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If you have a lawn outside your house then you would know that acorns grow rapidly and it can be quite a difficult task to get rid of them quickly and easily but we hope to help with our guide on how to remove acorns from the lawn with some really effective tips.


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An oak tree in the lawn inevitably results in a huge crop of the acorns on the lawn which happens late in the summer through to the fall.

The spiraling of the acorns in the lawn leads to a huge mess on the flower beds, walkways and other areas of the lawn. After a point of time, the piling up of acorns in the lawn can be quite irritating and cause problems.

There are various drawbacks or disadvantages of having acorns crop up all over your lawn. Let us have a look at some of these factors. The acorns clutter the yard and cause damage to the lawn by inhibiting the growth of the grass.

The acorns sprout thus creating the seedlings, which need to be dealt with properly if they are not cleaned in a timely manner. Acorns serve as food for some of the pests besides squirrels. For instance, the mice which are known to carry diseases or illness feed on these acorns for their food.

When you are mowing the lawn, the presence of too many acorns might be potentially dangerous. The lawnmower that you use might throw it back thereby causing a potential injury and kids that are known to run barefoot in the lawn might get hurt by stepping on these acorns.

Removing or cleaning up the acorns from the lawn

There are a number of methods in which you can effectively clean the acorns from the lawn. It doesn’t matter what method or technique you choose for cleaning up the acorns in the lawn, the bottom line is you must efficiently get rid of the acorns from the lawn.

Some of the most common methods or techniques of getting rid of the acorns from the lawn include using the lawn sweeper, leaf vacuum, nut gatherer and rakes.

If you are looking to purchase a gadget or a product, from the market, to eliminate acorns from the lawn then it is important that you must do your research.

There are a number of such products or gadgets in the market that provide the necessary functionalities as well as features that ensure the effective elimination of the acorns from the lawn.

So if you are looking to buy one of these products then you must compare the various options available for you by looking at their features, characteristics or properties, quality, manufacturer, warranty, pricing, and customer support before choosing a suitable product.

You must always go for the product that fits best with your requirements and the budget that you are looking to spend on the product.

One of the important things that you must remember regarding the cleaning of the acorns on the lawn is the fact that you must start early. It doesn’t matter if the squirrels have shown up or not, as soon as you find the first instance of acorns dropping into your lawn you must begin the process of removing them promptly.

The squirrels might eventually come to bury the acorns during the time of the winter. One of the issues with relying on squirrels is that they don’t remember the location of the stashes and the acorns sprout quickly with the new trees popping up.

Thus in this case, if you want to preserve the lawn the clearing of the acorns from the lawn is fundamental as well as important. For this the lesser the number of acorns in the lawn the better it is.

If you begin the process of clearing the acorns from the lawn early then it is possible that additional sessions or extra but what it will do are ensure that you save considerable work for the long terms and the whole process of clearing the acorns becomes much easier as well as convenient.

Different methods of removing acorns

Let us have a look at some of the methods or ways in which you can clear your lawn of most of the acorns.

Leaf vacuum to remove acorns:

The lawn vacuum or the leaf vacuum has the potential to suck up the leaves as well as acorns from the lawn in an effective way. Some of the vacuum cleaners are stronger and more effective than the others. So when you are choosing or selecting a leaf vacuum motor for your purpose make sure that it is a good quality motor that is powerful and can do the necessary task efficiently as well as conveniently. The various lawn vacuums or leaf vacuums can either be purchased or even rented on a limited use basis.

When you are using the leaf vacuum and it becomes full or if you finish the task then you must empty the vacuum to complete the process.

It is important that you must read the manual that comes along with the gadget. However, if it is an old device that you have rented then you must talk to the lender to find the best way to use the leaf vacuum and follow all the necessary instructions as well as protocols to make the best use of these machines.

If you want you can also make use of the regular vacuums however the selection depends on the size of the task at hand and whether the leaf vacuum that you want to use fits the bill for the purpose.

Some of the factors or considerations that need to be looked at when choosing the gadget are the size of the vacuum, the power that it generates and the area of the lawn that needs cleaning up. Once you have all the information available with you then you can make an informed selection based on the requirements.

Lawn sweeper to remove acorns:

The lawn sweeper is basically the attachment to the lawnmower or string trimmer and the purpose of the lawn sweeper is to collect the debris or stuff that the lawnmower may have trouble dealing with. 

The lawn sweeper is capable of picking up acorns, leaves, and twigs amongst other stuff. This process is completed in either one of the two ways: sucking the stuff up like the vacuum or making use of the rotating brushes to toss it into the collection bin.

Nut gatherer to remove acorns:

The No products found. is also known as a weasel is another option for you to choose to get rid of the acorns in your lawn. This is basically a rolling device or gadget that picks up objects such as acorn and packs them within the container.

Once you are finished with the process all you need to do is make sure that you empty the container or the basket, the big advantage of using the nut gatherer for cleaning acorns is the fact it doesn’t require electricity or gasoline for operation. However, this device is not suitable for the bigger jobs that require high levels of the clean-up operation. 

Rakes to remove acorns:

Another method of cleaning up the acorns from the lawn is to make use of the rake. If you need a cost-effective solution and don’t want to make use of your hands directly in the cleaning process then using the rake is one of the ways to go about your job.

By using rakes you can pile up the acorns into one huge pile and then you can scoop it up for the necessary disposal.

Here it is important to note that if your lawn is massive with a number of oaks then it would be better for you make use of a pickup tool that is significantly more powerful to help you with the process of acorn cleaning in an efficient and easy manner.

The rakes are good and work for smaller jobs but are mostly inadequate for bigger propositions. Also using the rakes might not be the best method of acorn elimination from the lawn but still, it works, especially if you have a smallish lawn or backyard.  

When you are cleaning the lawn or yard it is important to keep clearing your buckets or container regularly so that they don’t become very heavy.

This is because if it becomes very heavy then you might need a garden trolley or sack truck to move the basket or the container from the lawn.

The Garbage Collection usually collects the waste of the yard and thus accepts acorns within that pileup. However, even then it is vital to keep the bag light so that it can be dumped off conveniently and efficiently.