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We all want to have our yard looking great and there is nothing like a rose bush full of deadheads to bring your yard right down and to get the bush looking right you will need the Best Pruning Shears to get the job done.


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So in this article, we are going to cover some of the best Pruning Shears that we have found on the market that match of the important features that we feel they need if you want to learn more information jump to the bottom where you will find our buyers guide that will show you all the important factors to look for.

But first we will cover some of the Best Garden Pruning Shears on the market so let’s just right into it.

ARS HP-VS8R Rotating Handle Hand Pruner

ARS HP-VS8R Rotating Handle Hand Pruner, 8-Inch
  • Fantastic ergonomic operation to protect against carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Squeeze to open handles
  • Top quality blades for the longest lasting sharpness
  • Perfectly balanced
  • 8" handles for normal hands (recommended for most users)

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Looking for the best pair of pruning shears then you should give these a look coming from a top brand in ARS you are buying quality yes you can get cheaper pruners shears on the market but these are going to last you a life time.

These are brilliantly designed with ergonomic operation that allows the handle to rotate to get the cut you want without having to bend and twist your wrist this design is built with the aim to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and that can only be a good thing as someone who has had this it’s not nice.

8″ handles makes these really comfortable with the rubber handles to make them even more comfortable, quality steel blades that are really sharp will allow you to cut with ease.

Safety latch to keep the blades in place when not in use to make sure there are no accidents they use a spring system also that allows you to squeeze the handle to open them witch we really like.

What we really like about these hand shears is that the blades can be replaced once they are past their best witch is brilliant. 

Corona BP 4840 Rolling Handle Bypass Hand Pruner

Corona BP 4840 Forged Steel Blade Lightweight Aluminum Rolling Handles Bypass Hand Pruner-1 Inch Cut...
  • MAXFORGED STEEL: Corona's forging process compacts steel molecules into our strongest, most durable tools that stay sharper longer
  • ROLLING HANDLE reduces hand fatigue and effort while cutting
  • RESHARPENABLE & REPLACEABLE BLADE extends the life of the tool and maintain maximum strength and durability
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION decreases the tool’s weight and reduces hand fatigue
  • CORONA CARES about creating eco-friendly products by implementing 100% recyclable packaging, planting over 15,000 trees to date, and by providing...

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Looking for something that is not so taxing on your budget then this Corona BP 4840 Rolling Handle Bypass Hand Pruner may just be the perfect pair of shears that you want.

These shears a little different how they rotate in that the handle rotates so you can get the shears in positions that would make you bend and twist your wrist if it didn’t have this feature so these will put much less stress on the wrists.

Comfort handles with nonslip material that will make using these a real joy which is to be expected from a brand in Corona that have been producing shears since 1928 so they know how to produce a great pair of shears.

These come with a latch style safety system to keep they blades in place when you won’t be using them we really like this style.

Maybe the most important thing when buying a pair of shears is can you get replacement parts and you will have no problems getting replacement parts for these shears here again it’s to be expects from a brand like Corona.

Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

FELCO F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2, Red
  • Comfortable, lightweight, sturdy aluminium alloy handles
  • High quality hardened steel blades, forged aluminium alloy handles, wire cutting notch
  • Anvil blade with sap groove, rubber cushion shock aborbers
  • For a medium to large hand, right Handed; the handles have a non slip coating
  • Lifetime guarantee, all parts replaceable

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Felco are one of the best brands when it comes to hand shears and these are one of the best pairs of hand garden shears that you will likely find.

These are a Classic Manual pair of hand shears but the handles are very comfortable and just seem to fit perfectly to the hand with these rubber soft grips.

Anvil blade with a sap groove which is a real neat feature that will stop sap dripping all over your hands if you have a tree that is really sappy the blades are really sharp that use high grade steel well they have a wire cutting notch that’s how strong it is.

Can you get replacement parts is a common question and wow have Felco got you covered here you can completely dismantle these shears and get any part that is broken.

People will often ask well so that means there easy to break, I always say no it just means you can replace anything in case something breaks or when you need to sharpen the blades.

Want something that should make you even more confident that these are quality how about a Limited lifetime warranty yes that’s right Lifetime I think we now know we are buying quality here.

Corona BP 4314D Dual Link Bypass Pruner

Corona BP 4314D Dual Link Bypass Pruner With Comfort Gel Grips, 3/4 Inch,Red
  • DualLINK COMPOUND CUTTING provides maximum leverage for powerful through-cuts with 35% less effort
  • BYPASS BLADE efficiently cuts green or dry branches and stems up to 3/4-inch in diameter
  • ComfortGEL GRIPS are soft and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and control, reducing hand fatigue
  • NON-STICK HIGH-CARBON STEEL BLADE for smooth, enhanced cutting performance
  • SELF-CLEANING SAP GROOVE removes debris for smooth, efficient cutting action

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I wanted to show you a pair of budget pruning shears that was up to scratch and I have one pair that will not let you down here they come from a top brand in Corona so we know that we are buying quality before we start.

These come with soft gel handles that makes these really enjoyable to use no ergonomic design feature but they still feel comfortable to hold and use.

We get very Sharpe blades make from hardened steel with the added benefit from non-stick coating to make removing sap from the blades a breeze the blade also have the ability to cut up to 3/4inch so this should allow you to tackle most jobs.

So if you’re on a little tighter budget then I believe that these will do you just fine but you must understand that you are giving up some feature that you would find on more expensive shears and may not be able to buy any replacements if anything breaks so you must way up the pros and cons.

KOHAM Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

KOHAM Professional Cordless Electric Pruning Shears with 2pcs Backup Rechargeable 2Ah Lithium...
  • ✔ Extra Sharp & Super-Powered: KOHAM professional cordless pruning shear blade is forged from Top SK5 high carbon steel, it is extra sharp,...
  • ✔ Long Working Time & Durable: 2 pcs rechargeable 2Ah lithium batteries, long battery life, help to cut about 6000 times continuously after...
  • ✔ Safety Charger & Planet-friendly battery: KOHAM is the only powered pruner with a charger that passed the [UL 1310: 2018 Ed.7] standard...
  • ✔ Portable & Ergonomic Handle: Compact design with good material make users operate it flexibly in different conditions. 1.96 lb lightweight...
  • ✔ Wide Range Uses & Save Time & Effortless: KOHAM electric pruning shears solves the problem of a laborious and small cutting range of...

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If you are someone who has arthritis or any other problems with your wrists then a pair of shears just may not be right for you and I understand this as my friend was in the same boat so I set to find her a solution.

This let me to the KOHAM Cordless Electric Pruning Shears yes there a lot more expensive than a pair of traditional shears but if you still want to prune your shrubs then it’s a price worth paying.

These are really powerful shears that can cut branches up to 0.98inch if you need to cut over this then a pair of shears might not be what you should be looking for anyway.

The Included two Rechargeable 2Ah Lithium Battery so there are no worries about having to buy extra batteries and with the brushless motor they will last 2-5 times longer than other types of batteries on the market to give you an idea you will be able to make around 8000 cuts before you need to change the batteries.

So if you have problems with your wrists or looking for something to take on the workload then you won’t be disappointed with these electric pruning shears.

Best Garden Pruning Shears Buyers Guide

Gardeners need pruning shears they are one of my most used tools, but wow did I go thought some looking to find the best pair for myself as there are many different types on the market at a wide range of prices. Garden pruning shears are called many different things (Clippers, pruning shears and secateurs) just to make that buying process a little more frustrating.

We have put our garden pruning shears guide together to make the whole process a lot easier, it’s also not to be underestimated how much money you can save buying the right pair with your first purchase.

We want to be looking for pruning shears that are comfortable, sharp blades and have a quality build. It’s worth saying and I know this from personal experience that buying the cheapest pair available and in the same breath most expensive is not always the best choice.    

It’s not easy picking the best pruning shears and I have a bank balance to show this, I will help you understand what the different types are available, how to best care for your new pruning shears and show the best pruning shears in different price ranges.

So let’s see how to choose the best pruning shears for your needs

The first thing to say is that one pair of pruning shears may be the perfect match for someone but the next person feels they are no good, this will most likely be down to getting a pair of shears that have features that are lacking so let’s see what features to look for and how they will best benefit you.

Different types of pruning shears

So we now know that we have to look out for different features to get the right pair of shears for our own needs and the first thing you will come across is that they come in many different types so let’s cover them.

Bypass Pruning Shears: The most common type on the market is the bypass they have two curved blades and cut there object by one blade passing the other hence the name bypass. This is how a pair of scissors works one sharp blade cuts the object whilst it is pushed against a thicker blunt blade this gives a clean cut.

Anvil Pruning Shears: The Anvil style is two straight blades that cut by closing on the flat edge (this is known as the Anvil) the action is best described like a knife cutting something on a chopping board. The tend to be a little more bulky than bypass shears and you don’t get a clean cut with them as it tends to crush your object than creating a clean cut.

Ratchet Pruning Shears: These are very much like the bypass style but with the very clever extra mechanism to make your cutting easier. What the ratchet mechanism dose is when you press down it allows you to release then repress were you left go this makes cutting thicker branches a lot easier or if you has a little weaker wrists the perfect pair.

If we was to pick a favourite then it would be the bypass style as they tend to get a lot cleaner cut and you will more likely be able to find replacement parts if they are ever needed.

Ergonomic Pruning Shears Design

Some people really don’t like ergonomic design on any tool we grant you that they do look a little strange but if you have a lot of deadheading you will feel the benefits of the design feature that will take a lot of pressure of your wrists.

If you get a pair of pruning shears with an ergonomic design feature then they will normally come with a soft grip handle and this really help take the pressure of your wrists and I’m sure you will appreciate this if you tend to do a lot of pruning.

Are Replacements Parts Available?

If you have owned any garden tool you are more than likely to have had it break down on you and this is when the frustration comes you can’t get any parts to fix your tool in the case pruning shears, we have found that it tends to be the cheaper pairs that seem to ever have replacement parts so this is worth thinking about when you come to purchase your pair any money saved will be soon lost if you can’t get replacement parts.

Is the Steel quality up to scratch?

In most cases pruning shears are made from steel, at times they will come with a type of non-stick coating you find on cooking pans this is to stop sap from sticking to the blades. We want a pair of blades that are made from high quality steel that is hardened this will make it less likely that you will have a pair of bent or rusted blades which no one wants. The added benefit of a hardened steel blade is they will stay share a lot longer and will not need to be sharpened as often as softer steel.

As with the steel quality you want the blades to pass as close as possible this will give a  cleaner sharper cut which is a good thing, you will find in most cases a cheaper pair of shears will have a large gap between the blades this will lead to a less clean cut.

Pruning Shears Locking Mechanism

Nearly all pruners made today will have some sort of locking mechanism that will allow you to lock your shears in a closed position so if any little hands get them we should avoid any accidents. Not only are they good to avoid accidents being locked in the close position will stop the blades getting damaged and blunted when stored.

Locking mechanism come in all different styles but they all do the same thing, but some have problems with the mechanism breaking but all on the list we have given don’t have this problem if you made us pick a preferred type of locking mechanism then it would be the latch style as its simple to use and less likely to break.

Is the Spring Strong?

A lot of shears will come with a spring between the handles to bring the handles back to the open position once you have made your cut and released, this really reduces the fatigue of your hands and make the work load a lot easier.

There are two main spring styles coiled metal and wire springs I prefer the wire springs as I have found that they very rarely come apart but the spring coil is a lot more likely come away from the handles.

Despite springs brings a problem of it being an extra part to break we do like the feature as it’s more like using scissors without a spring as you need to use your fingers to bring back the handles to make a new cut and this can cause a lot of hand fatigue.

How Easy to Disassemble?

Something a lot of people don’t think about is disassembling the shears why it’s important to give this a little thinking is that if you can’t disassemble the shears if anything breaks then you will need a new pair.

Disassemble I have found is never easy but is a job most people should be able to tackle and something I like to see and most shears in the higher price bracket are more likely to be disassembled.

The Size and Weight

The size is important for two main reasons first being how easy they will be to hold in the hand and use so size really is important and the second factor is that depending on the size will determine the size of object that you can cut.

Weight is a little less important than the size as something very heavy will cause hand fatigue a lot sooner than a lighter pair, if you have a lot of pruning then you will want a lighter pair.

Best Garden Pruning Shears Buyers Guide Conclusion

So our guide on what to look for when you come to buy your shears should have you covered its worth keeping in mind that there is not a one size fits all one aspect that we have highlighted above may be a lot more important to you than other but that’s ok that will allow you to pick the perfect pair.

Pruning Shears FAQ

We find that a lot of the same questions get asked when it comes to pruning shears so we thought it would be best to cover them below and tell you what I think about each of them so let’s get into that.

Can I use scissors instead of pruning shears?

Yes, is the simple answer but will you get a cut like a pair of pruning shears then no you won’t also you will be very limited on the size of object that you can cut with a pair of scissors.

What are the best garden shears to buy?

Well we really like the (product here) but any shears in our best pruning shears above we are sure will suit most people and you will be more than happy with any of them.

Can you cut grass with hedge shears?

Yes, again this comes with a major caveat it will take you a very long time to cut a lawn with hedge shears but if you have a small area to cover you may be ok but I would suggest a push mower for small yards over a pair of hedge shears.

Best pruning shears brands

Fiskars Corona, ClassicCUT Doolini and Nature Professional are some of the best pruning shears that you will find on the market today but we will say again any shears on our list have passed all our tests and will last you a long time.


Thanks for reading our guide on picking the best pruning shears our aim is to find you the best pair or at least help you know the important factors on what to consider when making a purchase.

 If you pick any of the products we recommend I am sure you will be more than happy with them and they should last you for many years with no problems.