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Looking to spend the summer in the pool and there is no better item to buy for a basketball fan is one of the Best Pool Basketball Hoops to have hours of fun and games in the pool.

I have put together the top five on the market and you should be able to find a hoop that will suit you and your family’s need for this summer’s fun in the pool.

Dunnrite Products Pool Sport 2-in-1 Swimming Basketball Hoop

Dunnrite Products Pool Sport 2-in-1 Swimming Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Combo Set
  • Includes two 17" wide x 19" deep x 38" tall bases. Cannot play both games at the same time.
  • 2 in 1 set easily converts to either game without tools. Base weighs 115 lbs. When filled with water
  • Vinyl coated 13.5 inch stainless steel rim with white all weather net. All hardware stainless steel
  • The basketball rim stands at a fixed height 36 inches above the deck.
  • 16' volleyball net (spans up to 22' pool). Unit comes with a three year warranty

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Transform your pool from a place to lounge into a competitive court with the 2-in-1 combo set from Dunnrite Products. You get two full game courts included with this set. Play a splashy, punchy game of basketball or stretch the net across the pool for a game of volleyball. This will add hours and hours of fun to any pool.

The fun is as simple as setting the two bases wherever you feel is best for your pool. The bases get filled with water to weigh it all down. Once the bases are set up you can choose between the volleyball net or the basketball hoops. No tools and minimal labor required. Simple! Some people have a basketball hoop or net in their pool, now you can rise above the rest and have both in one convenient package. It includes a volleyball, basketball and three year warranty so the fun can start immediately and last for years without worry.

  • Don’t settle on a basketball hoop or volleyball net when you can get both
  • Setup and swapping between the two games is easy and requires no tools
  • Three year warranty means this set is built to last

Dunnrite Splash and Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

Dunn-Rite Splash & Shoot Outdoor Adjustable Height Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop w/Ball, Base, & 18...
  • POOL BASKETBALL HOOP: Pool basketball hoop offers endless fun; includes water-filled base, pole, rim, backboard, net, and 9-inch basketball
  • HEAVY-DUTY BASE: Rotational molded base with brass anchor kit and tightening wedge holds up to 25 gallons of water, weighing 200 pounds when...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Powder-coated aluminum pole adjusts up to 53 inches high with minimum height of 23 inches high
  • REINFORCED RIM & BACKBOARD: Vinyl-coated 18-inch stainless steel rim and 29 x 43-inch polypropylene silkscreened white backboard withstands...
  • MADE IN THE USA: this product is made in Indiana, USA using high-quality components and craftsmanship

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Get all of the fun of a poolside basketball hoop without any of the hassle or construction with this handy and innovative design. Some poolside hoops require drilling into your pool deck or are a fixed height. Now you can get the variable height of the best pool hoops without any of the construction or hassle. This basketball hoop has a waterfilled base that weighs over 200lbs when filled completely but also comes with a variable height pole so you can raise or lower the height of the rim to whatever you want up to a whopping 56” above the water.

Set it up for a game of soggy horse or lower the rim for some sweet and splashy dunk contests. The possibilities are as variable as the height. If you need to pack it up and put it away for any reason, simply empty the base and detach the rim for easy and safe storage.

  • Stainless steel rim is able to stand up to the water
  • Variable height up to 56” high gives unlimited fun
  • A hefty 200lbs of water keeps the whole array grounded

Dunnrite Junior Clear Hoop Deck Mounted Pool

Dunn-Rite Clear Hoop Jr. Deck-Mounted Poolside Basketball Hoop w/Ball, 2 & 3/8" Brass Anchor w/Cap,...
  • PREMIUM POOL BASKETBALL HOOP: Elevate your pool with the sleek, modern and elegant Clear Hoop Jr set. 1/2 inch thick acrylic backboard is tough...
  • MOUNTING OPTOINS: Fits in existing Dunnrite 2 & 3/8" diameter anchors, or can be installed in a 5" diameter concrete hole 6-8" from pool's edge...
  • LONG-LASTING, DURABLE COMPONENTS: Components are stainless steel, acrylic, and outdoor vinyl for incredible durability (salt-system pool...
  • MIDSIZE BASKETBALL UNIT: A great size for teenagers and adults, the Clear Hoop Jr. is large enough for players of any age
  • MADE IN THE USA: this product is made in Indiana, USA using high-quality components and craftsmanship

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Upgrade your pool this summer with a poolside mounted basketball hoop. Adding a basketball hoop to your pool will instantly boost the variety of fun that can be had. Perfect for the hot summer months as well as group swimming, and pool parties. There is no better way to keep people cool and in the pool. The hoop is easy to assemble and can be easily detached and taken down when not in use. The rim itself is a full regulation size of 14” in diameter.

Not only is the basketball hoop a fun competitive addition to the pool scene but it can also be a great workout. Water resistant workouts are great for the muscles and playing some water sports can be a great way to add a spice of variety to your exercise routine. Get your friends or kids involved for a group affair that isn’t only a blast but also a blast on your muscles. It even comes with a basketball included so you have everything you need right away.

  • Acrylic backboard won’t rust or peel
  • Built to stand the water and the sun
  • Easy to put up and take down depending on your preferences

Intex – Floating Hoops

Intex - Floating Hoops 3, Incl Inflatable Pool Hoop & Basketball
  • Intex floating hoops 3
  • Turn pool time into game-time
  • Inflatable basketball
  • Repair patch included

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Bring the fun of basketball to the pool without any of the headaches or expensive purchases usually required. This adorable inflatable, the floating hoop can bob along next to you as you relax in your floating chair. Sip a beverage and lazily toss a ball towards the floating hoop. Not quite your scene? The kids will love it too. Full sized basketball hoops can be intimidating and dangerous for small children. This floating inflatable hoop is neither of those things. Watch your kids get delighted by this simple, colorful, and fun inflatable hoop.

Intex has been making quality inflatable products for years. The Intex brand means quality and dependability. But even they know things can happen. If you happen to puncture your hoop in a flash of hands, fingers, and feet in the water, do not worry. They have included a handy repair patch with the unit so the fun won’t have to stop in the case of an accident.

  • Perfect addition to anyone who loves floating in their pool
  • Intex durability and quality guaranteed
  • Includes a repair patch in case the worst happens
  • Great for young kids who will love its simple, fun and colorful design

Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Hoop

Swimline Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop, 36-inch Tall, 48-inch Wide, UV Resistant Vinyl, Includes...
  • MULTIPLE SCORING PORTS- Test your basketball skills and shoot the ball through the middle hoop or shoot through the various side compartments...
  • VERSATILE PLAY- Perfect for all basketball games - challenge your friends to a game of 2 on 2, play some H.O.R.S.E, or get creative with a slam...
  • ORIGINAL GIANT DESIGN- The Giant Shootball is a classic original developed by Swimline and has set the standard for floating pool toys for years....
  • DURABLE INFLATABLE DESIGN- Constructed with high quality durable UV resistant vinyl with a patch kit included. It’s easy to wipe down inflate...
  • MINI LOUNGE- Doubles as a partly shaded inflatable lounge for the kids to lay on and relax. Just slightly deflate the middle compartment to...

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Swimline is a storied company with a rich history of creating fun and whimsical pool toys. They were the ones to first invent and market the large inflatable swan that has become ubiquitous with pool life everywhere. Now they have taken their talents to create a large floating basketball game for your pool. Send the fun into the stratosphere with this unique and wild game of basketball. The floating hoop is large measuring 45×36. Bigger is better, especially in the pool!

This kit includes a ball and the option to order a two pack. You can get a single hoop for one kind of fun or get the two pack so you can host a full game or invent your own. Each hoop comes premarked with scores and has room for multiple shooters to play at once. Host a calm game of horse or a chaotic game of knockout. The choice is yours. Enhance your summer fun with a large inflatable game of basketball brought to you by Swimline, the original creators of large inflatable pool toys and games.

  • Large floating hoop offers hours of unique and whimsical fun
  • Can host multiple players at once
  • Get a single hoop or a two pack
  • Ball included

Best Pool Basketball Hoops Buying Guide

Swimming can be made much more thrilling and exercise-intensive if other games are incorporated into it. One of the most popular sports played in swimming pools is pool basketball for which only a basketball hoop is required. Once that’s bought and set, let the games begin!

What is pool basketball?

Pool basketball, also known as water basketball, is a mix of basketball and polo, which is played in a swimming pool. Usually, each team has five players and they have to put the pool basketball in the hoop after they attain the basketball.

How does a pool basketball hoop differ from a normal basketball hoop?

There are a few main differences between a pool and a normal basketball hoop which set them both apart from each other.


A pool basketball hoop is meant to be moved from one place to another whereas a normal basketball hoop is attached to a pole, not meant to be moved at all.

Weighted Base

A pool basketball hoop has a solid, weighted base since it is not attached anywhere or cemented in the ground, unlike a normal basketball hoop which is attached to a cemented pole, etc.

Easy to Assemble

A pool basketball hoop should be easy to dismantle and assemble since it is meant to be portable. On the other hand, a normal basketball hoop doesn’t need to be very easy or quick to assemble since it usually only has to be fixed once.

Adjustable Height

A pool basketball hoop has an adjustable height that is not only to facilitate adults and children alike, but to ensure that the hoop can be used at any of the varying depths of a swimming pool. A normal basketball hoop, however, doesn’t need to have this feature.

Weather and Water Resistant

This is a very primary difference. A pool basketball hoop, since is almost always in, on, or near water, is subjected to splashes and other forms of water droplets regularly. This makes corrosion, rusting, and other weather-corrosion highly likely. This is not such a major problem when it comes to a normal basketball hoop.

What to look for when buying a pool basketball hoop?

Pool basketball hoops come in all sizes, designs, and colours. To help make a wise choice when buying one, evaluating the hoop in terms of the following can prove helpful.

Number of Players

The number of players who would be using the pool basketball hoop to play a game is the first thing to decide. There is no need to get multiple basketball hoops, for instance, if only two players will be playing. In fact, a single person might want to play alone to hone his/her skills or simply for the mere joy of the game.


Along with this, the age of the intended players also matters. For example, smaller kids will not be able to reach a very high height to score a goal. Similarly, older kids won’t find the game competitive if the hoop is low enough to easily score.


This has to do with the material the ring of the pool basketball hoop is made out of. Rusting is especially an important concern for a pool basketball hoop because, without water or moisture, rusting doesn’t take place. However, since a lot of water is splashed over the hoop and it is often coated in a moist sheen, the chances of rusting are very high, particularly if the hoop is made from metal.

That being said, even metal hoops can be used provided they are covered with another material to provide a protective coating. In addition to this, just because material does not rust easily doesn’t mean that it is sturdy or durable enough. This is why a lot of thought needs to go into choosing the right material for a pool basketball hoop.


With almost any kind of outdoor play equipment, apart from extremely heavy ones, portability is a very beneficial feature. It just increases the number of places and people one can enjoy this extremely fun sport with. Who wouldn’t want to take over a pool basketball hoop to their friend’s house where there is a bigger pool and more friends gathered to play?

However, portability isn’t just about transporting the hoop from one place to another easily. It also has to do with how easily the hoop can be set up or fixed at the new location. Otherwise, if it takes too much time and effort to put the hoop in the new location, the frustration would take away from the excitement of the game.


The size of the pool basketball hoop mostly refers to the diameter of the ring. There are a few standard sizes too which can be bought by those who do not have much idea about hoop sizes. Otherwise, the size of the hoop depends upon the size of the basketball one has or likes playing with.


No matter what the size or material of the pool basketball hoop is, one feature that simply cannot be compromised on is the sturdiness of the hoop. It should be sturdy enough to withstand any hard hit of the basketball, considering not all hits go directly into the hoop and most of them bounce off it. Furthermore, water has the ability to wear off different materials which again makes sturdiness an important feature for a pool basketball hoop to have.

Adjustable Height

If the height of the hoop above water can be adjusted, it is another added benefit. This means that the hoop can be used by kids and adults alike, making the game easier, more fun, or more thrilling for them. Also, it should be checked whether the adjustment is easy and can be done in little time.


One can even buy a simple pool basketball hoop for as low as $20 and there are very expensive hoops too. And one can definitely not go beyond their budget so whatever features they look for, it is important to ensure that they fall within their affordable price bracket.


There are primarily two different types of basketball hoops. One type is placed on a high stand or structure like a normal basketball hoop is. The other type is left to float on the water.

Both of these types have their own thrill. While the attached basketball hoop gives a feeling similar to playing the original game, the floating one helps add a new twist and excitement to the game.


With so much variety in the shape, size, colour, and design of a pool basketball hoop, there is no reason to settle for a mediocre-looking, bland hoop. Not only can one get a bright and colourful hoop, but it would also make their swimming pool and surroundings look nicer.

Best Pool Basketball Hoops Brands

Mentioned below are some of the finest brands providing pool basketball hoops.


A well-known brand providing high-quality indoor and outdoor toys and play equipment, Lifetime manufactures multiple different pool basketball hoops. Its 1306, which costs roughly $150, comes with the adjustable height feature. Moreover, the backboard is shatterproof so players can try all their epi-dunks and other fun strategies to win and have fun.

Apart from this, the hoop’s base can be filled with either sand or water, so the hoop doesn’t slip or float away from its position. Furthermore, its net is also very secure due to the welded steel hooks attached to it.

Another major problem with pool basketball hoops is that their colour or design can fade away with time due to harsh sunlight. To cater to this problem, Lifetime’s 1306 ensures that its graphics won’t fade away in the sunlight.


One of the most popular and trusted brands of sports equipment worldwide, GoSports provides very durable and sturdy pool basketball hoops. Its Splash 360 is manufactured from patent-pending design. What this essentially means is that the hoop was designed while keeping in view very excited players and their turbulent hits, etc., which means the hoop would be very stable in any kind of play.

This hoop also offers two non-slip red pool basketballs and comes at a low price of $35. Furthermore, the hoop is very easy to assemble, taking only a few, short minutes.


Coup provides various kinds of pool basketball hoops and among its best hoops is the Hydro Spring. This hoop is sold for a measly price of $17 and has a protective covering over the hoop. Not only that, but this fabric covering comes with very exciting and attractive designs as well.

In addition to this, the hoop can be easily stored by folding it in a compact structure which can then be stored in the storage bag that is offered with the hoop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pool basketball a safe game to play?

If a person is adept at swimming, he/she can safely play pool basketball.

Can the height of a pool basketball hoop be adjusted?

Yes, almost all pool basketball hoops come with this feature.

Can a normal basketball hoop be used as a pool basketball hoop?

No. Due to some primary differences between the two, including but not limited to, portability, water-resistance, and height adjustment, a normal basketball hoop isn’t fit to be used as a pool basketball hoop.


What type of basketball hoop that you choose will be dependent on many different element like the type of pool the age of the kids and your budget, but we really hope that our guide helps you pick the Best Pool Basketball Hoops that you and your family will love and have hours of fun over this summer season.

With this said it’s very hard to pick the best but if I had to give a little extra round-up advise I would say the best for older kids is the Dunnrite Products Pool Sport 2-in-1 Swimming Basketball Hoop and if you are looking for a hoop for younger kids I would go with the Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Hoop this one is perfect for younger kids with the blow-up style there is little chance of getting hurt.