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Crows are a menace to many people in the United States. These birds are known for their loud caws and their propensity to eat just about anything they can get ahold of, including trash. In this blog post, we will show how to get rid of crows from your backyard by covering some methods that homeowners have been using to try and eradicate these troublesome birds from their backyards.

If you have a crow problem then the process of removing them is a two-step process. First, it is to remove them from your backyard. You then have to move onto the next process of keeping them out of your backyard. Below we give you all the steps you will need to follow to rid and keep them out of your backyard. 

How to Get Rid of Crows From Your Backyard

A lone scarecrow might not be too effective, but the strategies below. Which work best when used consistently and in conjunction with one another can frighten off your feathered foes. Just be sure to vary the position and location of items you utilize so that clever crows won’t become desensitized to them. 

To drive crows away, use:

Use decoys. Crows are territorial and will be scared off by decoys of other birds, such as inflatable owls. They’ll also avoid anything that seems alive: try burying a stuffed animal in your backyard so they think it’s another bird there to rival their territory.

Hang something shiny. Hang a shiny object in an area of your backyard where crows are roosting. This will create the illusion that they’ve been spotted by their predator and will scare them off.

Distress signals. Crows are sensitive to distress signals and will steer clear of anything that they think is dangerous. Play distress signals and the birds will fly away. Let your neighbors know what you have planned so they are not shocked by the noise.

How to Keep Crows From Returning to Your Backyard

Crows are a common nuisance to homeowners and can be very destructive. If their presence is starting to become an issue, it’s important that you take steps in order not only to deter them from returning but also to prevent any further damage they may cause.

Covering your trash. No one wants to live next door to a trash heap, but leaving your garbage exposed will only attract lots of crows. Invest in some large plastic bags or tarps and cover the offending mess when it’s not being collected.

Feeding Crows. A lot of homeowners like to feed the birds, but this can be counterproductive if you are trying to keep crows away. Feeding them will not only encourage their presence in your backyard, but it also may lead them into a habit that is hard to break. They could associate garbage with food and start breaking into trash cans or searching for food in your garbage.

Thinning trees. If you already have crows, the best way to get rid of them is by thinning dense trees. Crows will only nest in places where they feel like their safety from predators or humans are at risk. If there are other safe options for them to roost closer by, then they’ll move on and your backyard visitors should be gone.

Protecting your seeds. If you are a gardener and have been looking for ways to get rid of crows. Then it’s time to protect your seedlings. Crows will be attracted by the seeds because they can’t resist such an easy meal – but luckily there is something you can do about this problem.

Protecting your garden with mesh wire or chicken wire is a great solution for crows. Put the mesh over your seedlings and then tie it down to stakes – this way, when birds try to come in they’ll be blocked by the wire.

Install bird spikes. Bird spikes are another option that can help you keep crows out of your garden. They work to make it unpleasant for birds because they won’t be able to perch on the wires without pain – and this will give them an incentive to move away from your seeds!

Motion-sensor sprinklers. For more aggressive birds, you might want to try a motion-sensor sprinkler. This device will spray water at the crow as it flies over and scares them off. This is another great option for people who are looking to eliminate crows from their backyard!


The following are three of the best ways to get rid of crows from your backyard. You should consider all options before deciding which would work best for you!

While you want to follow the three tips to rid them from your backyard. You then want to follow as many of the other tips to stop them from returning.