5 Best Pogo Sticks Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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All the way back to the 20s Pogo Sticks have been the highlight of most children’s memories but with the invention of computer consoles some of these old sports have become a distant memory but this is all changing with sports junkies putting the best Pogo Sticks back on the radar of our kids.


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We have put together the top 5 Best Pogo Sticks on the market and given each a review also below you will find a Buyer’s Guide along with some tips on how to use a Pogo Stick and some other cool things that we hope you like.

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

Flybar Maverick Pogo Stick for Kids Ages 5+, 40 to 80 Pounds, Perfect for Beginners, Easy Grip...
  • PERFECT FOR THE FIRST-TIME JUMPER: This pogo stick for 5 year old is a great entry-level pogo for your child to learn the basics. Before you know...
  • FOAM COVERED METAL FRAME: This Flybar pogo stick features a fully enclosed spring that’s surrounded by a foam wrapped metal frame. The soft...
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Foam pogo jumper for kids offers sturdy, non-slip foot pads and wide bounce tip for increased stability, balance, and control
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: The Maverick comes ready to bounce straight out of the box, so kids will be jumping in seconds. Parents will love how easy...
  • TRUSTED FLYBAR QUALITY: As the original Pogo Stick Company since 1918, Flybar continues to set inchthe standard by which all pogoes are measured...

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Flybar is the original pogo stick company. Founded back in 1918, they continue to make high-quality pogo sticks to this day. With over a hundred years of experience in the pogo field, Flybar has designed the perfect pogo stick for beginners with their Maverick model. Pogo sticks can be frightening and seem dangerous to both parents and kids alike which is why this pogo stick was designed with every comfort and safety feature imaginable.

The sturdy metal frame is foam padded which reduces the potential for injury if you land on it the wrong way. The soft foam protects both the user and the frame from harm during use. They also added non-slip pegs to keep those little feet firmly planted on the pogo stick. Throw in some comfortable foam handles and you have a pogo stick designed with safety and comfort in mind from top to bottom. Soon your kids will be pogo masters and they’ll be ready to grow into a more advanced stick as they improve.

  • Over a hundred years of pogo making experience
  • Designed with safety and comfort in mind for younger children
  • Perfect beginner pogo stick that will ease both parents and children into the fun

Razor Gogo Pogo Stick

Razor Gogo Pogo Stick - Black
  • A new twist on an old classic
  • Features a fully enclosed spring system with low-friction bushings
  • Foldable and more portable then ever before
  • Lightweight aluminum frame construction with folding footrests
  • Also features folding handlebars and foam grips for comfort

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Razor has done it again. Bringing their signature style and design features to pogo sticks, Razor has created a portable, durable and classic pogo stick for all ages. The iconic Razor logo, black foam handles, and polished steel look are back in pogo form with their Gogo Pogo model. They have applied their experience to a classic toy bringing it into the modern age.

The Gogo Pogo is foldable which makes it extra portable. No longer will your pogo stick have to stay within sight of the garage. The lightweight aluminum frame and foldable design mean that it is easier than ever to take this pogo stick with you wherever you want to go. They have included a fully enclosed spring system within the lightweight frame and even added in low friction bushings. That means you’ll get a consistent and quiet bounce every time. Razor has a long history of making great action toys for the adventurous youth of the world and their Gogo Pogo is just another great addition to a long history of fun.

  • Iconic Razor design in pogo stick form
  • Lightweight and foldable makes this a super portable pogo
  • Enclosed springs and friction-reducing bushings gives you a consistent and quality bounce every time

Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick

Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick for Kids and Adults 14 & Up Heavy Duty for Weights 120-210 Lbs
  • CLASSIC TRICK POGO STICK: The Super Pogo is a classic pogo stick from Flybar meant for extreme jumping and technical pogo tricks but is always...
  • HEAVY DUTY METAL CONSTRUCTION: Strong spring powered pogo stick made of a heavy metal construction with reinforced injected-molded clamps and...
  • WIDE STANCE FOOT PEGS: The Super Pogo by Flybar features large wide stance foot pegs with grip tape so you have the ultimate control whether you...
  • LEARN BALANCE & COORDINATION SKILLS: In a fun and exciting way. So much fun that won’t even realize that you are exercising. The Flybar Super...
  • Meant for ages as low as 14 & Up to adults weighing from 120 to 210 pounds

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The original pogo stick company, Flybar is back, but this time with a pogo stick made for older children and even adults with their heavy-duty super pogo stick. While some pogo sticks have a low weight capacity and vibrant colors to attract the eyes of a younger crowd this pogo stick is mature. With a weight capacity of up to 210lbs the fun doesn’t have to end when you get older. The heavy-duty metal frame and fixtures will hold larger people and will also stand up to the most technical tricks.

More reminiscent of a set of motorcycle handles than your first pogo stick this model is perfect for the beginner all the way up to expert level. This will hold your attention whether you just want to hop around or if you are learning to master the most technical tricks. The fun doesn’t have to stop when you get older. Allow your skills and tricks to grow with this pogo stick by Flybar.

  • Can hold up to 210lbs
  • Heavy-duty metal construction is great for tricks
  • A sleek mature look for the older user

NSG Pogo Stick

NSG Flight Premium Perfomance Pogo Stick - Ages 9 and Up - 80-180 Pounds, Black
  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED POGO STICK: Combining the classic form for traditional bouncing with new-age function, the NSG Flight Pogo Stick is the choice...
  • SPORT-LEVEL PERFORMANCE: Perfect for casual jumpers, but powerful and durable enough for aspiring Xpogo athletes looking for a higher bounce,...
  • MATCHLESS FEATURES: Low Friction Spring Technology, hydro-formed steel shell, industrial-strength steel springs, steel piston, welded diamond...
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS: Jumping around is not just for little kids. Everyone can enjoy the fun and benefits of pogo-stick jumping; an intense, yet...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Black. Height: 42 inches. Item weight: 6 lbs. Recommended for boys and girls ages 9 and up, weighting 80 lbs - 180 lbs....

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NSG has designed this pogo stick with both the casual user in mind as well as the aspiring Xpogo user. Pogo sticks are a great source of cardio for people of all ages. With a sturdy metal frame and lightweight design, this pogo stick can hold up to 180lbs. Diversify your cardio routine today with this high-performance pogo stick.

NSG has taken the classic pogo stick form and upgraded it for the twenty-first century. They have absolutely packed in the features to make this one of the best pogo sticks available. These features include low friction springs, welded diamond footplates, steel springs, and steel pistons as well as a hydroformed steel shell to bring all of it together. Whether you are the beginner pogo user who just wants a fun way to increase their exercise or someone who is trying to hone their skills and get bigger jumps and more airtime for tricks this pogo stick has it all.

  • A classic toy with modern amenities
  • Can hold up to 180lbs meaning the fun never has to stop
  • A perfect way to hone your skills or increase your daily exercise

Vurtego V4 Pro – Adult Pogo Stick 

Vurtego V4 PRO Pogo Stick (Large)
  • AIR POWER TECH: The V4 Pro Pogo Stick is the most advanced pogo stick ever created. The high-powered air spring is capable of jumping over 11...
  • ADJUSTABLE AIR SPRING: Anyone 75 lbs and up can use the V4 Pro simply by adjusting the air pressure. More air creates a stiffer and more powerful...
  • DESIGNED FOR BIG AIR TRICKS: The V4 Pro is the best of the best. It is designed for those looking for maximum hangtime. The longer slide shaft is...
  • WORLD RECORD HOLDER: The V4 Pro holds 11 Guinness Book world records for the amazing height it is able to achieve. A few examples are high jump...
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: We stand behind all our pogo sticks because if we stood in front of them, we'd totally get trampled. If anything breaks within...

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The Vurtego V4 pogo stick is an advanced pogo stick that brings the sport into the modern age. The unique and effective air-powered springs make this stick unrivaled in terms of height and bounce. Tune the springs to your liking with a standard bike pump and let it rip. Since the stick is air-powered, all of the heavy parts are gone making this one of the lightest pogo sticks on the market. Despite that this pogo stick can hold a lot of weight making it great for the adventurous adults that want to try the power of this stick out for themselves.

It can bounce over 10 feet in the air. Incredible! This makes it perfect for creative users who want to design and perform their own big air tricks. Ten feet is high enough to get you over fences, walls, cars, and other obstacles designed to nail that perfect trick. If you’ve grown up with pogo sticks and you don’t want the fun to stop, the Vurtego V4 will allow you to continue to your hobby as a trick minded adult.

  •  Air springs make this stick exceedingly light
  • Can get huge air for big tricks
  • Perfect for any weight

Best Pogo Sticks Buyer’s Guide and Tips

When it comes to a pogo stick it is quite difficult to determine whether its health benefits outweigh the joy it gives the user or vice versa. That’s how amusing and health-giving jumping using a pogo stick is. And the best part? Children, teenagers, adults – everyone can enjoy it!

How to use a Pogo Stick?

Despite how simple it might look, a pogo stick should not be used before one is well-acquainted with the object and the rules of using it.

  1. Find a dry and spacious area without any obstacles, for example, a large lawn or park. Make sure that there is no dirt, water, or sticky substances on the ground.
  2. After ensuring that the pogo stick is pumped, place the middle of the foot on one of the pegs.
  3. Bend the upper body on the pogo stick to make sure that the body and the pogo stick move together as one unit.
  4. Place the other foot on the peg as well and give the body a push to start bouncing.
  5. All the while, keep the stick very close to the body.
  6. While bouncing, the hands – placed on the handlebars – should be kept very close to the thighs.
  7. The shoulders and knees should be in line so that the weight of the body is centered on the top of the pogo stick.
  8. Looking straight down or forward is not recommended as this can lead to the loss of balance.
  9. The weight should be pushed (for the next bounce) as soon as the pogo stick makes contact with the ground and not when it fully rests on the ground.
  10. If the slide shaft begins bottoming out, jumping up can help restore it to its original position.

Note: the pogo stick can be used indoors as long as there is sufficient space for safe bouncing.

History of the Pogo Stick

Ernst Gottschall and Max Pohlig are credited with the creation of the pogo stick in March 1920. This means this extremely entertaining and physically-useful object has been around for exactly a century now. Back then, the pogo stick was termed ‘spring end hopping stilt’.

Interesting fact: the common name ‘pogo’ comes from the first two letters of the second names of both the creators – Pohlig and Gottschall.

Benefits of using a Pogo Stick

Apart from how exhilarating jumping using a pogo stick is, one should try it for the following reasons.

  • Stronger Muscle Mass

Games that require intense workout in the form of jumping or running, etc. can help build stronger muscle mass. Holding firmly onto the pogo stick and pumping the legs in order to gain more momentum and jump higher leads helps strengthen the muscles in the arms and legs. Moreover, it reduces the fat in the body.

  • Flat Stomach

Many people strive to achieve a flat stomach by doing an array of difficult and arduous exercises. However, this fun activity is a very easy way to flatten the stomach and make it stronger.

Not only this, but jumping on a pogo stick will also help the entire body get into shape.

  • Avoiding Potential Back Pains

While jumping on a pogo stick, it is extremely important to keep the posture right by staying upright and not bending the back. In fact, jumping for too long without keeping the back straight can result in various back issues.

  • Enhanced Creativity

Even though the connection might be difficult to make – what’s the relation between creativity and a pogo stick? – an activity as plain and easy as merely jumping on a stick can prompt one to be creative. This is because everyone gets bored after a while and tries to come up with new tricks and stunts to add more excitement to the game.

  • Carefree Yet Healthy Activity

The use of a pogo stick is all about the balance and coordination of the body, making it a very healthy activity. Moreover, it offers a rigorous physical routine without the pressure of rules, losses, expectations, or competitors. One can use the pogo stick as per their convenience and exactly the way they want to.

What should I look for when buying a Pogo Stick?

The following factors should be carefully evaluated before purchasing a pogo stick.


Pogo sticks can be used by a very diverse range of age groups. Not only are kids very fond of a stimulating game with a pogo stick, but even adults find it quite challenging. Therefore, one needs to buy an age-appropriate pogo stick.

This is also necessary because pogo sticks designed for different age groups come with different features and especially, differing levels of safety.


This is one of the most crucial factors to be considered since it is closely tied to the safety of the person using the pogo stick. A pogo stick which is too heavy for the person to carry can easily make them fall down and accidentally hurt themselves. Similarly, a pogo stick too light in weight to bear the weight of a person might collapse or break down.


Especially for parents looking to buy pogo sticks for their children, there is a dire need to carefully look into the type of material used to construct the pogo stick as well as its design. For instance, some pogo sticks are made out of metal while others from steel. Similarly, some of them have a foam insulating cover around them for added safety.


Not all pogo sticks come with the same kind of safety features. While pogo sticks designed for children are usually well-equipped with safety features, the adult pogo sticks often need additional features since adults try more complex and risky tricks with their pogo sticks.


If one intends to use the pogo stick in different places and carry it along with them, the option of non-portable sticks is completely out of the window. In addition to this, portable pogo sticks are also easier to pack as they take very less space and can be compactly folded. Lastly, weight, undoubtedly, plays a major role in making a pogo stick portable.

How to look after a Pogo Stick?

To ensure that the pogo stick stays in the best shape, it needs to be well-maintained.

The most important step is to regularly lubricate it so that no component of the stick jams or malfunctions during the use of the pogo stick. In addition to this, this will allow higher and smoother jumps.

Also, it is strongly advised to not take the pogo stick apart while there is pressure inside it since it is extremely dangerous to do so. It is suggested to let the air, and hence the pressure, leave the stick gradually before taking it apart.

Best Pogo Stick Brands

Geopspace Jumparoo Boing! Jr.

Costing roughly $38, this pogo stick even has its own app which makes the entire experience so much more fun. Additionally, it is lightweight so it’s ideal for the children to handle and play with. Moreover, the pegs come with a grip tape which adds to the safety of the stick.

Flybar Propel

Apart from the fact that this pogo stick has a very consistent bounce, it also provides textured handgrips and footpads. Besides these, this brand offers very eye-catching pogo sticks which include a black stick with neon yellow tribal tattoo patterns and a pink one with hearts and motifs on it.

This is being sold for around $47.

Super Pogo 1505

A very popular choice among the lovers of pogo sticks, this option boasts a rubber tip which is almost indestructible. Furthermore, it is made up of very durable steel and features an extra-long coiled shock. Retailing at roughly $99, it is an expensive but a very worthwhile purchase.

It is important to mention that it is a favourite among those who love to try new tricks and stunts on their pogo sticks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a pogo stick good exercise?

Yes. In fact, using a pogo stick is an intense cardio exercise primarily due to continuous jumping.

Is it safe to use a pogo stick?

It depends upon the type of pogo stick and how high one jumps using it. While regular pogo sticks might not allow one to jump to a dangerous height, some high-powered pogo sticks can be dangerous with the height they let one achieve.

Are there any world records with pogo sticks?

Yes, there are various world records. One of the most popular is the world record for the most consecutive jumps on a pogo stick which are 88,047, set by Jack Sexty from the United Kingdom. Another interesting record was made by Lachlan McIntyre from Australia for the most consecutive jumps with a pogo stick without using hands, which are 6,100.

What is the minimum age to use a pogo stick?

Children above 5 years of age should use a pogo stick as they have enough balance and coordination in their body to handle it. Moreover, they are sensible enough to use it safely.

Are pogo sticks banned anywhere?

The use of a pogo stick is now banned in the United States of America.