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Kite flying was huge when I was a kid and rightly so it’s making a huge come back after many years of being the forgotten toy for kids, we have put together some of the best kites that are easy to fly and look cool.


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On a windy weekend, there are no longer any excuses to hunker down and play on the video console head to the local field or if you’re lucky your back yard with your kite and let the fun begin.

We have put together the top 5 best kites that are easy to fly then followed by a buyer’s guide and some neat tips on flying a kite so let’s get down to it.  

Single Line Prism Kite

Prism Kite Technology 5ZENG Zenith 5 Single Line Delta Kite, Aurora
  • A classic high-flying delta with a modern look
  • Bungee cords inside frame make assembly a snap
  • 60" wingspan folds to just 21" for easy travel
  • Elastic bungees inside Comes ready to fly, with everything you need including tangle-resistant braided polyester line and an easy-to-use hoop...

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Turn heads with this snappy modern delta style kite. With bright colors, a sleek design and modern features this kite is sure to delight any user. With a full five foot wingspan, this kite will stay aloft in calm skies or in high winds.

This rigid 60” kite easily breaks down to only 21” for easy travel and storage. The kite’s clever design means that there are no extra parts to lose or drop. A system of poles and bungees makes this kite go together in a snap and the all-inclusive skeleton means that there are no tools or pieces required.

Not only is the body modern and easy to manage but this kite also includes tangle free lines that make it so you will never have a snarl of tangled cords during a gusty day or if you fly your kite into overhead hazards. These modern features eliminate the most frustrating parts of kite flying: assembly and tangles.

  • The sleek modern design stands up to high winds and clear days
  • Full five foot wingspan
  • Easily sets up and breaks down with no hassle
  • Tangle free cords and lines prevent headaches during operation

Dual-line Prism Synapse

Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite, 140
  • Dual-line kiting made easy, so you can carve up the sky wherever you go with instant setup and a compact, travel-ready package
  • Learn 2-line basics with spins, dives, and figure 8’s, then hang on and wrestle with the wind when the breeze picks up
  • With no frame parts to lose or break, it packs up small to fit in a backpack or glove compartment so you’re always ready to fly
  • The Synapse 140 measures approximately 53"” x 20”, and packs down to 10” x 5” x 2. 5”

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This snappy dual-line parafoil kite is built to wow. Make the sky your canvas with its sharp dual-line system. Perfect for learning the basics or for the more advanced user. Learn how to swoop, swerve, turn, and fly in ways that are sure to entertain you and your peers. When the winds pick up, hold on tight and watch it soar.

The dual-line parafoil is very simple with no pieces or parts to keep track of. The whole thing folds up neatly and stores away into the included nylon pouch for easy travel and storage. No tools, no pieces, no parts, and no hassle as you fold and unfold your kite for fun anytime the skies are right.

It stores at a reasonable size of 10”x5”x2.5” but billows out to a respectable 53”x20” parafoil. High quality lines included meaning you have everything you need to begin your dual line kite journey right out of the box.

  • Wow your friends and family with dazzling aerobatics in the sky
  • Classic dual-line kite perfect for beginners and advanced users alike
  • Folds down into a small nylon bag for easy storage
  • Hassle-free design requires no parts or tools to set up and break down

In the Breeze Rainbow Kite

In the Breeze 2973 Rainbow 62" Sport Kite Dual Line Stunt Parafoil Includes Braided Kite Line and...
  • Made with weather resistant rip stop polyester fabric and fiberglass rods
  • 27-Inch long by 62-inch wide - 1.1 meters
  • 2 line Sport kite
  • Kite bag with Velcro closure - 100Lb by 80-feet Braided polyester kite line, winder and straps
  • Easy to fly in winds ranging from 6 to 25 mph

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Prepare to offer a colorful show in the sky with this amazing rainbow dual-line kite. The frameless design and large size make this kite perfect for honing your skills, preforming dazzling tricks and epic aerobatic movements. Spend time outdoors while making memories and having a blast with this awesome kite. The durable timeless design is made for fun of all kinds.

It includes a winder, cloth bag with velcro fasteners, long sturdy lines and the rainbow colored kite. It has everything you need to make any day a kite flying kind of day. The frameless design means this kite folds up into its carrying bag seamlessly. No hassle, no fuss, and no headaches. Take this kite anywhere and enjoy a beautiful day outdoors. Whether you want to make the kite dance in high winds or just want to have a relaxing slight on gentle breezes this kite has everything you need.

  • Bold beautiful multi-colored design
  • Can weather winds up to 25mph
  • Easily folds up into a convenient carrying bag
  • Includes long durable lines and a winder to keep everything neat and tidy

Hengda Snake Kite

HENGDA KITE 49ft Large Power Snake Kites for Kids & Adults, with Flying Line Outdoor Fun Sports Kite
  • ✔We designed a new cobra snake kite,which is a mythical masterpiece, beautifully illustrated with high resolution graphics.These monsters of...
  • ✔Give your children the best memory to fly the kite - The varied bright color and lively shape is the greatest characteristic.
  • ✔Flying the kite is undoubtedly an entertaining activity for both kids and adults. Use it any open area, from beaches to parks, and enjoy...
  • ✔Made in the International Kite Capital - Weifang,Shandong,China.The company is the Weifang kite Industry Association governing units.
  • ✔Size:1500cm/50ft

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Kites come in all shapes, sizes, and types but none make quite the statement as this Power Snake kite. Make a statement with this design as it flies through the air. Designed with the stunning visage of a snake, with fangs included, this kite is sure to stand out. Not only does it have a great face that will look down on the spectators below it also comes with an extremely long tail that will flutter and trail behind it as it flies.

It is made from high-quality polyester and can take off in low winds so this kite is perfect for anyone who doesn’t live in a particularly windy area. It includes all of the lines needed to fly it as well as a convenient bag to roll or fold up this kite. No rigid parts mean that it is easy to successfully fold up and pack away for next time. Have fun and make a statement with this flying snake kite today.

  • Unique visual design featuring a striking image of a snake
  • Long tail for fun flying
  • Easily folds up and packs away
  • Can be flown in low winds

HENGDA Easy Flyer Soft Kite

HENGDA KITE-Large Easy Flyer Soft Kite for Kids-Colorful Trilobite-It's Big! 30 Inches Wide with Two...
  • We designed a new Trilobite shape kite!This is entirely soft cloth material made kite, it takes only one minute to get a new kite, you take it...
  • Give your children the best large easy to fly the kite - Amazing with 130 Inches Long Tails!
  • Flying the kite is undoubtedly an entertaining activity for both kids and adults. Use it any open area, from beaches to parks, and enjoy spending...
  • Made in the International Kite Capital - Weifang,Shandong,China.Our company is the Weifang kite Industry Association governing units.
  • Size:330cm/130inchX76cm/30inch

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Get ready to stand out and keep your eyes on the sky to see this amazing kite take flight. This unique kite flies in the image of a Trilobite. With its bright colors, unique shape, and long tails this kite is sure to be a conversation piece no matter where it is flying. Its soft-sided design means that it is a perfect addition to a trip to the beach, park, open field, backyard and more. Just take it out of the bag, roll it out and get ready to fly.

This kite is big and is made to attract and entertain the eye while also giving you an enjoyable and easy flying experience. The high-quality materials and striking design means that this kite can be a staple of your kite stable for years to come. While everyone else flies the traditional sails, delta wings and carps you will be out flying your large and colorful Trilobite kite.

  • Soft bodied kite is easy to unfold and fly
  • Included bag means you can take this kite anywhere
  • Unique trilobite kite with long tails and bright colors will make a statement
  • 30” wide body and 130” long tails will fill the sky

Best Kites Buying Guide

Kites have been around for ages and flying a kite is one of the most competitive, adventurous, and exciting outdoor games. The best part is that this game involves both physical and mental exertion, making it an excellent leisure time activity. The following is a detailed, all-about-kites guide.

Why fly a kite?

Here is all the motivation one needs to develop a liking for this adventurous game.

  • Flying a kite is a wonderful physical activity. Not only is the constant line-pulling good for the muscles and improves physical dexterity, but running around while flying a kite is also good for the overall health and fitness.
  • Kite flying also makes for an extremely challenging and competitive activity among a group. If there are multiple people flying their kites together, the competition, excitement, and suspense is on a whole other level as everyone tries to cut someone else’s line and capture their kite.
  • The process of creating a kite is extremely fun and even children can make well-functioning kites on their own. Moreover, one can get as creative as they want and make very aesthetic, durable, and personalized kites.
  • Another major reason is that kite flying is a completely unique and different outdoor game than many others. There is literally no replacement for this particular game, and therefore, no match for the thrill it offers.

What are the components of a kite?

Kites are primarily composed of three parts: body, bridle, and line.

The body of the kite is the main area that can be made out of a number of materials and comes in a large range of shapes, colors, and sizes.

The bridle is the arrangement of strings between the kite and the line. This is used for holding the kite at a particular angle.

The line is the string, that can be made out of different materials, held by the person flying the kite to maneuver it in the sky.

Apart from these, the spine is also a very useful component as it is a thin stick going from the top to bottom and the left to right of the kite. However, not all kites have a spine.

How to fly a kite

Once one practices launching a kite and steering it around in the sky a few times, flying a kite would come naturally to them. There is no rocket science behind this activity so it is a mere matter of practice.

For absolute beginners, here are the guidelines and a few tips to ace flying a kite.

Find a vast, open area to fly the kite

This is important because the smaller the space is, the more obstacles the kite would encounter. Moreover, the real joy and thrill of kite flying can only be experienced when there are seemingly no limits as to how far and high one can fly their kite.

Stand straight

The posture one maintains while flying the kite, and especially when launching it in the sky, is crucial. One needs to stand straight with their back to the wind.

Hold up the kite by the bridle point

The next step is to hold the kite up by its bridle point and then let the line out. This can be made easier by asking someone else to hold the kite up, some distance away from the flyer. If another person is not available, the kite can be placed at a high altitude, such as on top of a bush or wall, from where it will be easy for it to take off.

Gently pull onto the line

Once the kite is in the sky, one needs to gently pull the line. Repeatedly doing so would allow the kite to fly higher and higher. However, if the pull is too strong and too abrupt at the start, the kite might start coming down.

Maneuver the kite carefully

There usually isn’t much to do once the kite is flying in the sky, except pulling the line at regular intervals to ensure the kite keeps sailing smoothly across the sky. However, due to the change in wind speed or direction, or because of obstacles in the sky including other kites, one might need to direct their kite elsewhere. This can be done by pulling on the line strongly and walking in a different direction to shift the position of the kite.

Types of Kites

The following are some of the most popular types of kites.

Parafoil Kites

These are arguably the most interesting of kites. They do not have a spine which differentiates them from other types of kites. Hence, these are not very likely to break or tear upon impact. Interestingly, they are based on the same concept which allows parachutes and paragliders to fly.

Delta Kites

Shaped like a triangle with a keel that holds the spine together, this kite is extremely easy to fly. This is essentially why it is quite popular among beginners. The triangular shape gives the kite the streamlined nature which helps it sail smoothly.

Also, the delta kites are available as single-line and dual-line kites.

Sode Kite

This is a light wind flier and originates from China. Since it’s light-weight, a sode kite often has a long tail to stabilize it and allow it to fly properly. There is no defined shape for this type of kite since it comes in a range of shapes.

Moreover, these kites are known for kite art as they often have beautiful designs and patterns painted on them.

Diamond Kites

Shaped like a perfect diamond, these are some of the most reliable kites. Also, since the shape is so simple, these are very easy to create at home. Therefore, this is a great choice for kids.


One of the most attention-grabbing types of kites is the rokkakus which is a six-sided fighter kite. Originally from Japan, these kites are so aesthetic that they are quite popular in aerial photography. Not only these, but they are also known for the hand-painted drawings on them, making them an object of fascination in art as well.

Cellular Kites

These are known for their variety of shapes and designs. Cellular kites are three-dimensional and often appear like a rectangular box.

These are not easy to fly so it’s not a smart idea to buy them without prior kite-flying experience.  Also, with their complicated design comes additional weight which means they are not very easy to handle or carry around either.

Interestingly, kites are named after the kite bird which has a wide set of wings and flies very high in the sky.

Best brand of Kites

The experience of flying kites can be largely improved by choosing the most durable, aesthetic-looking, and right-sized kites.

For instance, if the kite is too big for someone to handle, they would not enjoy flying it since they would barely be able to control it when it’s in the sky. Similarly, kites with bright colors and bold designs look quite eye-catching.

aGreatLife Rainbow Kite

This is a great option for beginners as it is very easy to launch in the sky and handle it while it’s there.

In the Breeze Neon Arch Diamond Kite

This brand provides some of the most fun and easy-to-fly kites which makes them ideal for kids. Moreover, these kites come at very affordable prices.

Prism Stowaway Delta Kite

The best thing about this brand is that it offers kits which can be folded into a small size despite its width of 5 feet. This makes it perfect for traveling.

Kite Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first kite flown?

It is believed that the Chinese were the first to fly kites, roughly 2,800 years ago.

Do kites need tails?

Flat kites need a tail in so that they can fly well.

How long should the tail of a kite be?

The purpose of the tail is to allow the kit to fly better which is why up to 40 inches of tail is appropriate. If the length is too large, for example, 200 inches, flying the kite would become difficult.

What kite should you use at a beach?

‘Beach kites’, made specifically for flying at beaches, can be used. However, practically any kind of kites can be flown at beaches since they are usually windy enough for easily flying kites.

Is flying kites dangerous?

If one is not too careful, flying kites can be quite dangerous.

  • To make this activity completely safe, one needs to use a ‘safe’ line which does not cut too strongly in case it accidentally makes contact with the skin.
  • Moreover, if one is flying the kite on a roof or a very high surface, it is important to stay away from the boundaries to avoid accidentally falling down.

When to fly a kite?

Different types of kites should be flown in different wind ranges. However, a wind speed of 20 meters per hour suits most kites. Make sure the weather is not too windy or rainy. Strong wind makes it extremely hard to control the kite while rain can destroy the kite completely.