What Size Nails for Artificial Grass: What You Need to Know

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If you’re looking for a great way to improve your backyard, there’s no better time than now. What Size Nails for Artificial Grass can be installed with ease, and it will last longer than any other type of grass out there! It also requires less maintenance and is much more affordable than real grass. But how do you know what size nails are best? With so many options on the market, it can get confusing fast. Fortunately, we’ve done all the research for you and put together this blog post that covers everything from nail sizes to installation tips!

Nails to install artificial grass are important for a secure, successful installation. Experts recommend using 5-inch bright common nails with 4GA heads that can be found every 3-6 inches along the perimeter and every 2 feet on center in the field. The amount of nailing varies depending upon factors like the shape and size of your yard’s lawn or patio area as well as how much seaming it needs throughout construction phases.

That is the very simple answer but let’s dig a little deeper on what type of nails and how many you will need. 

Different Types of Artificial Nails

Bright common nails: these are the most popular choice for artificial grass installation. They’re made of galvanized steel and cost around $0.50 per nail, which is cheaper than copper or stainless steel options.

Copper nails: These are more expensive but provide a longer-lasting option that lasts up to twenty years with proper care and maintenance.

Stainless steel nails: These are the best choice for people who want to use artificial grass in high salt, acidic or coastal environments that require protection from corrosion. What Size Nails for Artificial Grass using these may be more expensive but they last about twenty-five years with proper care and maintenance!

Ground spikes: These can be difficult to install but are a good option for people who have lawns that slope too steeply.

For low pile artificial grass, you can get nails with green heads that are relatively inexpensive. They will make them blend in much better than non-colored nails. 

Decide on What Size Nails for Best Artificial Grass for Putting Green before installation so you get the best results! 

An Idea of How Many Nails It Will Take

If you’re looking for a 50 lb. box, we have one that is good for an average installation up to 1,000 square feet in size!

This 25-pound box is a perfect starting point for an average installation up to 500 square feet in size.

The 10lb box of nails is good for an average installation that covers 200 square feet.

How many nails do I need for artificial grass?

Nailing the turf is an important step in making your lawn look more beautiful. For this nail, you should use 5-6 inch nails that are spaced about 4” apart around the perimeter and seams of each piece of material. You also want to leave 1” between pieces near edges for easier installation; 18″ – 2′ spacing will work best depending on how much space it is available.

Do you have to nail down artificial grass?

No, you don’t have to nail down artificial grass but you will need to use something to pin it to the ground. The infill can be used but nails are normally used due to how easy and quick they are to use. 

What MM is best for artificial grass?

The perfect mix of softness and durability, a 20 mm to 30 mm pile height is the best bet for anyone looking to combine their lawn care needs. With this classic thickness, your yard will look freshly mowed just about every time while remaining resilient enough even after years’ worth of foot traffic.