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Have a household who loves football and love playing then you are going to want the best flag football sets to get even more enjoyment out of your next game in the yard.


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Flag football is fast becoming one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA, from little kids to teens even adults are starting to take up the sport and really enjoy it. If you are a parent and don’t want your child to have the contact of a tackle then flag football is perfect for you and for the kids it’s been said a lot more fun and a lot safer and less risk of any injury.

I have put together the top 5 best flag football sets with have compared many on their build quality and price and narrowed it down to this list so let’s get right into that list.

14 Player Flag Football Deluxe Set

Play Platoon 14 Player Flag Football Set Youth & Adult - 14 Adjustable Belts, 42 Flag Football...
  • MORE BELTS & MORE FLAGS - This complete flag football set comes with 14 belts, each with 3 flags, (secured by hook and loop fasteners) you can...
  • MORE CONES - Includes 12 large, highly visibility disc cones so you can clearly mark the goal lines, playing field, and sidelines.
  • EXTRA DURABLE - These belts, cones, and flags for flag football are made with heavy duty, durable materials designed to withstand years of rough,...
  • ENDLESS OUTDOOR FUN - Perfect flag football belts for kids and adults! Belts feature a sturdy, adjustable D-ring and will fit almost any player....
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - Play Platoon stands behind its Flag Football Set 100%. If anything ever goes wrong with this, we will replace it...

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Prepare to have loads of fun with the whole family with this durable flag football deluxe set. Some flag football sets do not come with everything you need to host a full game, but this one tops the competition because it does. It has a full fourteen belts with three flags each, twelve large bright orange cones to mark the field of play, and a mesh carrying bag to take the fun with you wherever you go. It has everything you need to host a full seven on seven game of flag football. Don’t let other inferior products leave you needing something else come game time.

The flags are durable, everything is brightly colored and functional. This set is perfect for kids or adults in a variety of settings including camp, college, or a local recreational league. This product is so good that the manufacturer Play Platoon stands behind it 100% by offering a full replacement guarantee if anything should ever go wrong. No one else has that kind of commitment to quality.

  • #1 flag football set available online
  • Durable set comes with 14 belts, 42 flags, and 12 cones
  • 100% replacement guarantee if anything goes wrong

Trained 10 Man Flag Football Set

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Entertain a large group on a budget with this premium flag football set. Whether it is for summer camp, a kid’s birthday party or other large outdoor recreational activity, flag football is a fun and competitive way to keep everyone entertained and active. Some games cost a ton of money or only host a couple of players at a time. This premium flag football set can have up to ten players playing at once and comes in at a price everyone will love. The dollar to entertainment value of this set is almost unlimited giving you a stunning value.

This set comes with a lot. It includes ten flag belts, thirty flags, four cones, and a carrying bag. It has everything you need to host a full fledged football game wherever the urge strikes you. Best of all, the belts are durable and come with metal connectors. Flag football can be a rough game with a lot of snagging, tagging, and ripping motions. Cheaper, lower quality materials will break over time but this set is designed to withstand the toughest of games.

  • Full flag football set for kids or adults
  • Durable design will stand up to repeated games
  • Host up to ten players at once
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Franklin Sports Flag Football

Franklin Sports Flag and Ball Set - Flag Football Belts and Football for Kids - Full Youth Flag...
  • ALL IN ONE SET: With two sets of (5) colored flags and the mini Playbook football, this set has everything you need for 10 players to get outside...
  • MINI PLAYBOOK: The mini Playbook football is perfect for kids just learning the game. It has route diagrams and an easy grip cover so kids can...
  • TEAR AWAY BELT: The easy tear-away belts are simple to put on and use. Simply grab the runners belt and pull, and the tear-away belt will come...
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: The belts are adjustable in size and can even be extended to fit adults to make this set fun for the whole family!
  • PERFECT OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: This set a is a great way to get young players outdoors to learn the game of football and have a ton of fun in the...

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Some flag football sets advertise themselves as premium, deluxe or complete but how many of them actually are. Did you know most flag football sets don’t include the actual football? This set, by Franklin Sports, includes the football and everything else you need to get started right away. Don’t let other sets fool you into thinking you are getting a truly complete set when they are not. Get the set that is actually complete and never worry again.

This set includes belts and flags for a full game of classic five on five football fun, including the ball itself. It even comes with a playbook to give you some ideas for getting one over on your opponent. Flag football is a game for the whole family, the belts are durable and adjustable so anyone from kids to adults can play comfortably. Franklin has been delivering quality and classic products for years and have delivered another great one with their truly complete flag football set.

  • Includes ten belts and thirty flags for a full game
  • Includes the actual ball when most sets don’t
  • Made by Franklin Sports, a reputable company

WYZworks 12 Player 3 Flag Football Set

WYZworks 12 Player Adjustable Flag Football Set, 3 Flags per Belt, Hook and Loop Fastener, Nylon...
  • Team Set - 12 player Hook and Loop team flag set, designed with detachable heavy duty nylon flags. Each belt is capable of holding up to 3 flags...
  • League Play - The ideal flags for team sports whether it be for youth Pee Wee football, girls high school flag teams or the weekend recreational...
  • Adjustability - Fully adjustable belt with a total length of 50” allows for any child or adult, boy or girl to easily secure the belt to their...
  • Loads of Fun - Take them to the park or beach, with multiple different games to play with friends or family, your imagination is your only...
  • Specs - 12 belts with Double D-ring closures, each coming with 3 flags | 18 Red and 18 Blue flags total | Hook and Loop fastener |  Belt length...

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Give yourself the gift of mass entertainment with this awesome flag football set by WYZworks. This is a complete set of flag football essentials that will allow anyone to host a full game of the classic competitive sport. It features everything needed to have a six on six game. Most sets only include enough to host a game of five on five. This way you get the option of playing five on five or six on six giving you an extra layer of versatility.

This set comes with twelve belts and thirty six durable flags. The belts are clasped with a durable metal D-ring so that there are no plastic pieces that can break during play. If you don’t like flag football, don’t worry. This set can also be used for other games such as capture the flag. That is because the eyecatching flags and durable belts are able to be used in a variety of different ways.

  • Host games of up to twelve players at once
  • Fun for the whole family or kids of all ages
  • Durable and versatile flag set can be used for flag football or capture the flag

Playmakers Flag Football Set

Playmakers Flag Football Set: Call Plays Like the Pros – Includes 2 Teams of 5 Flags, 2 QB...
  • Playmakers Flag Football Set: Build your squad of 5 players, hit the field, and make game-changing plays right off your QB wristbands. Complete...
  • Playmakers Flag Football Set: Build your squad of 5 players, hit the field, and make game-changing plays right off your QB wristbands. Complete...
  • You Call The Plays: Our set includes 2 QB Wristbands and 6 double-sided playbook inserts with 18 classic plays taken straight from a coach's...
  • Orange Vs Black: Includes two sets of 5 tearaway flags (10 Total). A battle of Orange vs Black flags. These flags have the classic belt fit with...
  • Set The Field: Make any open lot a football field. Comes packed in with 10 cones so you can mark out boundaries and endzones and a field marker...

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Have you ever looked at flag football sets and thought that they seemed cheap, like something you would find in a forgotten bin at a summer camp or PT class somewhere? That is exactly the kind of image that Crown Sporting Goods wants you to forget with their Playmakers flag football. Some sets simply throw some flags on a cheap plastic belt in a box and call it a day. Not so with this elite flag football set.

This set comes with flags and belts for up to ten total players, a standard feature. It also features ten marking cones, a yard marking bean bag, two quarterback wrist bands with play inserts that feature up to eighteen plays. Take your flag football game to the next level with all of these added features. Are you worried that these extras will come at a premium? They don’t. This set is only marginally more than the cheapo sets on the market that offer way less.

  • Includes 2 Teams of 5 Flags for up to ten total players
  • 18 classic plays taken straight from a coach’s playbook
  • Elite flag football set

Flag Football Sets Buying Guide

Flag football is the perfect and safe alternative for those who want to derive the benefits of thrilling games like football but without the high risk of injuries that come with them. With the game gaining so much popularity, there is no time better than now to learn and play it.

What is flag football?

Flag football is a non-contact version of American football. While most rules are the same as football, in flag football, players do not tackle each other to the ground. Each player wears two flags, which are attached to a belt, on their sides, and these flags are pulled by other players.

Benefits of playing flag football

Not only is flag football common for a lot of reasons why football is a favourite among many sports aficionados, but there are certain benefits unique to this sport as well.

Improved Physical Health

Flag football is known to work those muscles in the body that one usually doesn’t. The game also involves a lot of running, leaping, and action with the limbs, all of which are bound to provide a good workout. In fact, this game is excellent for cardio as well.

Improved Communication Skills

Since this game is played in teams, it can help enhance communication skills as well. Not only verbal but non-verbal communication can also be improved by regularly socialising with the team members and learning to understand them. Also, such games are known to improve one’s self-esteem and socialising skills.

The Game for Everyone

Unlike the majority of the sports played, flag football doesn’t require a very high level of experience or can be played by a select few, very active people only. It’s true that the more competitive the game gets, the greater the expertise of players is required, but generally speaking, there’s a spot for almost every kind of player on the team.

This is why for those who are still trying to find an exciting sport to play, this is a safe and easy option.

Low Equipment and Space Requirements

All that is required to play this game is a football and flags for the players. Similarly, it can be played in almost any kind of field that is large enough to fit all the players in it. This means that very little is required to start playing this game and that makes it all the more fun.

Non-Contact Sport

This is actually the main reason flag football was invented. The game provides safety from the kind of contact injuries that are very common in football. So those people who want to enjoy football without worrying about being hit hard need to look no further than this.

More Engagement

This game brings more engagement than its namesake because, as mentioned earlier, almost anyone can play it. Therefore, a sister who complained she didn’t want to get hurt or a friend who isn’t allowed to play sports like football – they can all join in now for one big, crazy game of flag football. In fact, why not make it a family game and enjoy it on Saturday evenings?

What to consider when buying a flag football set?

Even though there isn’t much to buy when it comes to a flag football set, the few items that are there need to be viewed carefully. It is a mere myth that the higher the price, the better the quality.

So considering the following factors will help one choose a high-quality product within their desired price range.


Since the flags are to be attached to the belts, the number of flags that come in a flag football set is usually a multiple of the number of belts. Also, while some companies offer flags in two different colours (one for each team), others have a much wider variety of flag colours.


The football size should be in accordance with the age of the people who would be using it. Similarly, the weight should also be carefully selected to ensure no one gets hurt while using the football.

Age Range

Some flag football sets are advertised for children aged 6 to 10 while others are meant for adults only. Likewise, there are sets that are appropriate for both adults and children.

When buying a flag football set, one might overlook such details but these matter a lot in the long run because the manufacturers design every aspect of the set in accordance with the target users.


The number of belts in a set is usually according to the number of players, one for each. However, many sets come with a few extra belts in case some are lost or damaged. Along with the number of belts, their quality should also be examined through the fabric and its stitching.


Some brands go above and beyond with their products and provide as many additional items with the flag football set as they can. These can include storage bags, disc cones, and extra equipment even. This is one thing that everyone needs to look out for!


The easier the entire set is to carry around, the more chances of it being used in more than one place. Wouldn’t it be fun to simply carry around the set and start a fun-filled game of flag football with friends in a variety of locations? That being said, it should be remembered that even if a set might look compact enough to carry around, it might not be lightweight enough to do so.


Some brands also give the option to the customers to customise their sets. This not only includes choosing different colours and fabrics for the belts and flags, but the football can also be custom-made. This is especially quite fun for children who love designing things to fit their tastes and preferences.

Best flag football brands

Keeping the aforesaid factors in mind, the following brands have great options for flag football sets.

Franklin Sports

A renowned name in the world of sports, Franklin Sports provides its NFL Set which costs roughly $30. There is sufficient equipment in this set for 8 players. Apart from that, the set also includes coloured flags and has belts that can fit waist sizes up 36 inches.


This is arguably the most talked-about brand when it comes to flag football equipment. It has a very popular set called the 10-Man Set that sells for almost $29. The belts in this product can also fit a large variety of waist sizes and are made from very durable material.

Apart from these, this set boasts some great accessories: an e-book and yard marker bag.

Pro Gold

If someone is looking for good quality but still wants an easily affordable option of a flag football set, Pro Gold has got it. There are 16 flags divided into two different colours. This set has enough equipment for an engaging four-on-four match.

In addition to this, there is also a foam football included in the set. The number of flags is 16 and the entire set comes with a carry-on bag.


The sports and fitness products by this brand are top-notch and so is its Flag Football 10-Player Deluxe Set. This set has 5 yellow and 5 blue belts with two flags attached to each of them. Also, it also includes 4 goal line cones.

For starters, this set is known for its high quality and is commonly recommended to both beginners and serious players. Moreover, while the belts are free size and can fit almost everyone, the company offers a 100% guarantee in case some fault is found in the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main equipment I will need for flag football?

Only flags for all the team players and a football is required to play flag football.

What is the flag in flag football?

The flag refers to the flag that is attached to the player with the ball’s belt.

What size belt should I go with?

The belts are according to the size of the waist, which varies from person to person.

Why does the length of the flag matter?

This is because the longer the flag is, the easier it would be for the opponent to capture it.

Is flag football safe?

Since collisions can still happen, the game does have its risks if not played carefully. However, it doesn’t pose any serious threats to the safety of the players and is far safer than football.

How long is a game of flag football?

The game is played in two parts. Each part can last for anywhere between 10 to 25 minutes.

What is the size of a flag football field?

As per the official standards, a flag football field should be 60 yards by 30 yards.

Is flag football an Olympics sport?

No, flag football is not recognised by the Olympics Committee yet.

When was flag football invented?

Flag football is said to be around since the 1940s, when it was played by the American military.

What is the size of the endzone in flag football?

An endzone is usually 10 yards long.


So that brings us the end of our article and I hope it really helps you chose the best flag football sets for you are your family, I really like the Playmakers Flag Football Set its made with quality in mind and you can have really big games with it.

Any of the sets we have included on the list will not let you down it comes down to personal choice all I can say we only put quality products on our best lists like the one we have here.

If you are looking for other yard games then we have you covered with many different ideas in our Yard Game section.