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On the lookout for the best outdoor volleyball nets for your backyard? Well, we have you covered and will help you find the perfect one for your needs.

If you are on the lookout for a net that will stand up to the ruff and tumble of regular games of volleyball without breaking the bank, but you’re not looking at dropping 000’s on a carbon fiber professional volleyball net. You just want to have some fun in your yard or at the beach then we have some perfect solutions for you.

We have found you the top 3 outdoor volleyball nets that look like professional volleyball nets but are going to cost you a fraction of the cost but most importantly stand up to regular games without breaking.

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System, Blue
  • The original and the best! With its unmatched portability and quick setup, it's the top choice for pros and tournament directors worldwide. We're...
  • Aluminum poles - Get maximum durability & the best stability with our 2’’ Aircraft-Aluminum poles that feature a push-button locking system....
  • Even net tension - Superior tension with featuring our pioneering sleeved slip-on net. Professional grade regulation size 32' L x 3' H net from...
  • Ball-out-of-Net play - 5/16" guylines with padded pull-down handles ensure your net is taut so you can concentrate on your game! For extra...
  • Convenience at its finest - Our cord winder keeps the premeasured 30’ x 60’ boundary with ground stakes safely wrapped up without tangles for...

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When you set out to buy yourself a volleyball net, you are going to be looking for a few key things. The first is going to be the size. Is it regulation? Can I use it for casual play as well as tournament or professional play? The second is going to be quality. Will this net last? Can it stand up to hard games and harsh weather? Third, is going to be portability and ease of use. Can I take this net with me to the beach or tournament location? Park & Sun Sports has nailed all of these categories with their Spectrum Classic net.

The net is full regulation size, measuring 32’ long by 3’ high and comes equipped with a durable and lightweight nylon netting. It is taped top and bottom and has reinforced corners and sleeves to make sure that the integrity of the net stands up to repeated use as well as repeated assembly and disassembly. The last thing you want is to rip a sleeve or damage a corner. Park & Sun aims to prevent that with their reinforced materials.

The perfect full setup…

The net is just one part of a full volleyball court. This set also includes a predefined boundary, also marked out to regulation size. Just lay out the boundary in the spot you want to play and anchor it down with included stakes. Now you have a regulation net and a regulation boundary so that your games are official, no matter what the occasion.

Best of all, the whole thing packs up into a sturdy, zippered bag. The bag is made out of a denier polyester which is comfortable to hold. This makes storing or traveling easy for the whole set. Everything folds into the bag. Once you’re done taking it down you can throw it in the trunk for the next venue or put it in the closet until you’re ready to play again.

  • High quality, regulation sized volleyball net
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Stores and travels nicely in an included bag

Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball net

Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball net System
  • Patented Guy Wire Free Portable Volleyball Net Design is completely self-supporting
  • Our Beach Volleyball Net Patented design doesn’t require heavy steel ground brackets & spikes inside the playing zone
  • Easy 5 minute set up and take down on our portable badminton net- no heavy steel ground fixtures to remove
  • Cobra Set 3 in 1 game system - volleyball, beach/grass tennis & badminton

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When purchasing an outdoor game net, don’t limit yourself to just one kind of sport. Get a net that is designed to accommodate any outdoor game need that you might have. Cobra understands the value of your dollar and wants to offer you the most flexible product possible. Their net system is able to accommodate volleyball, badminton and lawn tennis. While some nets are only good for one of these things, this net can be assembled to fit all three games seamlessly.

This is because of their patented design that eliminates the need for brackets, spikes, and guylines. That means that the net can be easily changed and adjusted without the need for all of those usual parts and pieces that other nets require. This gives Cobra the flexibility to offer a net that can be configured for multiple different purposes quickly and easily.

What if I want different heights?

The poles can be raised or lowered to fit youth height, women’s height, and men’s heights for regulation play no matter who is playing. The set also includes a predefined boundary line that can be laid out to create a regulation sized court wherever you need one. The whole thing sets up and breaks down in about five minutes without the usual tightening, hammering, and yammering that usually is required for things like this.

All of these reasons are why Cobra is the #1 choice for tournament directors for all kinds of surfaces, nationwide for over 20 years. Why pay the same price for an outdated, inflexible net system when you can get a modern equivalent that is able to become three courts in one?

In addition to all of that, Cobra offers a lifetime warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it they’ll take it back and if you ever have any issues with the system over its use, they’ll work with you to make it right.

  • Three in one net system allows for badminton, lawn tennis and volleyball to be played at regulation size
  • Cobra’s patented system removes the need for guylines and dangerous metal stakes
  • The #1 choice of tournament directors nationwide for over two decades

Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000

Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000: Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System, Blue
  • Telescopic, 2-piece aluminum poles measure 1-3/4" in diameter; Push-button pole locking system adjusts to men's, women's and co-ed playing...
  • Features a regulation size (32' L x 3' H) Spectrum net; Nylon blend net has 2" top and bottom tapes with reinforced corners and side sleeves for...
  • 1/4" double guyline with tension rings allow for quick adjustments that ensure the net remains taut, even during rough play
  • Define your court with the 1/4" diameter, pre-measured boundary (60' L x 30' W) which is firmly secured to the ground with corner anchors
  • A compact hand pump with 2 inflation needles are also included to get you outside and playing without delay.

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With the Park & Sun Sports brings its signature brand of quality and innovation to its Tournament Flex 1000 Net System. The Park & Sun Sports has been making net systems for years and their experience shows. They have created five variations of this net system. That is because they know that there are a variety of different players, different budgets and different needs in the market and they have moved to make sure that no matter what, you get a product that is right for you. Don’t buy a net system from a company that thinks this is a one sized fit all market because it is not.

With the Tournament Flex 1000, you get an affordable, portable, and official volleyball net system that can be used in tournaments across the United States. The net is the official size of 32’x3’. But you don’t just get that with this system. You also get a predefined boundary that can be laid out to get a firm and official marking for your games. No more arguing about measurements or if something was truly in or out because the clearly visible boundary comes with the net.

The poles have predefined heights to accommodate whatever group is playing at the time. It has a predefined height for coed, women and men’s games. That means that no matter what the setting or group dynamic, this net will be able to be used.

The whole system is easy to set up. It all breaks down into a durable and convenient carry bag that can be used as a travel case or storage case.

  • Regulation sized net can be used anywhere for any group
  • Durable reinforced systems mean this net will last

Also includes a regulation sized volleyball and hand pump so you can start playing immediately

Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets Buying Guide

If someone wants excitement as well as a good workout, socialisation along with competition, and safety while enjoying a rigorous sport, volleyball is a smart choice. And what better idea than to get a volleyball net and be able to play this thrilling game as per one’s convenience?

Why You Should Play Volleyball?

Mentioned below are some of the most common reasons people enjoy this sport all across the world.

Team Work

This game is always played in teams and there are at least two players in each team. Consequently, playing volleyball teaches beneficial lessons regarding teamwork and solidarity.

Working towards the mutual goal of the team, leading or following others, and supporting teammates are excellent ways to relish the experience of being the part of a group. Furthermore, it is a test of how well one can stand by their team during difficult times.

Playing Indoors

Unlike sports which need a very spacious place to be played, volleyball can be easily played indoors as long as there’s a net. So rain, strong wind, extreme fluctuations in the temperature, or snow can’t stop people from playing this game somewhere inside the house.

No Ties

It is one of the rare few games in which there cannot be a tie. A point is scored every minute by a team and the game typically lasts up to an hour. However, this more or less depends upon the number of players.

Anyway, with no ties in volleyball, the frustration one feels when there is no decisive outcome regarding the winner, even after hours of playing, can be easily eliminated.

Avoiding Contact Injuries

Many sports run a high risk of contact injuries where players accidentally collide into each other and get hurt. Since there is no intense running involved in volleyball, it is much easier to avoid contact injuries. As a matter of fact, many parents prefer playing this game with their children due to how safe it is.

Full of Excitement and Childlike Fun

Children love to play that game with a balloon where they need to keep it in the air and would do almost anything to ensure it doesn’t hit the floor. That’s basically volleyball with just a different kind of object and a set of rules.

This tells how absolutely thrilling the game is and while one is being athletic and active, they are also having endless fun.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Jumping. Running. Throwing. Catching.

These are just a few of the physical activities and athletic movements involved in volleyball. As a result, this game is a great way to stay fit and active. In fact, this is a useful option for those who do not like to run a lot but are looking for effective ways to stay in shape.

Rules of Volleyball

Even though the game might seem quite simple outwardly, there are certain rules which make it as challenging and exciting as it actually is. The basic rules are as described below.

  1. 6 players are to be on the floor at one time with 3 in the front row and 3 in the back row.
  2. Each side can hit a maximum of 3 times.
  3. A player cannot hit the ball twice consecutively.
  4. Throwing, catching, or holding the ball is not allowed.
  5. The ball can be touched with any part of the player’s body.
  6. The players at the front are allowed to switch their positions after the serve.
  7. On every serve, points are made.
  8. The ball hitting the antennae or the floor outside the court is categorised as an out.
  9. Inside the 10 foot line, a player is not allowed to block a serve.
  10. Each match consists of sets.
  11. The winner is the team first to win 3 sets.

Keep in mind that these are not all the rules of volleyball but the most essential ones which everyone needs to know before playing the game.

What To Look For When Buying the Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets?

When buying a volleyball net, consider the following.


Volleyball nets are often chosen on the basis of how much they weigh. This is a useful criterion especially if one needs to carry the net themselves or has to include it in their luggage.

Need for a complete volleyball net system

While most people only consider a simple volleyball net, there are also complete volleyball net systems available. These come with various volleyball nets, pads, poles, and other relevant equipment. For volleyball enthusiasts who regularly play this game, a complete volleyball net system is recommended which is worth the price.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Most volleyball nets are designed either for indoor or outdoor use. This is understandable because outdoor nets are made of more durable and reliable materials since they need to weather different weather conditions. Indoor nets are usually lighter and smaller in comparison.

Skill Level

Most people aren’t aware of this but volleyball nets are also designed based on various skill levels. This is why beginners are recommended to use the simplest of the nets. After improving their skill level, they can upgrade to a more complicated volleyball net.


This is a major factor to be considered as many people want to carry their net to their desired place. For instance, some people love playing beach volleyball. In such circumstances, the net needs to be portable, easy to carry, and easy to set up within a few minutes.

Size and Dimensions

This is one of the most obvious factors when buying a volleyball net. One should select a size based on how spacious the area, where they would set it up, is. Along with this, the number of expected players should also be considered. Additionally, it might help to evaluate whether one would be able to set up a volleyball net of a particular size.

Ease of Use

This has to do primarily with the setting up of the volleyball net as different nets come with different levels of ease and time taken for set-up.

Best Brand of Volleyball Nets

The following volleyball brands are few of the top 10 volleyball nets of 2019, chosen for their durability, quality, and style.

Aoneky Beach

To begin with, this volleyball net is multicolored which makes it quite eye-catching. Additionally, it is quite light in weight and can be easily set up in no time. This is why it is an ideal choice for playing volleyball at beaches.

Apart from this, the net does not tangle easily and its attachment strings are also relatively thin. After the game is over, the net can be easily taken down and rolled up to carry back home.

The price for this net is roughly $30.

Champion Sports Official Olympic

One of the most reliably taut options for a volleyball net, it comes with a thick band at the top and the bottom. With stitching along the borders, the quality of this net is excellent and it holds shape no matter how long it has been up for.

Moreover, if a huge amount of people are to play at a single time, the brand also provides a tournament sized volleyball net.

This is available for an estimated $85.

Mikasa VBN-2

The best part is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors since it is weather-resistant. Thus, the game doesn’t have to end during inclement weather conditions and there is no need to immediately pack up. Besides these, Mikasa’s volleyball net can be set up within 5 minutes without any trouble.

In addition to this, the net is made with premium mesh and its aircraft steel cable binding adds to its quality.

This can be purchased for roughly $35.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play volleyball on the grass?

Absolutely. In fact, grass volleyball is a rapidly growing sport these days.

Will you get fit playing volleyball?

Yes. Like most physical activities, particularly those involving a ball, if volleyball is played regularly it can help one stay fit, active, and healthy. This is because it is a wonderful strength-training activity.

Can you play volleyball with long nails?

Technically, one can, but it is immensely dangerous to do so. Not only does it make hitting the ball much harder but it poses the risk of breaking or even ripping off a nail which is extremely painful. In fact, almost every sport is played more efficiently and safely with short nails.

Can you play volleyball while pregnant?

During the initial stages of pregnancy, playing volleyball is not very risky, especially if one is used to playing it well. That being said, it should be avoided in the later stages as the fetus is at risk from sudden, jerky movements, shocks, or jumps. Most importantly, before making any decision in this regard, it is crucial to consult a doctor.

Can you kick the ball in volleyball?

Since the rules state that the ball can be touched by any part of the body, yes. The ball can be kicked in volleyball.

What is the most common volleyball injury?

Ankles, knees, shoulders, and fingers are the body parts that get injured the most while playing volleyball. Therefore, fractures, tears, and sprains pertaining to these parts are the most common volleyball injuries.

Is volleyball an extreme sport?

No, volleyball is a very safe sport to play and is commonly played by people of all ages. In fact, people who have zero practice and no protective gear can also play it safely.


We really hope that this article helps you find the Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets for you and your family; you will not go wrong if you chose any of our top 3 recommendations.

With that being said each will suit people in different ways so for instance the Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000 is a well-built but very much one if you are not looking to move around all that much,. If you are someone who loves taking your net to the beach then I would recommend Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball net this is a lot more movable and will suit you better.

We have many other back yard games that we have covered in many other articles if you on the lookout for more fun and games.