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If you on the lookout for a new pool for your family this summer, I’m going to cover the Bestway fast set pool series.

There are four main sizes in the series and are some of the most affordable pools that Bestway produces in the fast set pool series with different sizes to fit all size yards.

I am to show you what each one brings in this Bestway Fast Set Pool Review.

Bestway Fast Set 13' x 33" Round Inflatable Above Ground Pool Set | Includes 530gal Filter Pump
Water capacity
13,807L / 3037 Gallons
Assembled size
15ft x 48in (4.57m x 1.22m)
Bestway Fast Set 13' x 33" Round Inflatable Above Ground Pool Set | Includes 530gal Filter Pump
Water capacity
13,807L / 3037 Gallons
Assembled size
15ft x 48in (4.57m x 1.22m)

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Easy Setup

This pool really lives up to its name, you will have this pool setup and being filled really fast once you receive it. It’s estimated that you will have this pool setup in 5 minutes and you will be ready be start filling your new pool.

The setup is so simple you blow up one upper ring, then you can start to fill your new pool. Once the colder weather comes around and it’s time to pack this away disassemble is fast and easy.

Emptying the water like any other pool is what takes the time, but once this is complete, you deflate the upper ring ready to pack away for next year.

When you come to pack away, make sure that you dry your pool thoroughly, a helpful tip is to shake talcum powder on the liner. What this will soak up any water you may have missed and will stop the walls from sticking to each other for storage over winter.

Accessories Included In the Bestway Fast Set Pool

Every pool in the Bestway fast set pool series will come with a heavy-duty repair patch in case the worse was to happen, and you get a puncture, but the heavy-duty would take a lot of abuse to get a puncture.

Also, every pool in the Bestway fast set pool series comes with a water filter 330gal filter pump that can pump 3,638 liters / 800 Gallons of water per hour.

So the water in the 10ft pool will be going through the filter once per hour and nearly twice for the 8ft pool. It says it’s a little small for the larger pools, but as most pools don’t come with any filtration system, I would prefer having it than not.

The two lager pools 15ft and 18ft both come with a ladder to make it easier getting in and out of the pool.

Strong Pool Liner

We all know that fun in the pool can get a little boisterous, and the beaming sun is known to weaken materials that are left exposed. So with this, we need a strong pool liner that is going to stand up to the summer sun and the kids playing.

As you would expect with a brand like Bestway, you will not be let down on the liner, all the pools in the Bestway fast set pool series come with a 3-ply heavy-duty PVC.

Bestway calls this system “Tritech Material” what this means is three different layers of fabrics all built up. There is an internal mesh with two outer PVC layers that give this series their solid build.

All this makes the walls of the pool puncture and tear-proof, this is not to say you can’t get leaks with abuse, but with normal use, it isn’t very likely.

The pool thickness range from 0.40mm (16 gauge) right up to 0.80 (32 gauge), all dependant on the size of the pool you get. The smaller the pool, the thinner the pool liner and the larger the pool, the thicker the liner will be.

Pool Installation

As we have said above, this is a straightforward pool to set up, and following some basic steps, you will have your pool setup super-fast.

The first thing to do is to find the most level ground in your yard. The reason for this is when you fill the pool, you don’t get any water pressure on the pool sides as this can cause the pool to cave.

Once you have found level ground, it’s time to inflate the top ring. Now it’s time to fill your pool. Try to keep the creases out of the base of the liner. This should naturally happen if you pump the top ring up correctly.

Easy, Right?

  • Never drag the pool with water in however little as this can cause damage to the liner.
  • Don’t over-inflate the top ring, leave a little room for the air to expand in the summer sun.

Pool Maintenance

The pool maintenance is pretty easy with this pool, keep switching the pool pump on when not in use and you can get pool chemicals. This will help keep the water clear, and bacteria-free also will stop the build-up of algae, which what turns water green.

  • Don’t use the water filter when you are using the pool.
  • Clean the water filter once a week
  • It’s recommended that you replace the water filter every 2/4 weeks.
  • Do not lean on the top ring as this can cause the pool to collapse.

It’s recommended that you use washing up liquid to clean the pool at the end of the season, but I touched on this a little above. Make sure you dry the pool and to soak any missed water and to stop the walls from sticking to each other apply talcum powder on the liner. Store the pool over the winter in a dry place.

Water Height

Each pool has different heights. The water gets deeper as the pool size gets bigger. The water depth is based on the maximum capacity at 80% this is just under the inflated top ring.

We have put a handy little table below to show the height of all the pools in the Bestway fast set pool series. However, you will want to remove 6/7″ from the list below as this is around the size of the inflated top ring.

SizeWater Depth


The listed dimension of the pool is not the actual play area at the top of the pool, how Betway measure the size is at the end to end part of the bulge in the side walls.

This is the pool’s lower middle area and not a real reflection of the size of the play area.

The best advice when selecting the pool size is getting a little larger than you think you need if your yard will fit it, of course.


I hope my Bestway Fast Set Pool Review has helped you see if this series is correct for you and your family.

They are one of the most affordable above ground pools on the market and the perfect way to cool off this summer, and with proper maintenance and storage over the winter, you will have a pool that will last you for many years to come.

The fast set pool series is easy to setup pool that comes in many different sizes to fit most yards, which are perfect for adults and kids for this summer. However, if you are looking for something a little more study then check out the Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pools.