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With millions of people taking up the sport of spikeball and tournaments popping up all over the world it’s fair to say this is an emerging sport that is set to get bigger and bigger over the coming years, so looking for the best spikeball sets is a smart move before the price is hacked up.

So if you are looking at spikeball kit to take the beach or in your backyard we are here to help, my aim is to show you the 3 best kits that are available on the market straight off the bat for those in a hurry and just want the best kit then we move into my guide on what to look for and some tips on playing the game.

GoSports Slammo SpikeBall Set

GoSports Slammo Game Set (Includes 3 Balls, Carrying Case and Rules) - Outdoor Lawn, Beach &...
  • WHAT IS SLAMMO: Slammo is an action-packed 2-on-2 volleyball style game where teams have 3 hits to return or spike the ball to the circular net;...
  • COMPLETE SET: Includes 1 Slammo roundnet target, 1 large 12 cm training ball to learn the game, 2 smaller 9 cm competition balls, travel carrying...
  • EASY TO LEARN FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Slammo is the must-have outdoor lawn and beach game for the summer that will engage players of all ages; Retail...
  • WHY CHOOSE SLAMMO: Premium construction at a great value without the inflated price tag; Features high tension netting for optimized bounce,...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Imagine the action-packed play style of volleyball but without the hassle of setting up; Quickly jump straight into the game where...

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Get the new, unique and exciting game of SLAMMO by GoSports and upgrade your outdoor fun. This active game is sure to get the whole family up and moving and spending time outdoors together. Slammo is a unique game that is similar to volleyball and handball. Each team of two has three hits to get the Slammo ball back to the circular net or the other team scores a point. You will be the talk of the next party or beach outing with Slammo ball in your games arsenal.

Slammo comes with the high quality circular, high tension net as well as a set of three quality Slammo balls that resemble small volleyballs. Each kit comes with a carrying case so you can introduce everyone to this new and awesome game and official game rules so you can all learn together. Perfect for people of all ages, you’ll break a sweat while making lasting memories with this fast-paced, competitive and fun game. GoSports offers a lifetime replacement warranty unlike anything else seen on the market. If you have any issues with your game set they’ll take care of it no hassle.

  • Official Slammo game is unique and fast-paced
  • Perfect for friends and family of all ages
  • Bring it with you to your next gettogether and wow everyone

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit - Spikeball Game Set - Sports & Outdoor Family Games - Includes 3...
  • Competitive Spikeball Game Set: Experience the thrill of using this Spikeball game set with your friends and family when you play this outdoor...
  • Fun Outdoor Game Set: You can set up your Spikeball game set and play Roundnet on any surface, whether it's grass, sand, or indoors
  • Outdoor Game for Adults & Kids: This game comes with 3 Spikeball balls, a Spikeball set, a drawstring bag, and a rulebook to use if you're into...
  • Outdoor Lawn Game: Set up the Spikeball net quickly and start playing; this spikeball set is made with durable materials for a long-lasting,...
  • About Spikeball: Our mission is to bring people together through competition and fun while being the model for how great sports are built

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Get the official Spikeball game that is making waves in the sports world. Don’t get any of the copycats or knockoffs, get the original Spikeball game that was featured on Shark Tank. This unique, fast-paced game is sure to be a ton of fun and is also a great workout. This game is used by pro athletes around the world for cardio training, hand-eye coordination skills, and teamwork.

This official set comes with the Spikeball net, three official Spikeball balls, and the drawstring carry bag to take the fun with you. This game can be set up anywhere for instant classic fun. The official Spikeball net has foldable legs that add durability and make it easy to store and carry with you. Spikeball also offers a lifetime guarantee, if anything on your set breaks they will replace the part for free, forever. Get the original Spikeball game today and give yourself a lifetime of high paced fun.

  • The official and original game, not a copycat or knock-off
  • Featured on Shark Tank
  • Used by athletes to train cardio and hand-eye coordination
  • Tons of fun anywhere

Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition)

Spikeball Pro Kit - Outdoor Family Game Set - Includes Balls, Pro Net, Backpack, Tournament...
  • Competitive Spikeball Game Set: Play at the pro level with the Spikeball Pro set that is made for the serious Roundnet player who demands the...
  • Sturdy Outdoor Game Set: This Spikeball pro set has a stronger frame and tighter net that make for a more stable playing experience, even during...
  • Professional Outdoor Game for Adults: These Spikeball pro balls have added texture to help players add topspin on their kills and backspin on...
  • Outdoor Lawn Game: This Spikeball Pro set includes 2 Pro balls, a portable ball pump and gauge, a backpack, and 1 free registration to Spikeball...
  • About Spikeball: Our mission is to bring people together through competition and fun while being the model for how great sports are built

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Get the official Tournament Pro Spikeball game that is making waves in the sports world. Don’t get any of the copycats or knockoffs, get the original Spikeball game that was featured on Shark Tank. This unique, fast-paced game is sure to be a ton of fun and is also a great workout. This game is used by pro athletes around the world for cardio training, hand-eye coordination skills, and teamwork.

The pro edition adds some fantastic upgrades that every serious Spikeball player will appreciate. The new tournament level balls are designed to add more spin to your game due to an increase in surface texture. They upgraded the net to be 30% stronger than the previous version. They replaced the standard drawstring carrying bag with an upgraded full Spikeball backpack. This kit also includes free registration to a Spikeball tournament so you can get into the competitive action. All of this is still backed by Spikeball’s lifetime replacement guarantee.

  • Still the classic, official and original Spikeball game as seen on Shark Tank
  • Better tournament quality balls
  • Upgraded netting
  • Added a full backpack to carry the game along with you in comfort
  • Includes entry to a Spikeball tournament free of charge

Spikeball Buying Guide

Spikeball is the kind of game that virtually anyone can play anywhere. That’s right – all that is required for this super challenging and exciting game is a spacious place and the simple equipment of the game. And to make the game even more fun and social, it is played in teams.

What is Spikeball?

Spikeball is a net sport that was created in 1989 by a toy manufacturer. Even though the game was very popular until 1995, it then gradually lost popularity. This game is often considered a mix between four-square and volleyball.

Why play Spikeball?

Even though spikeball is not a very popular game due to the outdated equipment, it is still a favourite among many for a number of valid reasons.

Intensely Challenging Sport

Spikeball is quite an intense sport considering there are no sides or boundaries in this game. This not only adds tension to the game but makes it more challenging for the players and entertaining for the viewers. This is why people who love thrilling sports enjoy spikeball a lot.

Apart from this, if both the teams have 21 points each, the game that ensues to break the tie is often quite nail-biting, which is again something that makes it very adventurous.

No Surface Requirements

Spikeball is also preferred by many because there are no specific surface requirements to play this game. It can be played on the grass, marble tiles, cemented floor, beach, and quite a few other surfaces. All that’s required to play this game is its equipment which can be set virtually anywhere at all.

Great Exercise

If someone’s aim of playing a sport is to get good exercise and stay fit, spikeball is definitely a smart idea.

Since a person can run, jump, and leap almost anywhere at all to keep the ball in play, a lot of calories are burnt in even a short game of spikeball. Add to this the fact that this is a very competitive game and there are barely any strict rules, and a wild game of spikeball ensures a very good workout!

In addition to this, spikeball is also great for improving hand-eye coordination, which is useful in a variety of situations in life.

Team Spirit

If someone’s looking for team sports but doesn’t want to play with way too many people around, spikeball offers the perfect option. The game is played in teams of two. This gives the perfect opportunity to be a part of a team without overwhelming oneself with a large crowd.

That being said, spikeball gives the chance to learn all that team sports have to offer – trusting others, strategising together, improving self-esteem, enhancing communication, and honing social skills, etc.

Unique Sport

This is a truly unique sport and no other ball game gives the kind of experience that spikeball does. This is why there is a small spikeball community worldwide but everyone in it is very dedicated to the sport. Also, with so much liberty in the game and only four players, it is quite different from the more popular and mainstream ball games.

How is spikeball played?

Each team is supposed to hit the ball onto the spikeball net from where it bounces off to the opposing side.

The opposing side has then three attempts to hit the ball back onto the net, causing it to bounce to the other side. This continues until a team is unable to do so in three hits, at which point a score is made by the other team.

The team with 21 points wins.

How to hit the ball in Spikeball?

Even though the hits might look like they are quite simple, there are certain technicalities and rules behind them.

  1. The ball cannot be caught or thrown, only hit.
  1. The ball can be hit with any part of the body.
  1. The hit isn’t considered good if it touches either the rim of the net or the ground.
  1. The ball cannot be touched twice in a row by a team.
  1. The hits are supposed to be alternated between the team members.

How are infractions made in spikeball?

The following account for an infraction in spikeball.

  1. A player accidentally touching the spikeball or its equipment causing them to slightly move.
  1. A player hitting the ball in a way that it touches their team member.
  1. A defensive player hitting the ball when it isn’t their turn to do so.

While there are a few other infarctions too but slashing, rough play, and fighting as classified under misconduct for spikeball.

How do you score in Spikeball?

Points can be scored in spikeball on multiple occasions:

  1. If the player fails to hit the ball inside the net within 3 hits, the other team gets a score.
  1. If the ball hits the rim of the net.
  1. If the ball fails to bounce for the net with a single hit.
  1. If the ball hits the ground when a player is supposed to hit it.
  1. If the serve is not legal or is classified as an infraction, the receiving side gets a point.

Different Variations of Spikeball

While there might be local variations to this name, there is only one major variation for spikeball which is very widespread. It is called “Roundnet” very commonly. Both of these names are used interchangeably for the game.

Best Spikeball Brands

These brands are known for the quality of their spikeball sets and related equipment.


The sports brand that needs no introduction at all, GoSports offers its Slammo Game Set which consists of a Slammo target, 1 training ball, and 2 game balls, among other things. Since the quality is very high, the company also offers a lifetime warranty to replace the set if something goes wrong with it.

This set is popular for its low price despite how sturdy it is. Moreover, as it is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is quite durable. In addition to this, even the net can withstand regular and heavy use.


As the official company for this sport, there isn’t a better option for spikeball equipment than this. Its ProKit is meant for professional players and experts. This is especially recommended for those who want to enhance their spikeball skills and join proper tournaments or matches.

This set is known for its extremely sturdy structure and it comes with two premium-quality balls. Furthermore, what makes this set shine is the serve maker and the ball pump that comes with it.


This brand is known for its entertaining toys and sports equipment. The Slam Ball with 3 Balls is a popular set for spikeball by this company. The balls are of different sizes and the structure has pretty strong legs, making it very durable.

Apart from these, the net is of very high quality, allowing it to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, such a net will give consistent bounces every time the ball is hit inside it. Lastly, as it is made from PVC, a sturdy plastic, it is great for long-term use.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did spikeball get invented?

Spikeball was invented in 1989 by a toy manufacturer named Jeff Knurek.

What kind of a ball is used in spikeball?

Usually, a bright yellow, light-weight, and bouncy plastic ball is used in spikeball.

How much space is required to play spikeball?

This actually depends upon the intensity of the game and how formal it is. Usually, a diameter of 20 feet is sufficient to play spikeball. More formal and serious games can even have a space with a diameter above 60 feet.

How many players are needed to play spikeball?

Spikeball is played in two teams of two, which means a total of 4 players. But an extra member can be added to each team, making a total of 6 players.

Are Roundnet and Spikeball similar?

Roundnet is simply another name for Spikeball.

What ages is spikeball appropriate for?

It is a very simple and common game so it can be played by children or adults of almost any age. However, the game is most popular among people aged 10 to 30 years.

Who wins in a game of spikeball?

The first team to score 21 points wins the game.

Who serves in spikeball?

To decide who would serve first, one player from each time is supposed to roshambo with the other.

How far should the server be from the net?

The server should be at least 6 feet away from the net. However, only the feet need to be behind the 6 feet distance; the rest of the body might be angled a little closer.

What is the size of the ball in spikeball?

A ball in spikeball is supposed to be 12 inches in circumference or the diameter should be almost 4 inches.

Is spikeball a good workout?

Yes, this game provides excellent exercise with an average of 110 calories burnt in a 15-minute game.

How long is a game of spikeball?

An average spikeball game can last up to 15 minutes.

Is spikeball an Olympic sport?

No, despite its growing popularity, spikeball isn’t a part of the Olympics yet.


I believe that spikeball is easy to learn the sport but takes a lot of fitness and time to master but when you do this is a really enjoyable sport, I hope I have put together a decent guide here to help you chose the best spikeball kit for you and your friends and have given you some tips on playing the game.

So the only things to do now if get practicing your spikeball skills and look for your closes tournament and go have some fun.