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In any team sport if that’s soccer or basketball when you have to pass a teammate a ball the person judged is the person receiving the ball and how well they do so getting your receiving perfect is the name of the game and some of the best Soccer Rebounder on the market can help you hone you come game time when you receive the ball.

Great soccer players can receive a bad pass with the finesse of a ballet dancer take a look at Zinedine Zidane. One of the greatest soccer players of receiving balls with instant control is not just natural skill levels this is hours of practice.


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So if you want to have the control of Zinedine Zidane or have a child who does then you or they are going to put the practice in.

A friend to pass you’re the soccer ball is great but what happens when they’re not around it’s hard to practice your receiving of the ball this is where a soccer rebounders come in.

There are many different types on the market so we have put together the top 5 soccer rebounders on the market today that will help you hone your soccer skills and get the control that every soccer player wants.

Beyond the top 5 rebounders we have a buyer’s guide and helpful tips on using a soccer rebounder, so let’s get into this and show you the top 5. 

Tekk Trainer Rebounder

Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal (Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball)
  • Soccer – perfect for field players and goalkeepers - practice passing, shooting, trapping and heading; improve your weaker foot and increase...
  • Basketball – practice game situation passing, catching, shooting and dribbling
  • Angle adjusts to seven positions for all around training
  • Strongest and largest portable trainer on the market, built to last for years
  • Sets up in two minutes

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Let the advanced technology of Tekk bring you the best sports rebounder on the market. Tekk supplies high-quality training equipment to the MLS and dozens of other athletes around the world. This rebounder is versatile and can fit the needs of many different sports and positional players.

The high tension netting ensures that balls are deflected and directed at game speed resulting in realistic outcomes for the highest quality solo training available. Whether you are shooting soccer balls on goal, taking wild deflections as a keeper, giving and receiving accurate passes as a lacrosse forward or doing the move and pass drills as a basketball player this net does it all. The forty square feet of usable net only increases the value and versatility of this rebounder.

Whatever the sport, if you need game speed balls delivered to you in high quality, easy to setup package then you need this rebounder. Do not let your training suffer from simple cones and brick walls, give yourself every training advantage Tekk has to offer.

  • High tension net can deliver game speed balls from anywhere
  • Great for multiple sports including soccer, basketball, lacrosse and more
  • Easy to set up and break down so you can focus on your training

QuickPlay PRO Adjustable Angle Rebounder

QuickPlay PRO Rebounder Adjustable Angle Multi-Sport Trainer | Soccer Rebounder or Baseball &...
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING TOOL - The Pro Rebounder features a high tension rebound net and is available in 3 sizes 3x3’ - flat paneled, 5x5' &...
  • INNOVATIVE MULTI-ANGLE ADJUSTABLE PANEL - Create a practice environment that's more realistic than any other rebounder on the market.
  • NEGATIVE ANGLE SETTING - One of the only rebounders on the market that can lean forward past vertical. For baseball, this allows you to bounce...
  • TRAIN ON ALL SURFACES - Rubber pads are located on the base of the rebounder frame making it suitable for all surfaces, indoor or out. Strong...
  • Register your purchase with us for a free extended warranty.

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Sports are fast-paced and varied throwing a variety of situations at players and athletes all the time. In order to be the best, you have to tailor your training to match the speed and unpredictability of a live game. No rebounder on the market does this better than the QuickPlay Pro Angled Rebounder.

Most rebounders are simple squares that are limited in their angle of attack. The QuickPlay Pro is adjustable and allows you to set up a variety of different angles for different training situations. Simulate bouncing passes in soccer, something you’d see in a game but is hard to replicate in practice. Make your own wild groundballs for baseball training by throwing the ball at a perfectly setup angled rebounder. The possibilities and versatility are endless giving you the edge you need to succeed.

The timeless design and quality materials mean that this rebounder is perfect from youth athletics all the way up to the collegiate and even pro levels of training.

  • Negative angles create unique and realistic training situations
  • Large 7×7 size can be configured for all sorts of settings
  • Quality materials mean this rebounder is built to last

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Portable Soccer Rebounder

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Portable Soccer Rebounder Net for Volley, Passing, and Solo Training
  • Provides a true-roll that helps master passing and receiving on ground
  • Maximize reps by trapping the ball out of the air with your feet, thighs and chest
  • Work on volleys and half volleys with instep and laces
  • Shoots ball into the air for downward offensive headers and defensive headers up and away
  • Portable, lightweight and stores easily

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Tired of the same boring square rebounders that you see everywhere? Do you need something a little different to get that edge? Look no further. SKLZ has created a unique double rebounder that allows for a variety of training methods to simulate game-time situations accurately. Play the elevated balls and practice headers or jump balls with the upper net or keep the ball down low for ground balls and passing drills.

Turn the whole thing around to get the one large net that you are used to seeing. Multiple training nets in one make for a great value and invaluable training tool. This rebounder does it all. Capitalize on every opportunity to hone your skills on this versatile and lightweight rebounder either at home or at the facilities. Setting it up, storing it or taking it with you to the field has never been easier. It comes with its own carry case and ground stakes to keep it safe and secure while assembled or in storage.

  • Unique dual-level netting allows for verticle and ground training
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Includes carry case and stakes for easy assembly, portability, and storage

Franklin Sports MLS Soccer 2 In 1 Soccer Rebounder

Franklin Sports MLS Soccer 2 In 1 X-Ramp - Soccer Trainer and Rebounder - 44 x 41 x 25 Inches
  • Improves trapping, heading, passing and one touch skill training, Soccer ball NOT included
  • Steel X frame construction built tough, includes 4 ground stakes for stability
  • Curved netting returns ball in a "looping" manner
  • Back side designed for one-touch give and go training
  • Easily folds for travel or storage, Perfect for ages 10 and up

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Up your game with the Franklin Sports MLS rebounder. This uniquely designed double rebounder offers a quality training tool that can fit almost any occasion. Whether it’s upper body blocks, bats and headers or down low grounders and quick passes this rebounder can do it all. Specifically built to be used solo or in a group setting this rebounder will work for single backyard training or for the coach of an up and coming team.

Designed to send back unpredictable returns, this rebounder will hone your decision making and reflexes while giving you live game speed balls to train with.

The double net design offers versatility in training and is held up by high quality coated steel that is made to last. No more rusty tubes or dinged up plastic. The high tension netting and galvanized steel mean that this training tool can go the extra mile. Buy with confidence knowing you can get that extra edge over the competition either in the backyard or at the training facility.

  • The dual net design gives creative game-like balls back to the user
  • Durable reliable materials mean this is a rebounder that will last
  • Perfect for solo trainers looking to put in extra hours at home or for small group and team settings

Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder Training Net

Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder Training Net, 6 x 12-Feet
  • Frame Size: 6’ x 12’
  • 1-1/2" Heavy duty powder coated galvanized steel tube frame.
  • 2.5mm Heavy duty U.V treated twisted knotted netting.
  • Includes 3’ stabilizing legs for each side of frame.
  • Complete with net and bungee cords for attachment.

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Don’t be fooled by other complicated or gimmicky rebounders that are trying to reinvent the wheel. Classics are classic for a reason and this is a truly classic 6’ x 12’ rectangular rebounder that anyone will love. The simplicity of the design makes it useful for sports of all kinds. Kick a soccer ball at it, play solo catch with your lacrosse gear or use it as a target to throw a football or anything else at to gauge your accuracy.

The black coated galvanized steel and high tension netting are built to stand the test of time and come with bungees and stakes to set it up securely. Use it at home or take it with you to the field to practice with friends and teammates. This classic rebounder can help give you the training edge you need to get the best of the competition.

Headers, passes, shots, blocks and more are all possible with this rebounder.

  • The large area allows for multiple uses
  • Classic look and feel
  • Durable steel frame and high tension netting will last
  • Great for a variety of different spots, balls, and positions

Soccer Rebounder Buying Guide

A soccer rebounder is one of those sports equipment that is a complete package: easy to use, cost-effective, helpful in training, and require no further equipment or tool along with them. This is a must-have equipment for soccer lovers who simply cannot let go of a chance to perfect their drills and hits.

Benefits of using a Soccer Rebounder

Soccer beginners, players, or enthusiasts can use a soccer rebounder for several reasons.

Enhanced Training

This is the most obvious benefit and a major reason why players opt for a soccer rebounder. This is a cost-effective and intelligent way to train for hours, whether one is a goalkeeper or a field player. Development of skills such as heading, volleying, shooting, and passing can get easier with it.

A goalkeeper can benefit from maximizing his or her throwing power with precision. Also, practicing with a soccer rebounder will make the arms stronger. Lastly, it can help with diving skills too.

For a field player, this can benefit by improving the control of the ball through the chest and the thigh regions, along with improving ball striking skills.

Strength in Feet

While this is not simply a benefit of a soccer rebounder only, but soccer in general, feet strength is largely enhanced by continuous soccer practice. The different movements of the feet and the ankles not only add muscular strength to them but make them more flexible as well.

Companion without a companion

What to do when one wants to practice but there’s no one around to train with? However, simply hitting on a wall or flat, vertical surface isn’t fun or safe. Therefore, a soccer rebounder can be the companion one is looking for in such a time.

Not only can a rebounder return the ball in unpredictable directions allowing the challenging and engaging practice, but it is a convenient way to try new and different shots and tricks with the ball.

Types of Soccer Rebounders

Despite looking more or less the same, all soccer rebounders are not the same and neither do they perform the same function. The types are distinguished based on their use. Here are the primary types of different soccer rebounders.

  • The multi-purpose soccer rebounder is one that can be used for other sports and activities besides soccer. This is because it is designed in a way that facilitates the play of various other sports as well.
  • The shooting rebounder is primarily meant to enhance the drills and shooting skills of the players which is why this rebounder is often very sturdy and features a heavy-duty net.
  • The passing/control rebounder is usually taller and wider than other rebounders as the main focus of it is to help improve the passing skills and controlling the ball.
  • The goalkeeping rebounder is known for its ‘sticking-out’ design which sets it apart from other types of a rebounder. Such a soccer rebounder would either give a predictable or an unpredictable bounce of the ball every time since that is how the rebounder is designed.
  • The combination rebounder combines the functionality of different types, such as shooting, goalkeeping, and control, etc.

If one is unsure as to what kind of a soccer rebounder they should buy, a combination or a shooting rebounder is a safe choice since they are very commonly used.

What to look for when buying a Soccer Rebounder?

Looking carefully into the different aspects which made a soccer rebounder a good or bad choice can help make a worthwhile decision when purchasing.


This is one of the first things to consider when buying a soccer rebounder. The size of the rebounder would not only depend upon the area where it is to be placed but also the intended use of the rebounder.

Frame Construction

The sturdier and more durable the frame holding the net together is, the better a soccer rebounder would be. When looking for a heavy-duty material, it is important to ensure that it won’t rust, corrode or stain in different weather conditions since a soccer rebounder is often left outside in the open.


Soccer rebounders with very thin nets should be avoided because they cannot withstand very hard kicks or strong attempts at shooting the ball. This is why the material of the net plays an important role in the quality of a soccer rebounder.

If the net is not made from a good material such as nylon, it might not be able to return the ball to the player with sufficient force.

Apart from these, the weave or the mesh of the net shouldn’t be too wide since the net might tear up faster this way.


A soccer rebounder can have more than one side, allowing multiple players to use the rebounder at a single instance. There is no ideal number of sides one should opt for because this depends upon how many kids are likely to regularly use the rebounder.

Number of Angles

Not all soccer rebounders allow the player to kick the ball at any angle. Neither do all soccer rebounders return the ball in a large range of angles? This is why those looking for intense training should go for the rebounders offering maximum angles.


While some soccer rebounders can be moved from place to place, others are fixed to the ground by a solid structure. This again is a personal decision depending on where one intends to use the rebounder mostly.

In addition to this, it must be mentioned that portable soccer rebounders have the added benefit of allowing a person to train on different types of grounds and areas, adding to the player’s skill set.


Before buying the rebounder, one should confirm what the installation would be like. While some rebounders simply have to be placed on the grass, others require slightly complex processes to set them up.

Best Soccer Rebounders Brands

According to the aspects mentioned earlier, these are some reliable and well-known brands to purchase soccer rebounders from.

Franklin Sports

This brand of sports has been around since 1945, which gives the company the kind of experience and time it takes to develop the high-quality sports equipment it produces.

Its Tournament 5695, which costs roughly $79, is a double-sided soccer rebounder, meaning that it can be used from either side. This also means that two people can use the rebounder at the same time.

Moreover, even though this soccer rebounder isn’t made from the most durable of materials, it is a smart choice for youngsters who practice regularly and do not kick the ball too hard. Plus, given its price, the quality is supreme. Lastly, this is available in black and silver colors.

Kwik Goal

 This brand specializes in sporting goods related to sports involving different types of ball, and particularly soccer. Its popular soccer rebounder AFR-1 is an excellent choice of a durable and long-lasting rebounder. While the soccer rebounder costs approximately $400, it benefits more than make up for the high price.

The net is held by a thick aluminum tube frame. Besides this, the net has to be secured on the grass. However, this process is very simple and takes almost no time.

Most importantly, the target is movable which means the players can change their positions to practice at different areas of the net, sharpening their skills.


As the name suggests, SoccerWave produces soccer goods primarily, giving its products an edge over other brands manufacturing soccer equipment. The SoccerWave Jr. is one of its more popular soccer rebounders which is currently selling for a reasonable price.

Not only does this come with two nets to allow two players to use it simultaneously, but it also offers a challenging game to them. This is because the rebounder curves upwards which make the ball go in an almost unpredictable direction each time. What better way to keep the players on their toes and hone their soccer skills quickly?

Moreover, the rebounder is resistant to rust along with being portable. This can be taken to any friend, class fellow, or cousin’s place anytime for some hectic practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best soccer rebounders for kids?

Some of the most popular soccer rebounders for kids are:

  • Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal
  • Goalrilla Striker- Soccer Rebound Trainer
  • Net World Sports RapidFire Soccer Rebound Net
  • Perfect Soccer Premium Portable Soccer Goal + Rebounder Soccer Goal 2 in 1
  • SoccerWave Jr. 2 in 1 Soccer Rebounder and Trainer

Are soccer rebounders any good?

Yes, soccer rebounders are helpful for all soccer players, but they are particularly useful for goalkeepers.

What is the ideal size of a soccer rebounder?

There is no ideal size as the perfect size depends upon the type of activity the rebounder is bought for. For instance, passing or control rebounders are generally wider than others. On average, a rebounder might be 5 by 5 feet or 7 by 7 feet.

Is a soccer rebounder safe to use?

Yes. There is almost no potential safety hazard when it comes to a soccer rebounder. However, it is better to opt for a soccer rebounder with round corners as opposed to sharper ones.


We hope this article has helped you pick the best soccer rebounder so you can hone your soccer skills.

There are not many soccer aids on the market that come close to the soccer rebounder in terms of really helping you get the touch and control that all soccer players want.

When you or your child become the next superstar soccer player remember our helpful guide.