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Buying the Best Leaf Mulcher can feel a little bit like trying to do a large puzzle with missing parts manufacturers will use jargon to make things sound fancy we are here to help break it all down in laymen’s terms to show you really what matters.


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First, we will discover the top 4 Leaf Mulcher on the market that we think are the best and will cover them in detail to see if they will fit your needs then we have a buying guide to show you all the things that we feel are important when buying a Leaf Mulcher and what we used to pick the Best Leaf Mulcher we have listed below.

WORX WG430 Leaf Mulcher

Worx WG430 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher
  • 53 GALLONS/MIN: That’s right, the 13.0 Amp motor mulches up to 53 Gallons of leaves per minute.
  • RIGHT INTO THE BAG: Disposes of leaves and debris into a bag you can attach beneath (bag not included).
  • 11:1 MULCH RATIO: That’s 11 bags chopped down into 1, all due to the innovative blade-less Flex-a-Line mulching system.
  • STURDY YET PORTABLE: At 20 lbs., this tool is substantial and stays in place during use, but isn’t so heavy that you can’t move it around the...
  • DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX: WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so...

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So first up we have the WORX WG430 Leaf Mulcher and people argue that it’s the best overall leaf mulcher on the market so let’s delve into this one and see why we people say this.

Motor power is maybe the most important part and the WORX WG430 comes with a 13 Amp motor that can mulch up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute straight into a bag under the main workings which is a massive amount.

The mulching ratio is how we measure how small we can make our pile of leaves and this comes in at an 11:1 mulching ratio again this is great.

A lot of leaf mulchers come with metal blades to chop the leaves but this WORX WG430 is different that comes with a Flex-a-Line blade-less mulching system this is like a large string trimmer so you will need to replace the line at times but it does stand up to a lot of work but some people will see this as a negative and we couldn’t argue with that assumption we do like that it comes with 24 cutting lines out the box.

It’s a very easy machine to work with an easy start-stop system, you do have to build this when you first get it out the box well the legs it stands on this is a really simple task and shouldn’t take you much longer than 5 minutes.

WORX WG430 Leaf Mulcher Features
  • 13 Amp motor
  • Mulches up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute
  • 11:1 mulching ratio
  • Flex-a-line bladeless system
  • Manufacturer’s 3-year warranty

Check out this video showing how easy the WORX WG430 is to use and how it just eats them leaves.

Sun Joe SDJ616 Leaf Mulcher/Shredder

Sun Joe SDJ616 Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder 13-Amp 16:1 Reduction Ratio, 8,000-RPM, Mulch up to...
  • [POWERFUL]: 13-amp motor with 8,000 rpm mulches up to 55 gallons of leaves per minute and reduces yard waste up to 1/16th its original size.
  • [COMPATIBLE]: Conveniently attaches to leaf-bag-lined trash container for easy disposal.
  • [CONTROL DIAL]: Adjustable control dial with settings for wet or dry yard waste.
  • [DUST-REDUCING MOTOR]: Lightweight and durable dust-reducing motor cooling system.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT]: Compact and lightweight for easy portability and storage.

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As we said above people argue that the WORX WG430 could be the best leaf mulcher but the Sun Joe SDJ616 really is pushing to be named number one here and it is close we would say that it is close and only you can make that but we will give you the pointers to make your mind up.

We first look at how the Sun Joe SDJ616 stacks up in terms of power and they also go with a 13 Amp motor that is on par with other but they take a step ahead with their 55 gallons of leaves per minute mulch rate which is better than the WORX WG430.

Mulching ratio again is a step ahead of the competition giving you a 16:1 ratio of its original size this is great.

Now we move onto the mulching system and the Sun Joe SDJ616 and they go with the bladeless mulching system this is where people say these first two are let down as at times you will need to change the line and we think the Sun Joe SDJ616 falls down on this front also as there are only 2 lines doubled to give 4 and we found that leaves can find the way into the bag not mulched nothing major but worth noting.

We must add that there is a Dust-reducing system and it did seem to work and keep the dust down.

If you have larger leaves then we really like that you can change the control setting to deal with different size leaves and the Sun Joe SDJ616 can deal with wet or dry yard waste this is a nice bonus.

Sun Joe SDJ616 Leaf Mulcher/Shredder Installation

Installation with the Sun Joe SDJ616 is really easy and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes out the box the legs are simply placed in their slots no assembly needed and a great feature is they are adjustable so if you have larger bags or you’re a taller individual this is a nice feature.

Sun Joe SDJ616 Leaf Mulcher/Shredder Features
  • 13 Amp motor
  • Mulches up to 55 gallons of leaves per minute
  • 16:1 mulching ratio
  • Flex-a-line bladeless system
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year warranty

Check out the Sun Joe SDJ616 in action a leaf blower may have been best practice rather than rakes but shows the leaf mulcher in action and how well it performs.

Yard Force YF8000 Leaf Shredder

Earthwise LM71313 Amp 13-Inch Corded Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder, Green
  • Earthwise Power Tools by ALM powerful leaf shredder with a 13-Amp motor that delivers power and performance comparable to a gas leaf mulcher
  • Leaf mulch shredder with a 19" funnel opening and 13" bladeless cutting diameter; Power with 55 gals/min mulching capacity with 16:1 mulching...
  • Sliding control lever with (3) mulching settings; Elastic band with (4) clips for easily attaching bag at base of mulcher
  • Mulcher with wheels and funnel for easy maneuvering and storage
  • Planet-friendly corded electric plug-in leaf mulcher that requires no gas or oil

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Next, we have the Yard Force YF8000 Leaf Shredder we do have a little drop of here from the two above but it really has a place on the list and we find out why below.

The Yard Force YF8000 Leaf Shredder doesn’t let us down on the power front going with a 13 Amp motor which is the go-to for all these types of leaf mulcher they don’t let us know gallons of leaves per minute this can handle but it won’t be as high as the two above.

We do know the mulching ratio and that is a little lower than the above also with a 12:1 mulching ratio pretty impressive but is a little lower you may get a running theme here.

We really like the fact that you can change the setting to deal with different size leaves and the Yard Force YF8000 can deal with wet and dry leaves this really is a neat feature.

Setup is simple and has the telescopic legs that we really like I believe were this Yard Force YF8000 stand out is the bungee cord bag clamp to help you attach the bag this is a neat little feature

We really like how Yard Force includes hand rake set, 10 shredder replacement lines, bungee cord, and safety goggles.

We really like this leaf mulcher despite it falling down in some areas it is well worthy of its place in this list and I don’t think you would be disappointed if you opt for Yard Force YF8000 Leaf Shredder

Yard Force YF8000 Leaf Shredder Features
  • 13 Amp motor
  • 12:1 mulching ratio
  • Flex-a-line bladeless system
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year warranty
  • Free safety goggles and hand rake set

Flowtron LE-900 Leaf Shredder

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Next up on the list and by no means last is the Flowtron LE-900 Leaf Shredder again with all the shredders on the list this can be argued it’s the best that’s why it’s on the list I suppose but let’s take a deeper look why that may be.

Power output is always the first on the list and this tops the power output with 15 Amp so out of all on the list this is packing the most power but no mention of the maximum gallons of leaves per minute mulch rate so this is a little disappointing we would have thought this would be a great place to boast.

But we do know the mulching ratio which is something you do need to know and this is impressive at 30:1 mulch ratio this is the biggest on the list very impressive.

The Flowtron LE-900 Leaf Shredder comes with a coarse adjustment setting from coarse to fine this will reduce the mulch ratio but having the option is a nice bonus.

Again if you want to mulch wet leaves then the Flowtron LE-900 will be able to deal with them no problem the sales pages say rain-soaked leaves but we would never recommend with electric equipment to do this damp ok but rain-soaked not for me you would need to use common sense here.

Very easy setup attach the legs that come setup and your soot attached and you are ready to go no adjustment on the legs but this is not a deal breaker for us.

One little niggle that we have with the Flowtron LE-900 Leaf Shredder is that it only comes with a Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty again not a deal breaker but we really like to see electric products come with at least 2-year warranty.

Flowtron LE-900 Leaf Shredder Features
  • 15 Amp motor
  • 30:1 mulching ratio
  • Flex-a-line bladeless system
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty

Best Leaf Mulcher – Buyer Guide

Unable to decide which leaf mulcher to choose?

If yes, this guide can solve this confusion. Sure enough, the options available while buying a leaf muncher are plenty. However, if the comparison is made on the right parameters, shortlisting the right one is easy. The factors below will make the filtration process easy. Instead of pouring over the specifications and other jargon, these sets of parameters can make it easy for any consumer to choose the best leaf mulcher.a

Leaf Mulcher Motor Power:

The entire mulching operation is dependent on the power of the motor. The more powerful the motor, the better will be the mulcher. The ampere rating is crucial to determine the power on offer.

Generally speaking, a leaf mulcher with a motor of more than 10 A is a reliable choice. However, if the consumer needs to mulch a significant quantity in every instance, he/she needs to choose a mulcher with high motor power.

Leaf Mulcher Capacity:

Most leaf mulchers come with their bins or bags. It means that there is a finite capacity of any leaf mulcher. It is essential to look at this capacity. If it is too low, mulching can only be done in instances. In such a case, the time for the entire operation will increase significantly.

Consumers can look at the capacity directly or the mulching ratio mentioned. The higher the mulching ratio, the better it is. It is a crucial factor to consider while buying the best leaf mulcher.

Leaf Mulcher Portability:

Leaf mulchers will not be in constant use. Moreover, the consumer is likely to change its location every time he/she uses it.

So, it is essential to look at the portability of the leaf mulcher. While it is not necessary to go with the smallest option available but going with a portable one is undoubtedly better.

The portable option should be easy to carry around. Also, it should be foldable or collapsible so that storage isn’t a problem. When it has these two features, it is easy to use.

Leaf Mulcher Ease of use:

Nobody likes to use a gadget are machine which has a learning curve. The same is true for leaf mulchers. It might be a new machine to some consumers, but if it has excessive controls or a learning curve, consumers will not prefer it.

Instead of depending on the buying decision later, it is better to check the ease of use factor in advance. Only when it comes with limited controls, anyone can use it easily.

The instruction manual online and the features of the leaf mulcher can make it amply clear. Ideally, the consumer should choose a leaf mulcher which has a plug and play design. It ensures that neither the consumer would have to wait to operate it nor go through a lot of controls.

Unfortunately, this is a parameter ignored by many consumers. Buying a complex leaf mulcher might seem like a great idea at 1st. However, once the actual use of the leaf mulcher starts, consumers realize the essential function of each leaf mulcher is the same. That is why; there is no point in buying an overcomplicated leaf mulcher.

Leaf Mulcher Cutting mechanism:

Not all leaf mulchers available these days use the same cutting mechanism. The variation in technology has made it necessary to go into the details of the cutting mechanism of the leaf mulcher before taking a call. The cutting types on offer are:

  • Bladeless reduction:

As the name itself suggests, bladeless reduction refers to electric mulching. The advantage of electric mulching is that it is much quicker. Also, the efficiency is on the higher side. One more factor which works in favor of bladeless mulchers is that they are easy to store. Since the blades are missing, folding to store them in a small amount of space is possible. They are also much quieter.

On the downside, however, these are comparatively more expensive. If the requirement is of a budget leaf mulcher, these might not be the perfect option.

  • Blade reduction:

Blade reduction is the conventional method of leaf mulching. The advantage of the blade reduction method is that it can handle any garden waste without any issue. It does not matter whether the garden waste is smaller in size or large in size. As long as the blades are efficient and heavy-duty in construction, they can handle anything.

While choosing such a leaf mulcher, it is essential to look at the quality of blades. The material of the blades and their size matters a lot. These are more affordable as compared to the bladeless reduction leaf mulchers.

Essentially, when it comes to the cutting mechanism, it is essential to determine the preference and then go ahead with the leaf mulcher.

Leaf Mulcher Safety features on offer:

There is no point in choosing the leaf mulcher without stating its safety features.


Worry not! Some of the safety features which a leaf mulcher should have include:

  • Automatic shutdown protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Protection against getting stuck

Out of these, the more safety features a leaf mulcher has, the better it is. Nevertheless, it should have at least automatic shutdown protection to ensure that it shuts down on its own. It will prevent accidents. The other safety features will protect the motor. As a result, they will reduce the need for maintenance as well.

Leaf Mulcher Noise output:

Who likes a noisy leaf mulcher?

It is the most apparent parameter to judge the leaf mulcher. The lower the noise levels, the better it is. Some of the leaf mulchers can be so noisy that they can disturb neighbors as well. Instead of ignoring this factor and later on repenting on buying decisions, it is essential to compare the leaf mulchers on their noise levels.

The noise level of a leaf mulcher can vary from 50 DB up to 120 DB. The lower the noise level, the better it is. At the same time, if the cutting capacity of the mulcher reduces, then it can be a problem as well. It is a delicate balance to achieve. Nevertheless, it is necessary to choose the leaf mulcher with the lowest noise output and the highest cutting power.

These parameters make the decision of choosing a leaf mulcher easier. Most consumers get confused as to what factors they should look out for when buying one. This guide will work as a blueprint for them.

Leaf Mulcher FAQ:

It is also essential to know more about leaf mulchers as a device before making the buying decision. The FAQs below will act as a resource in that regard.

What is a leaf Mulcher?

The leaf mulcher is a device that grinds down the organic waste found in the garden or the lawn to create mulch. The mulch is useful for creating compost. It can also be fed directly to the soil to increase the nutrients.

Can a leaf mulcher work as a leaf vacuum as well?

Some leaf mulchers can work as a leaf vacuum. However, these are few and far between.

Are leaf mulchers worth it?

People when they first purchase and use their leaf mulcher for the first time discover that they spend less time bagging the leaves as most have a bag attachment and the other big advantage is that you will use fewer bags as the mulched leaves take up much less room in the bag.

What are the best leaf mulchers brands?

If you’re looking for a good brand for a leaf blower then you want to keep to what we have in our best leaf mulchers above these are Worx, Sun sun, Yard force, and flowtron are some of the best on the market.

Is it OK to use leaves as mulch?

Yes is the simple answer but try to keep the layer you use as mulch is not overly thick as this will slow down the decomposing leaves as mulch is best used on vegetable gardens, flower beds and around shrubs and trees.

How long does it take for leaves to decompose?

It’s said that leaves take 6 to 12 months to break down and decompose.

Is it OK to leave leaves on a lawn over winter?

We recommend you don’t leave leaves on a lawn over winter as leaves can smother areas of a lawn when they’re left in thick piles all winter but don’t forget you may use mulched leaves as mulch.

How do you speed up leaf decomposition?

Keeping the layer of leaves thin and placing soil over them will speed up the decomposing also if you are spreading mulched leaves this will also speed up the process.

Will a wood chipper work on leaves?

Yes, but they are not as effective as a dedicated leaf Mulcher as they tend to have a smaller opening to put the leaves into so they tend to take a lot longer to get the job done.

Leaf Mulcher Conclusion

While searching for a leaf mulcher, the guide above can make things easy. The guide aims to help consumers understand the parameters which they should consider while buying one. The guide above can help them choose between hundreds of options in a relatively short time by taking into account the parameters mentioned above. It is time to buy the right leaf mulcher without spending weeks in research.