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It’s not that pet owners recently realized that grass and pets do not go too well together. It’s just that they didn’t have many worthwhile options before. But now, with the advanced and improved varieties of synthetic turfs commonly available, cat owners are increasingly turning towards them.


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But is artificial grass as useful and realistic as manufacturers market it to be? And can brands closely replicate the style, pile height, texture, and even the fresh scent of natural grass? And what about synthetic grass being environment-friendly considering it’s essentially plastic?

Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more.

This guide covers the reasons natural grass doesn’t mix well with cats and why artificial grass is a smart investment if you are a pet owner.

But before that, here are a few options – few of the most high-quality synthetic turfs available currently – you can look through.

PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug

Petgrow Artificial Grass Rug 6.5 FT x10 FT(65 Square FT), Realistic Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn...
  • THICK & REALISTIC ARTIFICAL GRASS RUG: Grass height about 1.37” in length, 70 oz total weight per square yard, high-density artificial grass....
  • PERFORMANCE :Made of high quality synthetic material, super durability.Rubber backed with drainage hole,can be dry quickly.
  • Save money & Friendly: no mowing, no watering, making it an excellent surface for pets and kids to play on.
  • Perfect for Outdoor decor, such as Garden, Lawn, Patio, Landscape, Backyard, Deck,Balcony, Porch and other outdoor place. Also used as Mat,...
  • Easy Installation: Made to withstand all weather conditions, this turf rug can also be cut to desired size or shape without causing any fraying....

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One of the most realistic looking options for artificial grass, this one measures 6.5 by 10 feet (65 square feet). It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the grass has a 4-tonal green colour, adding to its natural look.

The use of this synthetic turf as a rug for cats is very appropriate because of how soft it is. This will make it easier to get your pet used to it. Also, since it is non-toxic and environment friendly, it is very safe for pets.

Made from high-quality polypropylene, this synthetic turf rug has high resilience and durability. Not only is it rubber backed but it has drainage holes to quickly drain water or other fluids. The high density of the grass makes it strong enough to withstand the weight of cats, or other pets, without flattening.

In addition to this, the grass pile height is 1.37 inches which is a common pile height to ensure soft yet durable grass. The weight per square yard is 70 ounces. With a stitch rate of 17 stitches per 3.94 inches, this choice is very durable and can easily take regular use by any pet, particularly cats.

This rug can be placed in any area of your choice. It is suitable for use in a garden, lawn, patio, deck, balcony, backyard, or porch. Indoors, it makes an aesthetically pleasing carpet and doormat.

Furthermore, it has heat-resistant properties to ensure the rug can be used in areas with any kind of temperatures.

Pup Grass Artificial Grass

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Available in sizes 3 by 15 feet, 3 by 10 feet, and 3 by 5 feet, this artificial grass is specially designed for pets. Therefore, it can be used as a training pad or tray to housebreak your cat(s).

Some features that make it a fine choice as synthetic turf, and more importantly for pets’ use, are its instant drainage and eco-friendly nature. The instant drainage is helpful in keeping the grass dry and clean, since it can be hosed down with water any time and would dry within a short time. Since this grass is lead-free and has an antibacterial agent in it, it does not pose any health risks to the pets.

Apart from these, the rug is UV-resistant which means that not only does it keep the users away from harmful rays, but also ensures the safe usage of the grass in high temperatures. This also means that it can be used under direct sunlight. This is especially helpful to keep the grass odorless and clean.

Another benefit of using this synthetic grass is its easy maintenance. If there are paper scraps or fallen leaves on it, they can be removed with a rake. Dirt can either be dusted off or simply washed away.

Even though this artificial grass turf is roughly 30% cooler than other synthetic turf rugs, it should still be put under shade when not in use for long periods of time. Moreover, during the installation, if it is being installed over soil, the soil should be compacted to ensure it is smooth.

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GOLDEN MOON Grass Pee Pad Artificial Turf

GOLDEN MOON Artificial Dog Grass, Dog Grass Pee Pad for Indoor Outdoor Potty Training Replacement...
  • ❤ Size of the Small artificial grass turf: L 25in W 15in, Pile height 1.18in.
  • ❤ Potty Training: A good pet training device for apartment indoor, raining day, snowy winters. Better to put some pee pads under and spray some...
  • ❤ The grass mat is easy to clean, just fresh water cleaning, save your time and your money.
  • ❤ Ideal artificial turf for dogs for housebreaking, or as puppy dog potty patch replacement mat, drain system allows liquid waste to drain...
  • ❤ ATTENTION: The new product may have a slight odor, and the edge may have little bits of hemp, you can shake the grass turf several times and...

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The top three qualities of this artificial turf pad are its comfort, safety, and ease of maintenance.

The reason this grass is very comfortable and soft is due to it very closely emulating real grass. The grass is very soft and has a high-density, making it very smooth to the touch apart from being durable. Moreover, the individual blades aren’t too hard or rough, which again adds to the comfort of using this pad.

The safety of the grass comes from it being anti-bacterial. Unlike real grass, it isn’t treated to a plethora of chemicals to keep it well-maintained. This makes it bacteriostatic, which refers to its quality of inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Furthermore, it is very easy to clean due to its enhanced drain system which ensures that water quickly runs off the surface through the drainage holes. This also means that you don’t have to worry about it absorbing any odor from your pet(s) because with a simple, quick wash the smell can be removed.

The size of this synthetic turf is 15 by 25 inches, which is perfect for cats. With a pile height of 1.18 inches, it has a high density which makes it quite durable. This also means that the grass blades will stay firmly upright despite regular use.

Before use, it is instructed to shake the grass a few times to get rid of the little bits of hemp, and to place it in an airy, ventilated space for a couple of days.

AMASKY Artificial Grass Turf

Artificial Grass Turf 4 Tone Synthetic Artificial Turf Rug for Dogs Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn Patio...
  • ✔ Artificial grass height about 1.37” length, 70 Oz total weight per square yard, high-density artificial grass. With 4-tone color, soft and...
  • ✔ Artificial turf can be installed at pets playing area, yard, garden, patio, balcony, roof, swimming pool, road verges, flooring decoration,...
  • ✔ Artificial grass made of the highest quality polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns, fire and corrosion resistant,withstands rain, sun,...
  • ✔Artificial turf easy to be cut into any size, with low maintenance,easy to clean and saving water.
  • ✔ Artificial turf coated durable rubber backing with drainage holes to help clear water and wee away quickly. It is easy to tidy away, and...

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Made from polyethylene, a very durable material for constructing synthetic turfs, this is a high-quality grass turf suitable for use by children and pets alike.

Moreover, not only does this grass look very much like natural grass, but it even feels real to the touch. This will also be helpful in making your cat(s) get used to the turf in no time since it is quite smooth and comfortable. Also, the pile density of 1.37 inches is perfect to give just the right amount of cushioning to the grass.

Along with polyethylene, polypropylene yarns are also used to add to the durability of the grass. This strong combination gives this turf its corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant properties. Also, this grass can easily withstand sun, rain, and wear and tear, making it perfect for use at all times.

Another major advantage of this synthetic turf is that it can easily be cut into any size you desire. While the company does provide various sizes, if you are still unsure about the size you have bought, you can just neatly cut it up into the desired size and shape without worrying about it fraying.

Tidying this grass is also easy as only fresh water is required to clean it and that would also dry up real soon. This is because of the rubber backing of the grass with drainage holes to clear away water and wee.

Available in multiple sizes, you can easily find one that will fit in your desired space. These sizes are 2.84, 7.59, 16.5, 26.24, and 32.8 square feet.

Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass Patch

PZG Premium Artificial Grass Patch w/ Drainage Holes & Rubber Backing | 4-Tone Realistic Synthetic...
  • EXTRA-LUSH SYNTHETIC GRASS: While other artificial grass patches feel rough, look sparse, are designed with questionable materials, and weigh...
  • BEAUTIFUL REALISTIC LOOK: Don’t settle for a synthetic grass mat that looks obviously fake. The blades on our outdoor artificial grass patch...
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Through rain or sunshine, pet poop or pee, this premium synthetic grass mat holds up durably without fading or falling off....
  • VERY LOW MAINTENANCE: No mowing. No fertilizers. No pesticides. Pet Zen Garden fake grass for dogs takes all the hassle out of maintaining a...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’re happy when you’re happy. That’s why we’ve backed these realistic artificial grass squares with our...

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With a blade height of 1.6 inches, this is one of the most durable and soft choices of synthetic grass available. This also ensures that your pet wouldn’t feel uncomfortable on the grass patch and neither would the grass flatten with its weight. It is also why this product is marketed as ‘extra-lush’ as it weighs 70 ounces per square yard – try walking on it bare feet!

Also, this is a lead and toxin-free option so there is no safety hazard when using it. Furthermore, this turf is designed to last through rain, snow, heat, wee, or other similar substances. Thus, there is no risk of this grass losing its luster and realistic colour.

The composition of this grass is high-grade polyethylene and polypropylene, both of which are materials that can easily withstand the effects of harsh weather conditions. Along with this, unlike many synthetic turfs that need to be stapled or taped to the ground, this can simply be placed wherever required since it has a rubber backing. This ensures that the grass doesn’t move away when in use.

Apart from this, it can be placed in a variety of places in your home or office because it gives a very life-like look. Unlike other synthetic turfs, it isn’t sparse or rough, so it nicely creates a natural feel wherever it is placed. Also, as the look of this grass is quite modern, it can simply be used for decoration, such as in the living room or the entrance of your house.

Why use artificial cats grass?

Even though many buyers get confused between artificial and real grass, when it comes to pet owners, the choice is often far clearer. This is because all the reasons why having a cat might ruin one’s real garden, are absent when it comes to artificial turf.

So what exactly are the disadvantages of having a cat on real grass and how are these problems catered to by synthetic turf?

Real grass for cats: Disadvantages

You might think that cats are these little, adorable pets that can’t really harm a real lawn, but after reading the following reasons, you’d think otherwise.

  • Cat urine can potentially kill your grass without even giving it the chance to benefit from the nitrogen in it. So no, it isn’t healthy for the grass – it wouldn’t help it grow. Instead, it will leave random, yellow patches in the ground ruining the entire look of your lawn.
  • The same goes for excretions by the cat. Not only do they damage the grass if left for long, but they can leave a strong odour behind, taking away from the fresh, natural scent of the grass that is cherished so much.
  • Real grass brings two problems with its dirt. One, it makes your cat dirty if it starts rolling on the muddy surface, and two, if the muddy paws are brought back to the house, the indoors will get messy as well.
  • Some cats simply are not fond of outdoors. They like living, eating, and playing indoors. But this reduces their playtime and they don’t get as much exercise and fun playtime as other cats usually get.
  • Natural grass often has stones and thorns in it, just like any real plant, which can hurt a pet as fragile as a cat.
  • When it rains or snows, your pet wouldn’t be able to use the grass for a long time afterwards since it would be too wet or cold.
  • Similarly, if you have to thoroughly clean the grass or add chemicals to it, you will have to keep your cat away for a long time to ensure it isn’t exposed to those chemicals.

Artificial grass for cats: Advantages

Synthetic turfs work a lot better if you have a feline who loves playing in the grass. This means all the fun of rolling in the grass without the risk of ruining it.

  • Any excretions from your cat can be removed quickly with a scoop. If the grass is still too dirty or lathered with fluid, just washing it with fresh water will clean it up.
  • Unlike real grass, with which you need to be careful what chemicals you are adding to it, you can use the combination of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to get rid of any weird smell.
  • If your cat isn’t a fan of outdoors, you don’t need to come up with creative ways to take it outside anymore. You can easily find an artificial grass rug that will fit in your desired place inside the house and your cat can have all the fun it wants on it.
  • Artificial grass is very safe for cats for two reasons. First, it isn’t treated with chemicals so the pet can use it. Second, there aren’t any tiny stones or thorns as the entire grass is smooth throughout, so your pet wouldn’t run the risk of getting hurt.
  • With no dirt or mud in synthetic turf, neither will the cat get dirty nor your house with its dirty paws.
  • There won’t be any breaks in playtime because there isn’t any need to stop your pet from using the grass to clean or treat it. Similarly, even rainwater will drain quickly so your pet can be on the grass within no time after the rain ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent your artificial grass smelling of cat wee?

A little, timely care can go a long way to keep your synthetic turf as good as new.

  • Clean excrements as soon as you can.
  • Wash the grass with fresh, lukewarm water.
  • Keep the grass in a ventilated area to remove any odor.
  • Keeping it under the sun for a while can also help kill bacteria and other germs.

What is the best pile height for cats?

1.5 to 1.6 inches is a good pile height for cats to feel comfortable on the grass and for the turf to easily hold their weight.

What is the best pile density for cats?

A density of roughly 17,000 stitches per square meter works well for cats.

What is the best fibre material to choose for cats?

Polyethylene comes highly recommended for cats since it is a durable material and permeable to cat urine. But if your feline companion is aggressive and loves clawing its way through every surface, the more durable option – nylon – should be preferred.

Will artificial grass for my cat need a foam underlay?

If the artificial grass has to be installed on a hard surface, such as the concrete or an old, hardened patio, it is recommended to install a foam underlay to add sort of a cushion to the grass. However, if your area of choice is already soft, such as the garden, there really isn’t any need.

Is artificial grass safe for cats?

Yes, artificial grass is completely safe for cats. However, just to be very certain, ask your manufacturer for independent certification to ensure that the grass is lead-free and non-toxic.

Will my cat be able to lick artificial grass?

A cat might not be able to resist licking or trying to chew the grass but this wouldn’t be harmful at all as artificial grass isn’t treated with chemicals that real grass often is.


While the ultimate decision lies with the buyer and their preference, it cannot be denied that bringing in artificial grass if you have a cat at home can really make things easier and more convenient for you.

With synthetic turf, you can provide your cat with a clean, dirt-free, non-toxic, smooth, and soft surface to play on. Along with this, it also has the chance to play anywhere and at any time. And if these aren’t convincing enough, then know that all these benefits come without any real maintenance requirements.