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After you have had your artificial grass installed, you will want to keep it looking in tip-top condition if you are like me. Artificial grass cuts down on so much maintenance and has your backyard looking great; no more bald patches to worry about anymore. Can you vacuum artificial grass to keep it looking great and have your neighbors looking on in envy?

Never use a domestic vacuum cleaner to clean your artificial grass. The power of a household vacuum cleaner is too powerful and is likely to cause damage to your artificial grass. To clean your grass, you need to use a stiff bristle brush.

If you are on this page, you are more than likely looking for a simple way of cleaning your artificial grass, just like I was when I first got my artificial grass installed. Despite not being able to use a vacuum on my new grass, I discovered there were some easy ways to keep it clean.

Why not use a vacuum

Ok, let us first explain in a little more detail why we shouldn’t use a household vacuum on our artificial grass.

Artificial grass fibers

When using a domestic vacuum, they are made to suck dirt from deep in a carpet, so they are very powerful. With all this power, it would likely damage the fibers of the artificial grass.

The domestic vacuum’s power would pull out the backing fibers and possibly leave you with bald patches. After spending so much on your lovely new artificial grass and you have a gorgeous looking yard. The last thing you want would big black bald patches.

There would be little way of fixing this without patching the area that was damaged. In extreme circumstances, you may have to replace the whole lawn.

Artificial grass Infill

Many artificial grass types require an artificial grass infill to keep it pinned to the floor and the fibers standing tall.

As you may have already guessed, using a vacuum on your artificial grass is going to suck up the infill. Some of the artificial grass infills that are available on the market don’t come cheap. Not to mention that this could also damage your vacuum as it is not built to suck up such material.

Vacuuming up the infill will affect your grass’s look as the infill helps keep your grass fibers to stand up more and look much better.

The next and most significant problem is that the artificial grass will not be pinned to the ground. This can lead to movement in the grass and ruffling in the grass; this looks terrible and not something you would want in your yard.

What to use to clean artificial grass

With artificial grass becoming ever more popular by the year, the more the manufacturers are bringing out gadgets to clean and keep your grass in excellent condition.

Following a simple system of cleaning artificial grass will keep your lawn looking great, and you shouldn’t want too many tools. The whole point of getting artificial grass was to cut down on maintenance; we don’t want to replace the lawnmower with other tools.

The best item I recommend would be an artificial lawn brush; they are budget-friendly. They also make it much easier to get and debris off your lawn. The next thing is the brush help stick up the fibers and the grass to look fluffy.

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If you want a power tool and don’t fancy the elbow grease way of getting your lawn tidy, then a brush attachment for your power tool is the way to go. You will have to dig a little deeper, but they will make the job much more comfortable.

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We found out your vacuum should only be used on your floors in your home and not on your artificial grass in your yard.

Keeping your artificial grass clean and tidy doesn’t need a vacuum a brush, and following an how to clean artificial grass system will have your lawn looking in great shape.

If you are on the lookout for the best artificial grass for your backyard, then we have many, including the best artificial grass for putting green.