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Do you have kids that have grown out of there swing set? Then we take a look at some of the best swing sets for older kids and a few items that they will love if they just don’t want a full-blown swing set.

It’s a problem we all face as parents, as our children grow, their taste in toys changes. This is no different with swing sets they are too big to play on them or just want something a little more robust.


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Letting kids play on a swing set that is made for someone that is half their age can even be considered dangerous, so we help you find a set that is more age appropriate for them.

There are many different style swing sets and knowing which are best for older kids can be a minefield so we have put 5 of the best below to help you find the perfect set for kids that have outgrown their old set.

Gorilla Playsets Outing Swing Set

Gorilla Playsets 01-0001-Y Outing Swing Set with Wide Climbing Wall, Swings and Yellow Slide, Amber
  • Comes ready-to-assemble with step-by-step assembly manual and all required hardware
  • Heavy-duty vinyl canopy offers protection from the sun and provides shade and cooler temperatures
  • Recommended for children aged 3 to 11 years
  • Soft rubber grippy plastic coating on swing chains helps prevent pinches and recessed bolts prevent snagging
  • Charming design is packed into a compact footprint that fits in virtually any yard

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The Gorilla Playsets Model 01-0001-Y is a classic playset that will delight kids of all ages. Featuring a slide, ladder, climbing wall, clubhouse, and swing set along with a captain’s wheel and telescope, there is plenty of fun to be had by the whole family. This playset is sturdy enough and diverse enough that it will be able to entertain kids for years to come. It also features a heavy duty vinyl canopy that will keep the rain and sun off of your kids as well as the structure itself leading to a longer lifespan.

The whole structure is made from quality cedar wood which will help it last for the length of your kid’s interest in this playset: years. You won’t have to worry about splinters, rot, decay or bugs in your playhouse because of cedar’s natural oils make it extremely resistant to all of those things. It’s small footprint, long lifespan and number of fun stations to enjoy make this a perfect playset for any family.

  • Made from hardy cedar wood that will stand up to the elements
  • Small playhouse fits nicely in any yard but packs a ton of fun
  • Easy to assemble with pre-cut wood and detailed instructions

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

Lifetime Metal Swing Set (Earthtone)
  • Free standing playset for kids ages 3 to 12; includes 2 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar,
  • Constructed of all-weather high strength low alloy steel; will not crack, chip, fade, wrot, warp, or peel like wood playsets. no staining or...
  • Designed for safety; hard edges are rounded or covered with plastic caps; soft rubber grips on swing chains prevent lead-based...
  • Total area of playset- 112" h x 125.5" w x 162.5" l | Frame pole diameter:3 in. (7,62 cm)"
  • Free standing, does not require cement or anchoring; backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty

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Bring the playground to your backyard with this classic A-Frame metal swing set by Lifetime. Swing sets are an all time favorite and all time classic toy for kids of all ages. From the moment they can sit in a swing all the way until they are about to leave the house, kids love the freedom and fun that a solid swing set offers. But swing sets are complicated, and they require a cement slab and hard construction work to set up properly. Right? Not so. This swing set is completely free standing, no concrete or anchoring required. It is also completely safe.

This swing is made from high strength steel that won’t rot, won’t warp and won’t fade in the sun like wood construction might. It includes two classic belt swings and a trapeze bar so that there is something to do for everyone. Give your kids something they will love for years to come with this sturdy steel A-frame swing set today.

  • No anchoring or concrete required
  • Safe for and fun for kids of all ages
  • The strong reliable steel frame will stand the test of time

Tree Swing Disc

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Squirrel Products is committed to recreating the toys of yesteryear with love and care for a new and modern audience. That is what they have done with their Disc Tree Swing. There was a time when tree swings were all the rage and many a kid from decades ago made fond memories of swinging on a tire swing or other discus swing from the bough of a leafy oak. Now you can recreate those memories with your kids with this product.

Made from heavy duty plastic, this disc swing will allow your kids to swing anywhere. It is configured to be able to work with any swingset and can even be set up in a tree like the good old days. The set is rated up to 150lbs so your kids can get years of fun out of it before growing up. Some toys are too complicated, or expensive but this swing is both simple, fun, and extremely affordable. Don’t overthink your next outdoor purchase but get this disc swing instead.

  • A classic toy recreated for the modern age
  • Create new and lasting memories of swinging outside
  • Made from high strength materials that can hold up to 150lbs

Spider Web Tree Swing Net

SUPER DEAL 40'' Spider Web Tree Swing Round Net Swing Platform Rope Swing Set for Kids Adult, 71"...
  • ★ Whether you prefer to sit or stand, our delightfully fun tree swing can support up to 660 pounds on a resilient nest of hand-braided spider...
  • ★ 100% safe and comfortable ride. This extra-large oval frame is made of sturdy steel wrapped in padding and durable braided plastic rope....
  • ★ Unique polypropylene rope netting center builds core strength. Heavy-duty spider web design encourages imaginative play. The one-sheet metal...
  • ★ The best part for parents: You can assemble it with your kids in minutes! Super easy to install. The swing is designed to work universally...
  • ★ Our swing is resilient and resistant to all types of weather. Bring it to your next backyard party today. Collapsible design is convenient...

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Tire swings are an Americana classic but they are dangerous, outdated, and uncomfortable. Despite all of that, many kids claim they are super fun. That is the problem that SUPER DEAL saw and decided to tackle. Introducing the Spider Web Tree Swing. This is a modern take on an old classic. Don’t get caught up in the nostolgia of an outdated tire swing. Upgrade to the Spider Web swing instead. You won’t be disappointed. Where tire swings are uncomfortable, the netting of this swing is comfortable. You won’t fall through and you won’t fall out.

This swing is also large measuring 40” in total diameter and its strong too. With a weight rating of over 600lbs this swing can hold whatever you throw at it. Multiple kids can ride it at once or they can use it to create their own games and memories. Better yet, it is easy to install and safe for all. Once it is up and ready to go, you won’t have to worry about it any more.

  • Modern, innovative and fun design upgrades the outdoor swing
  • Able to safely hold over 600lbs for extra fun
  • Safe and easy to install

Heavy Duty Swing Seat

Squirrel Products 2 Pack Heavy Duty Strap Swing Seat - Swing Set Strap Swing Seat Replacement with...
  • PLAYGROUND SWINGS: The Heavy-Duty Strap Swing Seat is designed to be added to a swing set, jungle gym, or other outdoor playset. Your children...
  • OUTDOOR FUN: Swinging is the most popular activity for any outdoor playground or jungle gym! Complete or update your current backyard swing set...
  • DURABLE AND DEPENDABLE: Made of high-quality materials to ensure hours of fun and years of play. Rated to hold up to 250 pounds. A strap swing...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Includes two swing seats measuring 26.5" wide by 5.5" deep. Features 66" of chain -30" of it dipped in plastic coating for...
  • This product is intended for single family residential use only. Not intended for commercial, daycare, apartment complex, or multiple dwelling...

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Add a swing set to any compatible outdoor playset or jungle gym with this classic two pack of heavy duty swings from Squirrel Products. Squirrel Products is committed to recreating the toys of yesteryear with love and care for a new and modern audience and they continue this mission by revamping the classic belt swing. Now, any compatible play area can be upgraded with a swing for your kids to enjoy. Swinging is one of the most enduring and most fun outdoor activities that kids of all ages enjoy.

These heavy duty swings are rated to hold up to 250lbs so they will be able to support your kids as they grow up. Young kids learning how to swing and older kids who have been swinging for years will love this set. It can even support the weight of most adults if you want to try it out with your kids.

  • Add a classic swing set to any compatible outdoor playset
  • Swinging is fun for kids of all ages and the whole family
  • Swing can hold up to 250lbs making it perfect for whoever want to try it out

Best Swing Sets for Older Kids Buying Guide

There aren’t many outdoor games that can compare to the sense of thrill and excitement one feels as the wind rushes through their hair while they are high in the air on a swing. It makes perfect sense to make this athletic activity available to the children at all times by installing a swing set.

Benefits of a Swing Set for Older Kids

Like most physical activities, swinging comes with an array of advantages for children, apart from the fact that it is an incredibly fun and competitive activity.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Swinging is especially recommended for muscular strength, particularly in the legs and the arms. This is due to the constant pumping by legs in order to gain speed. This is known to develop fine motor skills and offer great exercise.

Apart from this, the jerky movements on a swing are also conducive to better digestion as these cause the contraction and relaxation of the walls of the stomach. This leads to better absorption of the nutrients in the food lining those walls.

Improve Balance and Coordination

Trying to keep one’s balance on a swing while there are (in most cases) no barriers on the front or back to protect the person, is a good exercise. Moreover, this teaches the body to be more coordinated and can be very helpful for clumsy children.

Sensory Integration

This term is used to describe the experience of combining the sensations from one’s body and the environment. While swinging, one can feel the movements of their body as well as the sensations from their surroundings, such as the wind whipping past them or sight of the ground down below as one swings to the top. This creates a wonderful sensory experience.

Develop Sharper Focus

Swinging is believed to improve children’s ability to concentrate on a certain subject. This is primarily due to the reason that this activity involves physical and mental focus. While a person needs to constantly pump their legs to gain momentum and get the swing higher in the air, it is important to maintain the balance and coordinate every move to avoid falling down. This, inarguably, cannot be done without immense focus.

Enhanced Bravery and Confidence

When swinging, it is inevitable that the children will get competitive and try to out-do each other. This includes swinger faster and higher than others, and even trying difficult and often risky physical activities. This can even include jumping off the swing when it reaches its highest!

As a result, such games not only inculcate bravery and confidence in the children but also make them more open to adventures and risks in life.

What to look for when buying a swing set for older kids?

When buying a swing set for older kids, the following factors need to be considered to ensure one gets the most appropriate and safe set for their child(ren).

Weight Capacity

This is the most obvious requirement for a swing set and manufacturers usually differentiate among different sets on the basis of weight capacity. If one is looking to buy the swing set for a single child only, the solution is to go for a set whose weight capacity is roughly 15 to 20 pounds above the weight of the child.

However, if more than one child will be using the swing set, this decision gets harder and one can look into other options. These include swing sets with each swing having a different weight capacity.

That being said, it is incredibly important to mention that this factor should not be decided on a whim or without careful consideration. One of the leading causes of swing sets crashing down is weight put on them beyond their weight capacity. Therefore, the weight capacity must be gauged extremely carefully – as per one’s children.

Need for an Anchor

Not only is this an important safety requirement but it also concerns the one who would be installing the swing set in its place.

Generally speaking, an anchored swing set is much more secure than its alternative. This is because due to the powerful, jerky movements of the swings – which are inevitable with children – there is a high risk of the entire structure toppling over or crashing to the ground. An anchored structure would, in most cases, hold itself firmly in its place whereas an unanchored swing set would offer nothing to protect the children against a very dangerous and high fall.

In addition to this, when buying the swing set, one needs to know what kind of an anchor it would require.

Some swing sets need piers in the ground while others require concrete footings. Some can be placed directly into holes in the ground whereas a few come with instructions to insert the legs of the structure into concrete holes. Thus, it is important to analyse whether one has the right kind of anchor at their house for a swing set.

Dimensions Of The Set

This factor is necessary to consider because if one buys a set that is too large for their, say backyard or lawn, it would be a useless purchase. On the other hand, a set too small for the children would be no fun for them.

Moreover, just like weight capacity, the dimension of the set also has to do with safety. A set too small would most likely not be appropriate for use by very physically active and heavy children.

Material Used

Swing sets come in a variety of materials where both the swings and the structure holding them are made out of different materials. This can be wood, steel, plastic, or metal.

Choosing the right material for the swing set is critical because, for instance, swings made out of metal would be too hot to sit on during summers in areas with scorching sunlight. Similarly, if the swing set is to be used too often it needs a material as durable as steel or metal. Moreover, for scarce use, plastic and other light materials work best.

Lastly, this again brings into account the safety consideration as the stronger the material of the swings and the structure holding them is, the safer swinging will be for the children.

Will It Be Used?

This completely depends upon the children and how physically active they are. Apart from that, if friends and other children come to play with them, they are likely to spend time on the swing set. The temperature outside also matters as kids avoid playing in too much sun or when the temperature is extremely cold.

Most importantly, some children love playing in swing sets while others just cannot be entertained by them. Therefore, it is a very subjective question and the answer relies on a number of variable factors personal to each person.

Picking the Right Place in the Yard for a Swing Set

While the most obvious and common choice is to go for the most spacious location in the yard, it is necessary to ensure that it is the safest as well. With children and such athletic activities, safety is a primary concern.

Level Ground

The swing sets need to be placed on level ground where there are no uneven areas. The smoother the ground is, the more secure the swing set would remain.


The set needs to be placed in an area which is neither too sunny nor completely covered by shade. While parents wouldn’t want their children to feel too hot under the sun whenever they are playing, it is equally important to remember that they can soak up the most Vitamin D during this time. The choice needs to be made wisely.

Sufficient Space

It needs to be ensured that there is enough space in all the directions around the swing set so that the swinging belts do not hit any other structure in the yard. Similarly, any potential obstacles in the path need to be removed.

Best Swing Set Brands

Here are a few, top quality swing sets offered by the following brands.

Gorilla Play Sets Nantucket Swing Set

If one has the budget for this one, the swing set manufactured by Gorilla is a prime choice. It comes with an array of exciting features from rock wall to ladder, from climbing rope to a sandbox, and what not! In addition to this, the company also offers warranty on different parts of the set.

Swing – N – Slide Trekker Swing Set

This is known for its popular features such as the monkey bars and the ladder. Consisting of two swings, it also provides a rock wall, slide, and a very spacious deck. This is a good choice for those with a limited budget.

Backyard Discovery Prestige Swing Set

7 kids at a single time! Can it get better than this? Of course, it does, with a rock wall ladder, slide, and in-built snack bar as well as two swing belts. Moreover, it’s far cheaper than the aforementioned options and offers a 5 years warranty on the wooden components.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between A Swing Set And A Playset?

Although the terms are used interchangeably, one can refer to the swinging portion of the equipment as the ‘swing set’ and the remainder as the ‘playset’. However, people generally use either of the terms to refer to the entire playing equipment.

Will Getting A Swing Set Destroy My Garden?

If the swing set requires many anchors and the ground needs to be dug in multiple places, it might take away from the look of the garden. Otherwise, in the cases of most swing sets, there would be no significant damage to the garden when installing the set.

A Second-Hand Swing Set: Good or Bad?

If the quality is good and the swing set would not be used too much, there is no point in overspending on a brand new swing set.


Having a swing set when you are younger is something we all recall when we was younger and can create many joyous memories for your child also. My choice of favorite swing set for older kids is the Heavy Duty Swing Seat ok it’s not a full set but I just loved the swing when I was young and we also had a tree to hang it off.

If you have a child who loves to get a lot more adventurous then I would go with Lifetime Heavy-Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set this will give your kids a lot more choice.

We have many other yard game that we have looked at that older kids will love this summer and will keep them busy.