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Around any body of water, it is of great significance to make child safety a top priority; whether you are at the beach, near a pool, or “around a hot tub.” So today, we’re going to go over the “top 5” ways to keep children safe, in and around hot tubs.

The number 1 way to keep children safe in and around hot tubs

The first, and most important way, to keep children safe, when they are in, and around a hot tub, is to be cognizant of where they are. When a young person is close to a body of water (such as a hot tub), keeping an eye on the child is “extremely” important. If the adult is with family (or friends), simply taking a moment, or two, to just look around, take a glance at them, or make eye contact with them (every few seconds or so), will play a vital role in their safety. Kids are naturally curious – they love to search, experiment, and explore, so even though their mother, father, or guardian may be caught up in a conversation, it is very important that they understand that their little explorer’s safety takes precedence over the conversation that they might be involved in. When near a hot tub, are you constantly aware of small children?

The number 2 way to keep children safe in and around hot tubs

The second way to keep children safe, when they are in, and around, a hot tub is to be aware of the water temperature. Adults tend to like their hot tubs very hot (somewhere around 1oo degrees, maybe even higher), and that is perfectly fine for someone of that age, but when it comes to children, experts say that if they are going to be sharing the hot tub with their parent (or guardian), then the temperature of the hot tub, should be brought down to about 95 degrees. This 5 – 10 degrees difference will barely be felt by the adult, but it will suit the child’s body better since their young bodies naturally react differently to extreme temperatures. What temperature do you keep the water at, when sharing a hot tub with your children?

The number 3 way to keep children safe in and around hot tubs

The third way to keep children safe in, and around, a hot tub is to limit their time in the water. Whether or not the child’s parent (or guardian) is in the tub with them, does not change the fact that (experts say) that they should not be in a hot tub for more than 10 – 15 minutes at that (above mentioned) 95 degrees temperature. Their young bodies naturally have different reactions when they are in such an environment, so being aware of the time that they are in there is very significant. Experts also say, that if they are going to be in the hot tub for that amount of time (that 10 – 15 minutes), that the adult must be right next to the hot tub (if not in the hot tub with them), to be aware of the heat from the water making the child sleepy, and/or dizzy. What do you feel is an appropriate time to be in a hot tub with a child?

The number 4 way to keep children safe in and around hot tubs

The fourth way to keep children safe in, and around, a hot tub is making sure that it is properly covered, and locked up when no adult is near it (and it is not in use).

Going back to a previous point about children naturally being curious, and liking to experiment and explore, it is of “extreme” importance that you combat their natural curiosity, by keeping the hot tub locked up (and/or drained of water), when no adult is near it. This way, even if they do find a way to the hot tub, when you are not near them, there will be no chance of an accident occurring.

If the adult is using some type of pool cover (a tarp of sorts) to cover the hot tub, they need to make sure that they have the proper locking mechanisms in place, to keep the kid’s curiosity, and exploring minds, under control. When your hot tub is not in use, do you keep in covered and, locked up?

The number 5 way to keep children safe in and around hot tubs

The fifth way to keep children safe in, and around, a hot tub is to make sure that there are no hot tub (or pool) chemicals stored “anywhere” near the hot tub – “especially” above the hot tub. Accidents tend to happen (more so when children are around), so it would be very smart to store the hot tub’s chemicals far away from the tub, so that there are no chances, of anything being spilled in the water when children (or even adults) is enjoying the suds. It is important to note that even if the chemicals are locked up above the hot tub (in some type of overhead storage cabinet), that it would be a better idea to store them somewhere lower (and away from the hot tub). If you place them above the hot tub (even if they are locked away) the heat dispersal from the hot tub, can cause a reaction to the chemicals, causing them to leak out, so it would be wise not to even take such a chance, and just store them elsewhere. Where do you store your hot tub (and pool) chemicals?


Better understanding these 5 different ways in which a child can be protected from the dangers of a hot tub would be very wise. It would also be of great significance to check with the seller of the hot tub, to see if any additional child safety tips can be followed. With all of these safety tips in mind, every adult should be able to enjoy their hot tubs, with their young ones – without the worry of accidents occurring. Be safe, and enjoy the time in the water.