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The game that is growing day by day and is now played by over 7 million people across the world has risen from the humble background of a Columbian high school to pushing to be included in the Olympic Games if you love the sport I’m sure you are going to want the best Ultimate Frisbee Discs.

We bring you some of the best Ultimate Frisbee Discs that you can get on the market today, and if you want to know a little more info about the game, we have put together a mini-guide below our Ultimate Frisbee Discs reviews.

Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee

Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee 175g (Assorted colors)
  • The Ultimate Wham-O Frisbee is the American iconic must have Frisbee for Ultimate Frisbee or just for fun; it performs well in all conditions
  • The Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee is specifically designed to balance distance—great for layout outs, speed and the ability to float based on your...
  • The Ultimate Frisbee Disc 175g is an idea weight for Ultimate Frisbee and performs very well under windy conditions; plus, flicks and hammers can...
  • The Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee Disc is also a great Frisbee for fun; although super rugged, everyone will enjoy using it for the beach, park or in...
  • The Ultimate Frisbee comes in 3 different colors and designs; you only receive 1 Frisbee from the assortment; color shipped is random

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Wham-O is the definitive frisbee maker for ultimate frisbee. This frisbee is specifically designed to perform well for ultimate frisbee. At 175 grams it is the perfect weight to give you consistent accurate throws that deliver good speed, distance and stability. This makes those finesse throws easy to master for the aspiring pro. Weighted perfectly for flicks and other specialized throws this disc makes mastering the game easier than ever. This iconic frisbee comes in a variety of colors and visual designs that make them stand out and are perfect for game time.

Don’t play ultimate frisbee? No problem. This disc is also great for casual outdoor fun. What better way to play frisbee casually than with one that meets official ultimate frisbee standards? This toy is rugged, durable and will hold up to the best outdoor fun. It can bring classic joy to any outdoor activity. Bring it along to the beach, park, backyard or outdoor party and let the fun times fly.

  • Perfect size and weight for ultimate frisbee
  • Comes in a variety of colors and styles
  • The rugged plastic design allows you to take the fun anywhere

Innova Big Kahuna Heavyweight Ultimate Throw and Catch Disc

Innova Big Kahuna 200g Ultimate Catch Disc - Tiki - Blue (Stamp Color Varies)
  • The Big Kahuna is here! Rocking our biggest diameter (23.5cm) and heaviest weight (200gm), this bad boy is ready to hit the beach. The Kahuna is...

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The Innova Big Kahuna disc is truly a big frisbee. Weighing in at 200 grams and measuring 23.5cm across this is the biggest disc made by Innova to date. This heavyweight disc is perfect for windy areas, inclement weather, and overall toughness. Throwing farther and making that awesome catch has never been easier with this disc. Perfect for anyone who loves to play rain or shine or those who like practicing and doing distance throws. They feature a huge selection of colors and styles so that your disc fits your personality. With a variety of stamp styles, finishes, and colors no two discs are the same.

The heavy-duty plastic makes this an extremely durable toy and you can bring it anywhere with confidence. Cut through the sea breeze at the beach with ease. Use it in the woods. Accidently toss it into a tree? No problem. Take it to the local football field and watch it fly, you’ll be amazed how far you can throw this disc. Designed with rugged fun in mind take this disc anywhere for the ultimate outdoor experience.

  • 200g weight makes this a heavy-duty frisbee
  • Large 23.5cm diameter makes throwing and catching easier than ever
  • The durable design means the fun can go where you go

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc, Glow in The Dark for Night Games
  • Disco changes colors slowly.
  • Frenzy changes colors rapidly.
  • Available In Disco Print
  • LED FLYING DISC - With its innovative design and super-bright illumination, the Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc is suitable for...
  • PATENTED LED TECHNOLOGY - With a patented fiber-optic array that extends all the way to the rim, this entire flying disc is illuminated from...

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Light up the night with this amazing LED light-up disc. Don’t let the fun stop when the sun goes down, keep the games and the excitement going as late as you want. This innovative glowing disc keeps the fun going in the dark with an LED system that illuminates the whole disc for full-on glowing fun at any light level. Keep it off during the day to conserve power and then hit a button to turn it on when the light gets low.

Even when the games stop or if you are just a casual disc thrower, you will stop and enjoy the wonder of this frisbee at night. Your eyes will light up as you watch this disc flash and glow through the dark leaving trails of light. There are multiple colors available to light up the night in a rainbow of variety. Upgrade your standard frisbee today and let the fun stretch into the night.

  • The innovative LED disc allows play to continue after the sun goes down
  • Amazing colors and lights make this disc a wonder to behold in low light
  • A solid disc that meet all of the standard dimensions for ultimate frisbee

Discraft 175g Ultrastar Frisbee

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Do you find that everything in life has gotten a little too complicated? Everything seems to be getting an upgrade and many things simply don’t need one. Don’t fall into the trap of needless upgrades and worthless added features. Stick with what you know is a tried, true and proven product. The Ultrastar standard frisbee is one of those products. It is your bog-standard frisbee with a standard weight of 175g and a standard diameter.

You are not a professional ultimate frisbee player. and you don’t understand the different weights and measures that some people plaster all over their frisbees. You just want the same old frisbee you used as a kid so your kids can have the same fun you did back in the day. This frisbee is for you. Affordable, durable, classic and most importantly, fun this disc will fly exactly the way you want and remember. Don’t get tricked into spending tons of money on a fancy frisbee when you can get the proven design right now for much less money.

  • Classic frisbee flies and behaves just like you remember
  • Perfect size and weight
  • Durable thick plastic means this disc will last a lifetime

Ultimate Frisbee Discs Buying Guide

Not only is ultimate frisbee one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide, but it is already played by over roughly 7 million people around the globe. So here’s a complete guide to this thrilling game, its rules and regulations, how to excel at it, and most importantly, the right frisbee disc to buy.

What is ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee, which is now more commonly known as Ultimate, is a low-contact team sport. It is played with a flying disc, called a frisbee. The game originated from New Jersey in 1968.

There are seven players each from both the teams playing on the field. The court/field is like a football/soccer field but is narrower. Towards the ends of the field are endzones, which the teams have to defend.

What kind of a court is used for ultimate frisbee?

A special court isn’t required for this game since even a football or soccer field can work just fine. However, as per the standards, the ultimate frisbee court is 70 by 40 yards. The size is large because 14 players are to be in the field at a single time.

What are turnovers in ultimate frisbee?

There are many turnovers in ultimate frisbee, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. An incomplete pass results in a turnover.
  2. If the count of the marker reaches the maximum number, not only does a turnover occur, but the game is also stopped.
  3. An item of equipment used by the offensive player to catch a pass also results in a turnover.
  4. If the disc is handed by the thrower to another player, it leads to a turnover.
  5. If a legally-thrown disc is caught by the thrower, it is a turnover.

What are throws in ultimate frisbee?

Three throws are most popular in ultimate frisbee.

  • Backhand Throw: four fingers are placed in the cup of the disc, and the elbow is bent back before releasing the disc with a spin.
  • Forehand Throw: this is also known as a flick, and is considered a problematic but efficient throw in ultimate frisbee. In this, two fingers and a thumb are used only, and the disc is thrown like one would skip flat rocks on the water.
  • Hammer Throw: this is very close to throwing an ax where the top of the disc is slightly tilted at an angle before throwing it. This throw allows one to control the range the disc would cover.

What to look for when buying ultimate frisbee discs?

Evaluate the ultimate frisbee disc in terms of these factors to see whether it is the right one.


The weight of the disc affects the functionality of it. A heavier disc, for example, is better for use during windy conditions as it wouldn’t sway here and there. A lighter disc, on the other hand, can get farther and is easier to handle for beginners.

The age of the person who would be using the disc should also be considered when deciding on the ideal disc weight.


No one wants to get an ultimate frisbee disc again and again, even if the cost isn’t much. Also, to ensure that the disc doesn’t malfunction during the game and to use it for an extended period, it should be checked whether the disc would withstand regular use. Moreover, since the disc is thrown with force, it can come into contact with literally any object, which is why the more durable it is, the higher its chances of surviving the accidental contact.

USA Ultimate Approval

Not many ultimate frisbee discs meet the rigorous standards of the USA Ultimate, but those that do are, without an ounce of doubt, the very best discs available in the market. These discs are excellent for amateurs as well as experts of ultimate frisbee.


The grip is an essential factor because even if one is an experienced player, a frisbee with a lousy grip cannot be caught easily. Therefore, many frisbees come with flight rings or other features to enhance the grip of the disc. Besides this, the material used to cover the disc can improve the grip, for example, rubber.

Throw ability

What this has to do with how well the disc can be thrown. Some discs fly at a certain angle or with little curvature. Other discs, when thrown, fly very straight. Moreover, some discs do not have to be thrown with great force to get far, whereas others have to.

LED Display

Even though it is not a very new feature in frisbee discs, it is still quite popular. Not only does an LED array add to the style and overall look of the disc, but it makes for a perfect disc during the night. When one cannot play any game due to low-light conditions, the option of ultimate frisbee would still be very feasible with a disc like this.


The material of the ultimate frisbee disc is one of the most crucial things to consider for several reasons.

First of all, the material determines the weight of the disc. A disc made out of a heavier material might be more durable than one made from a low-grade plastic.

Secondly, the material determines the durability of the disc. For example, a weather-resistant material would not corrode, rust, or stain.

Also, the material is essential when it comes to the type of disc. For instance, some discs are meant to fly farther, while others are designed to fly straighter.

Design and Style

With such bright, stellar, and loudly amazing designs of discs available in the market, why settle for some bland, robust design? Some brands even offer the option of customization. That way, the color scheme, style, and more can be chosen as per the buyer’s preference.

Best ultimate frisbee disc brands

For those who are looking for high-quality ultimate frisbee discs, whether they are beginners or regular players, these brands offer some worth considering options.


Started in 1978 in London, Discraft has focused on manufacturing quality discs for different sports for years. It is UltraStar Sport Disc is the standard disc used for playing the game worldwide. Along with this, it is also the official disc used for the USA Ultimate Championship.

If these facts do not speak for the quality of this frisbee disc, then it should be mentioned that it has even passed the USA Ultimate standards. The disc weighs 175 grams and includes flight rings on the edges, which help improve the grip. Another reason this disc is immensely popular among the ultimate frisbee fans is because of its aerodynamic design, which enables it to fly very straight and far.


The Innova Big Kahuna is usually recommended for beginners or those who are into a light-hearted, jolly game of ultimate frisbee. This is precisely why this frisbee disc is best for use at playgrounds or beaches. Also, at 200 grams, this disc is recommended for use at times when the wind speed is high.

Since the disc is designed to help out beginners, it is straightforward to throw and catch. Also, to develop more interest in the game, there is also the option to customize the frisbee disc with one’s own choice of colors and designs. Lastly, the material of the disc is very thick, leading to its durability, so the disc would last long.


The Nite IZE Flashlight LED Light Up Flying Disc is another popular choice among ultimate frisbee players, mostly known for its fiber-optic LED array, which sets it apart from the majority of the discs in the market.

Weighing 185 grams, the colors and designs of this disc are among the most superior. The material of this disc is a flexible plastic, which is why the disc is quite durable and flies straight. Apart from this, it is highly useful during the night or low-light conditions since the LED lights up the disc.

And let’s not forget that this disc comes with a worry-free guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ultimate frisbee a real sport?

Yes, ultimate frisbee is a real sport. In fact, it is even planned to be a part of the Olympics 2024.

How long is a match of ultimate frisbee?

A standard match of ultimate frisbee is 36 minutes long. It is played in two parts of 18 minutes.

Who invented the game ultimate frisbee?

Joel Silver invented the game of ultimate frisbee in 1968.

Does catching an ultimate frisbee disc hurt?

Initially, it can hurt if one doesn’t know the right tricks and tips to grip the disc safely. However, with sufficient practice, it would not hurt at all.

Is an ultimate frisbee disc expensive?

No, an ultimate frisbee disc can be bought for as low as $10 only.

What sports does ultimate frisbee combine?

This game combines soccer, football, and basketball.

Is it essential to be able to throw the disc well to play ultimate frisbee?

Yes. The game is primarily about disc throwing and those who can throw and catch a frisbee well, along with knowing different frisbee-related tricks, excel at ultimate frisbee.


We hope after reading this guide you are ready to get out on the field with your new and best Ultimate Frisbee Discs; if we were to point you in the direction of the best of the best, then it would have to be the Discraft 175g Ultrastar Frisbee it is of professional standards. Hence, if you plan to go pro, this will be a brilliant learning tool.

Thanks for reading our guide I hope it helps if you like this why don’t you check out our Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats and Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves to get the full kits.