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Having the best garden rakes is something that should be in every gardener’s toolbox or shed, finding the best is not always an easy task as picking the best is not always to do with price but I have put this guide together to help you out.


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My aim is to lay the top five rakes right off the bat for people who are in a hurry then we move onto the buying guide and informational section where I show you all the important things to look for when buying and some information on getting the best out of you new rake.

Best Heavy Duty Rake – Bully Tools 16-Inch Bow Rake

Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 16 Steel Tines, 58-Inch
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Commercial grade
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Extra thick 10 gauge steel
  • 16 tine steel head

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Bully tools are a USA brand and this bow rake is 100% Made in the USA.

If you are looking for something heavy duty to move dirt or get stuck into overgrowth then this is the right rake for the job as its commercial grade built so it’s made to last and to tackle them big jobs that other rakes won’t be able to tackle.

The build quality on this rake can’t be described how strong it is with the Extra thick 10 gauge steel I think the fact that it comes with a Limited lifetime warranty says it all and your buying quality here.

16 Steel Tines with a 16-Inch width comes at a 3.45lbs weight so it’s not for someone looking for a lightweight rake but with the strong build you have to give up something and in the case it’s the weight.

Things we like:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Strong build
  • Tackle big jobs

Best Adjustable Rake – Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake

TABOR TOOLS Adjustable Metal Rake - Collapsible & Telescopic - Garden, Yard, & Lawn - Ideal for...
  • QUICK LAWN SWEEP: This tool will allow you to quickly clean leaves, grass clippings, and small debris off your lawn. It's the versatility of this...
  • REACHES THE SMALLER PLACES AS WELL: The rake’s teeth extend from 8" to 23" wide and lock in any position in between. This rake can be put to...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT TELESCOPIC HANDLE. Built to last with a high-grade steel structure that's guaranteed to withstand damage from sunlight and other...
  • EASY STORAGE in minimum space. The adjustable fan folds to a tight profile, so there’s no need to struggle to try to fit a long handle into a...
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. We at TABOR TOOLS stand behind our products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for support, questions about our...

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When racking leaves you want as big as spread as possible to gather as many leafs as possible but then you may have tight spots were your rake won’t get to this is where this rake comes into its own.

The head has 15 flat tines that can be adjusted from 7 Inches right up to 22 Inches all attached to the 63inches long handle with a zinc plated steel handle that has a coating that helps prevent rust.

A very lightweight rake at 2.13lbs so you should be able to use this for a long time until your arms starts to feel it.

Things we like:

  • Adjustable head
  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof
  • Lightweight

HOMIMP Fixed Tine Leaf Rake

HOMIMP Adjustable Garden,34" - 55" Adjustable Lightweight Aluminum Handle 11 Tines Shrub,8" Inch...
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE: can adjust overall length from 34 to 55 inches by connecting different numbers of tubes.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Each handle of this set can be detaced into 4 pieces of short tube. When you need to use for outdoor camping activities, our...
  • NO DAMAGE: The 11 tines is easy to go under bushes and between flowers or in a vegetable garden. Perfect for gardens, leaves, lawn and weed...
  • HIGHLY DURABLE: Made of stainless steel is rust-proof and long-lasting, while also being lightweight. The buckle design can hold the tubes sturdy...
  • 100% QUALITY : We believe our product's high quality can meet your expects. If you are not satisfied with our garden leaf rake, please feel free...

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We haven’t named this the best leaf rake but it was a very close call, Corona is a brand you may know as they have been around and building quality tools since 1920.

The head comes with 25 extra wide tines with a 19inch width witch tempered springs is ideal for covering large areas very quickly, the thing we life about this rake is that you how its built is you can able pressure without damaging plant roots.

This is a very lightweight rake at just 1.3lbs and has a 54inch handle but the build quality is not let down as you would expect from a top brand in Corona.

The only reason we have not said this is the best is that it’s not adjustable but if you don’t need the adjustability then I would go with this rake.

Thinks we like:

  • Big brand
  • Very lightweight
  • Wide head

Best Budget Rake – The AMES Companies, Inc Poly Leaf Rake

Ames True Temper Green Sweeper Lawn Rake with 48" Handle
  • 24-Inch poly rake head
  • Poly tines resist cracking while retaining their shape
  • 48-Inch hardwood handle
  • Made of lightweight materials to minimize fatigue and reduce back strain

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If you’re looking for a rake on a bit more of a budget then you want to check out the Poly Leaf Rake by AMES Companies, Inc.

This rake comes with a 24-Inch poly rake head which are made to be crack proof and a 48-Inch hardwood handle this is not the best build but you have to give up on something and its quality in this case.

We like this rake but it’s for light jobs I would suggest only using this with leaves otherwise you may get broken tines but this will only happen when you tackle jobs that this rake shouldn’t be doing.

Things we like:

  • Large head
  • Cheap

Rake Alternative – Leaf Claws Grabber Scoop

Eastrans Large Leaf Scoops and Hand Rake Claw, Ergonomic Hand Held Garden Rake Grabbers for Picking...
  • Double Rake Hands - Leaf scoops are light weight, extra-large, featuring grabber claws that make it easy to pick up a variety of yard debris. You...
  • Oversized Leaf Claws - Their longer design means that you won't have to bend as much to scoop up your leaves, and this saves your back. The...
  • Easiest Way To Pick Up Leaves - While we use rakes for major yard cleaning, leaf scoops do a really good job for smaller pick-up jobs, perfect...
  • Easy To Store - They're made with UV and crack-resistant plastic material for longevity. The leaf claws easily stack together and have a wall peg...
  • Excellent Customer Service - Our aim is to provide consumers with more practical and durable hoses. Any questions about the product, please...

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If you have raked all your leaves into a pile then you have to get your hands in the pile and pick them up and put them into a Best Leaf Mulcher or into bags for disposal I hated this job especially when the leaves were wet I used garden gloves but this just didn’t cut it for this job.

This was lead me to look for alternatives and when I stumbled on the rake hands as I like to call them no longer do I have to touch the horrid wet leaves these make it a breeze and you get a lot more dumped into the mulcher at a time so cuts the job down dramatically.

Ok it’s a little cheeky calling theses rakes but they are of the sort I wouldn’t want to rake make the whole yard with them and I don’t think I could but for the purpose, I use them they are a great addition to my gardening tools and I use them whenever I tackle the leaf pile.   

Garden Rake Buying Guide

A garden rake is one of the tools you should never luck in your home. However, buying the best garden rakes is never that easy as there is a lot to consider. This guide contains all information that anybody that needs to buy a garden rake will find helpful.

Types of Garden Rakes

Garden rakes are not all do it all tools.’ There are various rakes for different jobs and situations. The types include:

Soil Rakes

These rakes are helpful during planting seasons as they are used for grading and leveling the soil. This activity is essential for easier planting and better growth

Adjustable rakes

Since soil rake is quite blunt, gardeners need the help of adjustable rakes for preparing small areas of the earth to roughen up the surface finely for better sowing.

Spring rakes

For gardens full of debris and leaves. spring rakes are ideal for doing the clearing. The best ones come with long handles and interchangeable tools.

Leaf rakes

These rakes come with deep bends and flat plastic tines and are used to rake leaves into piles. They are vital for gardens with big piles of leaves.

Scarifying Rake

These rakes are meant for heavy-duty applications such as removing weed. mold. mushrooms. and dead grass from the garden.

Types Of Garden Rake Handle

Handles are important parts of garden rakes as they make the rakes strong. lightweight. and comfortable to hold. Rake handles come in different types, as outlined below.


Some rake handles are made of high quality wood handles. Reputable rake manufacturers always state the wood material Of the rake handle: and the strongest woods are the most expensive. The most common woods include oak, ash, and beech. Wood handles can last long if well- maintained.


Many rakes in the market feature fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) on their handles. These handles are Of high quality: long-lasting and do not corrode. These materials are very strong but can be quite expensive.


Some rake handles are made of steel. which is coated or painted to prevent corrosion. These rakes are the strongest in the market but can be quite heavy.


Other rakes have their handles made of aluminum material. These are resistantto corrosion and lighter than steel. Their biggest disadvantage is that they are the most expensive among all rake handles.

Types of Garden Rake Heads

There are many different styles of garden rakes are aim is to show you what the most popular ones are available on the market and what they are best used for.

Level head rakes

Level head rakes are also known as flathead. comes with their heads featuring a row of curved or straight tines attached to the handle. A level heads are suitable for eliminating debris and breaking spaded soil. These heads come in different sizes and feature various sizes.

Bow rakes

These heads come with about 14 to 16 curved or vertical tines with straight alignment offset from a long handle, These rakes are perfect for weed removal. mulching breaking clods. tamping. and removing rocks.

Basket-style head

Basket-style head rakes are designed to catch all the leaves and debris that cannot get caught in tines. They capture and hold huge piles Of leaves.

What to Look for in a Good Garden Rake

There are things that you should look for when purchasing a new garden rake we will go over each to help you identify what may be most important for your needs.

The length of the handle

The length of the handle when the user is standing straight should be an important consideration when choosing a rake. The rule of thumb for a comfortable rake is for it to reach the person’s nose from the floor, A short handle will not be comfortable to use, while a handle length that is too long might not be efficient enough


Lightweight is easy to work With. but When it gets too light. it might not perform efficiently Rakes for heavy-duty work needs to have some good weight but those for lighter garden works should not be that heavy. The weight also depends on the material used in the handle.

The Material

The Material for long-lasting rakes. you must find a good quality material such as steel or aluminum. You also need to ensure your material is resistant to corrosion and Strong enough. Fibregalss materials are corrosion-resistant: durable. and need no maintenance.

Wooden ones break easily and can rot if not taken care of. What you intend to spend determines the material you’ll get.

The width of the head

Rakes come in different widths for the head, and the type to buy depends on What you need to use it for Smaller heads Will work for shrubs. These are also suitable for smaller spaces. Larger heads are ideal for heavy-duty and for covering large garden areas.

Soft grips

A comfortable grip is essential. especially for those who don’t use rakes all the time. If the grips are not soft enough, you might experience blisters or sore hands after gardening with one. Comfort is essential. especially for those who intend to rake for a long time.

How do I Choose a Rake?

So now we know what all the important things are to consider when making your purchase this section is aimed at putting all that together and helping you make a final decision.

Consider your comfort

Any rake you choose to buy should be comfortable enough to use. Can you use it appropriately without bending? DO you have a soft grip? Is the weight appropriate? These are questions to ask yourself when choosing a rake.

Garden size

You won’t be able to use a small head hand-held rake for a large garden and won’t buy a big rake for a tiny space. Rakes with shorter hands are easier to control. and their narrow heads can reach tiny space.

Larger gardens with no sharp corners will require larger rakes. Good rakes should work well depending on the situation of the land and the Size.


When choosing a rake. it is important to consider your budget and decide the amount you’re comfortable spending. However. you must keep in mind that the amount you spend will determine the quality of your rake.

Don’t go for cheaper if you intend to use it for heavy-duty or wantto keep it for long. This also has a lot to do with the material of your rake.

What Are Garden Rakes Used For?

Garden rakes do a heavier job than other rakes; hence are heavier and stronger. These tools are mostly used for landscaping and gardening. Below are some Of the uses.

Soil tuning

Before planting. the garden needs proper preparation to make the planting work easier and aid better growth of plants. Garden rakes aid this as they break soil clumps and pull out rocks. They are. therefore, essential tools for planting.

Collecting debris

When the garden has large and heavy debris. rakes work well in collecting the debris plus the leaves. This clears the land of dead plants, stones. and rocks that may interfere with planting activities.

Weed removal

Some gardening rakes are used to remove weeds and Other unwanted plants from the farm. They are pressed into the ground: and their Wide heads pull up plants to clear the soil of any unwanted plants.

Soil tamping

Tamping or compacting of soil is also possible thanks to the great work of garden rakes. Once seeds are planted tamping is necessary to firm up the surface. and there are special rakes for that.


Garden rakes do good work on spreading ground covering. Garden rakes used for such purposes feature fiat edges that aid the moving, grading and leveling of the surface. They also spread pebbles and gravel.

Are Metal or Plastic Rakes Better?

Some gardeners are undecided on whether to choose plastic or metal rakes Both of them are viable. but the difference lies in the kind of work intend to set them for.

Metal rakes

Metal rakes are the most preferred for gardening especially for heavy duty work. thanks to their strength and durability. The times don’t break easily and can be used for both stones and twigs.

They provide value for money thanks to their durability. Because of their long-lasting nature, metal rakes are environmentally-friendly.

These rakes are however not the lightest ones in the market Metal rakes are heavy hence not easy to maneuver and can strain the arms. These rakes are also expensive because of the durability of the material.

Plastic rakes

Plastic rakes are not as durable: strong: or sturdy as metal rakes. Their tines feature a plastic material that is prone to breakage.

These rakes however come in soft grips that are easy to handle and are lightweight enough to be used with children. The rakes can be used all year round since they are non-corrosive we and not affected by cold weather.

When compared to metal rakes, plastic ones are cheaper however, no one would be glad to go for cheap that won’t last for long but instead choose value and cough out a large amount upfront.


Understanding everything about garden rakes is essential to help you choose the best tool for your particular situation. There is no bad rake as they both work well in different situations. For instance, metal-made rakes may be heavy but they are best suitable for heavy duty gardening work.

Also, rakes made from plastic material may not last that long butt they are affordable, easy to use and suitable for light gardening duties. All you need to understand when buying the best garden rake is what you’re going to use it for, your garden situation: and use these to make an informed purchase decision.