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Crows are a common problem in many yards. They can be quite noisy and messy, and they damage plants by pulling them up from the ground. In this blog post, we will go over different methods you can use to keep crows out of your yard for good!

Whatever one may think about the crow one thing for sure is that they are smart and they are not going to let you get away with anything. They know that if there is a food source in your yard, then it’s theirs for the taking and so this makes them quite difficult when trying to keep crows out of one’s property or garden area as well because once these birds find something good like fresh fruit on trees, etc., all bets will be off!

Knowing the law

Before you jump in and start trying to rid the crows you need to know the law a little bit more. 

There are a few laws that you need to be aware of before taking any steps in order for it not to come back and bite your behind!

The first law is the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which was enacted by Congress on July 20th, 1918 as an effort “to provide full protection” against hunting migrational birds without proper licenses or permits from federal authorities; this act also prohibits anyone who has been convicted under state game regulations forms purchasing such license again until at least five years have passed since their conviction date (Migliore). 

This means if someone were caught shooting crows they would become ineligible to purchase another gun permit during those next four-five year period after being found guilty with no exceptions granted whatsoever.

Choosing Your Method

We need to come up with some ideas for getting rid of the crows without shooting them. We need to formulate a plan before coming up with the method.

What are some ideas for getting rid of crows? 

  1. Try to keep your property as clean and clear of food scraps as possible 
  2. Place a scarecrow in the area where you see crows most often 
  3. Hang shiny objects near trees or other places that crows like to perch, such as power lines and fence posts 
  4. Use an air horn or other loud noise-making device around the time when you think they may be arriving
  5. Use annoying distractions

Cutting Off the Free Lunches

A crow will not return to a yard with no food. If you want to keep crows out of your yard, make sure there is no food for them.

The best way we can do this would be by keeping our property clean and clear from scraps or leftovers that may attract the birds in order not to give any free lunches away! 

This will also help with other pests like rodents who are attracted towards these types of things too so it’s a win-win situation if done correctly and consistently maintained on an ongoing basis without fail until they stop coming back altogether which should take about two weeks at most.

Place a scarecrow

A scarecrow is a great idea if you want to keep crows out of your yard. Scarecrows are a great way for you and other people in the neighborhood that have crow problems, too!

A scarecrow is an easy DIY project if done correctly with some basic supplies like wire mesh or chicken netting (or any type), old clothes from around our house we don’t wear anymore such as shirts/pants, etc., 

String and something heavy at least 12 inches long which can be anything a rock on top will do just fine but it needs weight. So make sure whatever object chosen has enough heft behind them otherwise they won’t work well since birds see movement more than color when deciding whether there’s food nearby; this means even still objects could potentially deter crows.

Hang shiny objects

Crows will scare of shiny objects such as aluminum foil, CDs, or DVDs.

Place shiny objects in your yard to scare crows away from the area and discourage them from coming back! 

Hang a few of these around trees near where you want crow-free zones such that they’re not too close together but also don’t leave any gaps between each object so birds can fly through.

Without being disturbed by reflections of their wings; this is an easy way to make sure no bird will be able to see its reflection while flying over our property. 

Because it’ll think there’s something up ahead blocking out all light (which would otherwise come straight down). This technique has been used with success on farms since farmers have found ways how to keep pesky animals like raccoons at bay when stealing eggs/chicks.

Use an air horn

Animals don’t like loud noises crows are not an exception to the rule.

This is a good way to scare them away.  

This will also work for crows because they’re very sensitive creatures who are easily scared off by sudden noises like this one; so make sure not only do we have some on hand but place these strategically throughout our yard in order to keep those pesky birds at bay once and -for all (or until next year). 

Annoying distractions

Crows will not go to areas where there are predators adding fake decoy of a predator.

The best way to do this is with a fake owl. This will scare the crows away and keep them from coming back for years! 

It’s also important that we don’t forget about other animals who might be looking at our yard as their own personal buffet, so it would help if you set up some of these decoys in your garden or near any fruit trees on the property because raccoons are always hungry when they’re out prowling around (and no one wants those pesky creatures stealing all my hard work). 


Crows are scorn for a lot of property owners whether it’s because they’re a nuisance or just downright scary. 

That is why it becomes important to know how we can keep crows out of our yard for good and not have them come back again (or at least until next year). 

The best way that has been found so far, by farmers as well who are constantly dealing with these pesky birds stealing eggs/chicks from their farms, involves hanging shiny objects strategically placed throughout the property in order to scare off those animals before any damage gets done.