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With artificial grass becoming very easily available and coming in a wide variety of types, its demand has never been higher. But is it really as worthwhile as you are thinking? Here is an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of artificial grass to help you decide better if you should spend money on it.

The table below summarises the main advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass.

  • Maintenance-free
  • Reduced utility spending
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Usable in any weather
  • Mud-free
  • Perfect for shady or small spaces
  • Wide variety of choices
  • Not susceptible to lawn diseases
  • Installation expense
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Very hot
  • Reduced biodiversity
  • Long installation time
  • No natural, fresh-cut scent
  • Non-biodegradable
  • Not enjoyable for gardeners

However, we understand that just having a list of the pros and cons won’t make your decision any easier. Read on to understand how important each of these pros and cons is. Some of them are more significant than many realise.

Artificial Grass: Pros

Low Maintenance

One of the most common reasons why artificial grass is chosen is because it is very low maintenance. The grass does not require water or regular mowing, but there is still the need for upkeep. This property makes artificial grass ideal for those who stay away from home for long periods of time or cannot put in the effort to regularly maintain their lawn.

Reduced utility spending

Not only does artificial grass save time by being low maintenance, but the utility spending is reduced as well. You no more have to regularly water the entire lawn or use gasoline etc. for powering your lawnmower. All the time and money saved here can be used to further add to your lawn and leisurely enjoy the garden.

Aesthetically pleasing

It is perhaps the aesthetically pleasing look of the artificial grass that makes it so popular. No matter how well it is kept or what conditions it is under, it is bound to look lush green and fresh to a certain degree. And while it is very difficult to attain that perfect shade of green you want with the right density and cut, artificial grass guarantees it. Moreover, as this grass is often UV-stabilised, it won’t lose its luster anytime soon.

Shady and small spaces

Since this grass does not have the maintenance requirements of natural grass, it is ideal for shady or small spaces. Natural grass is very difficult to grow healthily in places lacking strong sunlight. Similarly, it is quite impractical to try to grow a lawn in a small, enclosed space such as a balcony. Artificial grass perfectly caters to these issues.


Apart from these, artificial grass comes in a wide variety of sizes, designs, pile, colours, lengths, and densities. This means that you can have a completely customised lawn that is as per your tastes in every way.


In addition to these, the mud-free property of artificial grass also makes it popular among users. There is no need to worry about dirty footsteps or the pets digging up the mud. This again, means that this type of grass is quite hassle-free.

Usable in any kind of weather

Moreover, an artificial lawn can be used in any kind of weather. For instance, too much rain will not soak the grass to the point where it cannot be used. This means no activities will have to be cancelled just because of the weather.

Not susceptible to diseases

Another attractive aspect of artificial grass is that it is not susceptible to diseases or other problems that natural grass may face. For instance, there is no risk of this grass suffering from droughts or flooding, etc.

Artificial Grass: Cons

Installation cost

Many people are uncertain about artificial grass because of how expensive it is. Not only is any good quality artificial grass costly, but the installation charges are also often quite high. However, if the grass is maintained well, it might become more cost-effective than natural grass in the long run.

Reduced biodiversity

About such grass, it is also known that it lowers the biodiversity of one’s garden because the grass is not very eco-friendly – it is made of plastic. This means that the very lush, green and striking looking grass is essentially petroleum and other crude oil products.

No natural scent

What you might miss the most about natural grass if you go for an artificial one is its earthy smell. There is almost no substitute for the smell of grass mixed with the scent of wet earth after rain.

Installation time

Furthermore, not only is artificial grass expensive to install, but it also takes quite some time and expertise to install and fit it properly.

Not satisfactory for gardeners

The easy-to-maintain aspect of artificial grass can be a huge con for those with green fingers. Gardeners love spending time in beautifying their lawns, mowing, watering, and looking after them. Those with zealous passion for gardening might feel a lack of satisfaction and fulfillment with artificial grass which has very basic and minimum requirements only.

Very hot in summers

Due to the plastic used for artificial grass, during summer especially, the temperatures rise very high and it can become extremely uncomfortable to use the grass. This can largely limit you from carrying out different activities, such as sitting or playing on the grass.

Difficult to clean

Another disadvantage arises in the form of cleaning up pet waste which is far easier to do so on natural grass. This means that while there are very low upkeep requirements, the grass needs to be protected from dirt and waste to keep it looking clean and lush.


Moreover, even though certain types of artificial grass can be recycled, generally this grass is not biodegradable. Therefore, it is not an environment-friendly choice.


It is not practical to say that the pros of artificial grass outweigh the cons or vice versa. The final choice depends upon your personal preferences and what trade-offs you are willing to accept for your lawn. My advice is to get the Best Artificial Grass you can afford.