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When it comes to chalkboards people often think of children play toys but this doesn’t always have to be the case, many of us buy them for kids fun and games, they have many other uses like shop signage. There are many different things you can use one of this Best Outdoor Chalkboard for if you get your creative juices flowing.

So if you are on the lookout for the Best Outdoor Chalkboard that will stand the test of time and is well built we are here to help with the top 4 on the market and also our comprehensive buying guide to help you chose the perfect chalkboard.

U Brands Chalkboard

U Brands Chalkboard, 17 x 23 Inches, Birch Wood Frame (310U00-01)
  • The premium chalk board surface is highly durable, erases easily, resists staining and ghosting
  • The bold, black chalkboard background creates high contrast with white or colored chalk
  • The sturdy oak wood decor frame will add a chic look that is perfect for home, office, classroom or commercial use
  • Board works well with all liquid chalk markers, but U Brands dry erase markers provide the ultimate board performance (sold separately)
  • Easily mount your 17" x 23" board with the included hassle-free mounting hardware and instructions

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Chalkboards are all the rage right now. They are a simple tool that can be used to easily spruce up any space. Put them in your house as a customizable decoration, use them at work to display messages or important information, or put them outside as a compliment to your garden or curb appeal. Not only can you customize the material on the board, but the board itself its also customizable. Hang it horizontally or vertically depending on the space in question. Hanging this board by U Brands has never been easier with the inclusion of a mounting kit and instructions right in the box.

The sturdy oak frame allows it to be used inside or outside. The frame comes in natural oak color or in a rustic oak variant. Choose the one that fits your style the best. The dark black surface really allows for the chalk to pop. Whether it is traditional white chalk or colored chalk, the smooth erasable surface really stands out and brings the best contrast. You can also use liquid chalk markers on this board as well as traditional chalk for a full array of options.

The use as an outdoor chalkboard holds a lot of creative potentials. Use it for birthday parties, create unique and eyecatching holiday messages for your porch, or use it to play outdoor games with your kids. The possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Large 23×17 chalkboard can be used almost anywhere
  • Deep and rich erasable background provides ease of use and contrast
  • Durable oak frame allows for indoor or outdoor use

Large Sturdy Handcrafted 40″ x 20″ Wooden A-Frame Chalkboard

Large Sturdy Handcrafted 40" x 20" Wooden A-Frame Chalkboard Display / 4 Liquid Chalk Markers &...
  • MATERIAL - We are now using heavier grade wood and 3 top hinges.
  • GET MORE VALUE - Our double-sided a frame sandwich board includes 4 liquid chalk markers and restaurant stencil set, which includes over 60 words...
  • FEATURES: Double-sided - thick sturdy wood - reinforced strong hinges - wind resistant - heavy duty - perfect for indoor & outdoor use.
  • HANDCRAFTED RUSTIC LOOK - Shabby chic & modern menu board appearance for use with liquid chalk markers or regular chalk. This chalkboard standing...
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: High quality, heavy-duty and built to last! Made by Excello Global Products. We are a family-owned USA company and we have...

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Enhance your home or business with a versatile and durable A-frame chalkboard.
Whether you want something to spruce up your front porch, a fun activity for the kids to use in the backyard, or an eye catching sidewalk menu for your store or restaurant this is the perfect addition to anyone who is looking for a messageboard or chalkboard. This sturdy A-frame includes a chack surface on both sides, new reinforced construction with heavy duty wood, and extra hinges so it will hold up to use and the elements.

This chalkboard is built for versatility. It can take traditional white chalk, colored chalk, or liquid chalk markers. But that’s not all. They have also included a restaurant focused stencil set. A huge value for anyone looking to use this for business or commercial purposes. This set includes over 60 words and pictures so you can really create a sign that pops and draws attention to your business.

They know that these signs sit outside on the hot sidewalk, hoping that people walk by and therefore they need to be of a certain level of construction and durability to last outside in the elements. That is why they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you don’t like anything about your board, they will take it back. No questions asked.

  • Durable double sided A-frame chalkboard is perfect for home use or commercial purposes
  • Can take a variety of chalk variants
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Rustic Wood Framed Magnetic Chalkboard

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Nothing quite beats the classic look and feel of a traditional chalkboard. This is a simple fact that the people at VersaChalk clearly recognized when they designed and made their large 24×36 chalkboard. It is a traditional, heavy duty, chalkboard that can be used with traditional chalks and new liquid chalk variants.

Whether you are a teacher, business owner, parent, or chalkboard enthusiast you are going to love this product. The large 24×36 size is perfect for all sorts of applications. It has a durable solid wood frame that is designed to hold up to continual use. The modern porcelain steel chalkboard surface won’t nick, won’t scratch, and won’t stain. If you haven’t used a modern chalkboard since the slate days, you are in for a treat. This surface is smooth, dark, and wipes away easily.

This modern surface also adds another benefit which is that this board is completely magnetic. You can hang whatever you want on it with traditional magnets or decorate it with fridge magnets or anything else you can think of. This board truly is classroom quality but it can be yours for whatever use for a very reasonable price.

Hang it on the wall of your restaurant. Write sales and seasonal messages for your customers at your boutique. Hang it in your kid’s playroom for a fun and educational tool. Put it outside to display messages for your friends and family. The uses are endless. Combined with the variety of magnets and chalks that can be used you can really use this canvass to create anything you want.

  • Large 24×36 traditional chalkboard.
  • Modern board is magnetic, wipeable and won’t scratch
  • Classroom quality at an affordable price

XBoard Magnetic Chalkboard

XBoard Magnetic Chalkboard Blackboard 36 x 24, Chalk Board/Black Board with 2 Magnets
  • The Chalk Board is 36" x 24" , the black contrasting surface for easy visibility
  • Blackboard doubles as a bulletin board by using the 2 attached magnets to pin notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars and more
  • Comes with mounting hardware to make hanging on wall conveniently
  • Crafted from sturdy aluminum frame with tough Nylon plastic corners for durability without the dangerous sharp pointy edges, perfect for kids...
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer's defects

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Get ready to have fun with a truly massive chalkboard. XBoard has created a large and versatile canvass for you to play around with. The 48×36 measurements create an unmissable size that is capable of holding a ton of information. The aluminum frame is lightweight yet durable. They made sure there were no sharp corners or edges so that it is safe for the pets or kids in your life. Easily mount this board to your wall either horizontally or vertically. The whole board is fully magnetic so you can hang papers on it or decorate it with your favorite magnets.

The modern metallic based design also makes it so you can use this chalkboard outside. The metal frame and modern surfaces make it so nothing will wear or rot with outdoor use. Whether you want to put a big sign outside of your business or you want to have something in the backyard for the kids to draw on, this board is extremely versatile.

  • Large magnetic chalkboard that is durable and versatile
  • 48×36 creates a massive usable space
  • Compatible with traditional chalks or liquid chalk
  • Comes with two magnets and a chalk tray

Best Outdoor Chalkboard Buying Guide

Parents always prefer those outdoor games where the children are not only having fun but can learn simultaneously. An outdoor chalkboard is an inexpensive, simple, readily-available, and very interesting idea for a play equipment to keep the children occupied in a productive manner. The combination of fun and education doesn’t get better than this.

Benefits of an outdoor chalkboard

Sentimental Value

In the world of using whiteboards and particularly multimedia equipment, children are losing touch with the simple and basic elements of life. What better way than to engage them in entertaining activities using an outdoor chalkboard?

No Particular Space Requirements

The best part of this equipment is that it can be used almost anywhere. There is no specific requirement for a place or the type of area to use this at.

Multi-purpose Use

In fact, why should only kids use this when adults can utilise an outdoor chalkboard in multiple ways as well? Not only can it be used for advertisements but one can make daily to-do lists on it. These are great for teaching and studying too, as note-taking is made more engaging this way.

DIY Chalkboards

This is one of those outdoor play equipments which can easily be made at home. All the required items are easily available at a superstore. One can simply cut plywood of the desired size and spray paint it dark black for a custom outdoor chalkboard.

Apart from that, one can design their own outdoor chalkboard as they want, making it as funky and artistic as their preferences.

What to consider when buying an outdoor chalkboard?


The size or the dimensions of the outdoor chalkboard are very important and this depends upon the number of children who will be using that chalkboard. If the chalkboard is intended for many kids, it is better to get a wider one. However, for a single child, a small chalkboard would suffice.


Along with the number of kids, the purpose of the board also matters.

For example, if it is for learning purposes, it is better to have a smaller chalkboard so that each time the child learns something new, he or she can clear the previously written or drawn work. This will ensure clarity and ease of learning. If the chalkboard is for playing and entertainment purposes, a huge one almost always makes the kids have a blast.

Surface Quality

This is not a very well-highlighted aspect of an outdoor chalkboard but necessary nonetheless. The surface is the main component of the chalkboard being utilised which is why its quality is of prime significance. The better the quality is, the longer the chalkboard will last.

Another reason surface quality should be closely inspected is because when children write or draw on the board with their fingers, their hands brush up against the surface. If the surface doesn’t have a smooth finish, it can end up causing small cuts or rashes on the hands.

Moreover, the finer the quality, the more easily the chalk or markers can glide across the surface as the child writes on the board.


While some boards only need to be placed at any desired position, others require time-consuming efforts to set up the board. This can include hanging it with hangers, nails, strings, chains, or magnets, etc. For some, there might be a need to drill holes in the wall.


For younger children, it is advised to get lightweight chalkboards as these reduce the risk of an injury in case of the board accidentally falling down. If many children are to use the board together, it is better to get a heavy-duty board.


This is especially important for an outdoor chalkboard since it is often placed at a position outdoor from where it cannot be taken off every night. This means it needs to withstand rain, strong wind, or even snow and hail without staining or rusting.


Some chalkboards can be cleaned perfectly with a quick swipe of a damp cloth while others might have special equipment for the cleaning process. Depending on how much effort one is willing to put in cleaning the board every time, the outdoor chalkboard should be bought.


Many outdoor chalkboards come with fancy frames, decorative magnets or stickers, and an array of colorful markers. These things attract kids a lot. Therefore, watch out for the additional features of the outdoor chalkboard one is intending to buy.

Best outdoor chalkboard brands

An outdoor chalkboard isn’t a very fancy or specialized outdoor play equipment or tool which is why there isn’t any need to worry about the best brands for this. However, the following are some companies whose outdoor chalkboards are famous for their quality.

U Brands

A commonly heard name when it comes to design and innovation, U Brands outdoor chalkboards are what most people look for – simple and inexpensive. With the 24 x 14 inches dimensions, the chalkboards can be easily hung either vertically or horizontally.

Apart from this, its chalkboards are very pleasing to the eye with their fancy, oak wood frame. The pitch-black colour of the boards’ surface, thanks to the black vinyl shade, is perfect for a wide range of marker colours. Moreover, this makes the chalkboards very resistant to staining.

In addition to this, some of the U Brand outdoor chalkboards are made from corrugated material which means that it is very durable and would prevent damage to the board during storage or transit. Lastly, there wouldn’t be issues such as the board falling down since it is quite lightweight.

Navy Penguin

Navy penguin manufactures some of the most durable, aesthetic, and affordable outdoor chalkboards worldwide. Its Magnetic Chalkboard Set is known for how easy to mount it is.

This outdoor chalkboard set is not only light but portable too, which means that not only can the child use the board anywhere inside the house but also carry it along to other places. How great would it be if the child develops a habit of playing creative and educational games with his/her friends by taking the chalkboard to their place?

Coming to the artistic features of this set – it features two stylish magnets and comes with 7 pairs of chalk crayons, each pair a different colour. Also, this set includes a magnetic eraser too.

Moreover, this chalkboard set is known for its sturdiness and how easily it can be hung. One more special thing about this set is that it has a lifetime replacement guarantee.


Famed for its chalkboards, VersaChalk offers its Framed Sidewalk Chalkboard with plenty of interesting features. The dimensions of the writing surface are 21 x 36 inches while the overall outdoor chalkboard, with its side frames, stands tall at 42 x 24 inches.

Not only does the surface have a very dark colour to allow writing with multiple different chalk colours, but it is also magnetic which means artsy pieces can be stuck to the board as well. This is an excellent choice for young girls who are very much into decorating and arts.

To assure the quality of the surface, it is made from high-quality porcelain steel which doesn’t easily ghost or stain. Furthermore, this outdoor chalkboard is double-sided and acts as a very attractive item sitting at any corner of the house.

In addition to the above, the chalkboard can easily be folded when required and it takes only a damp cloth to rub it clean within a few short minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my chalkboard come with markers?

While most chalkboards come with markers/chalks these days, a certain brand might not offer them. Essentially, it differs from chalkboard to chalkboard.

Do dimensions matter?

Yes, the larger the chalkboard, the more children can use it at once.

Does the brand matter?

There is no need for a very expensive outdoor chalkboard. However, a good brand is still recommended because the additional features it will offer in its chalkboard will make it more interesting to the child.

Is it essential for a chalkboard to have a magnet?

No. Not all chalkboards come with a magnet.

Should my chalkboard come with hangers?

This depends upon the brand or type of the chalkboard. If the chalkboard is light in weight, it will most essentially come with hangers. However, heavy-duty chalkboards often do not have them.

Is there an age limit to use an outdoor chalkboard?

To avoid accidents such as a child unknowingly swallowing a chalk/marker, the recommended age for using an outdoor chalkboard is 3 and above.

How to maintain an outdoor chalkboard?

  1. The most important point to remember is that the chalkboard must be stored safely in a cool and dry place – if it is portable – when not in use. For those chalkboards which cannot be moved, it is recommended to cover them with a plastic sheet overnight.
  2. Regularly cleaning the board also keeps it in good shape.
  3. If the instructions allow, the writing surface can also be painted again in case its condition has deteriorated.


Looking for the best outdoor chalkboard comes down to the build quality and the overall price. Also, don’t forget the looks. All our picks above fit all these categories perfectly well priced, well-built, and look great and this last one is subject to your own personal taste so you will have to pick the one you like most and fits your style.

So whether you’re looking for an outdoor chalkboard for the kids to play with and have fun or your looking to showcase your menu outside a shop our picks should fit perfectly for any of these jobs, but most importantly enjoy the drawing.

We have many other outdoor yard games on our site if you are looking for other things to entertain the kids over the summer.