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There are many benefits to owning a daybed, but there are some precautions that need to be taken when it comes to outdoor use. 

The most important precaution is waterproofing the mattress. When you have a mattress made of cotton or another material that absorbs moisture, water can get trapped and cause mold growth. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can protect your investment by waterproofing your mattress for outdoor use!

If you’re looking for a long-term permanent solution, go with an outdoor mattress.

If you want to save some money, waterproof an ordinary mattress using simple materials. It’s cheap and easy! You can choose the exact texture of the fabric that best suits your style. Whether it be beach club-style luxury or a more rustic vibe, imagine what possibilities await for such as small investment in this one creative project?

Top 4 Options For Waterproofing A Mattress

You may be wondering how to waterproof a mattress. Well, you’re in luck! We will explore the four most common ways. 

Waterproof Mattress Protector

If you don’t like the look of your mattress but want to keep it clean, a waterproof protector can make all the difference.

Their covers are easy to wash and won’t wear out as fast because they’re made with vinyl instead of fabric. Plus their neutral colors will match any bedroom decor!

This mattress protector will ensure your bed is protected by the heavy-duty zipper and 5 color options.

The Protectors fit a mattress that is 8-9″ thick, has a heavy-duty zipper, and comes in 5 colors. The sizes vary from Twin to Double/Full

Q Quard Mattress Protector Twin XL 100% Waterproof Dust Proof Fitted 18" Deep Pocket Bed Mattress...
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The Q Quard Mattress Protector is a waterproof mattress protector that can be used on any type of bed, including memory foam. It is made from a terry fabric that will keep you comfortable and dry as you sleep. The mattress protector can be cleaned with ease using the machine washable material, which makes it easier to clean than other types of protectors. This product will also not tear or rip easily like some other products on the market, so it offers great value for your money.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Fitted Sheet Style & Fit Perfectly
  • 360 Degree Full Wrap
  • Machine washable

The protector is designed to encase your mattress and shield it from all sides. The bottom of the cover will zip on easily, ensuring that you’re ready for any unexpected spills or accidents!

Waterproof Sheets

A more budget-friendly alternative to a waterproof mattress cover is using waterproof sheets on your bed. Not only are they cheaper, but you can also use them as an extra layer of protection so that accidents happen less often and with less mess!

The right sheet can make all the difference. But why settle for a plain ol’ white fleece when you could have something more stylish? With this fitted bedding, choose from four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, or King and six different colors! Plus with a 10-year warranty, it’s worth every penny of your purchase price.

Mecerock Waterproof Mattress Protector

Mecerock 6 Colors Grey King Size Waterproof Mattress Protector Washable Mattress Cover Fitted to 18"...
  • 100% Waterproof: Mecerock Mattress Protector Protects your expensive bed mattress from all liquids including body fluids, perspiration, urine and...
  • Quiet & Comfortable: The waterproof mattress cover is super soft, light and comfortable and it naturally absorbs fluids while allowing air and...
  • Fitted Sheet Style & Fit Perfectly: Looks like Fitted sheet, it has elastic and bands attached to your bed, and not slide off easily. You can...
  • Easy Care & Wash: Machine washable. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron and do not dry clean. It is best to be hung to air dry.
  • Multiple Colors to Choose: White, grey, camel and navy blue bed waterproof mattress cover can create different kinds of moods, giving you...

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Mecerock mattress protector is the best waterproof mattress protector for your bed. It is 100% waterproof, easy to care and wash, and fitted sheet style & fit perfectly.

Plastic encasing can be a solution, but they’re not the most comfortable option available. They may also make noise and look unattractive over time.

With a modern alternative like these, you can be sure that your feet will stay comfortable and dry no matter the weather.

Modern alternatives such as waterproof boots designed to encourage airflow are great for when it’s hot outside.

Waterproofing Spray

It can be difficult to make a mattress waterproof. After all, you need something that is not only capable of repelling water but will also still feel soft and comfy when it’s time for bedtime! That said, there are some ways you could try to do just this without too much trouble at all – might I suggest getting yourself an easy-to-use spray?

One such product would be Nikwax TX.Direct which has been shown in studies to work really well on mattresses and other textiles as well. It comes with instructions right here so if your mattress needs help don’t hesitate or worry about the task ahead; just get going already!

Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On Waterproofing 300 ml
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  • Easy to use spray-on waterproofing solution adds water repellency, revives breathability, and reduces water absorbency
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  • Nikwax products are PFAS-free, water based, non-persistent, and contain no optical brighteners or added scent. Aerosol-free spray & non-flammable
  • All items must first be cleaned with Nikwax Tech Wash before waterproofing. Household detergents leave behind water attracting residues

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It is advisable to carry out the process outside or in a large room because the water will ruin your flooring.

All you need to do to apply the waterproof spray to your mattress is to spray it on liberally and wait for the product settles. Then, wipe off any excess with a dry cloth until there’s no more residue left behind! 

Allow the mattress to completely dry before using it this will allow the Nikwax to fully work its magic. 

Once it has completely dried test the mattress with a little water to see if it’s fully waterproof. If the water just beads up and rolls off, you’ve applied the right amount of spray!   

If a little bit of moisture remains on top or underneath your mattress then more Nikwax is needed until there’s no dampness left behind when sprayed with this test again after waiting for an hour to allow the product to fully settle.

DIY Waterproof Cover

You can have a lot of fun bedazzling your mattress with fabric.

Another option is to cover the mattress with waterproof fabric. It’s always great for DIY and it will make you feel like Martha Stewart!

No products found.

Outdoor mattresses are difficult to maintain, but you can do so with the help of a few fabric options and careful upkeep. The key is keeping your outdoor mattress free from moisture, humidity, or sunlight exposure- fabrics that will stand up against these conditions should be chosen carefully when shopping for materials. You’ll find plenty at any fabric store!

Many people use their outdoors as living space during camping trips and other excursions out in nature; however, this exposes them to wet ground surfaces which makes it hard on whatever bedding they have brought along with them so Outdoor Mattress Covers offer protection by covering the airbeds where campers sleep while also protecting it from rainwater leaks or anything else that might happen outside.

Here’s what you need to do:

Measure the mattress. 

  • Cut a piece of fabric and measure it against the length and width
  • Cut accordingly. 
  • Use glue or sew together your cover with some thread from an old sewing kit that’s collecting dust in your closet. 

This can be a fun DIY activity for family members who are spending time at home this summer break!

More Ways To Protect Your Outdoor Mattress

Where you put your mattress will have a big impact on how waterproof it stays. 

Despite the best efforts of homeowners to create a durable outdoor living space for their family, exposure to direct sunlight or rain can diminish how long an outside surface lasts before fading in color. 

A pop-up canopy is a great thing to have and many people use them for storing their mattresses. If you live in an area that has a partial enclosure, the best place to store your mattress when it’s not being used would be on top of your porch or deck. This way it will always stay dry! Keeping the cover overtop ensures that moisture doesn’t get onto any setting surfaces.

A garage, pool house, or shed will protect your mattress even when you won’t be using it for a while. It may take more effort to move the bed between uses but if cared for properly, this can increase its lifespan significantly and give you peace of mind that your investment is well taken care of. At the very least lean mattresses against walls inside enclosed porches during bad weather as they are turned away from rainwater which could damage them over time.

Just because your mattress is in a cabin or treehouse, doesn’t mean it’s safe from bugs. Most of them are too heavy to fly and you can keep most out by installing mesh screens on the window openings so they have nothing but an unappealing view if they try to enter.

Maybe your daybed is an integral part of outdoor décor and you love to have it out all the time. If so, consider installing a pop-up canopy or even a regular hardtop gazebo just for that purpose!

Other elements to consider

You can add elegance to your outdoor curtains by adding some extra protection from mold and mildew.

When you take these helpful steps, your mattress will be protected and it’ll last longer.

Creating a waterproof mattress is an exciting and simple project you can try at home. If your time is limited, or if you want to make sure it’s done right the first time, there are many outdoor mattresses that come already waterproofed for easy protection!

I’ve been on a quest to find the best mattress for outdoor daybeds. Classic Brands stands out in particular because of its comfy gel memory foam and beautiful French tufting.

I hope you enjoy these other mattresses I picked out.

Our Top 3 The Best Waterproof Outdoor Mattress Reviews

We have carefully picked out 3 outdoor mattresses that will last you many seasons and that are comfortable. 

In A Rush? Here are My Top 3 Picks!

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ZEW Bamboo Round Outdoor Daybed

ZEW Bamboo Round Outdoor Daybed

ZEW Bamboo Round Outdoor Daybed is the perfect addition to your patio, garden, or poolside. 

This stylish daybed is made of 100% natural bamboo and rattan with a waterproof PE rattan wicker. 

It features an innovative comfort design that makes you feel like you are sleeping on a bed while enjoying the outdoors. 

The ZEW outdoor daybed includes 3 small square pillows for extra support and comfort when relaxing outside. 

Assembly is easy without any tools required. Enjoy your time outside with this beautiful bamboo daybed!

ZEW Bamboo Round Outdoor Daybed
See availability from the best retailers

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Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Airbed

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Airbed

The Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Airbed is an air mattress that has a flocked top with raised sides and a built-in electric pump. 

The approximate inflation time is 4 minutes, as well as the bed is covered in soft flocking for extra comfort. 

This bed also comes with the added convenience of an included hand carry bag. 

The Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Airbed includes a support system that aims to provide you with maximum comfort while sleeping.

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty.

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Berocia SUV Air Mattress

Berocia SUV Air Mattress

The Berocia SUV air mattress is a fast and easy way to get an instant bed. 

It’s great for camping, sleepovers, or any time you need a place to sit or lie down. 

The airbed inflates in less than 3 minutes, deflates quickly, and easily folds up for storage. 

The soft flocked top provides extra comfort and the waterproof bottom ensures your vehicle stays dry while sleeping on it. 

There are three separate airbags that provide support at every inch of the bed. They also help keep the sides of the bag from falling over.

Berocia SUV Air Mattress
See availability from the best retailers

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Best Waterproof Outdoor Mattress Buying Guide

We run through some of the keys when it comes to buying your outdoor mattress whether that a protector an actual mattress. 

Gel Memory Foam Vs Air Mattress: Which is best?

There are many different types of mattresses on the market, and it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. If you’re wondering if gel memory foam or an air mattress is better, read this blog post to find out!

Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam is a great choice for hot weather, as it doesn’t trap heat and offers you an instant cooling effect. A sleek design with an open-cell structure makes the mattress more breathable too!

The Classic Brands daybed mattress is a great choice for those looking to get the ultimate in comfort and support. It’s made from 50% gel memory foam, which provides an amazing level of pressure relief while still providing superior levels of contouring that will keep your spine aligned all night long!

Your gel-infused mattress may be too expensive for your budget and don’t expect the cooling effect to last throughout the whole night.

Air Mattress 

The air mattress is the perfect way to cool off when you are hot. It will keep your body temperature stable as long as it stays in the shade! Plastic can overheat in direct sunlight so be sure not to leave yours out too long or else you might have a really uncomfortable sleeping experience!

The biggest advantage of an air mattress is its portability and easy storage. It’s great for when you need a quick place to sleep or store your bedding in the summertime!

The best part about having an inflatable mattress is that it can fold up so neatly into a small box, making them incredibly portable and easy to stow away- perfect for those times where you don’t have anywhere else but on the floor to crash at somebody’s house after they’ve kindly offered their sofa as a refuge from family drama!

Consider this air mattress for a sturdy bed. While it may have some issues with leaks, the punctures typically show up at the seams first and can be easily patched to keep your sleep environment clean!

What are the benefits of buying a waterproof outdoor mattress?

You may be thinking, “Are there really benefits to buying a waterproof outdoor mattress?” The answer is yes! Let’s explore some of the perks.

  • Intended for outside use
  • Ready as soon as you receive the item
  • Should last you many seasons
  • No need to use waterproof spray or covers
  • No water absorption
  • Some waterproof mattress have warranties 

Our Winning Outdoor Daybed

The clear winner of my review roundup is the ZEW Bamboo Round Daybed. It’s made from 100% natural bamboo and includes a clean, minimalistic design to fit any interior style!

The best day bed I have found in my search for one that fits into all styles is the ZEW Bamboo Rouned Day Bed – it has been beautifully designed with great materials so can be both sleek yet cozy!

If you’re the type of person who values luxury and privacy, this patio furniture will make your yard look an awful lot like a resort. The French tufting on these air mattresses makes them feel luxurious while also adding some beauty to any room with its hand-rolled edges.

The Intex air mattress is the runner-up worth mentioning. This one lets you create a bedroom experience under your pavilion and its velvety exterior adds to the comfort that can be easily amped up with few tricks.

Make your New Outdoor Mattress More Comfortable

After you have a waterproof mattress and plan for keeping it away from the elements, there are many more creative options.

You could focus on the sheets and pillows or throw cushions.

For a truly luxurious experience, add some Egyptian cotton sheets to your linen closet. These soft high-thread-count sheets create the perfect hotel feel right in your own home. You just need to remember to remove them after use and take good care of them or they will wear out faster than you think!

Adding colorful pillows or throw cushions can liven up space.

Create an oasis with your own design. Use these outdoor ideas to create the space you need for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The sense of control over your outdoor space is a powerful feeling. You can choose what you want to do and don’t have to compromise with anyone else about it! This guide will help you get started on creating an outdoor haven that’s perfect just for YOU.

Your home away from home awaits all the way outside in the backyard, patio, or balcony. The weather doesn’t matter; all seasons are fair game when it comes to enjoying this area outdoors year-round: rain or shine; winter snowstorms and summer sun showers alike. Start by making sure any new additions like furniture are water-resistant before bringing them outdoors so they last longer than one season.

Conclusion About Backyard Waterproof Mattresses 

There are a few things you need to do before putting your mattress on the porch. You can’t just take it out there and expect everything to be okay, in fact, most mattresses aren’t meant for those conditions at all!

It doesn’t take much to keep your mattress clean in order for it to last. A simple spray of cleaner and keeping the mattress away from elements is all you have!

A mattress cover can be made to fit any kind of bed, from a poolside lounger that you may have at your cabin or treehouse.

We hope our post “How to waterproof a mattress for outdoors” was helpful for you. Let us if this has to help you find the Best Outdoor Furniture for your backyard!