9 Way How to Get Rid of Flies in My Backyard

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I am sure that you have noticed them before. Flies buzzing around your head and landing on the food in your hand as you are trying to eat. Well, they may not be so bad unless there is a bunch of them, but they can get annoying when there are too many and it becomes difficult for you to cook or enjoy your meal outside. If this is happening to you, then don’t worry because we will tell you how to get rid of flies in my backyard!

9 Ways How to get rid of flies in my backyard

Let’s drive the fly’s from our backyards.

1. Use A Fan. One of the best ways to deter flies is by using a fan due to the wind it creates. Flyers struggle to fly in windy conditions so they are not able to get near what you’re eating. All we have to do is place a fan in the direction of where our food and area will be out. It doesn’t matter if there’s a wind or a small breeze at all because flies don’t like how air moves either way.

2. Use A Citronella Candle. Both flies and mosquitoes are kept away with citronella candles. It is a great alternative to fly spray because it won’t leave any unpleasant smells or residue and the fragrance will dissipate in minutes after being lit, unlike insect sprays that can be smelt for hours! Citronella candles are also safe enough so they’re not harmful when sitting up close near food on our tables.

3. Make A Fly Trap. Making a homemade fly trap is much easier than it may sound. All you need is a jar and some apple cider vinegar. Pour the liquid about halfway up in your glass container, as this will keep them from being able to escape and drown inside it when they fall into its opening. Your jar should be placed in areas where the flies are most likely to congregate. Such an outside near trees or shrubs that have fruit on them and even inside your home.

4. Use A Swatter. A fly swatter can be a great weapon to tackle flies in your backyard. Swatting flies is immediate, effective, and a little bit fun. While a fly swatter is great they are not effective with massive amounts of bugs but great for small groups. You can also spray a fly swatter with bug repellent to give the flies on them an added oomph!

5. Use Vodka Deterrents. What vodka? Yes, flies can’t stand the odor of vodka and will stay away. You can use a spray bottle to apply it in areas where flies are most likely congregate or you could mix one part water with two parts alcohol, which is also an effective solution. You can also hand half-opened zip lock bags of vodka in areas where flies are most likely to be. Don’t forget to use the cheap stuff you don’t want to drink.

6. Fly Strips. You can buy fly strips that attract flies with the promise of food. All you have to do is hang them up and wait for flies (and their friends) who will come in hordes! The fly will stick to the strips and be unable to escape. You can make your own fly strips by cutting a piece of cloth and socking in lavender that will repel fly’s but they are not as effective as commercial fly strips.

7. Electric Insect Zapper. This is an easy way to get rid of flies, but you’ll need a power outlet near the fly-infested area. You can find these in most hardware stores or online and are only $30-40 depending on how fancy they come with features such as attractants for other insects that want nothing more than your company! These are really effective and many food shops use them just a lot bigger. Make sure to keep children and pets away from electric insect zappers. They are not like a bug light you can use around your home which is safer for those who live in the house with or without kids!

8. Use Fly Killer. Looking for something a little more industrial than a fly killer spray from the hardware store? Fly killers work wonders too. There are many brands on this market with different prices and features, but most will offer a little bit for your money’s worth in terms of strength to kill off those pesky flies! Most people like fly killer sprays because they can be sprayed anywhere around their home without having any type o electricity.

9. Plant Herbs. If you are looking for natural fly repellents, then you may want to plant herbs in your garden. Some plants and flowers that are known for repelling flies include lavender, basil leaves, peppermint, or spearmint; potted lemon thyme will also help keep away pesky houseflies! The only thing is if a fly does land on these it will not want to stay.

7 Ways to Prevent Flies from Returning

Flies can not be controlled properly unless you know how to prevent them from returning.

1. Clean Your Backyard. A fly will love nothing better than mooching down on dropped food. If you don’t want them in your backyard, make sure to clean all the food and garbage. Having a clean yard is the first step in preventing flies from returning.

2. Let Spiders Live In The Yard. Spiders that live in your backyard will help with the fly problem. They eat a lot of flies and they can also catch them when you’re not looking! The only downside to this is if there are too many spiders, it’s possible for their webs or nests elsewhere around your yard which may be unattractive so make sure the spider population stays low.

3. Plant Herbs. Herbs are an excellent natural way to repel flies. Plant a variety of herbs in your backyard, like lavender and rosemary. Keep them trimmed so that they don’t grow too tall. You also get the benefit of having fresh herbs for cooking.

4. Sort Water Problems. Get rid of any standing water in your yard, which attracts flies and other pests like mosquitoes too! Flies need to drink removing standing water is one more reason for flies not to return. If you have a backyard pool make sure it is covered.

5. Clean Birdfeeders. Your backyard birdfeeder can be heaven to a fly. The food attracts them and the birdseed is perfect for fly larvae to grow. Cleaning your feeder will help you control this problem in addition it helps keep birds healthy by removing old seeds, which can spoil or become moldy. A clean feeder is healthy for the birds and keeps flies away as well! Keep your birdfeeders empty if you’re not feeding birds during the winter months to prevent fly infestations in this area.

6. Cut Grass. For flies to keep coming back they need to lay eggs and your grass is the perfect location for this. Cutting it back will help you control your fly population by removing an attractive feeding ground, and cut grass doesn’t last long so flies won’t be attracted to come here as often!

7. Move Waste Cans. Your waste cans are going to be very attractive to a fly trying to find food, so move them at least 100 feet away from your home or any other structures in the yard. You should not have your waste cans near your cooking areas either!

FAQ About Backyard Flys

I have taken some common questions, people, to ask about the pesky fly and give you all the answers you need. 

How do I get rid of flies outside naturally?

Eliminate pesky flies by using homemade remedies. Mix a mixture of vinegar and dish soap to create an organic trap that will keep them at bay without harming the environment or nearby wildlife. Avoid cayenne pepper as it can harm plants, animals, children, and pets!

Why is my backyard full of flies?

House flies are the bane of many a household. These pesky pests can be found swarming around trash cans, outdoor restrooms, and even animal enclosures! They feed on decaying organic material which includes kitchen garbage, pet waste, or worse yet animal food (yuck!). With only one generation per month left unchecked by proper sanitation techniques such as regular housekeeping and fly traps, these buggers will multiply like crazy!

Why are there suddenly so many flies in my house?

Flies often swarm around homes because of the presence of an infestation. If you suddenly see a fly, it means that one or many eggs have already hatched and developed into flies so the source is likely inside your home, garage, attic-or garden!

Can you spray your yard for flies?

The best treatment for flies is fairly easy and there are several different options. In general, space sprays (aerosols) work the best inside structures because they kill off active infestations with less trouble than other treatments would have. Out in the yard traps and more targeted products will keep new fly problems away so that their numbers decrease significantly without constant maintenance from you!