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Ultimate Frisbee over the past few years has become extremely popular, and the scramble of people who are taking up the game is to get the best equipment, and we want to show you some of the Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves that will help your game and take your game to the next level.


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It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious player or just playing for fun a pair of gloves are what you want, and we are going to take you over some of the essential aspects to get the best gloves for anyone’s game.

CFTech Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

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Up your ultimate frisbee game with these fantastic non-slip gloves. These gloves will automatically boost your grip, control, and catching ability just by slipping them on. Never drop a pass again because of slick or dirty conditions. The enhanced control will allow you to throw farther and with better accuracy. Send and receive more accurately during a game with these gloves.

Not only do they boost your game, but they won’t slow you down. With their touch screen compatible fingertips, you don’t have to waste time taking them off and putting them back on to check essential messages during practice or a game break. They won’t rip, and they won’t slip. They’ll keep you warm during cold days and dry during wet ones.  It even comes with a toweled thumb that allows you to wipe the sweat off the frisbee during play to make sure that nothing gets in the way of a perfect throw and catch. They have thought of everything in designing these gloves for the ultimate frisbee player.

  • Extra grip enhances catching ability and boosts control for smoother accurate throws and catches
  • Fingertips work with smart devices and touch screens
  • Won’t slip, rip or lose grip
  • Will keep you warm, dry and dirt free during intense games and practices
No products found.

Friction Gloves Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Friction Gloves - Ultimate Frisbee Gloves - Rubberized Palm & Fingers for Amazing Grip in All...
  • Rubberized Grip for Throws & Catches: Friction ultimate frisbee gloves feature rubberized palms and fingers to give you a great grip in ALL...
  • FOR PLAYERS OF EVERY LEVEL: All over the world, ultimate frisbee players at every level play with Friction Gloves. From recreational to pro...
  • BETTER THROWS AND CATCHES: Improved grip on the disc will help your throws and catches. Our gloves are designed to breathe, keep your hands warm...
  • PERFECT GIFT: Give this as an ideal gift for that special someone who loves playing ultimate frisbee. It's the ultimate all-weather hand grip for...
  • ABOUT THE BRAND: Friction Gloves is the company that introduced gloves into the ultimate world. From youth teams to professional leagues...

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Friction Gloves were the pioneers of the ultimate frisbee glove space. They were the first company to dream up, and design gloves made explicitly for ultimate frisbee. Since then, they have produced the #1 pair of ultimate frisbee gloves in the world. They are used by all of the best and most serious players around the world.

Instantly boost your skills and your credibility with a pair of Friction ultimate frisbee gloves. They will enhance your ability to throw and catch the frisbee in any condition. The specially designed rubberized grip will extend your throws, add extra grip to your catches, and improve overall accuracy on both offense and defense. If it sounds too good to be true, try them out risk-free. If you don’t like what they do for your ultimate frisbee game, Friction will take them back and offer you a full refund. Give yourself the chance to boost your game risk-free today.

  • #1 pair of gloves for ultimate frisbee
  • Friction designed the first pairs of ultimate frisbee gloves and have taken their experience to the next level
  • Improve your grip and enhance your throws with their rubberized palms and fingers

Layout Ultimate Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves - Ultimate Grip and Friction to Enhance Your Game! Perfect for...
  • Balanced all-weather control for handling and catching: rain, shine, snow, sleet, the 'Ultimate Grip' for any weather condition!
  • Synthetic leather palm for durability against turf, grass, mud & more, extremely durable grip that will not rip!
  • The Flick-Grip technology (added grip to middle finger) will give you more control over your flicks with added spin to further distance and...
  • More grip = more rotation on release which can improve accuracy, speed and distance of your throw, perfect for Ultimate or any disc sport
  • Light-weight material with breathable back keeps your hands cool and prevents gloves from becoming water-logged with rain or sweat

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Are you tired of being outplayed by competitors who have invested in a good pair of gloves? Sick of getting rain, dirt, and snow on your hands during ultimate frisbee? Not anymore. With Layout, gloves put all of those irritations behind you. Their lightweight material will keep the elements out while keeping your hands feeling free and natural during all weather conditions. The enhanced grip will boost your catching ability and enhance your throwing accuracy and distance.

The Layout has designed a unique Flick-Grip technology that will enhance the spins of all of your flicks during the most critical play of the game. This technology focuses explicitly on the grip of the middle finger allowing you unrivaled control over those specialized and finesse passes that are often required to land the big score at the end of the game. The added rotation will make crisp, accurate throws better than the non-gloved competition. It even comes with a toweled thumb to wipe off sweat and grime from the disk so that you can get that perfect throw every time.

  • Lightweight material keeps hands feeling light and natural
  • The enhanced grip will boost throwing and catching ability
  • Flick-Grip technology will extend the rotation and accuracy of finesse flick throws during the big game

Mint Ultimate Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Mint Ultimate - Sports Gloves with Friction Grip, Breathable Gloves for Ultimate Frisbee, Cutter 4...
  • Boosts Superior Disc Handling - Our friction gloves have Maxx Tack technology that provides a firm grip for superior control in catching and...
  • Added Cushioning for Protection - Likened to a catch mitt, these gloves are built for Cutters and Handlers. It has a specially designed...
  • Made from Breathable Material - After playing for hours, your hands get sweaty. Our breathable gloves have Coolflex backhand material. This mesh...
  • Supports Your Hand Motions - Frisbee is a type of ultimate sport requiring moving your wrist often. That’s why we designed our breathable grip...
  • Provides a Comfy, Snug Fit - The seamless, fold-over fingertip design of our friction grip gloves fits your hands perfectly. Made of flexible...

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Let Mint introduce you to their MAXX Tack technology. This specialized grip is sure to give you the highest level of tackiness available on the market for unrivaled catching and throwing ability for ultimate frisbee players everywhere. This is specifically designed to provide you with the best performance in all kinds of weather. The higher rotational velocity added by MAXX Tack tech makes sure that you won’t get any wobblers or strayers during windy or rainy days. Your disks will stay true and one course no matter what.

They have also added unique low profile design elements to keep the gloves from restricting your wrists. The best frisbee throws require a natural and fluid motion from the wrists, and this glove makes sure that it does not get in the way of that all-important motion. With MAXX Tack grip and low profile glove design, this is a powerhouse glove for the ultimate frisbee player. Enhance catching ability, throwing accuracy and speed, as well as disc rotation. These gloves will give you the edge you need to beat the competition on the field and off it.

  • MAXX Tack grip improves catching and throwing ability immediately
  • A lightweight glove protects your hands and fingers from the elements
  • Low profile glove design keeps your wrists light and natural in their motions

Best Ultimate Frisbee Buying Guide

Even the best of the ultimate frisbee players can be completely thrown off their game if their hands aren’t comfortable enough to handle the frisbee unfalteringly. So why spoil an entire game just because it’s too cold, hot, or wet to use hands efficiently? That’s what ultimate frisbee gloves are for when you buy them.

Why should you play ultimate frisbee?

Like most of the sports, ultimate frisbee brings several benefits for its players.

Non-Contact Sport

Ultimate frisbee is also quite common since it is a non-contact sport. This means that the game doesn’t require any contact with other players, which eliminates many risks that can arise due to human connection.

Also, many people prefer not to touch or get touched by others. This is just the game for them.

Hand-to-Eye Coordination

The throwing and catching of the disc carefully help improve hand-to-eye coordination, which is one of the most basic yet essential motor responses to enhance. This will also strengthen the multiple reflex actions of the body over time.

Learning New Skills

Running, overhead throwing, leaping, vertical jumping, backhand, and forehand throwing – name it, and this game teaches you that skill. Ultimate frisbee is known to help acquire a full set of physical abilities. And the exciting part is that these aren’t merely skills which are used in the field only – they can help in several days to day activities too!

Mixed Game

Unlike many other sports played widely by both the genders, ultimate frisbee usually has no separate teams for men and women. Both of them can play together, which is not so common in the world of sports where there are different teams and even tournaments for both men and women. Many of the ultimate frisbee competitions have teams that have both men and women on them.

Extremely Fun

With a large field, so many players on both teams, a mix of smooth and complicated throws and moves, and a time limit of 36 minutes, this is an exhilarating and thrilling sport. This is especially perfect for those occasions where there is a large number of people, and playing other games would require most people to sit and wait for their turns while only a select few play at a single time. Now everyone can join this one, big, crazy game!

Use of ultimate frisbee gloves vs. bare hands

Many people wonder whether the ultimate frisbee gloves are worth buying. Some even believe that these gloves are only purchased to appear ‘cool and trendy.’ More so, it is also said that these worsen the throwing and catching abilities in the game.

However, it cannot be denied that wearing ultimate frisbee gloves has its benefits.

  1. Wearing these gloves limits the pain that can be caused by a potential injury. These injuries can be to the palm where the most impact of the frisbee disc is if caught. If the disc is not caught and it accidentally makes contact with fingers only, then there might be a cut, swelling, or even worse injuries.
  1. Some people naturally have sweaty hands. Others get sweaty hands while playing competitive sports. Either way, this can worsen the ability to catch or throw a disc. For this very reason, gloves can help by making the hands sweat-free and airier.
  1. During wet or cold weather, the hands aren’t able to handle the frisbee disc as easily as they can in normal conditions. A glove would solve this problem and ensure that the grip isn’t affected adversely. Some of these gloves are specifically designed to improve grip during rain or snow, etc.
  1. The ultimate frisbee gloves can be used elsewhere as well. This is a meager investment that offers benefits repeatedly. For example, the gloves can not only be used in other sports but while doing some household or outdoor chores too.

However, to reap these benefits from ultimate frisbee gloves, the right fit is essential. Otherwise, instead of improving the performance in the games, the gloves might hinder it.

What should I look for before buying ultimate frisbee gloves?

Thick vs. Thin

It is better to go for thin gloves because that means the hands won’t lose feeling in them. This will ensure that the discs are handled efficiently.

At the same time, thick gloves help protect the hands against injuries and are also useful in severe weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme cold.

Thus, the right ultimate frisbee gloves should be bought after thinking carefully whether one needs thin or thick gloves. That being said, something in between the two can also be easily found.


The material of the gloves determines how long the gloves would last as the resistance to harsh weather conditions or wear and tear depends upon the material. Moreover, some materials provide breathability as well, allowing the hands to feel very airy. This can especially help those whose hands get sweaty often while playing.


It is essential to ensure the exact fit for the hands. Otherwise, the disc would be dropped again and again. Because at the end of the day, the hand should be able to function as well as it does without gloves on. Therefore, the gloves should be tried on because the size is often deceiving when simply looked at since these gloves have padding too, quite often.


While the grip of the gloves depends upon the material used to some extent, it is also dependent upon the design. This is why if the primary purpose of buying the gloves is to be able to catch or throw the frisbee disc better, one should go for gloves with a firmer grip.

Best ultimate frisbee glove brands

For those who are looking for reliable brands to get their hands on high-quality ultimate frisbee gloves, these brands are a great option.


The fabric of the gloves by this brand is so comfortable that it barely feels like one has something on their hands. Plus, these lightweight gloves are great for times when it is too cold outside. Despite providing excellent insulation, these gloves are very breathable so that the hands won’t get sweaty, and it wouldn’t feel stuffy either.

Huck Nation

These are among the top choices for those who want the most high-quality ultimate frisbee gloves. Not only are these gloves designed to provide protection and keep the hands comfortable, but they also allow one to catch and throw more efficiently. Moreover, these gloves are suitable to wear in virtually any kind of weather, which means there is no need to stop an exciting game of ultimate frisbee just because the weather got a bit rough.


The ultimate frisbee gloves by Layout are made from synthetic leather, hence their secure grip in even rain or snow. Still, there is no compromise on comfort as the gloves can be worn and taken off quickly and do not restrict the fingers in any way. Circulation of air is ensured by the back side of gloves, which backsides breathability.

Also, if someone is looking for long-lasting gloves, this is the right choice as the material of the gloves is highly resistant to wear and tear for a long time.

Friction Gloves

The ultimate frisbee gloves designed by Friction Gloves are mainly for those whose hands sweat too much. This problem is resolved by the breathability the gloves provide, which ensures that the hands remain dry enough to handle the disc smoothly. Apart from this, the gloves also have protective padding to prevent any injuries caused by a frisbee disc flying at high speed.

Furthermore, these gloves are very durable as they do not break easily at all. Plus, to allow the thumb to stretch and move freely, there is no webbing. And the best part is that all these fantastic features are provided at a little cost.

Frequently Asked Question

Is playing ultimate frisbee safe?

With the right protective equipment, it is safe. However, due to accidental contact with other players or the frisbee hitting the head, there is a risk of concussions in this game.

Is or will ultimate frisbee be in the Olympics?

This sport has now been recognized by the Olympics Committee and will be a part of the International Olympics 2024.

What type of frisbee do you need for ultimate frisbee?

There is a wide variety of frisbees that can be used, but the standard one worldwide is the Discraft Ultra-star ultimate frisbee disc.

Where can I play ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee can be played in any open field large enough to accommodate the players comfortably. That being said, it is mostly played in soccer or football fields.

What is the size of an ultimate frisbee field?

The field should be at least 70 by 40 yards to play the game comfortably.

What is another name for ultimate frisbee?

The game was initially known as ultimate frisbee, but now it is often termed ‘Ultimate’ only.

Can other gloves be used to play ultimate frisbee?

Gloves such as football gloves can be used to play ultimate frisbee.


So whether you’re a casual player or someone who takes the game seriously, we hope our article helps you get the Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves for your needs and take your game to the next level.

If you like the suggestions above but don’t know what to pick, I would suggest going with the Friction Gloves Ultimate Frisbee Gloves. They will give you the most grip and, for me, are the most comfortable that I found.

If you like this article, I’m sure you’re going to love or best ultimate frisbee cleats and best ultimate frisbee discs.