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Looking for a game that is fun and all the family, no matter how old they are, can get involved? Then take a look at some of the Best Croquet Sets on the market, what we love about Croquet is that you can take it with you when you travel or visiting family or friends.

It is such a family-friendly game that gives you a little workout and have put together the top 5 Croquet set reviews to show what each one brings to the party. Then if you want a little more on how to play the game or have some other questions you want answering, we have put this all in our overview guide.

GoSports Six Player Croquet Set

GoSports Six Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids - Modern Wood Design - Choose Deluxe (35") or...
  • COMPLETE CROQUET SET: Includes 6 color mallets, 6 balls, 9 wickets, 2 end posts and rules
  • KIDS AND ADULTS: Full size 35 inch handles can be used by players of all sizes, not just kids; Handles are wrapped for superior control and...
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Mallets are crafted from premium hardwoods for durability and feature a modern design that will look great on any lawn or...
  • CARRYING CASE: Includes handy storage bag so you can neatly store the set and take it out to the park or parties

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Croquet is a classic game that is great for all ages. This set comes with everything you need to set up and play a game with up to six people. The croquet set is made from high-quality materials. The mallets are made from quality hardwoods and feature a comfort grip handle that makes playing a breeze. It includes 6 mallets, 6 balls, 9 wickets and 2 end posts for a complete set.

The classic game that has been around for centuries becomes easy and fun to play. Make memories with your friends and family with this great game. There is no better way to get everyone engaged, moving around and enjoying their time outside than with a great game of croquet.

The whole set is able to be packed up in and put away into a handy travel and storage bag. This means you can bring the classic fun of croquet to your next barbeque, party, reception, beach trip or any outdoor social event.

  • Complete set supports up to six players at a time
  • Made from the best quality materials for a timeless and classic look and feel
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee provided by the manufacturer
  • Included carrying case perfect for travel and storage

Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set

Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set
  • 6 mallets with 36" handles and 8-1/2" heads
  • 6 polymer balls 3-5/16
  • 9 powdercoated steel wickets & 2 hardwood goal stakes
  • Rules & instructions
  • 12 month manufacturer's warranty

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Are you tired of breaking, scuffing and generally going through croquet sets after use? Are you sick of feeling like your croquet set only lasts a couple of years before burning out? Well, do not feel that way any longer. The Oakley Woods Extreme Croquet set is designed to last a lifetime. Made from the highest quality materials including polymer balls, powder-coated steel wickets, hardwood goal stakes, and sturdy durable mallets. The set supports up to six players and is sure to be fun for the whole family and for people of all ages.

The handles are made to be nearly indestructible with high-quality ash handles and polyethylene heads. Most people don’t realize how forceful the game of croquet can be on their equipment but Oakley understands and makes everything to the highest quality with longevity in mind. Make memories outdoors with friends and family with this awesome long-lasting croquet set.

  • Made from the highest quality materials designed to last the test of time
  • Includes a complete game set for up to six players at a time
  • Carrying case included for easy travel and storage to all your favorite outdoor destinations

Deluxe Croquet Set

Six-Player Deluxe Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets, Colored Balls, & Sturdy Carrying Bag - Classic...
  • DELUXE CROQUET SET: The classic backyard Croquet set. Includes everything needed to play 6-player Croquet: 6 wooden mallets, 6 colored balls, 9...
  • VINTAGE HARDWOOD MALLETS: 32" hardwood mallets with rubber caps, each mallet Is colored-coated and matches one of the colored balls
  • BLACK CARRYING CASE: Features black zip-up carrying case for easy transporting and storage. Has a carrying strap that fits right onto a shoulder
  • STURDY MATERIALS: 2 high-quality hardwood stakes that are 21" long, 9 vinyl-coated wickets, and 6 polymer balls will last for many backyard fun...
  • LARGE GROUP GAME: Perfect for large groups of people. Take it on the go to picnics, camping trips, family gatherings, and lawn game tournaments

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Bring this classic game along with you, create memories, spend time outdoors and have a ball. This croquet set is great for parties or outdoor group activities. In a world that tries to keep you indoors all the time, get up and get out with this great game.

Features everything you need to host a game with up to six players. Includes 6 mallets, 6 balls, 9 wickets, and two goalposts. This all comes with a handy carry and storage bag. The nondescript black storage bag allows you to zip up your set and store it or take it with you to the next outdoor gathering. The mallets are made from quality hardwoods and are color coded to match each different colored ball for a uniform and fun visual quality.

Croquet is a great group game for anywhere from the backyard to the beach to the park or the next party or reception. This classic party game has been around for centuries, bring it into the twenty first century today.

  • Full set supports up to six players
  • Carrying case allows you to take the fun with you
  • Great way to spend time outdoors and make lasting memories

Harvil 6-Player Croquet Set

Harvil 6-Player Croquet Set for All Ages with Mallets, Balls, Stake Posts, Wickets, and Carrying...
  • GREAT QUALITY AND DURABILITY - 6 two-piece mallets have strong hardwood handles and chip-resistant bamboo heads that make the mallets more...
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN - 2.9-inch brightly colored matte polymer balls in blue, green, red, purple, orange, and yellow colors. The 6 balls are...
  • COMPLETE AND EASY SET-UP - Perfect for 2- 6 players of all ages and skill level. Just screw together mallet handle and head in seconds, arrange...
  • PORTABLE AND HANDY STORAGE BAG - For convenient storage and easy transport, the nylon zip-up carrying bag has mesh bags and elastic straps...
  • DAZADI MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and WARRANTY - Your set will arrive to your door with all the necessary parts, without defect and/or shipping damage....

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Harvil brings the classic game of croquet into the modern age with its refined set. It can host up to six players for endless hours of outdoor fun. This complete set is able to be brought to any suitable outdoor location for fun times and great memories.

One of the first things you’re going to notice about this croquet set is its sleek and modern look. Instead of featuring the same boring wood colored mallets and simple balls this set has a color-coordinated set of mallets in a sleek black with the ball colors on each mallet. The goal stakes are also shiny black with colored stripes and the balls feature the slick logo of Harvil on each. This look changes up the usual formula and provides a stunning visual profile.

Not satisfied? Don’t worry. This set comes with a satisfaction guarantee and they will gladly ship you replacement equipment in the event that something is not quite right.

  • The sleek black modern look is visually striking
  • Classic fun for all ages hosts up to six players
  • Carrying bag that allows the fun to go where you go

Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set 

Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set with Carrying Bag, 28 Inch
  • Includes 6 x 28" Burlywood hardwood handles, 6 x 8" hardwood mallets with caps for added protection, 2 x 18" hardwood ending stakes, 6 x 2.8"...
  • Easy set-up, hardwood handle and hardwood mallet are easy to install, simply screw the handle into the mallet, takes few seconds.
  • Easy to carry, with a extra drawing bag, all mallets and balls can be easily stored without disassembly. This thoughtful bag let you storage and...
  • Durable and long lasting design, suitable for 2-6 players, enjoyed by people of all ages and ability levels.
  • Leisure sport for your parents, friends. Perfect for family gathering, picnics, parties and more. Manufacturer recommended age: 6 years and up

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Croquet is a classic game that is fun for the whole family and friends of all ages. Juegoal has designed a set that is a classic in its form and striking in its design. The set supports up to six players with six color matching balls and mallets for a great time. The hardwood mallets come with detachable heads and a truly elegant look.

This set also includes a functional bag that allows for easy travel and storage with your game. This means that the fun never has to end. Take the game with you to the beach, to the local park, to your friend’s house and more. The possibilities are endless. Any outdoor time can be enhanced by a great game of croquet that is sure to create lasting memories.

While everyone else continues to get more digital and more complicated, make it simple with an outdoor game of croquet with friends and family.

  • Classic design made from quality materials
  • A storage bag that makes the fun portable
  • Fun for the whole family and people of all ages
  • Versatile game ready for some quality outdoor time

Croquet Buying Guide

Croquet is an immensely popular outdoor sport known for its uniqueness as well as ancient origin. The game was once so popular that it was played at the International Olympics in Paris. A game of tactics, strategy, and strength, it is still widely played across the world and particularly in England.

Why Play Croquet?

Here are a few of the benefits of playing croquet.

Mild exercise

This game is perfect for those who want to burn a few extra calories but aren’t willing to get into intense exercises or workout routines. Croquet offers mild exercise and keeps the body healthy without making the player feel breathless due to the physical activity involved.

Appropriate for all ages

As croquet is very simple to play and a quick rundown of the rules is enough for someone to start playing the game, it is appropriate for all ages. There is no strenuous physical activity in it which would hinder the elderly from playing it. Neither is the game too complex for children to get the hang of it.

This is precisely why croquet makes for a very amusing and entertaining game during gatherings and other social events.


Croquet is played in teams which is why it provides the chance to mingle with others. As such, croquet can indirectly help improve a person’s self-esteem, communication skills, and socializing skills.

Mentally Stimulating

This isn’t a game for the body only but the mind as well. Croquet involves quite some thinking and planning so it offers some good mental stimulation to the players. This definitely makes it a sport for those who want a mixture of brains and brawn in their games.

History of Croquet

There is not much confirmation when it comes to the origin or invention of croquet. However, it is generally believed that croquet is a variation of the ancient game Pall Mall that was played in France.

What is known, however, is that croquet became popular in the early 1850s and came from Ireland to England. Another confirmed fact is that croquet was first played in England at Lord Lonsdale’s lawn.

Another interesting fact is that, initially, croquet was far more popular among women than men.

It is also important to mention that the lack of a confirmed history of croquet stems from the fact that the game is very old and has been modified multiple times over the years.

How To Play Croquet?

The first thing to know is that croquet is to be played by 2, 4, 6, or 8 players. However, the exact number depends upon the type of croquet being played, for example, Association Croquet or Golf Croquet. If 2 or 4 players are playing, four balls are needed while with 6 or 8 players, 6 or 8 balls are required respectively.

The main objective of the game is to hit the ball through the correct wicket with the head of the mallet. If the ball rolls back without properly going through the wicket, no point is scored.

Interestingly, a point can also be scored by hitting an opponent’s ball. In doing so, if the opponent’s ball moves out of the court boundaries, it is then placed inside the court, closest to the boundary position where it moved out from.

In addition to this, croquet can be played in the lawn, garden, backyard, or any other area with short grass. Even if the playing field is less than the standard size of 100 by 50 feet, croquet can easily be played.

What to look for when buying a croquet set?

If someone is confused about which croquet set to buy, the following guide can help narrow down the possible options.


The size and material of the ball should be chosen according to the players. For example, wooden balls aren’t recommended for kids since they can cause injuries to the little ones. That being said, the standard diameter of a croquet ball is 3 ⅝ inches.


Both the number of players as well as their age(s) should be considered before getting a set.

Most croquet sets come with 6 or 8 mallets and plastic or wooden balls and such sets are designed for 6 or 8 players respectively.

Furthermore, croquet sets made for children and adults vary too. The ones for adults have heavier components that are longer in length as compared to the equipment in the children’s sets. The material of the components in both the sets is also often different, with the adult sets being made from heavy-duty wood or steel as compared to plastic being used for the children’s sets.

Mallet Handle Length

Different mallet handle lengths are more suitable for different players. For example, the length of the handles in children’s sets is smaller, usually around 25 to 28 inches. Such a length can be easily handled by the small hands of kids.

On the other hand, sets made for adults have handles with lengths above 30 inches.

Mallet Quality

The higher the quality of the mallets, the longer they would last. When it comes to the quality of the mallets, not only does the material matter, but also the kind of head protection to cover the top of the mallets as they get beaten a lot in the game. The average head protection usually has a plastic cap on top whereas the more refined sets come with brass rings for protecting the heads of the mallets.


Some sets made from heavy-duty materials might be difficult to carry around while those made out of plastic can easily be carried from one place to another. Many sets come packed into carrying bags or wooden cases for easy storage and portability.

Best Croquet Set Brands

These brands are known for their high-quality croquet sets as well as the accessories they provide with them.


The Children’s Croquet Set by Kettler is specifically designed for children and meant for learning the ropes. The set includes four plastic balls, two end stakes, four mallets, and ten wickets. This means that four children can easily play with this set at one time.

Though this set is slightly expensive, it is still chosen for how lightweight it is, along with being very appropriate for children to use. For instance, the mallets are 25 inches long, making them very easy for children to use.


The Croquet Set by GoSports is a very popular and trusted choice among many fans of croquet. With 6 two-piece mallets that are detachable, nine steel wickets, two end stakes, and six balls, this set is designed to be used by 6 players.

This set is also bought for its durability and how lightweight it is. This, furthermore, makes it easier to carry it in its carrying bag. Moreover, since the build quality is also good for this set, it is recommended for the passionate beginners who are looking for a quality set of croquet.


The Crafted Deluxe 8-Player Croquet Game Set by Amish is for those whose main focuses are quality and standards. Apart from these, this set is also loved for the traditional feel it gives. The set includes 8 mallets, 8 balls, 9 wickets, and 2 end stakes.

The set is constructed from maple hardwood – hence its high quality and durability – and can be carried around in its wooden storage case. In addition to this, the craftsmanship on this one is excellent and the set is built according to the standard specifications of the game. This set is built to last and is perhaps the best when it comes to quality.

Frequently Asked Question

Can croquet be played indoors?

Yes. Even though indoor croquet is far less popular than outdoor croquet, it is still played.

What are croquet balls made of?

Most croquet balls are made from solid plastic while some are constructed from wood.

Where is croquet most popular?

This sport is most widely played in the United Kingdom.

What weight should croquet balls be?

The croquet balls should be 16 ounces in weight, according to the standard weight guideline.

What diameter should croquet balls be?

The croquet balls should be 3 ⅝ inches in diameter, according to the standard size guideline.

What is the best croquet set brand?

While the best brand of croquet sets depends upon what exactly one is looking for, Amish is known for its premium quality, wooden croquet sets. GoSports is another reliable option.

What is the stick in croquet called?

It is called a mallet and is used to strike the ball.

Are there any Croquet Clubs?

Yes. There are multiple croquet clubs and federations, and they are associated with CA – the Croquet Association. Some of these include the ‘South Federation’ and ‘Croquet North’.

Are there any variations of croquet?

Two croquet variations are mostly known to be played around the world: Golf Croquet and Association Croquet.

Is croquet a part of the Olympics?

Even though croquet isn’t played at the Olympics anymore, there were three croquet events in the Olympics 1900.

What are the dimensions of a croquet court?

The standard croquet court dimensions are 100 feet by 50 feet.


Well, we hope this guide helps answer many questions and also helps you choose the Best Croquet Sets for you and your family, if you would like me to pick you the best set then I would have to choose two I know a little copout.

So what are my main two choices out of the top 5 to add to your backyard games collection I would have to say the Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set this set is likely to last you a lifetime as it is built to last years. Then I would have to select the Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set. This is more for someone who wants a quality built Croquet but are on a smaller budget.

I must add that any you choose, you and your family are more than likely to have many hours of fun and enjoyment out of the set you decide to go on to purchase.