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When it comes to buying the best playground sets for your backyard, everyone will have a different opinion what constitutes the best. Kids may well tell you that the best a playground set with lots of equipment that they can play on. Parents on the other hand will tell you that the best is the one that is the safest as you would expect.

There are many different things to consider and a combination of actives your child can play on and having the right safety features to keep them safe is key and below we have put the top five playground sets on the market that the children will love but at the same time put us parents mind at ease with safety being as high as it can be.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set

Backyard Discovery, Skyfort II Playground Cedar Wood Swing Set with Playhouse Fort, Sandbox, Picnic...
  • Raised Clubhouse With Wood Roof, Windows, Covered Entry Way, And Bay Windows
  • Front Porch With Sun Balcony
  • Crow'S Nest With Telescope
  • Lower Deck With Snack Stand And Picnic Table
  • Two Belt Swings And A Trapeze

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Give your kids something they will love for years to come with the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II. This playset has everything a kid could want in a backyard playset. It has a large elevated clubhouse, a swing set, a slide and monkey bars, a climbing wall, a snack area and a place to put a sandbox. You truly have an entire playground’s worth of equipment right out your backdoor. It is big enough and diverse enough that it can grow with your kids. If you get this for them when they’re young, they will have years of enjoyment out of this set before growing out of it. They will make memories that last a lifetime.

The Skyfort II is made entirely out of cedar and plastic which means it will last. Cedar is naturally resistant to bugs and decay so it will be able to hold up outside for years without having to upkeep it or worry about it. It also comes with a handy app that gives you 3D instructions right to your phone so install isn’t a hassle.

  • Large cedar playground will stand the test of time
  • Varied equipment means years of fun for kids of all ages
  • App assisted install means you don’t have to worry about assembly

KidKraft Lewiston Retreat Cedar Wood Swing Set PLAYSET

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The Lewiston Retreat is a classic clubhouse that your kids will love. Equipped with a twisty slide, straight slide, swingset, and elevated clubhouse, this retreat has everything your kids need to have fun for years to come. Unlike some other sets on the market, this one is not too large and can fit almost any yard. It is compact enough to stay out of the way while giving the kids plenty to do.

The Lewiston Retreat is made entirely out of natural cedar. Not only is the wood construction safe for children and pets, it is also resistant to rot and wear. Cedar has natural oils that repel bugs and resist damage from the elements meaning that this playset will last. Plastic playgrounds get hot and can contain chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Not so with natural wood. It will stay in good shape without getting too hot or exposing you and your kids to petrochemicals.

  • A simple but robust playset that will fit anywhere
  • Natural cedar construction is safe and will stand up to wear and tear
  • Will be a fun feature for years to come
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Gorilla Playsets Nantucket II Wood Swing Set 

Gorilla Playsets 01-0021 Nantucket II Wood Swing Set with Wood Roof, Two Swings, Slide, Sandbox...
  • Comes ready-to-assemble with step-by-step assembly manual and all required hardware, all lumber is pre-cut and pre-sanded at the factory - even...
  • Premium cedar tongue and groove wood roof protects the playset from weather elements
  • Recommended for children aged 3 to 11 years; the solid 4 in. x 4 in. wood framing and 4 in. x 6 in. swing beam allow the swing set to have a...
  • Soft rubber grippy plastic coating on swing chains helps prevent pinches and recessed bolts prevent snagging
  • 3-stations provide space for the belt swings and trapeze bar, the stations can accommodate any standard size swing component to allow for...

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Get your children the playset of their dreams with the Nantucket II by Gorilla Playsets. This playset has everything you and your kids will ever want or need out of a playset that will keep them busy for years to come. With a swing set, climbing wall, playhouse, slide, and sandbox area, you will have to beg your kids to come in for dinner.

This set comes with detailed step by step instructions and everything you need to put this together at your home. All of the pieces are pre-cut, sanded, and predrilled so there will be no fighting or struggling with getting things to line up. No cutting on site required. This playset is made out of the same quality materials that go into homes. With quality, sanded cedar your kids will be on a safe, secure, and weather resistant structure designed to stand the test of time. Safety and fun come together to deliver a fantastic product that will delight parents and kids alike.

  • Diverse playset with many stations
  • Quality cedar structure that is bug and weather resistant
  • Easy assembly with pre-cut and predrilled pieces

Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Play Set

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Upgrade your backyard with a classic playset from Swing N Slide. Their large Chesapeake Complete Playset comes with everything your family could ever want from a backyard playset. It has monkey bars, a picnic table, slide, sandbox area, swing set, and playhouse. Best of all, it has that classic wood look that will match any style. The aesthetic of this playhouse is timeless. With rich natural woods and deep green accents, it will not impede the look of any yard or space it is built in.

It comes ready to assemble with everything included. Even the windows and the canopy come with the complete set. All of the lumber is pre-cut, sanded, and ready to go from the moment the kit hits the ground. The architectural plans will make this a breeze to assemble. The whole structure is made out of beautiful cedar which is naturally resistant to bugs, sun, and decay which means it will last the test of time. This set is fun for kids of all ages and will help forge lasting memories.

  • Large varied playset has many options for fun
  • Made from high quality natural cedar
  • Assembly made as easy as possible
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Lifetime Adventure Tower

Lifetime Adventure Tower Metal Playset Swing Set
  • Designed for safety; hard edges are rounded or covered with plastic caps; soft rubber grips on swing chains prevent pinching
  • Free-Standing - No Need for Cement & Easy to Maintain; No Staining or Painting Required
  • Constructed of all-weather high strength low alloy steel; will not crack, chip, fade, wrot, warp, or peel like wood playsets
  • Total area of unit: 16' 4" x 16' 4"

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Send your kids back in time with the Adventure Tower by Lifetime. Don’t settle for playhouses that look just as they sound, like houses. Get them something fantastical that will stretch their imaginations. The Adventure Tower is a playhouse styled after an old medieval stone redoubt. It is made from sturdy durable plastic that will last a literal lifetime and offers a climbing wall, slide, ladder and swingset. They will have fun for hours creating games and stories out of the imposing tower structure and all of the play stations it has included.

The hardtop design will keep both your kids and the playset dry in the rain and shaded from the sun. The plastic body is easy to assemble. No cutting, sanding, or painting required. Just fit the pieces together and secure them. Once this tower is up it is ready to provide you and your family years of laughter, fun, and outdoor time. Don’t miss out on this unique and stylish playset.

  • Awesome design looks like a medieval tower
  • Hard plastic and metal construction will last a lifetime
  • Plenty of fun to be had by kids of all ages

Best Playground Sets Buying Guide

Instead of buying different toys or collecting various enjoyable structures to place in the backyard for kids, one of the most cost-effective and interesting ideas is to get them a playground set. Coming with multiple features that ensure the kids will stay active and healthy, this is an extremely worthwhile investment.

What is a playground set?

A playground set is an outdoor play equipment that can be placed in a backyard, lawn, or a park, etc. This set can come with various features and accessories, including swing(s), slide(s), monkey bar(s), climbing rockwall(s), crawl-space(s), and decorative toy(s), etc.

What to consider when buying a playground set?

Certain factors can help narrow down the options when it comes to a playground set.

Preference of the children

This is perhaps the most important factor to review. There is no point going above and overboard if the children don’t want the kind of playground set bought for them. Every child has his or her own likes and dislikes; for instance, some children love to swing and crawl through holes while some are driven by adventure and thrill and enjoy monkey bars and rockwall climbing more.

This is why it might be helpful, if possible, to sit down with the children and ask them what exactly they want in their playground set.

Age Appropriateness

Not only does it help get the children exactly what they need but this factor is a major safety factor too. Most playground sets are designed for a certain age range and if a child below or above the limits uses the set, chances of an accident heighten.

Moreover, children’s likes and passions evolve over time. For example, toddlers would be satisfied with a simple, small slide and a short bridge. However, elementary school kids would be bored with such a playground set in no time and would seek more challenging equipment for playing. Similarly, children aged 10+ would want something more spacious and thrilling than what a playground set for preschoolers provides.


As the saying goes, the more, the merrier! While some might not see much difference that simple accessories can create, they matter a lot to children.

For example, a pirate-themed steering wheel can keep a child occupied and fascinated for hours. Additionally, a monkey bar or an additional swing might make playtime more fun for them. Similarly, the colour scheme might make some children like or dislike the playground set.

Therefore, these little things should be considered and it is recommended to take the children along when buying the set.

Look and Feel

What might appear in pictures on or offline may not be what the product actually is. This is especially important in the case of a playground set where the texture and material of the set count a lot. Furthermore, by touching the surface of the set, its quality can be somewhat gauged.

Besides this, sometimes, the colour advertised on the pictures is not actually what it appears in real. To avoid these problems, it is better to buy a playground set in person.


No matter how great a playground set is, it will be useless if it doesn’t properly fit the space it is to be placed at. Even small differences in the dimensions can make a lot of difference. Therefore, measuring the maximum space one can allot for the playground set beforehand would help.

How to know you are buying a quality playground set?

If the playground set is fulfilling one’s demands as to the above-mentioned factors, it is a quality playground set for that person. In more general terms, the following can be examined to ensure the quality of the set.

  • A sturdy slide
  • Rubber or plastic sheathing on the swings
  • No cheap fabric as the roof
  • No splintered wood or exposed nails/screws
  • Durable enough to hold heavy weight

Best playground set brands

Every child is different and has divergent wishes and demands when it comes to play toys or sets. While there is no ‘best brand’, per se, to buy a playground set as it eventually comes down to the features one is particularly looking for, the following brands offer some very captivating playground sets at great prices.


Step2 is a world-renowned brand manufacturing indoor and outdoor toys for kids since 2010. The brand does not only produce a range of playground sets but makes sure that its sets offer the accessories and features appropriate for the age range of kids the set is advertised for.

The ClubHouse Climber set is primarily for kids ages 2 through 5. Additionally, the set can support 4 children at a time, based on weight as well as space. Coming with 2 slides, an eye-catching steering wheel, and a short bridge, the set has plenty to offer to keep the children occupied for long.

Apart from these, the ClubHouse Climber also comes with crawl-spaces located below the bridge. Last but certainly not least, the exciting tower is the icing on top of this very delicious cake.


Manufacturing playground sets of premium quality, Lifetime is a definite name on the list of brands to consider when looking for a playground set. Its Monkey Bar Adventure Set is one of the most popular choices among customers as it comes with an array of exciting features.

This heavy-duty playground set is very durable and offers three belts swings. Moreover, it has a 9-feet long slide, and not just any slide but a wavy slide – kid’s favourite! Furthermore, this set also boasts the quality of being ultraviolet resistant which essentially means that its material or colour is not ruined by UV rays.

Apart from these features, the set also offers a monkey bar, gym rings, and a trapeze bar. And when it comes to the parents, perhaps their favourite features would include how weather-resistant and easy to maintain this playground set is. Oh, and also, the set can stand on its own without the need for cement.


Some looking for playground sets is bound to come across this name sooner or later as this brand is the first wooden playground manufacturing company in the United States with the ‘do-it-yourself’ motto. Its vision is to ‘put kids first’ and one of its most sought-after playground sets is the 8272 Cedar Brook Play Set.

This very entertaining set comes with 2 swings, a picnic table and glider, monkey bars, and a slide. In addition to this, there is a short climbing rockwall that has eight colourful rock holds to provide a firm grip when climbing. The monkey bars, it should be mentioned, are coated with powder.

The material of the set is also quite durable and the wood roof has a sunburst gable accent. Also, the final dimensions of the assembled set are around 20 x 11 x 10 (length x width x height) feet.

This playground set is appropriate for kids aged 3 to 10 years of age.

Besides these options, very interestingly, there is also the option to get a customised playground set made which is exactly what one is looking for. In a customised playground set, accessories can be added or removed and safety features improved. Moreover, the colour scheme of the set can be chosen to match one’s preference as can the material used for the construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does age matter when getting a playground set?

There are playground sets for almost all ages of children as they come with different safety features. However, for the safety of children, it is advised to allow them to use a playground set only if they are above the age of 2.

How much does the material of the playground set matter?

The material is very important because the durability of the set depends upon the material.

Furthermore, it is also concerned with the safety of it since some materials can tolerate more rough play than others. Apart from that, some materials rust or corrode due to the weather faster than others. In addition to this, some materials may feel too hot or cold due to the temperature.

All these can affect the children’s play, making the choice of material significant.

What problems should I look out for?

The answer to this depends upon the playground set one has bought. However, there are some problems common to most playground sets.

The first and foremost issue is safety. The sturdiness, durability, and the overall condition of the playset needs to be checked regularly to ensure the set does not pose any threat to the kids’ safety.

Apart from that, it should be regularly ensured that no nuts have come loose and no part of the equipment is damaged. Plus, the ropes or chains of the swings might need to be inspected.

Is there any difference between a playground set and a swing set?

No. these terms can be used interchangeably as both refer to the same playing equipment. However, for ease’s sake, sometimes people refer to the ‘swings part’ of a playground set as the swing set.


The two main things to consider when buying the best playground set is quality and safety and you could add another element and that would be that it will keep your child entertained.

If we was to pick our number one playground set then it would have to be the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II it has a vast amount of equipment to keep your child entertained and is built with safety in mind and built to last.

We hope that you found this article helpful and that you find a playset for your child that will last them thought out their childhood and will create many memories that will live with them for the rest of their life.

We have plenty of other yard game on our site that you can check out to keep the kids entertained over the summer.