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Hot tubs are the best. Not only they provide a relaxing bath but also the high temperatures help to reduce sugar levels, thus, acting as a complement to exercise. Now, how does one clean it up to not turn a therapeutic afternoon in a bacterial disaster? The answer is below.

Tools need to clean a hot tub

It is widely known that every task needs a variety of tools and cleaning a hot tub is not an exception. Research suggests that a Garden hose, a pump, cleaning mitts, and a towel, a shop vacuum, and a cleaning solution are the weapons of choice to make it spotless. Also, plugs or stoppers will be needed for this daunting task.

How to empty hot tub water

Before starting, it is important to empty the hot tub, which would be known as the “draining phase”. First, the user needs to turn off the power to avoid electrocution since people have died because of this. Needless to say, this is an important security measure that can’t be overlooked in the slightest. After all, everyone must be safe.

The next step is to remove one of the drain plugs, causing the water to deplete. Once this has been done, it is necessary to plug in the garden hose to the opened plug to redirect the water leads. This is where the pump comes into play because using it will accelerate the draining process, making things easier. To achieve this, the user needs to place the pump in the lowest area of the tub.

How to clean Hot tub filters

Once the hot tub starts draining, one can clean the filters in the meantime. First, the filter units need to be unscrewed from the standpipes. Then, the user needs to stick the plugs or stoppers where they used to be, leaving one unplugged.

Next, one should use the garden hose to rinse the dirty filters with pressurized water until they regain their white color or the brownish materials are gone. It is possible to use other tools like a small brush, which is recommended if one wants to reach hard places. Right after that, a vacuum needs to be connected to the unplugged hole in blow mode. Once everything is ready, turning the power on should blow any dirt inside the pipes. Afterward, the water on the filter unit must be drained by using a hose and a pump. Finally, the dried filters can go back to the hot tub.

Since the filters are now clean, the next thing on the list is the main tub. To clean it, it is required to use a cleaning mitt and towels. It is also encouraged to use cleaning solutions if hard stains are found on the surface of the tub. The first step is to put on the cleaning mittens to wipe the surface of the hot tub and filter units. Then, to give the finishing touch and remove all the dirt, it is important to apply a second wiping with a cloth towel.

Hot tub refilling

Now that the hot tub is nice and clean, one can proceed to refill it. The first thing that needs to be done in this case is to put back the drain plugs on the main tub after reassembling. Then, a running hose has to be attached to one of the gray holes to fill it with water. It is important to turn the power on once the tub is full. Finally, the user needs to switch on the clean cycle to complete the process.

Testing the water

After all, is said and done, it is important to ensure that the water inside the hot tub is up to code. To make sure that everything is in order, balancing its chemical levels, pH balance and looking for calcium hardness is a must. This will ensure that the water’s alkaline levels are stable.

There are several methods to test the water in a hot tub. One of them requires using a test strip, which involves taking a sample by grabbing a clean plastic or glass container. Then, one must turn it upside down and dip the test strip elbow-length, as close to the middle as possible. The next step is to turn it over and collect the sample. The test lasts 15 seconds and the color watches on the strip must be compared to the ones in the bottle. Test strips are commonly used to check for chlorine/bromine, pH and alkalinity.

Another method entails using a liquid test kit. The steps to follow are similar to the aforementioned test strips but it only checks for chlorine and pH. During the testing phase, one should add 4 drops of both phenols (red) and OTO (yellow) to the pH and chlorine sides, respectively. The process requires to wait the same amount of time as in the testing strips’ method, which is 15 seconds to compare the color of the water.

When should you clean a hot tub?

To keep a hot tub clean and benefit from the soothing effect of a hot bath without worrying about bacteria, it is important to clean it once every 2 or 3 months, depending on how often it is being used. One thing to keep in mind is that one should not wait until the water gets murky to clean the tub. On the other hand, using chemicals to treat it needs to be done either daily or weekly.


To clean a hot tub, it is important to get the necessary equipment, such as a garden hose, cleaning mitts, a towel, a shop vacuum, a cleaning solution and plugs or stoppers. Once the user gets all the materials, the draining process starts. One thing to keep in mind before cleaning the hot tubs, it’s turning off the power to avoid electrocution. After everything is ready, removing the drain plugs and cleaning the filters is the next step, only to remove all the dirt with cleaning mittens and a hot towel. Finally, refiling and testing the water is a must.