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Are you thinking or already participating in the world’s oldest game? Then you will want the best bocce ball set for your backyard to take your game to the next level.

It’s a game that comes from France and Italy but is played all over the world and has been played for over 200 years are you going to join the trend and get yourself a bocce ball set?

We aim to review for you the best sets on the market we lay the top five right at the top then we move into the buying guide and a little more information on playing and the history of bocce.

Champion Sports Bocce Ball Set

Champion Sports Bocce Ball Set: Tournament Series Classic Family, Party and Lawn Game
  • FULL SET - The Champion Sports Tournament Series Bocce Ball set features eight bocce balls and one jack ball, everything you need to play the...
  • RED AND GREEN BALLS - Each bocce ball is crafted with tough phenolic resin, known for its use in products like billiard balls, countertops, and...
  • PLAY ON MULTIPLE SURFACES - Play a game on the lawn at the backyard picnic, on the driveway, indoor on carpet, or at the park; this set is built...
  • FOR TWO TO EIGHT PLAYERS - Whether it’s two players or as many as eight joining in the fun, this set is perfect for families and adults who...
  • CONVENIENT CARRY BAG - Store your set or carry it along with our 1680 Denier nylon bag that’s durable and weather resistant; comes with...

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The Champion Sports Bocce Ball Set is the perfect set for beginners or veteran players alike. They have made their balls out phenolic resin which is the same material that billiard balls are made from which makes them versatile enough to work on multiple surfaces. Whether you want to play on the lawn, indoor carpet or even concrete like in the driveway or a cement court, these balls can do it all. This makes this set perfect for families or the avid outdoor player who likes to take bocce along with them.

This set comes with eight balls for a full game in both red and green colors as well as the target ball. It also includes a carry case so you can pack up and store the game whenever you are finished. This set can host up to eight players at once so it is the perfect game to take with you to your next outdoor get together or the perfect game for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Eight phenolic resin balls made for durability and versatility
  • Handy carrying case for travel and storage
  • Can host up to eight players at once for a ton of family fun

GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Set 

GoSports 100 mm Regulation Bocce Set with 8 Balls, Pallino, Case and Measuring Rope - Premium...
  • OFFICIAL SIZE: Complete Set of 100mm (3.94 in) Bocce Balls (4 Green + 4 Red with circle and square markings)
  • CANVAS BOCCE BAG: Includes durable canvas carrying case with ball dividers and shoulder strap for easy portability and storage
  • REGULATION MARKINGS: 8 high gloss balls with 4 red (2 square cut, 2 circle cut) and 4 green (2 square cut, 2 circle cut) and 45 mm white pallino
  • PREMIUM RESIN: Compare against other low quality brands that use cheap resin leading to cloudy finishes

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Enjoy the classic game of bocce with a timeless and clean look with GoSports’ set. This set is designed with the modern player in mind with a durable canvas carry case and sleek high quality red and green balls. The balls are marked with circular and square cut patterns to support multiple players during the game for easy identification in the game.

This kit comes with eight balls and a white target ball. Each ball is a regulation size measuring 3.95” in diameter and weighing 2lbs 5oz each. This kit even includes a measuring line, not usually seen in most sets, to get the most accurate positioning and scoring possible. GoSports uses a high quality resin that will not cloud or fade over time like some cheap resins on the market. GoSports offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of its products with customer service that is based in the United States.

  • Full bocce set made from high quality resins
  • Comes with a durable canvas carrying case with ball dividers inside
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

St Pierre Sports Professional Bocce Set

St Pierre Sports Professional Bocce Set, Green/Maroon, 107mm
  • Professional Grade Set
  • Highest-Quality, Solid All-Resin Balls
  • Official Size & Weight Bocce Balls
  • Precision Roundness and Balance
  • Ideal for Backyards, Beaches, Serious Competitors, and Leagues

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St. Pierre sports offers professional regulation bocce set with a couple of quality upgrades. This set has eight classic red and green bocce balls made from the highest quality resins. The design is sleek and durable and really stands out. Their target ball is yellow instead of the traditional white so it stands out better during play and won’t get dirty over time. The carrying case is a modern soft-sided bag that holds all of the balls in a compact and stable way that makes carrying easier than ever.

The design of St. Pierre’s bocce balls are made with optimum balance and roll due to its superior roundness. Play anywhere with this kit, on grass, concrete, tile and more. The sturdy, smooth resin allows this classic game to be played anywhere. It supports up to eight players and is the perfect party game for the casual shooter or the perfect go-anywhere set for the serious player. All of the balls are full size and meet all regulatory measurements for official play.

  • Modern balls made from high quality resins
  • Superior roundness, smoothness, and balance
  • Compact carrying case won’t take up space or cause a fuss
  • Great for casual and serious players alike

Deluxe 4-Player Resin Bocce Ball Set 

Bocce Deluxe Ball Set - 8 Lightweight Resin 90mm Balls & Carrying Case - Classic Indoor & Outdoor...
  • CLASSIC FUN: Bocce is a yard game that mixes bowling, croquet, and shuffleboard. Great for players of all ages
  • COMPLETE SET: Our deluxe set includes 8 standard-size bocce balls, enough for up to eight players!
  • EXPERT OR AMATEUR: The 3.54" (90mm) 1.6-pound poly-resin balls sport an authentic feel and weight, yet perfect for beginning and recreational...
  • ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Outdoor or indoor, simple rules mean just about any flat surface is a potential bocce court
  • PORTABLE KIT: Each set comes in a hardy, reinforced nylon carrying case and includes a 1.5" white poly-resin jack

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Get the perfect recreational bocce ball set from Crown Sporting Goods. Most bocce ball sets are expensive and come in the heavy weights and dual color set up that is traditional. Not anymore. Crown Sports make bocce more accessible than ever.  Featuring balls of FOUR different colors at a slightly smaller diameter and weight make this game perfect for the casual player. With easy to learn rules and nothing needed but this set to start playing, getting into this classic game has never been easier.

With the white jack ball and the four pairs, this game can support four individual players or four tandem teams for up to eight players worth of fun. This is the perfect way to introduce your friends and family to a new game that is sure to be a smash hit. Play anywhere including the backyard, the park, the beach or the driveway the resin balls are made to be used on a variety of different surfaces. Don’t let this classic game pass you by, get started with the recreational bocce kit from Crown Sporting Goods today.

  • 8 bocce balls in four colors support up to eight players at once
  • Lighter, smaller balls are perfect for recreational players and families
  • Easy to learn hard to master rules make this game perfect for players of all ages

Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set 

Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set 107mm Made in Italy 10 Year Warranty
  • Made in Italy. By the official supplier to the world bocce champs for more than 20 years. Balls laser engraved Made In Italy.
  • US Bocce Federation and International Bocce federation regulation size 107mm balls Solid color and 50mm white pallina (target ball)
  • 10 Year warranty against ball breakage. Best warranty in the industry. Most other bocce sets are 30 days on workmanship and no breakage warranty.
  • If you play on a bocce court or want true pride in ownership and a set that will out last by decades any other set on the market then this is the...
  • Playaboule has been the exclusive US distributor of Perfetta bocce sets for more than 10 years.

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Take pride in owning one of the greatest bocce ball sets in the world from Perfetta Club. These gorgeous quality bocce balls are made in Italy and are designed to last decades. Whether you want to use them in official matches or proudly display them in your home this set can do both. The gorgeous colors are laser engraved and the workmanship is evident immediately. This set is approved by both the US Bocce Federation and the International Bocce Federation in terms of size and use.

The set includes eight gorgeous bocce balls and the target ball as well as a handy carrying case to take the set along with you. Perfetta offers a 10 year warranty against ball breakage which is the best warranty on the market. Most other sets have no warranty or a measly 30 day warranty against ball breakage. The 10 year warranty shows the true trust and quality that they have put into their set. Upgrade your set today with this amazing Italian bocce ball set by Perfetta.

  • Amazing Italian made set is gorgeous and functional
  • Approved by the US and International Bocce Federations for use
  • 10 year warranty against ball breakage

Bocce Buying Guide

Bocce is a ball game which would suit almost anyone willing to play it. The game is very easy to play, the rules are simple, the set is minimal and usually inexpensive, and it is a fun way to socialise with others. Can a sport get better than this?

Why play bocce

Apart from how unique this game is, there are multiple reasons to play bocce.

Improve Thinking Skills and Strategy

Bocce isn’t simply about throwing the ball with as much force as one possibly can. This game requires one to think carefully, analyse different angles, predict how much force is required to land the ball at a certain position, and more. Therefore, playing such a game will exercise the mind and sharpen thinking skills, along with improving one’s strategic approach.

Improved Flexibility

Bocce involves throwing a ball in different ways and at different angles, which means that the wrists and arms are bent and many muscles in the body stretched. Regularly playing this game can make the upper part of the body more flexible along with strengthening it.

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination

Like most ball games, bocce also helps improve hand-eye coordination since the ball is to be thrown at a precise location. However, this improvement isn’t only helpful when it comes to such games. Hand-eye coordination can be useful in daily activities and improves the reflex action of the body.


Since bocce is played with an opponent or a team of opponents, this game is a good chance to socialise with others. Especially, when playing in teams, bocce can be conducive to learning lessons gained by working in a group. Moreover, a game of bocce is almost always full of laughter and talking since it isn’t too stressful or challenging of a game.

Light Exercise

This is one of those games that require no preparation or difficult to attain skills. This is largely due to the little amount of exercise involved in the game. No one has to run miles or attempt highly physically-strenuous actions to win the game.

That being said, many calories are still burnt playing this game so it is perfect for those looking for a light workout.

Stress Reliever

As mentioned earlier, bocce is a simple and stress-free game to play with a couple of friends. This game is not intense and doesn’t require extreme mental or physical effort. What better way to spend time doing something that keeps the body in shape?

No Age Specification

Since the game is so easy to play and all that one has to do is carefully throw the ball, anyone can play bocce. So what exactly does this mean? This means that it is the perfect game to play over the weekend with the entire family joining in on the fun!

The history of bocce

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that bocce has been around for ages. In fact, the game is believed to be first played in 5200 B.C. Later, the game became popular among the Romans and the Greeks who popularised it.

Many years later, the game was brought to popularity again by the famous Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Interestingly, this game also has an edge of royalty to it. The popular Roman emperor Augustus was a huge fan of this game and often played it as well. During his reign, bocce became an important sport and was known as the sport of the nobility and statesmen.

Therefore, despite seeming like a regular and simple sport, bocce’s history is anything but flat.

Is there any strategy to win at bocce?

There are several tips and tricks that can improve one’s performance in bocce. Some of them are listed below.

  • Gripping the ball firmly yet properly is crucial. Bocce isn’t just about wrapping the fingers tightly over the ball. No, it has to be gripped with the thumb and forefinger in order to throw it at the right location.
  • It is important to be fully relaxed and comfortable in this game. Bocce is played the best when one can clearly think and is donned in comfortable clothes that allow the body to move freely.
  • Carefully analyse the direction and angle of the throw. Aimlessly throwing the ball in the general direction of the target, hoping that it would hit at the right spot, does not help at all.
  • Learning a few blocking techniques can come in handy. Blocking techniques include tossing, hitting, or rolling the ball in such a way that the opponent’s balls are blocked.
  • Finding the right tossing position – standing or crouching – can also help. Some people can throw better while standing upright while others can grip and toss the ball with more precision while crouching.
  • Experts also suggest learning the court well. This can help predict how the ball would behave upon landing at a particular sport. And this might just give a player the edge they need over their opponents.

Best bocce player

While there have been different bocce stars in different countries and across different tournaments, but the one that stands out the most is Umberto Granaglia. He was an Italian bocce player known for his finesse and expertise in this sport.

Granaglia died in 2008, but before his death, in 2005, he was conferred with the ‘Player of the 20th Century’. This honour was awarded to him by the Confederation Mondiale des Sport de Boules.

What factors to consider when buying a bocce set?

A few aspects can be considered before getting a set of bocce balls.

  • The Surface: A ball made from one material would behave differently on different surfaces. Therefore, it should be kept in mind what kind of surface one would use before getting the balls.
  • Level of Game: A casual game wouldn’t require balls of the kind of quality that a professional game would. For instance, sets designed for professional games are usually made from heavy-duty polymer.
  • Balls: The size and weight of balls should be considered according to the age of the players who would be using the set.

Best brands of bocce sets

Here are a few brands whose bocce sets not only boast high quality but are also readily available at reasonable prices.


From this very well-known sports brand comes the Franklin Starter which is a bocce set costing only $19. It includes balls made from polyethene which are four different colours. Along with this, there is also a carrying bag for easy portability of the set.

What’s so good about this set is that good quality balls are available at a very low price so even if they are damaged or one doesn’t feel like playing the sport anymore, nothing is really lost. This is also why this set is great for beginners and those who are still trying to determine whether bocce is the right game for them.

Water Sports

The popular Water Sports Lighted is available for $50. Although the price might seem a little high to some but rest assured, the features of this set more than make up for the price. Not only are the balls made from a heavy-duty material to make them more durable and long-lasting, but the LED lights included in the set make this perfect for use during night time.

In addition to this, the battery life is also excellent so those who had to limit their playtime due to the sun going down, now have a very easy solution. This set is highly recommended for children who would love the lightning and the glow-in-the-dark feature.

St. Pierre

This is a well-known brand that mainly produces goods for ball games. This is why it is a very reliable brand when it comes to Bocce. The Tournament Set, which costs $125, is known for its very high quality and vintage style.

This is recommended for professionals and very passionate players of bocce. Also, this is the perfect set for those who want style with quality. This set can easily be used in tournaments and other major games as the careful composition of materials used to manufacture the eight balls in this set ensure high durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play bocce on the beach?

Yes. Bocce can be easily played on the beach.

What is the difference between boules and bocce?

The main differences between boules and bocce are their origins and ways of playing.

  • Bocce originated in Italy while the French invented boules.
  • Bocce is played like bowling while boules resembles horseshoe.

Can you play bocce on a lawn?

Yes. Bocce can be played on any kind of levelled surface. For a lawn, it is suggested to mow the area that is to be converted into the bocce court.

What are bocce courts made of?

A bocce court is supposed to have a material inside it which gives a slight bounce. This can be sand, granite, or crushed oyster shell.

Who invented bocce?

Bocce was originally invented by the Italians originally and in recent history, it was popularised again by the Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi.

What is the size of a bocce court?

A bocce court, by the standard measurements, is supposed to be 90 feet by 13 feet.

Where is bocce played?

Mostly played in Italy, the game is also popular in North and South America, Europe, and Australia.

Is bocce a part of the Olympics?

No, despite being around for over 2,000 years, bocce isn’t played at the Olympics.


Any of the best bocce ball set that we have suggested above, I’m sure that you will be more than happy with and will have many happy playing years in your yard with family and friends.

It’s an easy game to play and enjoy with all the family, and there many different benefits that come from playing like coordination a little cardio as you fetch the balls, so get ahead of the curve and get playing and become the next superstar bocce player.