5 of The Best Artificial Grass for Putting Green

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Unless you want to practice with some competition, there is no need to go to a golf course simply to improve your putting. And with the way modern artificial turf has improved immensely, you do not even have to worry if there is no grass at your home.


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Now you can get an artificial grass putting green of your preferred size and customized to your liking. Since it’s a costly investment, multiple options will make your purchase worth its high price.

Some of the best artificial grasses for putting green are listed below.

Petgrow Pro Putting Green Golf Artificial Grass Turf

Petgrow Pro Putting Green Golf Artificial Grass Turf 3FTX10FT - Indoor Outdoor Golf Training Mat,...
  • Premium Putting Green Grass: Grass height about 0.47" in length, 60 oz total weight per square yard. Thick high-density artificial grass for...
  • PERFORMANCE :Made of high quality synthetic material,superior resilience and durability,Constructed of the highest quality UV resistant...
  • DURABLE & LESS MAINTENANCE: With precise stitching, UV-protection, and weather resistant fabric. Just hose down the artificial golf turf with...
  • MULTIPURPOSE: We offer standard grass mat sizes and custom sizes to suit your grass needs. Use for indoor or outdoor golf practice mat, mini...

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Suitable for indoors and outdoors, this synthetic golf training mat comes in a variety of colours: 3FT to 13FT. Made from extremely high-quality synthetic material, the grass height of this mat is around 0.47 inches while the weight per each square yard is 60 ounces.

Apart from golf, it can also be used for baseball, football, or general use in the gym. This is in addition to other casual uses such as in the backyard, school fields, etc.

The UV-resistant polyethylene of the mat makes sure that the mat is of high-density grass. The back material is rubber and the backing comes with drainage holes in it to easily drain water in a short time. In fact, 23 gallons of fluid can be drained well under an hour.

The durability of this artificial grass mat isn’t only due to its fine material but also the precise stitching with which it is made. Also, the fabric used is completely weather-resistant.

Golf Putting Green/Mat-Golf Training Mat

Golf Putting Green/Mat 3FTX10FT -Golf Training Mat Sprot Baseball Football Artificial Grass- Green...
  • Quality and Comfortable Material--Made of the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene yarns, resistant synthetic material high temperature,...
  • Ultra-practical: This mini size golf mat can be put in your backyard or home for playing and trainning, do not need to go to professional sport...
  • The Commander is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also used on baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, softball, tennis, badminton,...
  • Easy Installation--Measure the dimensions of the lawn areas you wish to cover and plot this onto the blank grid provided. This will provide an...
  • This is designed for comfort and utmost durability with thatch composition. It can thus withstand moderate to heavy traffic for rough play and...

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Available in 13 different colours, 1FT to 13 FT, this artificial grass putter is meant for both indoor and outdoor use. The mat stands out because of its quality and how comfortable to use it is. Made from UV-resistant polyethylene yarns and with rubber backing, the mat is heat-resistant and can dry quickly.

Besides golf, this mat can be used for baseball, football, volleyball, badminton, soccer, tennis, softball, polo, other lawn games, and recreational activities. This wide applicability is also due to the mat being very easy to install. Simply measure the size of the area, get the right-sized mat, and roll it over the desired place.

The mat can easily withstand moderate to heavy weight. It is also designed with multi-tonal colours and comes with a realistic texture giving a natural and lively touch to the grass. Additionally, the brand also offers customised sizes of the mat to exactly fit your space.

GL Artificial Turf Grass Lawn

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Made with high-quality polypropylene yarns, this artificial turf lawn comes in a variety of sizes including customised ones.

The highlights of this artificial grass lawn are that it is UV-resistant, weather-proof, very eco-friendly, extremely durable, and requires low maintenance. Apart from these, the grass also comes with the guarantee of colour fastness that will ensure it keeps looking fresh and natural over the years.

This product can be used in a variety of ways and at different locations: backyard, pet area, patio, deck, garden, porch, fence decoration, and swimming pool, etc. Furthermore, since this product is non-toxic, it is completely safe for children and pets. You can also maintain it with minimal effort.

Another highlight of this mat is that it can easily be cut to the desired size without fraying the edges. This also makes the installation process much easier. The brand guarantees a lifetime of at least 12 years with UV-protection between 8 to 11 years.

Petgrow Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf

Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 5FTX8FT, Indoor Outdoor Balcony Garden Pet Rug Turf Home Decor, Faux...
  • VALUE SYNTHETIC GRASS RUG:Designed and made according to the real fescue-like grass, with the blade around 0.4'' in length, safe for kids and...
  • PERFORMANCE :Made of the highest quality poly polypropylene yarns, resistant synthetic material high temperature.Rubber backed with drainage...
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SAVE MONEY: It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. No mowing, No watering, No fertilizers. No pesticides, safe for pets and...
  • Perfect for indoor used as Mat, Carpet . DIY Decorations for Fence Backdrop, interior and exterior or your own creative design on party, Wedding,...

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Measuring 5 by 8 feet, this is a multipurpose artificial turf perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Designed just as fescue-like grass, this product is sought after because of how natural it looks compared to most options in the market. The material of the grass is premium quality polypropylene.

The drainage holes in the rubber backing of this product ensure that even large quantities of water or other spilled fluids are quickly drained away.

This grass is widely used in high-profile events and important functions such as weddings, parties, Christmas decorations. This is due to the extremely realistic and lush green look of the grass. Apart from these, it is fit for normal use as well such as for a porch, garden, deck, or patio.

To install this grass, turf tapes are required to join the different pieces of the turf together. Landscape staples are also used to fix it to the ground.

Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat

Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat, 3 x 11-Feet, Green
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor residential or office use
  • Large 11 foot long by 36 inch wide putting area
  • 36 inch wide green enables you to stand on the putting surface and putt from different angles
  • Premium back that will eliminate folds and creases in the putting surface

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Perfect for use in residential or office spaces, the Putt-A-Bout golf putting mat measures 3 by 11 feet. The 3 feet width helps to stand on the mat and put from various angles easily. The product weighs 6.99 pounds.

The high-quality back of this mat ensures that there are no folds or creases in the putting surface, giving you a better putting experience. As there isn’t any seam in the mat, the accuracy of putting wouldn’t be reduced either. Along with this, this works very well for semi-private courses and even allows crushing or sweeping in the opposite direction of the putt.

The installation is also made simple with how the mat rolls up easily and quickly. When putting it away, you can just roll it up, leave it standing upright, and store it.

With its positive features and low price, this product is strongly recommended to beginners.

BOBURN Golf Putting Green/Mat-Golf Training Mat

BOBURN Golf Putting Green/Mat-5x10FT Golf Training Mat- Professional Golf Practice Mat- Green Long...
  • ⁂ Real feel – With this golf putting green you will have the actual feel that you are in a golf course. True-roll surface simulates real...
  • ☀Heavy duty –This golf putting mat is made of the highest quality material that you can find anywhere. It has a soft high-elastic base that...
  • ☁ Golf like holes – The three golf holes on the putting green look like you are get on a golf course. They have a stainless steel flag post...
  • ☂ Perfect for indoors and outdoors–The golf putting mat is a perfect fit for both indoors and outdoors. You can enjoy your game of golf...
  • ★Gift for friends – If you have friends that enjoy a game of golf, then this is the gift you should think of getting them. Even if they do...

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Looking for a putting mat that is a little more quality with built-in holes, then this could well be the product you are looking to purchase.

Included are the free-standing stainless steel cups and flags, so no need to purchase extras. The holes are real sized golf holes, so next time you hit the course, you can translate your practice at home.

A putting mat that is easy to roll up and take with you on your travels. A nice feature for someone who likes to travel. You can still practice on the road and hit the course with much better-putting skills.

Which to Choose: Real Grass or Synthetic Turf?

With both artificial and real grass offering multiple advantages over each other, it can get frustratingly confusing to choose between them.

Real Grass Advantages

  • Many cannot even consider the idea of synthetic turf because they don’t want to give up the authentic experience of feeling the grass under their feet or hands. It’s true that no matter how closely artificial grass replicates real grass, it just isn’t the same.
  • If you have green fingers and enjoy looking after your plants or lawn, you wouldn’t be satisfied with faux grass which doesn’t have any real maintenance requirements.
  • In addition to this, the natural, earthy smell of real grass is not found in artificial turf. Yes, many manufacturers are trying to add that scent to their products, but it’s nowhere close to the original.
  • Those who are very conscious about how their actions impact the environment or simply want eco-friendly products would also prefer real grass because of how it improves the quality of the air around it.
  • It is far easier to move holes in real putting greens than synthetic ones.
  • The variety of the species of real grass is too wide. This is why someone who has a specific type of grass in mind – especially a less widely used species – might not like the faux product.
  • In general, growing grass from scratch doesn’t cost as much as getting high-quality synthetic turf installed. So if you do not want to spend that kind of money, real grass would be more cost-effective.

Synthetic Turf Advantages

  • One of the most common reasons why synthetic turf is preferred over real grass is its low maintenance. It doesn’t need to be watered, no mowing needs to be done, and there is no hassle of treating it with chemicals.
  • Without any effort, you would have very aesthetically pleasurable grass all year round. The perfect shades of green, the perfect pile height, and the perfect texture.
  • Real grass often has to be treated with fertilisers or pesticides to improve its health. Since artificial turf doesn’t need any such treatments, it is always safe for use by children, adults, and pets.
  • Even without caring for it, synthetic turf can last for one to 2 decades. Many artificial grasses come with UV-protection, heat-resistance, weather-resistance, and colour fastness to ensure the grass keeps looking fresh as new throughout the years.
  • Synthetic grass can be used in virtually any weather and dries up very quickly, unlike real grass. So you do not want your plans on the grass to be ruined or delayed, this is a safe bet.
  • For small spaces where growing grass is painfully difficult, you can simply get the right-sized turf mat. The same goes for shady places where there is no sunlight for the healthy growth of natural grass.


It lies with you. Keeping in view the pros and cons of both, consider which one suits your preferences more.

How much time are you willing to spend on maintaining your grass? What is your budget? Where exactly do you live? What variety of grass do you like the best? Are you into gardening? How environment-conscious are you?

These questions will help you decide better which type of grass you should use.

How much does it cost to install a synthetic putting green?

While the answer to this depends more on the quality of putting green, on average, it costs around $15 to $40 per square foot. This price is subject to certain factors which are described below.

  • Size

Usually, the greater the size of the putting green required, the lower the price per square foot is.

For example, a brand might charge over $30 per square foot for putting green under 400 square feet but give a discounted price of $15 to $20 per square foot for areas larger than 2000 square feet, to prompt the buyer to consider getting more.

  • Design

The complexity of the design of the putting greens can also increase or decrease its cost per square foot.

For instance, the design of a high-quality putting green would obviously be far more complex a task than designing one for a backyard. Since the designers need to have training and experience to create more difficult styles, their products are also costlier.

  • Number of Cuts

Those who are very serious about the quality of their putting green and how closely it matches the real green on the PGA tour, would want multiple cuts of fringe as well as fairway turf. This will ensure they have the chance to practice different types of shots and enhance their ability. Greens with more cuts are often more expensive because their manufacture requires more expertise and effort.

  • Installation

You shouldn’t underestimate the significance of good quality installation because poorly installed greens can completely ruin the putting experience. It takes an experienced crew to correctly install the turf in a way that it stays tight and smooth throughout the years.

How do you make an artificial putting green?

If the steps are followed properly, making an artificial putting green at home isn’t nearly as difficult as you might envision.

  1. Choose an area in your backyard that is large enough for a golf putting green and map it out. We would recommend you to choose a space with the same dimensions as a traditional putting green, if possible.
  2. Completely clear out the area, removing grass and other objects.
  3. Wet the dirt and use a compactor to properly smooth the ground.
  4. After edging the green, place the backing material (crushed stones, for example) into the space and evenly spread them out with a metal lake.
  5. Install cups in the ground by digging holes 2 inches wider and 6 inches deeper than the cups.
  6. Smoothly coat the base with sand.
  7. Starting from the edge of the green, lay the turf roll. Make sure to eliminate any creases and folds. Secure the green with tape or glue.
  8. Spread infill over the tape.
  9. Remove the turf from within the cups you installed.
  10. Roll the putting green with a water-filled roller.


To some people, the choice between real and artificial grass for putting green is clear-cut because they have specific preferences. This means that you should also carefully look into the benefits each offer and see which ones you don’t want to miss out on.

If buying a finished putting green isn’t an option for you, it’s completely fine because you can make artificial putting green yourself with a few easy steps.

Lastly, whenever buying a putting green, make sure your decision is influenced by its features and not swayed by the price because oftentimes it isn’t a clear indicator of the quality of the product on finding the Best Artificial Grass.