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Looking to mater you’re putting skills? We can’t always get out to golf course so the best solutions to mater your putting is getting the best putting mat.

You will often hear people saying golf is 40% putting and it’s very hard to say this statement is false, but getting your putting right during the winter can be very difficult, also having your own putting range at home is cool.

We have reviewed the top 5 best putting mats on the market today right at the top if you just want to see the best; if you want more information then we have put together a complete buying guide below.

So let’s get into this and review the top 5 putting mats

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)
  • Manufactured from PET resin
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Kidney shaped practice putting green
  • High quality putting surface stays smooth
  • Built in sand trap cutouts catch missed shots

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Practice your putting on a budget. This large indoor putting practice pad is a great way for any golfer to hone their shot. The difference between a good hole and a bad hole can come down to the simplest of puts when you’re out on the green. Don’t let a wayward putt sink your game in front of your friends and business associates. This putting green is 9×3 so it is large enough for you to practice a diverse range of putts. There are traps cut out of the back to catch any wayward puts so the balls don’t go all over the place in your office.

This putting green has three different holes and two traps and comes in a curved shape so you can get in a ton of different puts on a single green. Practice threading the needle or keeping it on the edge. The high-quality top means that it will stay smooth and fast while the bottom is made from high grip materials so that it will not move when it’s placed on the floor. Complete your golf game today.

  • Three holes and non-square shape give a diverse range of puts to try
  • Traps keep wayward balls from escaping into the room
  • High-quality material for both top and bottom surfaces

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

SKLZ ACCELERATOR PRO - Indoor Golf Putting Mat with Auto-Ball Return & Behind-the-Hole Ball...
  • REALISTIC PUTTING EXPERIENCE – True-roll mat surface replicates the putting speeds and conditions found on actual golf courses, allowing you to...
  • IMPROVE STROKE ACCURACY – Prominent alignment guides at 3, 5, and 7 feet help you consistently square the putter face, control your backswing,...
  • PRACTICE UNINTERRUPTED PUTTING – Continuous automatic ball return system with adjustable gravity ball return for different distances takes the...
  • MAINTAIN YOUR FLOW STATE – Practice your putting stroke with confidence thanks to the Accelerator Pro's behind-the-hole ball collector that...
  • PERFECT YOUR STROKE ANYWHERE – Measuring 9 feet x 16.25 inches, this rubber-backed putting mat stays in place on various floor types, including...

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Refine your straight puts today with the SKLZ Pro Indoor Putting Green. This green has everything you need to get the best out of your puts. At a full nine feet long you can practice your short, intermediate and long puts on this green. The true roll surface emulates the conditions you would find on an actual green so that the skills you build inside translate to the course every time.

This green also features an automatic continuous ball return so you can keep putting without having to go and retrieve your balls after every practice put. The green is also marked in intervals that have squaring and alignment guides on the green itself so that you can practice your putts from 3’, 5’ and 7’ out. This green has everything you could need to have a serious putting practice that will improve every aspect of your putting game.

  • Nine feet long with marked intervals to improve your putting game from short, intermediate and far distances
  • Automatic ball return keeps the balls coming back over and over
  • True roll surface emulates actual turf so you’re ready for the game

Upstreet Putting Mat for Indoor Golf

Upstreet Golf Putting Matt for Indoors, Golf Putting Green or Mini Golf Set - Includes Two Indoor...
  • ⛳ GOLF PUTT COMPLETE SET: This golf putting mat comes with 2 golf balls and 2 putting cups. The ball or putterball won't slide back down the...
  • ⛳ GREEN FEEL: Our distinctive putting green mat has a real putting green feel and is composed of high-quality polyurethane. It has very thinly...
  • ⛳ LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY: The putting matt for indoors was created to be streamlined, lightweight, and simple to store. It has a soft,...
  • ⛳ PERFECT GIFTING SOLUTION: This indoor putting green or mini golf set is a great way to entertain guests and family in the comfort of your own...
  • ⛳ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We stand by the term "quality," and this putting green indoor will arrive in good condition. Please contact us if...

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Not everyone has room for one of those massive full-sized putting greens. Now any surface can be a putting green of your choosing with these quality indoor putting mats. Simply place the mats down on the ground and voila you have yourself a putting green. Pick your angle of attack or place your own obstacles in the way as you putt your way to glory. This is a perfect gift for the golf enthusiast who spends long hours working indoors. Now you can have the gift of golf anywhere.

The green mats are extremely professional looking and can be easily set down or taken up whenever. They are small, razor-thin and do not cause a distraction or obstruction. They are sloped at the front to provide an accurate and smooth ball transition as your perfect putt approaches the hole. These mats even nail the look and feel of true outdoor putting green.

  • Perfect gift for the golf enthusiast in your life
  • Two quality mats are professional, unobtrusive, and fun
  • Practice your putting anywhere, just set the mat down and you’re ready to go

VariSpeed Putting System

ProActive Sports, VariSpeed Putting System, 10 ft, Mimics Real Putting Green, Loaded with Drills,...
  • PRACTICE PUTTING ANYWHERE - This 10 foot putting mat is perfect for any golfer's home; designed to fit in your office, living room, backyard, or...
  • UNIQUE FEATURES - The Varispeed Putting System includes features you won't find anywhere else; adjustable speeds let you choose from 4 Stimp...
  • CUSTOM BREAKS - With the included adjustable break wedge you can set up realistic break conditions; practice uphill or downhill putts, or left...
  • SMART GUIDELINES - Allow for you to perfect your putt and enable several fun games to be played; the included booklet covers pro training...
  • SPECS & CARE - The 10 foot x 20 inch VariSpeed mat easily rolls up for fast, convenient storage and set up; follow standard carpet cleaning...

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The VariSpeed Putting System is the ultimate in indoor putting greens. This system has everything the casual or pro needs to create dynamic and fun putting sessions on the fly. The unique surface allows for ball tracking so you can see the path of every put you take so you can evaluate and correct any mistakes giving you realtime feedback. It also comes with four adjustable speeds so you can practice on slow greens or fast greens giving you options that other indoor putters just don’t have.

The flexible green also allows you to create your own custom breaks using a provided wedge. This way you can set the speed set the break and put over the most difficult putts imaginable. If you’re just trying to blow off some steam at home or in the office this system also comes with an idea booklet with fun practice sessions, solo games and games for a small group of people so everyone can get in on the fun. This truly is a complete putting green system every golf enthusiast will love.

  • Four speeds available
  • Wedge for creating custom breaks
  • Visible ball traces give feedback in real-time to adjust every putt

Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat

Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat, 3 x 11-Feet, Green
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor residential or office use
  • Large 11 foot long by 36 inch wide putting area
  • 36 inch wide green enables you to stand on the putting surface and putt from different angles
  • Premium back that will eliminate folds and creases in the putting surface

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This large putting green mat is perfect for anyone who loves golf. The large size makes it a versatile indoor or outdoor putting green. Put it in the office, in your home or in the backyard and start tweaking your putting game today. It measures a full three feet wide by eleven feet long which gives you more than enough room to attack putts from any angle.

The flexible green can be easily adjusted, rolled up and placed in your favorite locations. The quality backing reduces the chance of bunching, creasing or folding during play and after moving it. This mat can be a fun addition to any garage or office where people like to gather around the putter and blow off some steam. Or use it to get a leg up on your golf buddies and perfect that finesse put that will boost your game to the next level.

  • Large mat measures 11×3 for a versatile putting area
  • Quality material prevents bunching but allows for easy movement and rolling
  • Perfect for the home, office or communal outdoor space
  • Hone your golf putts anywhere

Golf Putting Mats Buying Guide

Putting is a very major stroke in golf and all enthusiasts love to ace this one skill. However, going to a golf course to regularly practice putting skills might not be feasible for many people despite how much they want to improve. The solution? Golf putting mats.

What is a golf putting mat?

A golf putting mat is an elongated mat used for practicing golf. The name ‘putting’ comes from the fact that these mats are used for practicing putting which is a type of a golf stroke.

These mats are mostly used indoors, in places such as spacious rooms or offices. However, many people like to place their mats outdoors since it gives more of the golf vibes and experience.

Why buy a golf putting mat?

Many golf players, especially beginners, are uncertain as to whether getting a golf putting mat would actually enhance their putting skills. Here are a few reasons why players opt for a golf putting mat.

Practise Anytime

With a golf putting mat, the practice can be done at any time of the day as per one’s choices. In the flip scenario, one would have to go to a certain place – mostly a golf club or course – and abide by the timings, that can be inconvenient to some for a number of reasons.

What this implies is that there will be more time to practice. If anyone has a putting mat laid down in the very next room, they would be more willing and inclined to practice.

Enhance Straight Putts

With a golf putting mat, one can easily monitor their performance, particularly the straight putts. This is primarily due to the fact that a golf putting mat is supposed to be laid on a flat surface. So if one aligns and strikes correctly, the straight putt should always get the ball into the hole.

The quality of one’s straight putts is slightly harder to determine on a golf course or grass because it might be slightly uneven.

Offering Difficult Golf Scenarios

Some of the best golf putting mats provide additional features that can help the user improve their game. These features include different distance and speed options. In fact, some even come with customization options.

What this means is that the player can improve their putting skills by practising with an array of different options, which is much harder than playing with the same distance and speed.

How do you practice on a golf putting mat?

The putter is used to strike the golf ball and try to get it into the hole (or the desired position) in one or two strokes.

A common tip to practice on a golf putting mat is to look at the spot right in front of the golf ball. This helps the eyes focus instead of spanning the entire mat. So looking at that spot, in the target line, the putt should be made.

What to look for when buying a golf putting mat?
Buyers determine the quality of a golf putting mat or whether it meets their requirements by considering these aspects.


Golf putting mats come in different sizes, depending upon the nature of use. For example, a regular mat that is to be used inside the home might be 5 by 3 feet while a professional one can measure 9 by 20 feet. There is a wide variety of sizes and before finalizing one, the buyer needs to determine the maximum space they have for the mat.


The material of the putting mat is perhaps the primary feature that determines what kind of experience the user will have while playing.

For example, a golf putting mat made from high-grade, non-crease, polyester with a foam base feels very much like grass and makes the user feel like they are playing on a real golf course, thereby enhancing the experience.

On the other side, cheap materials might make the mat feel hard, thin, and rough, taking away from the joy of practising one’s putting skills.


While some golf putting mats can simply be placed on a flat surface as they are quite simple in their build and design, others are slightly advanced and require installation. At this point, it is also important to consider whether one would be okay with the minor damages to the floor/surface caused by the installation procedure.

Weather Resistance

As many people play and practice golf outside, using their golf putting mats, the weather-resistant feature becomes very important. The mat should not easily stain, discolor, or lose its vibrant hue due to the changes in the weather.


When it comes to the base of the putting mat, two things need to be checked.

The first is whether the mat has a base. If yes, the second is the quality and material of that base.


Many people like playing golf with their peers and at different locations. For such fans of golf, a portable golf putting mat is recommended. However, it should be noted that this mat should be light-weight, compact in shape when stored and come with a carrying bag or case to easily transport it from one place to another.

Other people might prefer to practice putting at only one place and have their mat installed there. These mats are usually more advanced, larger, and heavier.


Some mats are very easy to store and can be rolled into a compact shape that is stored in their case. Other mats might not be easy to store and might not even have a carrying/storage case.

Best brand of golf putting mats

To ensure that the golf putting mat is durable, would last long, and would enhance the experience of the game, the following brands are a good option.

ProActive Sports

This brand offers its VariSpeed Putting Mat System that weighs 6.6 pounds and is made from 100% polyester. As the name suggests, the mat allows adjusting speeds to practice more efficiently. Along with this, the mat comes with a roller brush and can be stored easily in a compact shape.

The mat measures 10 feet by 20 inches and comes with custom breaks to simulate the real playing experience. Furthermore, there are visible ball traces and the system comes with a booklet with a lot of fun ideas to make putting more exciting and engaging.


This is a very reliable and major brand of sporting goods and other products. The Putting Mat Green by SKLZ is a very simple design of a golf putting mat. Despite that, it is considered one of the best golf putting mats to get the value of the price.

It measures 3 by 9 feet and has three holes in it. Weighing 7.6 pounds it is easily portable. Moreover, there are slight slopes in the mat to capture the essence of a real golf course.


Home Golf Putting Mat is an impressive mat by FORB as it measures 10 by 2.6 feet and is suitable for use on almost all surfaces. This mat is relatively heavier than most other options with its weight of 46 pounds. This means that it is best to select one position for it and let it stay there.

The base is 50 mm foam, which has a built-in incline just like many golf courses do. Furthermore, the mat includes three holes and can easily withstand regular – in fact, daily – use. Lastly, not only is the surface very realistic and grass-like, but no creases appear in the mat even after daily use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a golf putting mat help my putting skills?

Yes. A majority of the people who regularly use golf putting mats for practice observe a significant improvement in their putting skills.

Should I buy a golf putting mat?

A beginner is recommended to get a golf putting mat if he or she wants to easily develop putting skills. For more experienced players, buying a golf putting mat is completely optional.

Can you make a golf putting mat at home?

Yes, a golf putting mat can be made at home with plywood or particle board.

How much does a golf putting mat cost?

Golf putting mats aren’t very expensive as they start as low as $15.

Will I have to install my golf putting mat?

It depends upon the type of golf putting mat. Some of them can be easily placed at one spot while others require proper installation.

How to store a golf putting mat?

Most golf putting mats can be easily stored by gently rolling them up and placing them in their bag or case.

In case there is no bag, a rope can be used to lightly tie around the mat before storing it in any dry place.

What should the base of the golf putting mat be made out of?

Not all golf putting mats have bases. Those that do use different materials for the base. One of the most common of those is foam.


It is said that golf is 40% putting and I think it would be hard to argue with this statement.

So getting your putting game on point can make or break your game so getting the practice in is key.

Right so getting the best putting mat for your practice is what this article is the main aim to help you achieve.

So if you are going to be getting your putting game on the point and want to be the next tiger woods then a putting mat is an excellent tool to help you practice when you can’t get to the greens.