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Gone are the days when just the kids get all the fun no us adults can join as well but we need Best Trampoline for Adults and we have you covered.


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We take a look at the top 5 best Trampoline for Adults that are available today we have put together a buyer’s guide to help you find the key points to look for as well.

Also we have put the reason why it’s a good idea to get an adult trampoline and all the healty benefits that they will bring you so without further ado let’s get into this.

JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce Trampoline

AlleyOOP PowerBounce Trampoline with Enclosure | Outstanding Bounce Performance | 50+ Patent &...
  • Soar to new heights! 96 Primary Black High Performance Springs + 48 Black PowerSprings = a 14’ trampoline with state-of-the-art Patented...
  • New, advanced safety net design with our latest performance enhancements! Manufactured with high-quality materials – designed to last. Lifetime...
  • Patented Unforgettable overlapping doorway eliminates fall-outs for parental peace of mind. Includes our strongest, easy-to-install, safety net...
  • Fail-Safe enclosure system permits placement near (3 ft min) barriers. Heavy-duty support straps included with UV-resistant open weave netting.
  • Convenient built-in safety rest zones. Kids can rest and wait their turn safely on our reinforced Extra-Thick Pad.

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This high-quality trampoline was designed and built with bounce and safety in mind. Two layers of springs are designed to improve both bounce quality and shock absorption giving you a smooth and springy jumping experience that is always fun. Bounce higher and bounce longer with PowerBounce.

Bounce is only one factor to a truly great trampoline, the other being safety. With a newly designed net system and overlapping doorway, parents can worry less about their kids bouncing out of the trampoline. The netting is rated for nearly 300lbs of force meaning it will be able to keep kids of all ages and sizes without any issue. The safety features do not stop there. With over 50 design innovations and patents focused on safety, this trampoline is one of the best on the market.

The safety features extend to the interlocking frame, springs, and doorway onto the trampoline making an overall safe and powerful system. Bounce, jump and leap without having to worry about safety and durability.

  • PowerBounce technology improves bounce, shock absorption, and longevity
  • Over 50 safety-focused design choices and innovations included
  • Included safety barrier rated for up to 300lbs and will keep the best bouncers in

Acon Trampoline Air

Trampoline ACON Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure | Includes 10x17ft Rectangular Trampoline, Safety...
  • 10x17 ft high quality rectangle trampoline with enclosure | Great for advanced trampoline users
  • All-black design | Optimized spring and mat dynamics | Renewed frame structure for maximum rigidity
  • Trampoline height 40 inches; with enclosure 126 inches
  • Galvanized steel frame pipes inside and out | 140 heavy duty 10 inch springs | Mat UV treated cross-sewn polypropylene, 10 row stitching
  • Trampoline ground anchors and spring puller tool included | For year-round use | No single user weight limit

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Get ready to have the best bounce of your life on the Air 16 by Acon. This trampoline is massive and built like a tank. It features a unique rectangular design in sleek classic black that is sure to stand out.  It sits a respectable 40” off the ground and includes 170 square feet of jumping space. It also includes a safety surround that makes every bounce session fun as well as safe.

Acon has put a lot of time and effort into the frame which is a critical part of any trampoline design. Many people think that the springs and bounce surface are more important than the undercarriage but the metal frame that holds everything together is subject to extreme forces anytime someone is jumping on it. That is why their frame is built to last and features no single weight rating for anyone to bounce.

  • The large rectangular design offers 170 square feet of bounce space
  • Includes a durable safety netting to keep sessions safe
  • Special focus on the frame means that this trampoline will last
  • No weight ratings mean fun for the whole family

Springfree Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline S155 Kids Jumbo Square 13 Foot Trampoline w/Safety Enclosure Net and SoftEdge...
  • FLEXIBLE SAFETY NET: FlexiNet safety enclosure with flexible net rods cushion and prevent jumpers from falls
  • SHOCK ABSORBING SOFT EDGE: SoftEdge mat eliminates hard edges on the jumping surface while absorbing shock
  • 3 LAYER PROTECTION FRAME: Hidden frame sits below the jumping surface to decrease injuries by being impossible to jump on
  • NO SPRING DESIGN: Flexible composite rods keep feet safe from being pinched or trapped by removing traditional, metal springs; Dimensions (L x W...
  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL TRAMPOLINE COMPONENTS: Our product is the best out there and we back it up with our 10-year warranty.

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Springfree trampolines are revolutionizing the trampoline space. With no springs, no hard edges, no metal poles and no protruding frame these trampolines are designed to eliminate all of the potential things that can cause injury or discomfort on a telescope. Anyone who has fallen onto a metal frame or landed on a spring while jumping should know how painful and dangerous this can be. Springfree has done everything they can to make sure this never happens again while keeping the classic fun that trampolines have offered for years.

This trampoline offers great bounce and unrivaled comfort and safety. Their SoftEdge mat is 30x more absorbent than the next leading competitor. The spring-free design uniquely places the bouncing surface above the frame so it is impossible to land on while jumping. They have swapped out the traditional metal safety poles for flexible plastic rods that retain their strength but eliminates the danger.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary design in terms of fun and safety then a Springfree trampoline is the brand for you.

  • Unique frame eliminates injuries from falls
  • No more metal springs or poles that can be landed on
  • The completely unique and revolutionary design retains that classic trampoline performance and feel

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline

SkyBound Stratos 12 14 15 Foot Trampoline with Updated Safety Net & Top Ring for 2019 - Exceeds ASTM...
  • The ASTM safety certified SkyBound Stratos features an amazing bounce, superior rust protection, and an industry leading warranty making it the...
  • The high density, UV resistant concave safety enclosure net keeps users safe inside the enclosure while preventing contact with the foam padded...
  • SkyBound's patented easy-installation design allows assembly in under one hour, saving you time and frustration. Easy-to-read instructions are...
  • The wide steel frame is fully powder-coated black to help prevent early rust and corrosion, especially in wet, humid environments and is backed...
  • Available now in 12, 14 and 15 foot models

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SkyBound has designed the next great line of trampolines that focus on safety, bounce quality and longevity. The 8.5” springs and 15’ diameter jumping zone give you an amazing bounce quality. The quality of the springs will be felt immidiately while the included safety net keeps you secure during use. The new intelligent design means this trampoline can be assembled in one hour or less so the fun can start right away.

  • Bounce Rating: A
  • UV Protection: A
  • Rust Protection: A
  • Spring size: 8.5”

All of these great features come in a completely safe package. This trampoline meets 100% ASTM International safety compliance standards. The safety does not sacrifice jump quality which can’t be said of other trampolines.

In addition to being safe and fun, this trampoline is also made to last. With UV protection and powder-coated metal fixtures this trampoline can be left outside come rain, sun or snow and will outlast the elements with high-quality parts.

  • Meets 100% ASTM safety compliance
  • 84 high quality 8.5” springs for a high-quality bounce that will last
  • UV protection and powder coatings mean this trampoline will hold up to the elements and last a lifetime

Skywalker Trampolines

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Looking for a fun and safe trampoline with a great bounce? Look no further. This 15’ square skywalker trampoline will give you plenty of space and bounce to have fun for years to come. Featuring 96 steel springs this trampoline gives a great jump. The springs are 7.7” long and are covered in rust preventive coatings for extra longevity. This high-quality square trampoline will be fun kids of all ages and all sizes.

This trampoline meets or exceeds all ASTM safety compliance standards giving it a 100% safety rating from top to bottom. Trampolines are only truly fun if they’re truly safe and this one is both.

They have eliminated common causes for injury and discomfort by removing the gaps between the frame, pad and safety net. The safety net itself is tightly woven and strong. This will not only keep kids in but also prevents fingers and toes from getting caught in the netting and potentially causing an injury.

  • Meets or succeeds all ASTM safety standards
  • Unique design features improve safety, durability, and comfort
  • 96 springs mean this trampoline will give a high-quality bounce for years to come
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Best Trampoline for Adults Buyers Guide

As an adult, the options for exercise are almost limitless but when it comes to exercises that adults truly enjoy and which seem more play than work, there are hardly any. However, jumping on a trampoline for adults is arguably the most exciting and amusing of all.

What exactly is a trampoline for adults?

Essentially, a trampoline for adults is just like a normal trampoline in shape and look. However, this is used for a rebounding workout for adults and takes around ⅘ of the impact on the joints. These are also very popular for cardio exercise.

That being said, they can definitely be used for simply jumping up and down to have the kind of fun adults don’t get elsewhere.

What are the benefits of trampolines?

Contrary to popular belief, a trampoline isn’t just for fun. Sure, its primary purpose is the unadulterated joy it provides, especially to kids, but there is a range of benefits adults can derive from a trampoline as well.

Increased bone density

This is one of the many health benefits of jumping on a trampoline for adults. By jumping, and going against gravity, rebounding makes the bones stronger. Under stress, bones get stronger while a lack of stress makes them weaker.

Enhanced coordination of the body

The higher the bounce, the more difficult it is to control one’s body on a trampoline. This is precisely what helps improve the balance and coordination of the body when jumping on a trampoline. To avoid falling down, one does their best to stay uprooted.

Regularly doing so makes the muscles more coordinated and improves the posture as well.

Increased lung capacity

This activity is also conducive to an increase in lung capacity. Rebounding helps the cells quickly deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. A well-oxygenated body leads to improved lung capacity and makes the body healthier and more resistant to diseases and pathogens.

In fact, this also helps in acclimatization which is the process of becoming accustomed to changes in the climate or environment. Thus, someone used to regularly jumping on a trampoline would be able to survive quite well in areas of high altitude.

Detoxification of body

Especially in the case of adults, exposure to toxins and pollutants on a daily basis is immense. Not only do these weaken the immune system, but they also weaken the body. However, jumping helps cleanse the lymphatic system which is responsible for the detoxification of the body.

Hence, the dangerous chemicals inside the body are removed, making a person healthier.

Better eyesight

This might come as a surprise to many and seem a little too far-fetched, but jumping on a trampoline can lead to better eyesight. This is because like all other muscles in the body, the muscles in the eyes along with ocular nerves, need constant exercise.

Rebounding on a trampoline would strengthen those muscles and help restore the original shape of the eye lenses.

Sharpens the mind

The improvement in the oxygenation of the body sharpens the mind and makes a person more alert. The more oxygen the mind gets, the clearer and more active it gets. Therefore, this activity can help in maintaining one’s focus and enhances mental health.

Improved digestion

This goes without saying, jumping improves the activity of the digestive system and enhances gut health. The constant up-and-down movement contracts and relaxes the muscles lined along the digestive tract, helping absorb the nutrients from the food.

Aids in weight loss

Perhaps the most obvious of the benefits, trampoline for adults is very beneficial in weight loss. This is an excellent way of burning additional calories and reducing body fat. Also, by increasing the metabolism this way, weight gain would be drastically slowed down.

Most fun exercise

If no other reason is convincing enough, one should choose this exercise for how absolutely enjoyable it is. It would not even feel like an exercise or a workout once a person steps onto the trampoline and tries their best to stay upright among laughter and fun.

Things to look for when buying an adult trampoline

Before buying a trampoline it is important to keep a few pointers in mind to ensure a worthwhile purchase.

Weight Limit

Never get a trampoline without knowing the maximum weight it can endure. If one is buying a trampoline particularly for themselves, they should get one which can hold a weight of a few pounds above their weight. However, if multiple people would be using it, it is better to maximize the weight limit.

Safety Nets

A thick and sturdy safety net is extremely necessary in case one bounces off too high. Without this net, a harsh fall can cause mild to severe bodily damage.


The most popular trampolines come in circular or rectangular shapes, the latter of which is more common among adults. Also, circular trampolines usually have better bounce and safety nets are difficult to fit with rectangular trampolines.


A trampoline needs to be well-padded to cushion the falls towards the end of the trampoline. If the padding is too thin, every time one hits the side surfaces, they would be injured.


The frame holds the trampoline together and ensures that it can take the weight put on it. Therefore, it needs to be sturdy, reliable, and smooth. Also, it is important to consider the material of the frame to avoid it getting rusted or weakened in the future.

Best trampoline for adults Brands

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, here are a few excellent choices for a trampoline for adults.

  • Balanu: It offers a 40-inch mini exercise trampoline for adults which comes with a safety pad. Moreover, it is quite simple to assemble and since it can be folded, it is portable as well.
  • JumpSport: This brand offers 220 long-lasting fitness trampoline for adults which has a very large surface area. Furthermore, the bounce is silent and this trampoline works quite well for cardio. Apart from this, the trampoline is not made out of metal springs which makes it a very safe choice.
  • Springfree: These trampolines are of very high quality and are considered to be extremely safe as well. Not only are there safety nets available, but the padding and other features of the trampoline also ensure safety.
  • Ancheer: The 38-inch rebounder trampoline for adults offered by this brand also has a safety pad. Additionally, it’s quite budget-friendly and can take up weight up to 110 kg. The trampoline takes only 30 minutes to assemble and can be collapsed into four different sections.
  • Skywalker: If one is looking for the most budget-friendly trampolines, this is the go-to brand. Without making a dent in the wallet, this brand offers great trampolines for adults. Thus, one would get the best value for their money with this brand.

Best Trampoline for Adults Frequently Asked Question

What are the health benefits of a trampoline for adults?

The health benefits of a trampoline for adults include increased bone density, reduced risk of osteoporosis, increased lung capacity, improved mental health, better eyesight, faster digestion, improved coordination and balance, detoxification of the body, and weight loss.

Do trampolines offer good exercise?

Yes, trampolines are an excellent source of exercise and help keep the body in great shape and health.

What shapes are trampolines for adults available in?

Trampolines for adults mostly come in rectangular, oval, circular, square, and octagonal shapes.

Are trampolines safe for adults?

Generally, trampolines are very safe for adults, However, there are cases where they might be harmful and cause fractures or sprains, particularly to aged people or those with weak coordination in their body.

Can you use a trampoline with no net?

Although one can use a trampoline without a net, it is always safer to use a net to avoid injuries in case one falls down due to a high bounce.

Is gymnastics experience required for a trampoline for adults?

No. Practically anyone can jump on a trampoline as it is quite simple. However, prior experience is needed before trying difficult stunts or jumps on the trampoline.

Do all trampolines for adults have the same weight limit?

Definitely not. With different shapes and sizes of the trampolines come different weight limits.

Is a trampoline for adults used only for jumping?

While this is the most basic of physical activities performed on such trampolines, there is a large number of other activities including various gymnastics which can be performed on a trampoline.

What is the average cost of a trampoline for adults?

While this completely depends upon the type of trampoline, the cost starts from around $300 for a trampoline for adults.

What to wear when jumping on a trampoline for adults?

While one can jump in almost any kind of clothing, it is better to wear stretchable clothes to allow for the stretching of limbs and other body parts. Moreover, the fewer items of clothing one has on, the easier it would be to jump.

When did trampolines come out?

Trampolines have been around since 1936 and originated from the United States of America.