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It doesn’t matter whether your hosting a birthday party or just having a barbeque with some friend we look for any excuse to get the best giant Jenga games out which brings plenty of laughs and enjoyment to all. Jenga is a classic childhood game that all the family can play there is no age limit so everyone can feel part of the fun.


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We cover the 5 of the Best Giant Jenga Games that are now available on the market to help you choose what fits you and your family, we also have some Jenga strategies to win along with some Jenga trivia.

So let’s get into the article and first cover the top 5 Best Giant Jenga Games

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers 30 Inches Wood Stacking Indoor Outdoor Party Game with Carrying...
  • Tumbling Timbers fun-filled game is made for 2 people to play simultaneously and stands 2.5 feet tall and can reach a total height of 4 feet for...
  • Each player will take turns in removing a block from the middle of the stack with one hand and place it on the top until someone knocks the tower...
  • Wood blocks are made with beautifully crafted stained solid pine wood material and are hand-cut and sanded for smooth gameplay: Can stack up to...
  • Bottom level has 2 bonus timbers to start the game; Package includes 56 wood timbers and a carrying case for a convenient storage and...
  • Fun and exciting tower block game that is suitable for kids and adults ages 8 years and up; Ideal for party games, group events, tailgates,...

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Create lasting memories with the Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers, a giant take on a classic party game. Everyone of all ages will love this amazing experience and have a blast setting it up and knocking it down. Made from sustainably sourced New Zealand pine, each block is hand-sanded with you in mind for a smooth comfortable experience with no splinters or irresponsible materials used.

Take it with you anywhere. Whether it is a barbeque, bonfire, tailgate, birthday party, camping trip, the park, or just the backyard, this kit comes with high quality and durable nylon carrying bag. Take it out or put it away easily and then carry it away in minutes so the fun never stops.

Don’t like the game? Don’t worry, make up your own rules or build whatever. The versatility and durability mean you can use your imagination to create anything you want.

  • Includes 56 high quality sanded pine blocks
  • Each block measures 7.5×7.5×1.5”
  • Can be stacked over five feet tall!
  • Comes with a durable carrying case so the fun goes where you go
  • US-based company offers full refunds or replacement blocks if anything goes wrong

Official Giant Jenga

Jenga Giant - Stacks to Over 5 feet - Officially Licensed - JS7
  • Complete Giant Tumble Tower Set: Enjoy 54 precision crafted premium hardwood 7.15" X 2.38" X 1.43" blocks, ideal for indoor and outdoor family...
  • Original Giant Jenga Game: For 10+ years, this officially licensed company has created over-sized Jenga brand games - the family favorite,...
  • Event Game: Whether you're with friends, at a party, at work, at the bar, in your backyard, on the lawn, or by yourself, build Jenga blocks with...
  • Entertaining Party Game: Experience the joy of challenge and victory with this classic stacking game. Ideal for family gatherings, picnics,...
  • Convenient Storage and Portability: The set includes a high-quality zippered bag that fits the blocks neatly, for easy transportation and storage...

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Jenga is a classic party game with classic rules, classic fun and classic memories. Now officially available from Jenga in a non-classic size. This Jenga Giant set is sure to delight you and the whole family with its massive take on the game everyone knows.

Unlike other knock offs or copies, this fully licensed Jenga game is made with hardwood blocks instead of cheap soft pine. The visually striking tower starts off at two feet tall and can reach heights of over five feet during play.

Take the fun anywhere with the official Jenga Giant carrying bag. This game is perfect for backyard get-togethers, parties, tailgates, camping trips, beach trips or in the garage during a rainy day. Wherever you go, Jenga Giant can too bring fun and fancy to any occasion. Everyone’s eyes will light up when they see the Jenga Giant begin to take form.

  • Official licensed giant Jenga game
  • The classic game everyone knows and loves only giant
  • Hardwood blocks instead of softwood blocks add value and durability
  • Includes a carrying case for portable fun anywhere
  • 54 included blocks that are specially finished to last outside

Tailgating Pros Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers

Tailgating Pros Giant Toppling Timbers with Carrying Case
  • MORE BLOCKS - 60 High Quality 7" x 2.5" x 1.25" Pine Timbers.
  • JUMBO SIZE - 60 Blocks making 20 Rows - Starts Over 2ft and Grows to Over 5ft Tall. .
  • PLAY ANYWHERE - The Perfect Game for Any Outdoor Event, Party or Tailgate.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Includes a Robust High Density Carrying Case - Block edges are smooth to allow for a safe, easier grip.
  • 100% GUARANTEED - This Product Comes with a Lifetime Warranty, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Take turns trying not to knock over the tower with Tailgating Pros Wooden Tumbling Timbers. This is a giant take on a classic game with tailgating in mind. It’s right in the name! Not big into tailgating? Don’t worry, take this game anywhere.

With a durable carrying case included, this game picks up, sets up and goes with you in minutes. Take it anywhere including the park, beach, parties, barbeques, camping and more. Anywhere you want to have fun this set goes with you.

Bigger is better with this set. Many similar sets only include 50 to 54 blocks. We offer a full 60 blocks in our set. Wow! The extra blocks add extra height, extra excitement, and extra fun. Build well over five feet tall during the course of the game and listen to your heart pound as it starts to wobble.

  • 60 blocks for tons of fun
  • California based company with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Take anywhere carrying case means the fun never has to stop
  • 7”x2.5”x1.25 blocks that stack, tumble and fly
  • A fun game for the whole family, parties, weddings and so much more

GoSports Large Toppling Tower

GoSports Large Wooden Toppling Tower - Stacks Up to 3 ft - Brown Wood Stain
  • STAINED WOOD: Stained solid pinewood blocks inspired by rustic barnwood give the set a unique look
  • LARGE SIZE: Tower starts at 1.5 ft tall and grows to over 3 ft, that is 2x larger than standard size sets! Includes 54 Blocks (18 rows)
  • PARTY RULES: Includes dry erase board for the option to assign your own rules to the numbered blocks, goofy rules, adult themed rules, and more
  • TOTE CARRYING CASE: Includes robust canvas carrying case for easy portability of blocks and accessories
  • CLASSIC GAMEPLAY: Pull blocks out of the body of the tower and replace them at the top without the tower falling over

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The classic party game everyone knows and loves now comes in a giant size that is sure to turn heads and create giant fun. Not only is the size sure to delight at any outdoor event it also comes in a striking and stunning stained wood. Most sets you find on the market are unpainted, unstained, and left in their boring natural wood color. Stand out with the stained set that will truly differentiate you from the crowd.

While it looks great, this set is all about the fun and it delivers. It easily breaks down into its carrying case so that it can be taken anywhere. Starting at an impressive 1.5’ tall on turn one, it can be built to a full three feet in height during the course of a game. A custom erasable rules board comes included. Change up the game so it never gets stale leading to an unlimited amount of potential fun to be had.

  • Beautiful stained pine wood blocks will set you apart from the rest of the unfinished sets on the market
  • Build to over three feet tall during a game with high quality, smooth stained blocks
  • Classic fun that is sure to delight the whole family
  • Pick up and take with you with the included durable carrying case
  • Make your own rules with a custom rules board to change up the fun

Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Tower Game

SWOOC Games - Giant Tower Game | 60 Large Blocks | Storage Crate/Outdoor Game Table | Starts Over...
  • 🔝 60 GIANT BLOCKS: That's 6 extra blocks versus the classic board game (Hint:Rhymes with Zenga). Starts over 2.5ft tall (24in blocks and 8in...
  • 📐 LIGHTWEIGHT & GREAT HEIGHT: Perfect size for both indoor and outdoor fun . Entire lifesize lawn game only weighs 25lb with wooden crate....
  • 📤 STORAGE CRATE / GAME TABLE (Light Assembly Required): No more bags that rip or tear. Easy to carry; Becomes table to play on wherever you...
  • 🌲 PREMIUM QUALITY WOOD: ♻ Sustainably Sourced from genuine kiln dried New Zealand Pine. Oversized blocks and crate have meticulously rounded...
  • 📝 BLANK BLOCKS FOR CUSTOMIZING: There is no writing on the plain timber blocks, and it is not sealed. Ready to custom paint or stain. Can be...

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Classic game, classic fun now in a super jumbo size that will exponentially grow the fun. Made from 60 high-quality blocks, this game can reach towering heights of over five feet. Not only that, but it also includes an 8” tall game table which is a game-changer. No more finding that perfect flat spot to stack your game in rough terrain. The game table provides a constant flat surface to standardize gameplay.

This amazing table also doubles as a storage and carrying crate. Most competitors’ sets come with a bag that can get lost, damaged or worn over time. The sturdy wooden crate means that you will never have to worry about any of those things again. Use the table and the crate to bring the fun anywhere: the beach, weddings, barbeques, the lake or just the backyard. The fun goes where you go.

  • 60 sustainably sourced pine blocks
  • Sturdy carrying crate doubles as a game table
  • Jumbo size reaches over five feet tall during gameplay
  • Fun for the whole family and for any occasion

Giant Jenga Buying guide and Information

If it’s one of those days where one does not feel too energized to play a game requiring physical exertion, but still wants something challenging enough to entertain them, here’s an ideal solution. The Giant Jenga is a hardwood game which includes stacking wooden blocks on top of each other.

Why Play Giant Jenga?

There is no dearth of indoor or outdoor games to play for entertainment or to stay healthy and fit. But the following reasons are why the Giant Jenga surpasses many other games and is one of the most popular activities at different events.

It comes as a surprise to many that the Giant Jenga has much more to offer than pure fun!

Enhancing Motor Skills

Motor dexterity is perhaps the number one requirement for skilfully playing this game. Even after carefully planning a move and calculating the effect of removing a certain block, slightly wrong movement of the hands can end the game in seconds.

The Giant Jega involves very precise movements of the hands, fingers, and wrists which is why playing this game improves motor dexterity and enhances motor skills.

Improving Mental Flexibility

Giant Jenga is also one of those games which require careful consideration and quick change of plans at every step. One might have carefully planned a move but the opponent’s move might render it completely useless. Therefore, at this stage, one would need to reevaluate their decision and come up with another smart decision.

This constant decision-making sharpens the mind and enhances mental flexibility. This is why the Giant Jenga is considered as much a game of motor planning as it is of the mind.

Bringing everyone together

Such games are a wonderful opportunity to bring families and friends together as people can play the game for hours and keep themselves entertained. Moreover, the suspense of whether moving a certain block would topple over the tower or not adds endless fun to the game!

The Art of Strategizing

With this game, one learns to prioritize, change, disregard, and create different moves. The game is all about strategy and the need to adapt to the changes in the tower structure. Simply pushing or pulling with more force than necessary or moving the wrong block can topple over the entire structure.

This is why the players need to be extremely cautious and alert at all times.

Improved Logic-Building Skills

Most people might not realize this but playing the Giant Jenga can enhance reasoning skills. This is due to the challenging moves involved and the evaluation of the effect of each move on future moves.

While this activity might not appear to serve any purpose besides helping one win the game, it essentially helps improve the logic-building skills and allows one to make more well-reasoned decisions.

How to Play Giant Jenga?

The Giant Jenga is much more than simply picking a wooden block from a particular position and placing it elsewhere without making the tower fall. The game follows certain rules which are described below.

  1. The game starts with a player setting three blocks on a flat, even surface with the wide side facing up.
  2. The player then adds three more blocks on top of them but with each block perpendicular to the one below it.
  3. This continues until all the blocks have been used and a tower is created.
  4. A player removes a block using only one hand to touch or feel the blocks.
  5. Any block can be removed which is below the highest completed level in the tower.
  6. If a block is touched without moving it, it needs to be fixed before making any move.
  7. A player’s turn ends in two ways: either after 10 seconds of adding a block on the top or as soon as another player touches a block.
  8. The winner is the last player to stack a block on the top without causing the tower to crash down.

Giant Jenga Strategy to Win

Following the right guidelines can lead to a very easy win in the game of Giant Jenga.

  1. Do not be too hasty in making a move and carefully consider how moving one block would affect the tower.
  2. Do not move any block without slightly touching or feeling it to check how firm or loose it is.
  3. Push out the block gently instead of pulling it out since pulling can disturb the weight of the tower enough to crash it.
  4. Removing the center bricks first is the safest option to ensure the tower does not topple over.
  5. Use the dominant hand to move around the blocks as it offers greater dexterity.

What to look at when Buying Giant Jenga

Before buying a set of Giant Jenga, a few factors need to be considered to ensure the purchase is not only worth the price but also fulfills the buyer’s demands.

  1. Block dimensions
  2. Start height of the tower
  3. The maximum height of the tower
  4. Weight of the tower
  5. Footprint or the area occupied
  6. Availability of a storage crate/bag

Making or Customizing Giant Jenga

For several reasons, primarily the unavailability of a set or it being too expensive, many people prefer making their own Giant Jenga or customizing the one they have.

The Giant Jenga game set can be created at home. A DIY Giant Jenga can be made by following these steps:

  1. Build the Giant Jenga platform using plywood and cut it with a table or circular saw. The dimensions of the platform can vary as different people might want different-sized platforms.
  2. Gather wooden boards, and cut them into desired dimensions.
  3. Sand, the Giant Jenga blocks to smoothen the edges and the overall surface. This will help avoid getting scratches or cuts from the blocks.
  4. Stack the Giant Jenga blocks on top of each other until a tall tower is formed.

Tip: Do not forget to choose a medium-weight wood. This is important because if the wood is too light, the structure can easily fall or sway due to wind. At the same time, the heavier the wooden blocks are, the harder and more dangerous it would be to play the game.

Best Giant Jenga Set Brands

The brand of the Giant Jenga also affects the experience of the game due to the quality of the blocks.

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

A stack of up to 4 feet tall can be created using this. The blocks are made out of very fine, premium pine wood. Moreover, this comes with bonus rules and a gameboard.

Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Tower Game

This has 60 giant-sized blocks and includes a storage crate to safely store the blocks away. The minimum height reached (from where the game begins) using these blocks is 32 inches. Also, a height of 5 feet can be reached.

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

This also allows a height of 5+ feet while it starts at 2 feet of height. Moreover, to make the game more challenging and competitive, it even offers sports tournament charts. The dimensions of the blocks are 7. 13 inches x 2. 38 inches x 1. 38 inches. These dimensions are 15 times that of the classic Jenga blocks.

While the ideal Giant Jenga set brand depends upon what exactly the buyer is looking for, the above three are very safe choices for someone who is going to buy it for the first time, without any substantial knowledge of the game.

Frequently Asked Question about the Giant Jenga

How many Giant Jenga blocks are required?

There are 54 blocks altogether in a standard game of Giant Jenga.

How big are Giant Jenga blocks?

The dimensions of the Giant Jenga blocks are 210 mm x 70 mm x 45 mm.

Who makes the first move in the game?

The player who sets up the tower is the first one to make the move in the game. Only afterward, the other players are allowed to make their moves.

Where to play Giant Jenga?

As long as the surface is flat and even enough to hold the structure without causing it to tilt, the game can be played anywhere, from a lawn to a table.

How many players can play Giant Jenga?

There need to be 2 or more players in the game.

What is the setup time for creating the tower?

It takes roughly 2 minutes to set up the tower with all 54 (or more) blocks.

How long does Giant Jenga take?

While it depends upon how long the players take to make a move or the number of players playing the game, one game of the Giant Jenga usually takes around 15 minutes.

Is Giant Jenga safe to play?

Since the blocks of the Giant Jenga are larger and heavier than the normal ones, one needs to be extra careful while playing the game as a block, or even the entire tower might fall. The tower might get to 5 feet of height if the game is played well. Therefore, this is not very safe for the children but adults can play it safely if they are careful.

What is the height of the final tower?

There is no set height as it depends upon the level of expertise of the players. If one has followed the set rules, a tower of 18 stories is built. However, it is possible to build a tower that is 44 stories tall or even higher.

Concluding the Article

We hope that you find our options that we have listed in our best giant jenga review helpful and you get the best set for you are your family. I don’t think you will go too far wrong if you pick any of the 5 that we have listed in this article. We hope you get as much as enjoyment as us with our giant jenga and happy stacking.