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As much as we all love our furry pets, it hurts to see the damage they inflict on our grass. Especially grass that we have grown with so much time, effort, and money. But just because your dog might ruin real grass, does that mean it shouldn’t be allowed near it?


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Of course, not! Dogs love playing and running around on the grass. So you get synthetic grass for your pet(s) instead.

But with artificial grass for dogs, come many concerns, and rightly so. Buyers are skeptical about its look and feel, durability, installation, and recyclability, among other issues.

This article aims to cover any such concerns and detail how synthetic turf might just be what you and your dog(s) need.

If you have already made your mind to buy artificial grass, here are a few ideas you can consider as these are some of the finest choices among synthetic turf.

GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass for Dogs

GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass for Dogs Grass Dog Potty Training Grass Pee Pad Fake Grass Mat for Pet...
  • 1.Size Options of GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Turf Rug: 3’ x 5’, 3’ x 6’, 4’ x 7’, 6' x 8',7' x 13'
  • 2.All our artificial grass are made of high quality anti-aging particle with masterbatch which has been tested for color degradation, durability,...
  • 3.The outdoor turf rug with rubber-backed which is non-slip and has no trouble of mowing. Besides, it is fadeless with UV resistance.
  • 4.The fake grass mat provides great decoration for both outdoor and indoor areas with beautiful natural appearance and high temperature...
  • 5.The artificial turf can be cut to fit your exact requirements. When you receive our grass rug, please put it in the sun for about 2 hours, and...

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Highly appropriate for use by dogs, this synthetic turf’s common size is 7 by 13 feet (91 square feet). This soft mat can be used to housetrain your dog and act as its pee pad, and can even be used purely for decoration.

One of the reasons this grass has a superior reputation than many other similar products in the market is its colour. The colour of this rug is composed of 5 different shades between green and dark yellow. This makes the grass look lusciously green and as fresh as natural, dewy grass.

Due to the grass being multi-tonal, it comes with instructions to keep the different grass piles in the same direction when laying out multiple pieces. This ensures that the colour consistency isn’t disturbed. Additionally, the company also guarantees colour fastness for this mat, i.e., it’s colour would not fade away with time.

Apart from these, this artificial grass also has UV-resistance and fire-resistance. This is due to the use of anti-aging, high-quality fabric to construct it. Furthermore, since the backing is made from rubber, it is non-slip, so even if your pet is moving a lot on it, the grass wouldn’t move from its place.

Moreover, the sizes in which it is available are 16 by 40 inches, 3 by 8 feet, 6 by 15 feet, and 7 by 13 feet.

Lastly, the instructions also guide the buyer to keep the grass rug under the sun for roughly 2 hours after receiving it and to stroke it backwards if it looks flattened.

PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug

Petgrow Artificial Grass Rug 6.5 FT x10 FT(65 Square FT), Realistic Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn...
  • THICK & REALISTIC ARTIFICAL GRASS RUG: Grass height about 1.37” in length, 70 oz total weight per square yard, high-density artificial grass....
  • PERFORMANCE :Made of high quality synthetic material, super durability.Rubber backed with drainage hole,can be dry quickly.
  • Save money & Friendly: no mowing, no watering, making it an excellent surface for pets and kids to play on.
  • Perfect for Outdoor decor, such as Garden, Lawn, Patio, Landscape, Backyard, Deck,Balcony, Porch and other outdoor place. Also used as Mat,...
  • Easy Installation: Made to withstand all weather conditions, this turf rug can also be cut to desired size or shape without causing any fraying....

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Measuring .5 by 10 feet (65 square feet), this artificial grass rug by Petgrow is made from high-quality polypropylene. It has a pile height of roughly 1.37 inches and weighs 70 ounces per square yard. Moreover, it has a 4-tone green colour that gives it its natural, realistic look.

With rubber backing and premium quality synthetic material, this is an immensely durable choice of artificial grass. Also, since the backing has drainage holes in it, the grass can be dried quite quickly.

Moreover, this product is eco-friendly and safe for use not only by pets, but also children. If this is particularly being bought for pets, you can rest assured because it is very comfortable and smooth as well.

With its beautiful greenish hue, this makes a perfect accessory for decoration indoors such as on a patio, balcony, or the living room. At the same time, it looks stunning outdoors as well. The use of this synthetic turf in decks, lawns, and house entrances isn’t uncommon.

With the blades of the grass staying upright through the years and the colour strongly staying in the grass, this product can easily last more than a decade. Therefore, if you are making an expensive choice, make sure it is something as worth your money as this synthetic turf.

As this grass rug is heat-resistant, it can easily be used in regions with high temperatures. Similarly, placing it under the sun wouldn’t be a problem either. And if all of these aren’t convincing enough, this rug is very low maintenance.

ZGR Artificial Garden Grass

ZGR Artificial Garden Grass 4 ft x 6 ft Premium Lawn Turf, Realistic Fake Grass, Synthetic Turf,...
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Heavy-duty Artificial turf grass that is 4 tricolored looking, made of PE "U" model yarn that has a comfortable touch. The...
  • KEY FEATURES: 10 Year Warranty, 20 Year Average Lifespan, Non-toxic making it pet, child, and environmentally friendly. UV resistant, fire...
  • QUALITY: We stand behind our product and its premium quality. We have designed this product to be long-lasting enough to withstand long time...
  • APPLICATION: Can be used both indoors or outdoors. Ideal for both residential or commercial usage. An excellent addition to yards, terraces,...
  • OUR COMPANY PROMISE: We offer high-quality gardening and lawn products by constantly improving our technology and innovations in the market. More...

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This is heavy-duty artificial turf and as such, comes highly recommended. Made from polyethylene ‘U model’ yarn, it has a two-layered backing which is made from anti-aging polypropylene weave cloth. The material for the back coat is styrene-butadiene rubber latex.

The pile length of this synthetic turf mat is 35 mm, it weighs 75 ounces per square yard, and the gauge is ⅜ inches.

As this mat is UV-resistant, waterproof, and fire-resistant, it is fit for use in virtually any weather. You do not need to shade it away from sunlight or cover it during rain. It can easily withstand different weather conditions without its quality, look, or feel being affected by them.

The widespread use of this synthetic turf mat for pets, particularly dogs, is because of how smooth and soft to touch it is and its non-toxicity.

If you use this mat for housebreaking your dog, it can easily be cleaned and kept free of any odour by hosing it down with water. No other maintenance requirements are given by the manufacturer, hinting towards how easy and effortless to use it is.

No matter what size your dog is, you can count on this brand to deliver the synthetic turf mat of the right size as it offers a wide range of sizes. These include 7.8, 15, 24, 40, 60, and 91 square feet.

This product also comes with a 10 years warranty and, on average, lasts for around 20 years. The lifetime of this mat speaks for its high-quality and superior construction.

Petgrow Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf

Petgrow Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf 5FTX8FT(40 Square FT),0.8" Pile Height Indoor Outdoor Pet...
  • MATERIAL: High-quality durable polypropylene fibres, PE material on the surface, environmentally friendly,with drainage holes, water resistant...
  • Realistic Artificial Grass: Grass Height about 0.8” in length, high-density artificial grass. With 4-tone Color, soft and lush and the thatch...
  • ECO FRIENDLY ARTIFICIAL GRASS: Non-toxic and Lead free, non-toxic. No mowing, no watering, no fertilizers. No pesticides, safe for pets and...
  • Perfect for outdoor decor, such as garden, lawn, patio, landscape, backyard, deck, balcony, porch and other outdoor place. Also used as mat,...
  • Cleaning Method: bark paper scraps, direct cleaning, dirt dust, rinse with water, chewing gum, etc., cut off sticky straw

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Made from polyethylene terephthalate, this is a highly durable and fine-quality choice of artificial grass rug for dogs. It comes with a grass pile height of 0.8 inches which is lower than most synthetic turfs but gives the grass its softness and cushiony feel. Also, it has a 4-tone colour to create a very life-like look.

Also, with this product, there is no risk of stagnant water dirtying the grass or ruining its look for long because there are drainage holes in it which ensure quick and smooth flow of water out of the turf.

This grass is also environment-friendly so children and pets can easily use it.

In addition to this, the grass can be kept well-maintained with minimal effort. All it requires for cleaning is the same, usual household tips and tricks. If there are paper scraps, bark them; to clean dirt, dust it; for proper cleaning, rinse it with water; and if it gets chewing gum on it, cut off the straw of the grass it is attached to.

The uses of this are also manifold. It is perfect to be placed in the lawn, garden, patio, deck, balcony, porch, or any other space outdoors while inside the house, it can be used as a carpet or a mat. At your desired place, it can easily be installed with grass tapes or staples.

Even though this product comes in a 5 by 8 feet (40 square feet) size, it is available in a very large range of sizes. These are between 30 square feet to 1066 square feet.

GL Artificial Turf Grass Lawn

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Made from premium quality, UV-proof polypropylene yarns, this grass by Goasis Lawn – a popular manufacturer of synthetic grass – is 5 by 8 feet in size. Some of the highlights of this grass include it being eco-friendly, water-resistant, dense, and easy to clean. The UV-resistance of this grass is guaranteed for 8 to 11 years while its lifetime is well above 12 years.

Despite the standard size advertised, the brand offers customised sizes too. All you need to do is inform them about your desired size or tell them the area of the place where you want this grass, and they’ll design a customized synthetic turf for you.

Also, this product is quite multi-purpose and fits stylishly in virtually any location you choose. Whether it’s your children’s play area, living room, office, backyard, balcony, roof, pet’s place, or garden, this grass will look elegant. Don’t worry about this grass ruining the look of any place because it very, very closely resembles real grass.

Apart from this, the installation is also simple and hassle-free. The best part is that if it’s a little too large or if you suddenly decide that the grass would look better at some other location than what you had originally chosen, you can simply cut it neatly without causing any fraying at the edges.

To give you a better idea of the quality of this product, know that it is tested repeatedly to improve its performance and standard. This is why the durability, colour fastness, and weather-resistance of this grass is guaranteed. These are also the reasons why this synthetic turf has a very high lifetime.

Why use artificial dog grass?

Before exploring why you should use artificial dog grass, let’s look into why you cannot use real grass for dogs.

Real grass for dogs: Disadvantages

There are multiple reasons why dog owners often get frustrated by the way their lawns and gardens get damaged by their loving pets.

  • Dogs are very fond of burying bones or their toys. This means that any soft ground they find, they are likely to dig it up and play in the dirt. And if you are a keen gardener, it will be painful to watch what this does to your well-maintained lawn.
  • Dog wee can be dangerous for real grass because it can actually kill it. And sure, there is nitrogen in the urine which the grass needs for its growth. However, before the growth spurt can occur, the grass can die with the urine.
  • The excretions by a dog can also damage the grass and make it smell quite unpleasant.
  • The patches in the grass might get removed over time due to your zealous pet’s playful activities in the garden.
  • Your pet might get reduced playtime because of real grass requiring maintenance. For example, if you have to weed out the grass, add fertiliser to it, or spray it with antibacterial chemicals, your dog will have to stay away from the grass meanwhile and quite a bit afterward.

Artificial grass for dogs: Advantages

Now that you know why it isn’t the brightest of ideas to let your dog near real grass, let’s see how artificial grass counters all those issues.

  • There is no problem of urine damaging the grass or seeping into it. Since artificial turfs come with drainage holes, any liquid would easily drain away through them in no time. Also, you can clean the area with fresh water to get rid of any nasty fluids or smell.
  • Dog faeces wouldn’t ruin your grass either but they still need to be cleaned. The mess can simply be scooped up and disposed of.
  • Any odour can easily be removed by using bicarbonate of soda on that area. Add to that a little bit of vinegar and the smell would be completely gone. This is why artificial grass works so well for dogs because there is no problem of it reeking of dog wee.
  • You don’t have to deal with your dog’s muddy paws dirtying the entire house up. Essentially, artificial grass provides all the benefits of real grass without the dirty parts. Really the best of both worlds.
  • Artificial grass is also very safe for your dog as it is soft and cushiony. It is made to be smooth and comfortable for the pet. Unlike real grass, it doesn’t feel rough to the touch.
  • Since there is no need to either weed your artificial turf or treat it with chemicals such as fertilisers, you wouldn’t need to keep your dog away from the grass at any time.
  • Lastly, since synthetic turf is made from durable plastics, you don’t need to fuss over your dog pawing at it. It can easily withstand the weight and playful activity of your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent your artificial grass smelling of dog wee?

The following are commonly used to get rid of any smell on artificial grass from the dogs.

  • Diluted white vinegar is often used to completely get rid of strong stenches.
  • Ensuring that the grass is left with sufficient air to disperse the smell can be useful.
  • Keeping the grass under direct sunlight can also help remove the odour from it.
  • And the easiest of the tricks in the book – wash it! This can be done by using a water hose to rinse the grass thoroughly.

What is the best pile height for dogs?

This depends upon the type (material) of grass. For nylon synthetic turf, 0.8 to 1.3 inches is preferred. For polyethylene artificial grass, 0.8 to 1.3 inches works well.

What is the best pile density for dogs?

The most commonly recommended pile density is between 16,000 and 18,000 stitches per square meter. At this density, not only will the grass be able to easily take the weight of the dog but also maintain a very natural look.

What is the best fibre material to choose for dogs?

Nylon is a good choice since it is very strong and durable so it will be able to withstand the weight of and regular use by the dog.

Will artificial grass for my dog need a foam underlay?

No, this is not essential if you are using your artificial grass for your dog. But if you still want one, make sure the foam is free-draining.

Can my dog dig up artificial grass?

Since most dogs are used to digging up soft surfaces, they will try to claw at artificial grass too. However, once a dog realises that artificial grass cannot be dug up, it will eventually give up trying to do so.

Is it safe for my dog to lick up artificial grass?

Yes. Since most artificial turfs are made from materials free of heavy metals and toxins, it is safe for dogs to lick the blades. But, just to be sure, contact the manufacturer of your grass to inquire about its composition.

Can I have artificial grass if I have more than one dog?

Yes. Since the best artificial grass is made from durable plastics, it can easily withstand the weight of multiple dogs without getting flattened or losing its cushiony feel.


With how synthetic turf provides all the benefits of real grass without the problems that come with it, it is very convenient for a dog owner to use it. Not only would your dog have a safe place to play on at all times but it will stay clean while doing so.

And having Best Artificial Grass for Dogs one of the most common complaints of pet owners – having a smelly, ruined lawn. So now you can have a beautiful, realistic lawn that your dog can enjoy any way that it wants. Who wouldn’t want something so carefree?