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The most significant benefit of the best article grass is that it always looks lush and green all year round. There is no more cutting your grass and getting muddy when the weather turns bad.

Despite the ease that artificial grass brings, there is some maintenance, and cleaning is one. Below we will show how to clean artificial grass with some simple tips.

Regular maintenance

There are some simple steps for keeping your artificial grass, and doing these regularly will keep your grass clean a lot longer.

  1. Brush the grass to bring up the pile.
  2. Brush debris off your artificial grass.
  3. Remove any weeds you find.
  4. Add silica sand once a year.

Using a stiff brush will bring the pile of your artificial grass much better.

I recommend brushing your grass once a month will make your grass look lovely and keep it looking smart.

Removing any debris off your grass helps keep your lawn clean for longer. Waste can rot on the lawn and stain your lawn or make it hard to clean.

Removing weeds is a must; if you have installed your artificial grass correctly, you should get too many weeds. However, birds can drop seeds, which can lead to weed on the surface but should be easy to remove. To learn how to install artificial grass, check out our guide to prevent weeds.

Adding silica sand has two jobs. First, it helps keep your artificial grass pinned to the ground. The second is that it allows the synthetic grass pile to stand up higher and look very pleasant on the eye.

Tools to make it easier

If you have a large patch, you are tackling, and a brush will make it hard to get the job done fast. A leaf blower will speed up the process and be a must-have tool for larger artificial grass patches.

Steps on cleaning artificial grass

  1. Brush the lawn of any debris.
  2. Wet your artificial grass.
  3. Mix up artificial grass cleaner.
  4. Apply half of your made-up, artificial grass cleaner with a watering can.
  5. Brush the grass to work in the cleaner.
  6. Reapply the rest of the artificial grass cleaner.
  7. Let the artificial grass cleaner to sit for 20 minutes.
  8. Rinse the artificial grass cleaner after 20 minutes.
  9. Once dry, apply the silica sand.

The above step is a process that doesn’t need to be done very often. I do my artificial once a year after the winter.

Brushing the debris off is key as any left on the artificial grass will make the cleaning process much harder.

Many artificial grass cleaners don’t call for wetting the grass first, but I found doing this helps significantly in the cleaning process. Again many don’t call just to add half of the cleaner and brush the grass. I have found this myself that any stains from broken down leaves help clean these away much better.

Leaving artificial grass cleaner on for 20 minutes will break down any left stains. Once this is done, cleaning it off your lawn will look excellent.

The day after to allow the grass to dry completely. I apply silica sand to bring the pile of the artificial grass up.

Following the above process makes the artificial grass look like the day our first installed it. You will then only have to follow some basic principles like brushing and spot cleaning.

Snow and Ice

I am often asked how to clean snow and ice from artificial grass, and my answer is always to leave it to melt naturally. If you want to remove it before it’s melted, then the best way is going to be a shovel. I would advise only ever using a plastic shovel as a meatal shovel could severely damage your grass.

It is also recommended that you only clear the top layer of snow and use a brush to move the lower levels. Doing this will dramatically reduce the risk of damaging your artificial grass.

Cleaning pet poo off artificial grass

It is not a very pleasant topic, but if you have pets, it needs discussion. If you have pets, most will use the yard as a toilet. Leading to ask the question is artificial grass possible with animals. Yes, it is fine, but you will have to carry out extra cleaning measures than traditional grass.

Pick up any mess up of the artificial grass and hose the grass down. After some time, artificial grass can start to smell, so extra measures will need to be carried out.

Washing down with animal artificial grass cleaner will be needed, and I recommend doing this once a month at a minimum. The specific animal cleaner will disinfect and have a lovely smell to get rid of any unpleasant odors