should consider contacting the manufacturer because most artificial grass rugs come in multiple sizes.


Consider how wide the applications of the grass rug are.

Can it be used on balconies, porches, decks, terraces, or backyards? Is it suitable for use in rainy or snowy conditions? What kind of traffic can it bear?

The answer to these questions will help you determine if the rug will meet all your needs and whether it is versatile in its use.

Look and Feel

This is oftentimes the most important factor when people are searching for synthetic turf products. No one wants grass that looks and feels synthetic, even if it actually is.

With how technology has advanced and the modern versions of synthetic turfs looking exactly like natural grass. – at times even smelling like it – you shouldn’t be settling for grass rugs that are a little too green to look real or feel too hard to the touch.

Look for grass rugs that are multi-tonal and combine different shades of green or even yellow to replicate the hues of real grass. Moreover, touch the grass to see how smooth its texture is.

Base Layer

The base layer is responsible for keeping the grass blades upright and retaining the cushiony feel of the mat. If the base layer isn’t composed of durable materials such as silica granules or crumb rubber etc., the mat will become flat and too hard after some time.

The base layer also often comes with drainage holes in it to quickly remove water or any spilled liquids from the mat.


In recent times, manufacturers and consumers have both become more aware of the impact of their choices on the environment. Similarly, recyclable artificial turf rugs are also being introduced.

However, not all artificial grass rugs are recyclable and even those that are, cannot be recycled to the same extent.

Apart from this, you can also look into the materials used to manufacture the rug and whether they are toxic or heavy metals, since these shouldn’t be present in an eco-friendly artificial grass rug.

Additional Features

With the seemingly endless list of options available these days, why not choose something which offers a little more than what’s expected?

There are rugs that are UV-resistant and wouldn’t lose their colour even after years. Similarly, some rugs are weatherproof, some fireproof, and even shedding-proof. Others come with the feature of draining water extremely fast.


Having an artificial grass rug is very convenient since it can easily be moved and comes in handy during difficult weather conditions, such as snowy winters. Apart from this, even if the purpose of the rug is to housebreak your pet, this little piece of synthetic turf adds life to your space.

The uses of synthetic grass rugs are multiple. They can be used in children’s playing areas, offices, living spaces, along poolsides, and for housebreaking pets.

When choosing an artificial grass rug, carefully measure the area of the place where you desire to place your mat. If you want the installation to be quick and simple, choose a rug that can be just placed and glued to the floor. Along with this, consider the durability and look of the rug.

Most importantly, make sure the choices you make with your artificial grass rug are environmentally responsible. If you want something a little bigger take a look at our Best Artificial Grass article this will allow you to cover a bigger area.